Against Heaven 007

Blood Binding Technique

When the lady moved to the left in an attempt to evade, her right wrist got hit by a drop of blood. It was then followed by numbness from her left leg. Similarly, her left knee had been hit by another drop of blood.

Although the damage done by the blood was limited, the lady was still shocked by the opponent’s accurate predictions. As the attacks did not harm her at all, she let out a cold laugh. Suddenly she realised that the attacks used were made out of fresh blood! Her face immediately turned from curious to a terrified, pale look. In the Empress Mainland, there was only one technique which utilised blood to attack!

“This…… This must be the Blood Binding Technique!!”

All of this seemed to be happening slowly, but it actually only took a few seconds. At this time, Wang Lin was already ten metres away from the her. Overhearing what she said he turned his head, giving her a cold look. He knew that his attack power was insufficient. Without saying anything, he moved his left hand, once again sent out a drop of fresh blood, directly aimed at her right eye.

At the same time, using a low-pitched hoarse voice, he said,”That’s right. This is the Blood Binding Technique!”

After doing this, without turning back again, Wang Lin ran for his life. He could roughly estimate the distance between himself and the Honourable. He muttered to himself that tonight had been very dangerous. If he were to be caught, the first thing he would need to say would be that he was from the mansion so that he would not get killed. Regarding the Blood Binding Technique the lady mentioned, he was also surprised. Was there really a type of technique which utilised blood for attacking?

If that is true, then all he did would not have been for nothing. As the lady was still shocked, now would be the best opportunity to escape!

Wang Lin ice cold look was seen by the lady. She suddenly got chills in her heart. It was said that in the east, the extremely poisonous and lethal Blood Binding Technique was practised in the Green Dragon City, which was one of the four big free cities. She recalled the rumours about how the victims of these attacks would die gruesome deaths.

When she saw Wang Lin raising his left hand, she wanted to evade but Wang Lin’s timing was too perfect. At that time, her knee was both aching and numb. As she was unable to evade, she subconsciously raised up her left hand to defend herself.

The lady’s left hand suddenly felt cold. She looked at the back of her hand and saw a drop of fresh blood. After a moment of hesitation, she raised her head, but Wang Lin was long gone.

After carefully returning to the mansion, Wang Lin felt weary. This was his first battle. He managed to escape unscathed because the opponent mistakenly thought that his attack was the Blood Binding Technique! Wang Lin learned a good lesson from this. He told himself to be such reckless again unless he gained enough strength.

In regards to the Blood Binding Technique, Wang Lin had a good feeling. He took a deep breath and calmed himself down. Then, he took out the storage card which he had taken from within the wall……

Time flew by. Soon, it had been two months since Wang Lin started living in the mansion. Today Wang Lin was training in the Spiritual Enhancement Technique. Suddenly, he frowned, halted his training and stood up.

After a while, someone knocked on his door. Chun Lan’s voice came from the other side.

“Wang Lin, Xiao Jie asked me to come get her medicine. Have you prepared it?”

“It will be done shortly. It should be ready by dinner time.” Wang Lin opened his door while gently smiling at Chun Lan.

Chun Lan stared at Wang Lin for a bit, making her face blush. She secretly thought about how this man look so different after only half a month of not seeing him. His eyes were now full of spirit. The difference in his demeanor was like heaven and earth compared to previously.

“I……I…… Xiao Jie is still waiting for reply, so……so I will come back tonight.” Chun Lan face was all red now. She stole a glance at Wang Lin, realising that Wang Lin was smiling she immediately became even more embarrassed and left the place in hurry.

Wang Lin knew that during the past half month, he had changed a lot. It’s as if he had a breakthrough every day. This was all possible thanks to the pills that he found inside the black storage card.

Thinking about the storage card, there was glimpses of excitement on his face. Besides the two pills in the card, there were a sheathed black dagger and some scattered fragments.

Wang Lin had tried using the dagger. It was so sharp and hard that it could possibly even cut through metals. Wang Lin especially loved this dagger, so instead of putting it in the storage card, he always carried it with him.

Out of the two pills, Wang Lin had taken one to experiment on. After being fairly certain that it was not poison, he consumed the remaining pill. Merely one pill was enough to make him feel like his body and bones had been refreshed. Large amount of toxins and waste materials were excreted from his pores. The blood vessels in his body expanded and the muscles became even leaner and tougher.

Although his soul power did not increase, Wang Lin still had a good feeling about these pills. After training for so long, he somehow understood that the amount of soul power in his body was determined by the size of his blood veins. This was also the reason which limited his ability to improve his soul power.

