Against Heaven 006

The Storage Card

Just as he was about to attack, Stone suddenly changed his mind. He decided to leave Wang Lin alone and using his shadow technique, he prepared to leave the area.

But it was too late. A round light shone down on him, trapping him like he was in a cage. The ice cold voice of a woman was heard saying, “Stone, let Ice Phoenix go and relinquish the item. Only then can I allow you to leave. Otherwise, do not blame me for being cruel.”

At this time, Wang Lin’s back was drenched in sweat. He withdrew the soul power he had collected in his index finger. Just now, Stone’s eyes were full of killing intent. With Wang Lin’s current ability, he wouldn’t have stood a chance against him. If it weren’t for the sudden turn of events, he would most likely have been annihilated.

“Whatever reason you have to kill me. Bear in mind that one day, I will have my revenge.” Wang Lin stared at him coldly. He would show no mercy to any enemy who had any intention of killing him.

Stone looked exactly as barbaric as Chun Lan described him to be. He looked like he was in his thirties, having unkempt hair and yellow teeth. He was wrapped up in a few worn out rugs, his whole body dark and full of dirt.

“Hello old flame, we were actually husband and wife for a few days, so why don’t you cut your former husband some slack?” Stone’s pupils constricted a little while he spoke out loud.

At the same time, a few figures were flying towards Heavenly Water City. Stone’s facial expression changed. Taking out a black bottle, he quickly drank its contents. After letting out a soft cry, he smashed himself at the light barrier, shattering it.

Without saying much, he tried to immediately flee the scene. Behind his back, seven female figures in hot pursuit.

From a distance, Stone said, ”I have the item you want. If you can stop me, it will be yours.”

After they left, a battalion of spacecrafts with Honourables were seen appearing in the sky. The honourables were carefully scouring the surrounding buildings before leaving in a rush.

In the midst of the chaos, Wang Lin pulled Chun Lan and quietly left the scene. After they were far away from the crowd, Wang Lin looked at the building opposite of the equipment store and started to think. During Stone’s battle, he noticed that Stone secretly glanced at the building a couple of times.

From their conversation, anyone could deduce that Stone had a precious item on him. The Honourables of Heavenly Water City were probably hunting him down because of this item.

After taking a careful look at the building, Wang Lin came to a realisation.

“That barbarian, Stone is scary. People say that he was killed by the City Governor a few years ago. But not only is he still alive, he’s even become more powerful, to the extent that the Heavenly Phoenix Honourables’ Breath Limiting Light failed to constrain him.” Chun Lan said while holding her chest in fear.

“Why do you call him a barbarian?” Wang Lin grew curious. Was it because of his attire?

“At the border near Spring Water Empire, there is an empty piece of land. That place is crawling with radioactive and fierce beasts. Barbarians were first seen appearing from that place. All of the barbarians have powers comparable to the Honourables and they love killing. They like to come into the city and kidnap girls. I hear those girls would then be brutally slaughtered later.” Saying this, Chun Lan couldn’t help but feel her body slightly tremble while she stared in the direction from which Stone fled towards.

Looking at Chun Lan’s current state, Wang Lin no longer insisted on buying the storage card, but his curiosity towards the barbarians had grown even more.

After going back to the mansion, Chun Lan bade farewell to Wang Lin and went back to her room to rest as she was still quite shaken by the events. Wang Li was also happy to be left alone. He took out the body strengthening equipment from the storage card and placed it in his yard.

After examining the equipment, Wang Lin started recalling the fight between Stone and Ice Phoenix, especially the last part where Stone was looking at him with so much killing intent. This made Wang Lin feel uneasy.

He once again told himself that his current state was still far too weak. He needed to work harder to become stronger.

Another thing which worried him was Stone’s speed; it was extremely fast. From this, Wang Lin deduced that Stone should be a Physical practitioner. Wang Lin knew that if Stone attacked him, he would not be able to dodge the attack.

After tying four blocks of five kilograms lead blocks to both his arms and legs, Wang Lin started exercising. With the extra twenty kilograms of weight, he was gasping for air.

“Hopefully, by doing this, I can improve my body’s build and speed.” Wang Lin took a deep breath and started running in the yard. He seemed to have the feeling that, in order to achieve his objective in Strength training, he needed to undergo a high intensity exercise for which he must work for to beyond the point of exhaustion.

Wang Lin’s yard was not very big, but it was empty. After running around the yard for twenty rounds, Wang Lin started to feel dizzy. Both his legs were numb and aching while his arms felt heavy.

Feeling that he had yet to reach his limits, Wang Lin did not give up and continued running for another ten rounds. This time, his legs felt like they weighed a thousand pounds, with every step he took excruciating pain was coming from them. Both his arms were as if broken, hanging weakly at the shoulders.

The resilient part of Wang Lin, which was awakened by the black crystal, did not allow him to give up. His brain uncontrollably recalled Stone’s frightening speed. Wang Lin clenched his teeth tight, dragged his feet, and continued to run for another five rounds before he collapsed on the ground, gasping for air.

