Immortal’s Way 003

Strange Encounter

There was only one path inside the cavern. Xiao Xiao did not know how long he slid. He could only feel the trembling growing stronger inside the cavern as if at anything everything would collapse.

Xiao Xiao silently prayed in his heart…..

A gale blew by past his ears. He felt the chilliness and extreme pain of the strong wind blowing into his face. Xiao Xiao couldn’t help to combat the cold. He lift his head slightly upward, facing and gazing downward into the cavern’s path. A faint ray of light passed through.

The moment he waited to confirm that it was truly light, the cold wind blowing at his side subsided. Immediately he felt the the force of the passageway pressure loosen. His entire person immediately relaxed. There was no need for Xiao Xiao to see clearly the circumstance at hand.

There was a “plop” sound. Xiao Xiao followed the driving force of the sliding motion. Like a large boulder, he plunging into a deep pool without a struggle, passing by the mist above the surface of the water.

In the cold water of the freezing pool with the biting cold, Xiao Xiao’s head emerged from the surface of the water. He shivered. His entire body started trembling. His top and bottom teeth chattered incessantly, and he let out a groan.

His body was moving incessantly, fearing that if he stopped, he would be frozen stiff in the ice-cold pool of water. As Xiao Xiao turned his back, he found Xiao Hei’s shivering figure, crouching and unable to move its body.

Xiao Xiao did not dare to hesitate, and quickly slid toward Xiao Hei. Although Xiao Xiao had not taken many steps, a plop sound rumbled. Subsequently there were countless splashing landing down, producing crashing sounds onto the water.

Xiao Xiao subconsciously turned his body wishing to see what was behind him. However, he was welcomed with a great wave that came crashing over. There was not enough time to react. The wave lunged forth and crammed into Xiao Xiao’s entire mouth.

However Xiao Xiao did not need to swim, and followed along with the rapid tides heading straight toward the shores. Very quickly he arrived at where Xiao Hei was crouching. The tides swayed Xiao Hei’s small body along together with Xiao Xiao. After the tides brought them to shore, it continued to push the boy and the dog five or six meters away before it stopped and immediately retreated.

When it looked like the waves would carry Xiao Hei’s body away, Xiao Xiao rolled and turned his body ninety degrees, using both legs to obstruct Xiao Hei’s body.

After the waves retreated, Xiao Xiao lifted Xiao Hei to his chest. After feeling that Xiao Hei was breathing, he was greatly relieved.

Then a large bestial roar shook Xiao Xiao dizzy. As he turned around to see, he saw a shocking scene that he would never forget throughout his lifetime.

With the head of a dragon, a yellow lustrous body, it was a dragon turtle covered with dragon scales, each leg was as thick as four bucket of water. It was similar to East Sea’s JinguBang as it tread the water of the freezing pool. Each wave was higher than the next. The dragon turtle lower his head towards the surface of the water and produced a large roar. Xiao Xiao estimated that the dragon turtle was at least a ten Chinese feet high.

TL: JinGuBang is the weapon that (Monkey King) Sun WuKong uses.
一丈 is ten Chinese feet high or 3.3 meters.

A crash sounded. Suddenly the head of the treading dragon turtle, the size of a bathtub, emerged from the waters. Two hills protruded out on each of the two sides of its upper head. Below was its two eyeballs, the size of chicken eggs, which appeared milky white. A row of razor sharp teeth lined its mouth, flickering in the cold remoteness of the poor light, which cause people to tremble in fear.

As the dragon turtle saw the head of a fierce python, it did not cower, but rather opened his mouth and spat out a blazing fire ball, the size of a basketball, striking toward the head of the python.

However, the python generally does not fear fireballs. It pulled its body together and unexpectedly used its strength to speed up once again towards the fireball. At the same time, a crash sounded. The tail of the python had pierced into the surface of the water. A sort of lightning coiled toward the dragon turtle.

“Bang.” The head of the python knocked against the fireball, splitting it open and dispersing sparks in all directions. As the sparks fall into the cold waters, they produced “chi chi” sounds, and mists of water curled up. The python, not weakened, opened its ferocious mouth to bite the neck of the dragon turtle.

Even the jet-black python was bold and powerful, it had bear the dragon turtle’s fireball and charged forth. A small hill on top of his head already already completely caved in, and even streams of blood could be seen rolling down above its milky white eyeballs.

The dragon turtle did not think that once the python entered the freezing pool, it would not just increase in speed, but also could counteract the destructive force of his fireball after it immersed itself in water. Previously the python had not dare to resist his fireball attack.

The dragon turtle was originally not fast. Thus after the python’s attack speed increased, his speed just appeared to be awkward. Although he ruggedly dodged the python’s biting head, he was caught in the lightning from the snake’s tail.

In less than a moment, the jet black python circled its body and bound the dragon turtle in loops. His four-water-bucket thick round legs struggled to move with no avail, the snake’s body had already enwrapped the dragon turtle’s body.

The python once again opened its ferocious mouth, biting towards the dragon turtle’s neck. The dragon turtle was already bound, the more he struggled the more he was forced closer to the python. Knowing that there was no hope of escaping, he looked at the python attacking straight at him. The dragon turtle let out a sorrowful roar. His neck suddenly became coarse. A golden fireball came flying out of his open mouth, smashing towards the python’s head.

After releasing the golden fireball, the dragon turtled swayed ** and opened its mouth again and bit at the python’s neck.

“Bang!” The golden fireball smashed into the python’s head, causing the attacking python to pause and stop. As the golden fireball thoroughly smashed the python’s head into pulp, such that one of its eyeball came flying down into the freezing pool.