Since the pills contained such an amazing ability of expanding one’s circulation system, Wang Lin guessed that these must have be what the Honourables were looking for. It was such a pity that he had used one of the pills for experimenting. Every time he thought about this, Wang Lin felt his heart ache.

Other than these two things, there was also a face mask made out of artificial human skin inside the storage card. This also made Wang Lin very excited. With this mask, he knew that he could have a higher chance of escaping in the future.

During the past half month, Wang Lin’s improvements were not small. His training in the second illustration of Spiritual Enhancement Technique had reached a 55 percent progress. His soul power had also improved a lot. However, he was a bit troubled by the fact that, from 55 percent and onwards, his training progress seemed to have been hampered. Each time he wanted to train further, the most he could stretch it was with a few more extra seconds. Even if he wanted to go further, he would be overwhelmed by incredible pain.

Wang Lin knew in his heart, that this was probably caused by the parasite inside his body. The worm was more careful now. After causing pain, it would immediately hide itself. It was nowhere to be found no matter how hard Wang Lin searched.

Regarding this, after thinking about it long and hard, Wang Lin came to a decision. Tonight would be the crucial time for solving this problem.

Wang Lin was quite satisfied with the progress of his body strengthening. Currently, he was able to carry fifty kilograms of extra weight while continuously running seventy rounds with it.

Wang Lin’s target was two hundred kilograms and two hundred rounds!

The thing that satisfied him the least, was the precision control over his soul power. In this half month’s time, he’d only slightly improved in terms of control. After mustering soul power into his hand, the time needed to make a cut with his other hand, had only become a little shorter.

Wang Lin knew that the perfect control over his soul power would take time. He should now focus on preparing the medicines for Xiao Jie.

Three days ago, for the first time, Wang Lin spend time to attempt preparing the herbs. He ground a few herbs according to a specific ratio, turning them into a mush. Even though it did not look too appealing, it should work.

Just to be safe, Wang Lin also added some other herbs into the mixture.

The reason that he told Chun Lan to get the medicine at night, was because Wang Lin was still worried that they would figure out the contents of this mush.

After thinking for a while, Wang Lin got a playful idea. He recalled the piece of the worm he’d taken out from his body last month. Thinking about it, he took out the worm piece from his storage card, cutting a small piece of it and mixed it into the medicine.

After doing this, Wang Lin went to the yard and continued his training.

Time passed quickly. Soon it was dusk and Chun Lan arrived.

After bathing Wang Lin removed the lead blocks from his body. This was the first time in half a month that he removed the blocks. A feeling of lightness spread throughout his body. Wang Lin subtly touched his dagger then followed Chun Lan.

This was the second time that he visited San Xiao Jie’s residence. Wang Lin continued walking and entered her residence while Chun Lan waited outside.

Wang Popo’s figure appeared behind Wang Lin like an apparition. There was a surprise look in her dark eyes. She said,”Young man, you seemed to have changed quite a lot. Follow me now.”

San Xiao Jie’s room looked just like last time, but she seemed to have become thinner. From Wang Lin’s sharp observation, he realised that both her eyes looked dead.

“In one month’s time, both her eyes deteriorated to such an extent. This Corpse Flower Poison is really scary. But, her current condition should be advantageous to me.” Wang Lin was deep in thoughts. San Xiao Jie slowly turned her head. Both blurry eyes looked at the direction where Wang Lin was standing. Her face gently trembled, followed by the question,”Where’s the medicine?”

“Where’s my cure?” Wang Lin said uncaringly.

San Xiao Jie immediately tossed something from her right hand which Wang Lin caught, it was a red-coloured pill. Emotionlessly, Wang Lin said,”If this pill is something else, you won’t be getting medicine from me next month.”

“The poison in your body is slow to take effect. Every month, you would have an attack once. What I have given you is not the entire cure, but it’s definitely not fake.” San Xiao Jie seemed to be a bit impatient, her voice turning slightly cold.

“Take this immediately. This pill will lose its efficiency if it’s consumed more than three minutes after preparation. You have less than ten seconds worth of time left.” Wang Lin did not speak any further and immediately tossed a pill towards San Xiao Jie.

The lady was shocked. Upon catching the pill she hesitated slightly before swallowing it.

Wang Lin looked deeply into San Xiao Jie’s eyes. Then, he turned around and walked away without looking back.

Not long after Wang Lin left, Wang Popo appeared behind the lady out of nowhere. Her dry, skinny hand pressed onto San Xiao Jie’s back. At that time, San Xiao Jie’s face turned red. Then, with a “pfff”, she vomited out a mouthful of dark blood.

Source Gravity Tales

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