Immortal’s Way 004

The Great Decision

“Woof Woof Woof” A kind of pleasurable, cheerful sound yelled out from Xiao Hei’s mouth. Originally deep in sorrow, Xiao Xiao suddenly awoke. What caused him to awake was Xiao Hei, unexpectedly crouching at the dragon’s head, extending its pink tender tongue and incessantly licking at the golden blood coming out. After the pink tender tongue was contaminated with the dragon turtle’s blood, it changed into a golden color.

Xiao Xiao shouted, “Xiao Hei, don’t be so rude!” WuChui village has a old custom for the deceased. Seeing Xiao Hei drink the dragon turtle’s blood, he immediately had to put a stop to it. And so his tone appeared a little strict.

Xiao Hei was happily drinking, but hearing Xiao Xiao’s sudden shout, it immediately ceased its cheerful activity. It turned his head, sensing doubts and cried, feeling wronged. Originally when Xiao Hei fell into the deep waters, it was nearly frozen to death by the exceptionally piercing cold waters. Fortunately Xiao Xiao had came on time and it barely survived. But because of the threat of the cold air, it caused Xiao Hei to tremble and shiver incessantly.

After the dragon turtle taken its last breathe, Xiao Hei felt the dragon turtle’s warm blood. To the cold and hungry Xiao Hei, it was a fatal temptation.

The thought of death prevailed over fear.

Although Xiao Hei has low intelligence, it knew the dragon turtle’s terribleness. But under a life and death crisis, it summoned up courage to climb to the head of the dragon turtle. Because the dragon head was already pulled back into the turtle shell, only half of the outer head was revealed. However, wound on the dragon turtle’s neck was incessantly emitting out golden blood, coming out along the dragon head.

The dragon turtle was a fire attribute monster. The blood was naturally able to resist the extremely cold air, so after Xiao Hei felt the benefit of the dragon turtle’s blood, it let out a joyful “Woof Woof” sound.

It was so happy. Nevertheless, it was scolded by Xiao Xiao. It felt confused and at the same time, felt wronged.

“Xiao Hei, the dragon turtle elder is already dead. We cannot desecrate its dead body. Behave! Listen!” Xiao Xiao stepped forward, holding Xiao Hei with both hands, propagating at his ears.

The struggling Xiao Hei let out a discontent bark. Although Xiao Hei held it away, its eyes were fixed on the thin stream of trickling golden blood, unwilling to look away.

Xiao Xiao crouched his body to put aside Xiao Hei, and said, “Just sit tight, I will go take a look what miraculous martial art is inscribed on the turtle shell!” After finishing speaking, he got up and headed toward the first row of the turtle shell.

Actually Xiao Xiao was not really interested in the cultivation method stuff, nevertheless he was an upright person who given his word. Since he accepted the dragon turtle’s final wish, he would use his greatest effort to accomplish it.

Walking up to the very first row of the turtle shell, he lowered his head to look straight at all the inscribed writings on the turtle shell. “Throughout my life, life is full of frustration and dashed hopes, and my difficulties are hard to say. To live without fate, oppose the heavens, the book “The Great Decision”, to seek my path.”

“The great transformation, to develop firm skin, to develop supple and strong muscles, to cleanse the inner body, to develop qi, thus these are the paths of development!” Xiao Xiao looked carefully at each and every word, afraid that his carelessness would prevent him from completing the dragon turtle’s last wish.

Time gradually passed. Originally it was to carry out and complete the mission, but as he continued reading, Xiao Xiao became more and more unwilling to look away. He was deeply captivated by the brilliant contents inside.

Xiao Xiao was entirely like this because the writer had written his whole life into a story, and the story informed the reader how he cultivated, how he created his cultivation method, and after cultivating, how he battled violently under the heavens, and his path against the heavens…….the entire story was a legend.

Not knowing how much time passed, Xiao Xiao was engrossed, and could not feel the passage of time.

Only until his stomach started to rumble incessantly, did it pull Xiao Xiao’s sunken consciousness back into reality. When he became clear-headed, he found himself unexpectedly crouching on top of the turtle shell, his fingers touching and perceiving the characters on the turtle shell.

When he raised his head, he noticed that the originally bright ray of light had already dimmed greatly. If that was the case, if not for the bright luster waves, he probably would not have been able to see clearly the pool’s appearance.

Thus it was not hard to guess that Xiao Xiao, who started out standing while reading, became crouching while touching the words slowly for a long time. A whiff of cold air press forth, freezing Xiao Xiao’s entire body to shake like a leaf.

He was calm while submersed in the book, but at this moment his consciousness has returned to his body. His teeth incessantly trembled with fear and simply could not stop at all. He wanted to rub together this hands to warm his palms but no matter how much friction he applied, in spite of everything there was not a bit of perception.