Based on his past half month of experience training with the Spiritual Enhancement Technique, Wang Lin knew it was not advisable to abruptly stop moving when his body became tired. He struggled a bit before standing up again, lifting his arms up in pain. He was making the pose from the first illustration of the Spiritual Enhancement Technique.

Ten minutes later, Wang Lin’s breathing became slower and calmer. Soul power was flowing inside his body. He could feel his muscles, which were previously numb, start getting a burning sensation. After one hour, Wang Lin opened both his eyes. His energy having completely recovered.

“This time, I must complete forty rounds!” Wang Lin once again stood up and started running in a circle.

This time it was easier. He managed to continue running for forty-two whole rounds before he again, collapsed on the ground in exhaustion. After training in the Spiritual Enhancement Technique for another hour, Wang Lin started running again.

Time passed quickly. When Wang Lin finished his tenth round of Spiritual Enhancement Technique training, it was already late at night.

After removing the lead blocks from his limbs, Wang Lin felt that his movement had become more agile than before. He was very satisfied with the results of his training. Wang Lin thought to himself,”Now, I can manage fifty-four rounds at the most. I should continue training until I reach two hundred rounds before adding more weight.”

He lifted his head and looked at the sky. The moon was covered up by dark clouds, the air was damp. Wang Lin muttered to himself. At this time, rain drops were seen falling from the sky.

“When it rains at night, vision becomes limited. Looks like God agrees with what I am doing tonight.” Wang Lin brightly smiled, went back to his room and took out a dark jacket from the pile of clothes which Chun Lan had brought him. He then covered up his face with the dark jacket and quietly, left the yard.

After being guided by Chun Lan twice, Wang Lin had memorised the entire route, including the spots where there were hidden guardposts.

After carefully evading a group of guards, Wang Lin left the mansion. Standing outside of the mansion, he turned around and laughed in his heart. This mansion was not large, it’s defence was also pretty weak. As long as he didn’t go against the restrictions set by the residence’s owner, he would be fine.

From conversing with Chun Lan, Wang Lin found out that ever since San Xiao Jie contracted the Mandara disease, she had been deserted by her family. She was isolated and only managed to bring a handful of servants with her to Heavenly Water City, which was far away from her family.

The security at the mansion was also weak. In addition, San Xiao Jie did not add any more restrictions on Wang Lin after he consumed the poison, as she believed Wang Lin’s fate was now firmly in her hands.

Currently, Wang Lin still had a lot of worries. His body was not as strong as he wanted. Moreover, the worm inside his body remained an unresolved issue. Otherwise, he could have easily left.

Wang Lin knew that time was not on his side. Without any hesitation, he immediately ran in the direction his memory led him towards. His speed had become remarkably faster after a day worth of intense training.

The rain became heavier. The raindrops made a lot of noise upon hitting the ground, as though hinting of an impending storm.

In order to avoid being found, Wang Lin stealthily moved between the buildings shadows. After a while, he arrived at the building which Stone had taken a particular interest in.

First, he carefully observed his surroundings in order to make sure that there was nothing out of the ordinary. Wang Lin muttered to himself. That day, the Honourables of Heavenly Water City had thoroughly searched the nearby houses. If there was something hidden inside them, it would already have been found. But if he was in Stone’s shoes, where would he hide it so that it would not be found?

Regardless of whether inside or underneath the house, it would be difficult to go undiscovered by the Honourables’ strict search. Wang Lin frowned. He looked at the building wall and suddenly got an idea. He thought to himself, ”If I were to hide something, I would not hide it in the rooms or underground. Instead, I would put it at a somewhat obvious location, such as the wall outside.”

Wang Lin carefully inspected the wall, gently percussing it. When he was about to finish inspecting it, a glimpse of excitement appeared in his eyes. He took out a brick and removed the black storage card hidden behind it.

Without checking the card any further, Wang Lin’s steps suddenly stopped. He kneeled down at the corner of the wall and remained still. His pupils constricted and he halted his breaths.

A Spring Water spacecraft had silently appeared in mid air, slowly roaming around the area before stopping right above the building Wang Lin was hiding in.

A soft machine like sound was heard and a long haired lady appeared on the spacecraft.

Wang Lin’s was hiding in the shadows beside the wall. He hesitated a while, then mustered his soul power into his left hand and let out five drops of blood filled with soul power. At the same he started running, making his escape.

“Heh, you finally show yourself?” The lady cynically smiled. She had already discovered Wang Lin and was planning to capture him alive. But, Wang Lin acted first. Despite that, she was not too concerned. After all, she already had the title of a Spiritual Honourable. Upon a quick assessment, she knew that Wang Lin was only at Level 1. However, as the vision on a rainy night was quite limited, she was shocked when she was greeted by the five blood drops launched by Wang Lin.

One of the five drops gave off a “zis” like sound upon hitting her shoulder. The lady became stunned and moved to the side to evade the other attacks. But before Wang Lin launched his attacks, he had already predicted the lady’s reaction. The remaining 4 drops of blood were spread out on both the right and left sides.

Source Gravity Tales

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