Immortal’s Way 001

The Emperor Legend

According to the legends, a hundred years ago, the star emperor descended to the world.

The star emperor was reincarnated in an ancestral tomb. The tombs of the deceased ancestors never needed trimming, yet the tomb remained smooth, not even a blade of grass grew. Later on, people felt there was something very strange about it.

Only through many examinations did they realize that above this ancestral tomb was the territory of an enormous navy blue dragon turtle. It just happened to be that the ancestral tomb covered the turtle’s body. They have never seen such a thing like this and were very worried. Finally they invited elite men to seize the dragon turtle that occupied in ancestral tomb.

The dragon turtle was forced helplessly to flee. However, at that time the descent of the star emperor leaked to the ears of the imperial family, which immediately dispatched troops to exterminate an entire family name.

After the seven month pregnant mother of the star emperor was shot dead, the entire Tianzi Mountain range grew millions of lush bamboo. The tip of each bamboo concealed its true strength. They would automatically fall and arise.

According to the legends, there were millions of bamboo on Tianzi mountain range that accompanied the arrival of the star emperor, which will become the star emperor’s future soldiers.

The South faced severe winter, exceptionally dark nights with cold and freezing air.

At the foot of the Tianzi mountain range came a “Chi Gai” sound from Xiao family’s courtyard gate. In the pitchblack night, the sound of the wood rubbing each other was especially ear-piercing and spread in all directions.

Within the courtyard gates, under the dim lights step forth a shadow. It was not hard to tell from the crooked upside down shadow that it was an old man. After stepping into the threshold of the courtyard, he walked onward 2 steps and stopped. He opened his throat and yelled to the right: “Young Master, grandfather is calling for you. Hurry and come to the courtyard!”

The dim lights can only shine up to a distance of 20 meters away. But as the old man voice quieted for a moment, a thin silhouette emerged to light, which can be vaguely differentiated as the silhouette of a youngster. Following behind was a guy that incessantly swayed back and forth.

As the old man saw the figure emerge, he did not dare to slight and walked forward. As he approached closer, he saw the facial appearance of the figure. It was a boy around fourteen or fifteen years old. He was a little startled by the pale complexion of the person, the thick animal skin sweater wrapped around the thin and weak body. As they were walking toward the Xiao family’s courtyard gate, although the distance was not too far, the old man was anxious that the young man would at anytime fall to the ground. Without hesitation, the old man advanced forth to support the young man.

The young man was indeed the young master of the Xiao family–Xiao Xiao (萧笑).

Xiao Xiao exposed his bright white teeth and smiled, “Uncle Ming, there is no need to support me, I can walk by myself!” As proof, he gently struggled free from the old man’s support and stride toward the courtyard.

And behind Xiao Xiao was a small puppy that also passed by Uncle Ming as it followed Xiao Xiao’s silhouette toward the courtyard.
Uncle Ming looked at the figure walking into the courtyard, his face could not help to reveal a kind smile. Shortly after he slightly let out a deep sigh and followed away.

Within the central room of the inner Xiao family courtyard, sat an old man with ash-colored gray hair and ruddy complexion, who looked entranced at the nearby memorial tablet sign. Was he recalling something?

From behind was the sound of footsteps that woke the old man in the middle of his recollection. He turned around facing the doorway and saw Xiao Xiao’s figure who just happened to enter the central room.

After seeing the old man, Xiao Xiao immediately said, “Grand——Father” The sound of the shout could not keep up with the speed of the voice, causing Xiao Xiao’s chest to rise and fall. He held his breath and his complexion was somewhat flushed. It was obvious that it was due to the running.

Xiao ChaoYuan (萧朝远) gazed at his own grandson. The Xiao family had only one son after three generations. Xiao Xiao was still in his mother’s womb when people plot against the Xiao family. As a result, as a child Xiao Xiao had a debility and fell to many illnesses. If not for his father for these years, looking everywhere and seeking for medicine, Xiao Xiao perhaps may not have lived up to today.

Thinking back on these past few years on all the pain that his grandson felt, Xiao ChaoYuan’s heart ached, regretting his powerlessness and inability to protect his grandson. And he frequently confronts the Xiao family’s ancestors in the memorial tablet, blaming himself endlessly.

Although the old man was consoling his own grandson, his heart was praying, “Ting’er, you must never get into trouble, we still have hope for you.”

After Xiao Xiao listened to his grandfather’s words, it was as if he eaten a calming pill, and firmly replied, “ En! What grandfather said is right! Father is definitely fine!” His eyes were steady like his grandfather said, and showed great confidence.

Xiao ChaoYuan had an obscure expression staring at his grandson’s confident look. Originally his restless heart was calmed, but his heart secretly thought, although Xiao Xiao as a child had a debility, the chronic disease extremely difficult to cure, these matters did not make him any lower than his peers. Instead, it made him more mature.

The two of them had remained silent for a moment until Uncle Bo entered the central room and alarmed them. Xiao Xiao looked at Xiao ChaoYuan and laughed, “Your grandson is here, there must be other matters to talk about right?”

After he finished speaking, he did not wait for Xiao ChaoYuan to reply, he sat down on the on two chairs on the side of the central room.

Seeing his grandfather act in such a way, Xiao ChaoYuan could only laugh and smile. Turning to face Uncle Ming, he said, “Er’Ming, Sit down too! There is no other person here. We brothers do not have need to be so modest!” The speech did not lack any feeling of brotherhood.”

Uncle Ming grinned. There was also not much that needed to be said and shortly he sat down in front of Xiao Xiao.

After seeing these two sit down, Xiao ChaoYuan change his gaze to directed at Xiao Xiao and laughed, “ Xiao Xiao, now that you reached the end of your crowned year, Grandfather is preparing to search for your match, for the Xiao family to flourish!”

