Shrouded 032

When the Fleeting Spring is Gone

Tiger roar loudly, leaf litter swirling, huge roar echoed in the valley, like the rumble of thunder, and like flood in rushing, let all people’s face changed color, it is just their resting place.
Pangbo and Zhang Ziling see each other, they know that Liu Yunzhi and Li Changqing already over, they was blocking by an adult tiger and impossible to survive, especially this female tiger which is feeding the cub is the most dangerous.Read More »

Shrouded 031

Thrown Into the Tiger Hole

Wang Ziwen sat in the distance, heard a few words, could not help and ask Yefan: “what happened?”

Yefan turned to look at Pangbo, said: “are you using the phone to record it, play it to listen by everyone.”

At this time, other people also have noticed the situation of the other side, all look to the direction of Yefan.Read More »

Shrouded 030

Tom,Dick and Harry

Li Changqing go ahead for several steps, he revealed a smile, said: “this is things beyween Liu Yiyi and Wang Yan, people are willing to exchange then exchange, Yefan you rather too much put one’s finger into another’s pie?”

“Pa” (slaping sound)

Ye Fan said nothing, directly waving the right hand, a slap on his face, the sound shocked everyone. Li Changqing like a scarecrow generally reclining fly out two meters far, can imagine that the power of this slap in the face is so great.Read More »

Shrouded 029


“You are really like horse do not know how long the face, cattle do not know the horn, never seen so shameless people.” Pangbo opened his hand, inclined his one eye, keep away the three pieces of fragrant fruit.

“How can you talk like that?” Li Changqing face some hang up, said: “we are students, together come to a strange world, should help each other. Now we are very hungry, find something that can eat we should share it, don’t you want to eat alone?”Read More »

Shrouded 028

The Mysterious Fruit

The Peng Niao (big birds) in legendary had mentioned in many ancient books, such as the《Shen Yi Jing》and 《Shui Jing Zu》also had description, one of the most famous book is《Xiao Yao Yu》.

“There is a fish in north, name is Kun, Kun very big, do not know its thousands of miles. It transform to birds, the name is Peng, Peng anger and fly, its wings like the clouds of sky.”Read More »

Shrouded 027

Wild Forbidden Place

The vastness of the universe, the boundless sky, many scientists speculate, the earth may be the only source of life.

In the past dozens of years, mankind had a endless inference, also launched a lot of spacecraft, want to search for extraterrestrial life. However the deep sky, mysteries of the universe, like a piece of cemetery, eternal cold and dark, did not detect the signs of any life.Read More »

Shrouded 026

The Ancient Sky Map

Yefan holding the ancient bronze coffin, the body such as lake placid and the moon shine, still standing there, there is a breath of transcend the worldly, in this moment he looks elegant, like otherworldly immortal will ride on wind at any time.

And at the moment his heart did not like body that kind of quiet, Da Dao Tian Yin, as deep as the sea, profound and vast, every word sounded, such as deep sea collapse and crack, resounded through the heavens and the earth.Read More »

Shrouded 025

The voice of God.


Everybody have a surprised, they believe Yefan not necessarily what we shoot at random. Even Li Changqing, and the female students besides the Liu Yunzhi who directed against Yefan have changed color, nervously look around.

Yefan look in the eyes all people performance, in the whole process he act calmly, understand who is sincere, who is hypocrisy. Until now he began to prove his innocence, directly speak a key point of doubt.Read More »

Shrouded 024

Confrontation and Choice

“It’s not…… the problem of believe or not believe, but is you do have…… Major…… Suspicion.” Cade besides Li Xiaoman stuttered this sentence.

Pangbo staring eyes, said: “Gui Zi (foreigner), what do you mean? Why do you think that he was killed by Yefan.”

“No, I’m not subjective…… I think, I’m saying…… objective facts.Read More »

Shrouded 023

In the coffin

Someone crying in the dark, there are people in the shiver, close the eyes will emerge out the forehead was pierced, blood spattering, brains out of the terrible scenes, like a nightmare, and like a ghost, always linger in my heart.
Difficult to forget the scene of students died, the blood, the unwilling despair, that can’t close the eyes, that young face, occasionally emerge in front, four years of classmate, thirteen fresh life, gone forever in the same day.Read More »