But the python looked as if it were not in pain. Its ferocious mouth targeted a bite at the dragon turtle’s neck. “Pu Chi.” It was the sound of its sharp teeth piercing skin and flesh.

The python was already extremely frantic, biting the dragon turtle’s neck. Using its strength, it wanted to bite off the dragon turtle’s neck. However it did not know if it had enough strength. Unexpected it pulled the dragon turtle’s head closer to its own head.

At this moment, the dragon turtle did not hesitate, opening his mouth to bite at the snake’s deadly site. Once again the python suffered pain, doing all it can to sink down. “Bang!” The dragon turtle was pulled into the freezing pool.


Droplets of water descended down.

The figure of the python could not be seen. There was only blood gushing forth from where the two creatures had fallen. The original clear pool of water was no more, and had become the color of blood.

Xiao Xiao still have not recovered. This was the most breath-taking, mindblowing thing he seen in all his years. To this moment, he still could not believe that this world turn out to have such powerful creatures, with such immensity…….

But as Xiao Xiao marveled at the extraordinary things in this world, a burst came from the bloody water of the pool. A golden dragon-shape turtle emerged from the surface of the water, subsequently what appeared as a small mountain was actually the back of the turtle protruding out the surface of the water. The dragon turtle looked in Xiao Xiao’s direction, and moving its body as it swam toward Xiao Xiao.

As it moved, the python’s jet black body slowly floated up. But now, the python was already dead beyond dead…….

When Xiao Xiao saw the dragon turtle looking him, he felt anything but reassuring. As the dragon turtle paddled its body swimming toward Xiao Xiao, he subconsciously moved back. as his back came across the rugged and long stone spiked wall, he was already unable to escape.

Just as Xiao Xiao was actionless and did not know how to react, he suddenly heard a thick voice in his head ringing, “Human. Do not be afraid. I will not harm you. Be at ease!”

The abrupt sound caused Xiao Xiao to open his mouth wide, pointing at the approaching dragon turtle and saying, “You can speak!”

The dragon turtle stopped 10 meters away, still lowering its head looking at what appeared to be an especially tiny Xiao Xiao, “I am already become a demon. Although I cannot directly speak, I can communicate through the transmission of sound, Human. I am heavily injured, afraid that I will not last long. There is a thing I ask of you, will you agree?” After it finished speaking, it showed a hopeful expression staring fixed at Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Xiao saw the dragon turtle’s neck that lacked a lump of flesh. Golden blood rolled into the freezing pool like running water, forming a trail of golden threads.

He thought to himself, “This golden dragon turtle can with one slash finish off my *** if it wished to. At the expense of its life, to be able to say this much, it probably would not be lying.”

Because he was embolden, he lifted his head looking up in the air at its dragon head and said, “What matter do you need help with? As long as I can do it, I will definitely help you.”

Hearing Xiao Xiao agree, the dragon turtle revealed a look of happiness. After lifting its legs to tread two steps forward, it unexpectedly crouched down, using its golden dragon head to rub against Xiao Xiao body to transmit a message, “Many thanks, Human! Climb up my head, I will send you to my back. A cultivation method is inscribed above there.

The dragon turtle’s sudden movement caused Xiao Xiao’s nerves to tense immediately.. As he finished listening to the dragon turtle’s words, he thought with his teeth as he climbed up the dragon turtle’s head that luckily the terrain on the shore was much higher, or else he would have to climb up over a meter high, fearing that he would spend a lot of effort.

The dragon turtle swayed its long neck. Xiao Xiao felt as if he were soaring through the clouds and riding on the mists. Momentarily he arrived at the edge of the dragon turtle’s back.

The dragon turtle’s turtle shell was the sufficient size of a basketball court. The turtle shell had three pieces in a row, a total of four rows. The twelve pieces were divided orderly. Above each piece of the turtle shell was densely inscribed with traditional texts.

Xiao Xiao was astonished, and completely forgot the situation he was in. When the thick yet weak voice of the dragon turtle came once again, he was nearly tumbled down the dragon turtle’s back in fright.

“Recorded on the turtle shell is a cultivation method. It is left behind by my master. Master was a heavenly genius, meeting the envy of the heavens. Before he returned to his village, he left behind this surviving piece of writing, waiting for the fated person to be able to pass on this surviving method. After completing this piece of writing, he accomplished his biggest desire in his life.” The dragon turtle crouched on the ground. It did not lift its head. It did not matter whether or not Xiao Xiao listened. It had no more strength to lift its head.

Xiao Xiao listened. HIs own body was weak with many illnesses. His meridians were blocked, how can he cultivate. To inherit its powers, wasn’t it a mistake?

He hurriedly said, “ No I cannot, Elder, I cannot! Since I was small, I had a weak body with many illnesses. How can I inherit your master’s martial arts and lets not speak of living up to its great name. To complete the entire martial art, I see that you should choose someone else!”

The dragon turtle’s golden eyeballs slowly closed. When he heard Xiao Xiao said “I cannot”, his eyes suddenly opened and hurriedly transmitted his voice saying, “Human. You think this old turtle have additional time to choose someone else? Don’t tell me you want me dead with remaining grievances?”

Xiao Xiao was stunned, and hurriedly explained, “I didn’t mean that, I……..”

The dragon turtle did not Xiao Xiao go on speaking, cutting off his explanation, “Since this is the case, this is a promise. Remember that after I die, extract and use the python’s and my core. This should be enough to solve your problem. Bear in mind..not at the same time…use…slice…fear…….” The dragon turtle’s voice became softer and softer.

Xiao Xiao understood. The dragon turtle was already dead. In his heart, there was a feeling of sorrow spreading…….

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