Xiao Xiao just heard of this sudden “surprise”. His mind cannot grasp the idea and his thoughts swirls in loops several times before understanding his grandfather’s intention. In a moment he looked as if he thought of something. His eyes revealed his frustration and he anxiously said, “ Grandfather, have you given up your persistence?”

Xiao ChaoYuan took a deep sigh. His eyes looked back to recall, the Xiao family was originally one of the major nobilities in the Great Qi Empire. Because Xiao ChaoYuan was not born brilliant, he continuously been pushed aside by the clan. When XiaoXiao’s mother was pregnant with Xiao Xiao, they suffered jealousy and injury from other clan members, which almost cause the mother and son to lose their lives. Xiao Xiao’s father —— Xiao YunTing (萧云霆) became furious and persecuted the people that harmed his wife and son. As a result, the family was driven out by the Xiao clan…….

Even until now, Xiao ChaoYuan insisted that he was of noble blood, and hoped that once the child was born, they could return to the Xiao clan. But unfortunately, WuChong village and other major powers came, from that day, Xiao Clan was in imminent danger. He could only seek one escape route for his grandson so that he would not die. Xiao Xiao would have all the Xiao family’s natural resources, but instead received persecution from other powers.

In this way, it would be better to send off the Xiao clan’s possession to befriend a faction, so that in the future when he passed away, Xiao Xiao could still rely on this favor and live the rest of his life in peace.

Seeing the resentment and helplessness in his grandson’s eyes, Xiao ChaoYuan did not know what to say. His grandson already figured out his intentions. He laughed indifferently, “Xiao Xiao, Elder Li is now also Grandfather’s old friend. The people in the Li family are also benevolent. As for the three daughters in the Li family, Grandfather has also heard of them before. Their warm nature and all are not bad. You can choose whoever one you like!” If your father were unable to not come back, this is Grandfather’s plan. It also remains as your alternative route.”

“Grandfather!” At that moment, the tip of Xiao Xiao’s nose ached. His eyes were red and he suddenly stood up to shout. He deeply felt that he could not struggle free of the burden from his clan.

Both of his hands formed into fists, the blue veins on the back of his hands squirmed like earthworms. It was only until he had pricked the palms of his hands with his fingernails that bloodstain faintly appeared in the center of his palm. However the deep feeling of powerlessness filled flooded Xiao Xiao’s entire body and he gradually lowered his head.

The three people inside the room did not speak for a long time, the only sound was the sound of deep sighs…….

The remaining WuChong villages in Xiao family were the southern Empire’s poorest villages, while the Great Qi Empire is formed by thirty two main cities.

The Great Qi Empire was located east of the LongTeng continent, while the LongTeng continent is constituted by five major empires. But the Great Qi Empire’s position within the five mainland empire can only be considered as Middle Lower level.

The strength of the powerful empires must be able to bear the brunt of the well known and powerful Great Qin Empire. In second was the upstart Great Chu Empire. Both countries contended for supremacy and have already trampled on the Great Zhou Empire that was in the middle. After many wars, the Great Zhou Empire fortunately received secretly help from the Great Jin Empire and the Great Qi Empire and were able to exist between these two great powers.

In the pitch-black night, within Xiao Xiao’s room in the Xiao family courtyard, a dim light still faintly seeps out of the room like a desire to break out of its shackles and yearn to freely live, to pass through the layer of yellow paper above the window and cast into the darkness.

On top of a bed, a man and a dog was resting horizontally above the bed. Xiao Xiao looked towards at the teapot above the tea table in his room and murmured, “Xiao Hei, I am a burden? Not only am I the reason that father have not returned from his strenuously search for medicine, uncertain if he is alive or dead, but also am a burden to Grandfather, who is using the Xiao family’s name as a betrothal gift and lowering his head to seek a marriage alliance so that I can live peacefully in the future. Until now, they always suffer great pain to think of something in every possible way for me.I cannot remain as a burden to this family.”

The look in his eyes, unceasingly revealed a firm and resolute expression, as if he had already made up his mind.

As if it had detected Xiao Xiao’s determination, the pure black puppy croaching beside him produced a “Wu Wu” (whining) sound and used its black shiny head to rub against Xiao Xiao’s arm.

“Ha Ha…… I knew it! Xiao Hei, you approve of my solution. You really are worthy of being my good companion. This being the case, once Grandfather is gone, we will set off!” After Xiao Xiao burst into loud laughter and he stretched his arms to lift Xiao Hei, that was at beside him, its body resting flatly and soon swayed in front of him.

It caused Xiao Hei to whine “Wu Wu,” but did not result in 2 barks of “Woof Woof.” It’s saliva on the corner of its mouth dripped on Xiao Xiao’s cheeks.

Xiao Xiao spurted as he cursed, “Xiao Hei, Your drooling and it is sickening me!” He swung his arm and Xiao Hei was knocked over by the embroidered quilt. Its four paws facing up in the air.

Xiao Hei rolled over and barked “Woof Woof” at Xiao Xiao.” Unexpectedly, it ran to the corner of the bed and payed no more attention to Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Xiao stretched his arm to snatch Xiao Hei by the hindlimbs and used his strength to pull Xiao Hei to his side. He opened his palm. wishing to pat at Xiao Hei’s butt area.

Xiao Hei seemed as if it already knew Xiao Xiao would do this. It grabbed the embroidered quilt with its frontlimbs to leverage a roll and dodged Xiao Xiao’s palm strike. It opened its small mouth, exposing its cherry red tongue, and licked at Xiao Xiao’s face.

One man one dog, Isn’t this happiness……

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