Before he had constantly used his hands to touch the characters on the turtle shell. In fact, his palm had already frozen without knowing. He wanted to stand up and move, but because he had been crouching for so long, both legs were too numb to obey.

Helplessly, with both hands on his knees, he first sat down, and then used his two palms to support himself from the ground, gradually rising, dizzy with his head spinning, and took a while to adapt.

He turned his body wishing to look for Xiao Hei. He searched the entire turtle shell, but in spite of everything he could not even find Xiao Hei’s shadow! Xiao Xiao was anxious, and began making connections with what he was doing just a moment ago. A bad premonition filled his entire heart.

Even he could not bear the cold air of the freezing pool, let alone a young animal like Xiao Hei.

After thinking it over, self-blame and regret slowly crept into his heart. If he knew this earlier, he would not have stopped Xiao Hei from drinking the dragon turtle’s blood.

Thus Xiao Hei would not……

Thinking about this place, the feeling of regret deepened. After all the living was more important than the dead.

Just as Xiao Xiao was endlessly regretting and self-blaming, he heard a whimpering sound “boo hoo.” Hearing the sound of Xiao Hei, the expression in Xiao Xiao’s eyes let out a radiance of happiness.

Refusing to stay where he is, he broke into a run heading toward the dragon head. Very soon, Xiao Hei’s pleasurable figure appeared in within Xiao Xiao’s sight. Xiao Hei became somewhat aware of Xiao Xiao’s appearance.

Widening both its eyes, realizing Xiao Xiao was rushing rapidly at it, Xiao Hei became frenetic. After all before Xiao Xiao had reprimand it for drinking the dragon turtle’s blood.

If it were caught red-handed again, it would be impossible to escape. Xiao Hei jumped away, but the nonstopping Xiao Xiao threw himself over.

“Plop” Xiao Xiao landed head first into the freezing pool.

And so Xiao Hei jumped off the turtle’s back to accompany Xiao Xiao. Seeing this kind of loyalty from Xiao Hei, Xiao Xiao extended his arm and fished up Xiao Hei, his palms at once rubbed arbitrarily on its head. Only until Xiao Hei whimpered “Boo hoo” did Xiao Xiao let go.

“Alright! Xiao Hei I don’t blame you! It seems like in order to survive, I also have no choice but to apologize to the elder dragon turtle!” Xiao Xiao continued to gaze at the golden blood dripping down. His throat involuntarily squirmed.

Before, Xiao Xiao had stop Xiao Hei from drinking the dragon turtle’s blood to honor the dragon turtle. But because he had come this far, in order to survive at the moment, how can he take so much into consideration, only if he stays alive will he have the opportunity to pay respect.

From this point you can see that Xiao Xiao was not a person who cannot change his mind, and will not dig his own grave.

Xiao Xiao walked to beneath the dragon turtle, first he stooped to bow the dragon turtle, and said in remembrance, “Elder dragon turtle, I let you down!” He looked at the golden stream of blood flowing into the pool of water.

Xiao Xiao opened his mouth to intercept the blood hanging down. The reek of blood pierced his mouth, causing Xiao Xiao to feel like vomiting. At the thought of elder dragon turtle’s blood in his mouth, he originally desired to vomit, but he close his mouth, opens his throat, sucking up and swallowing a mouthful of blood into his stomach.

He felt a current of warmth following the flow of the blood, dispersing, and spreading to his four limbs and eight veins. He slowly regained perception of his originally stiff fingers and numb pair of legs.

The blood of the dragon turtle had a strange effect. Once again, Xiao Xiao opened his mouth slowly cutting off the flowing golden blood. In succession, he drank seven eight mouthfuls of the dragon turtle’s blood, feeling his whole body warming up, an indescribable feeling of comfort.

An ordinary person would be shivering with cold in a freezing pool, normally their teeth would shake, but after Xiao Xiao drank an sufficient amount of the dragon turtle’s blood, unexpectedly he felt as if he were bathed in sunlight. His entire body had a warm sort of comfort, and could not feel the slightest bit of cold air from the freezing pool.

“Boo Hoo Hoo——Woof Woof” Xiao Hei pulled at Xiao Xiao’s trousers, barking out twice, expressing discontent.

Xiao Xiao knew Xiao Hei’s intention, and extended his hand to carry Xiao Hei in his arm. With one pass, he moved Xiao Hei closer beside the flowing current of blood. Xiao Xiao had no time to be excited, opening its mouth, extending its tongue as the blood dripped into its mouth.

After muttering “Gu Nong, Gu Nong” for several mouthfuls, it shakes its head in a flash, stepping back, wishing to struggle free from Xiao Xiao’s palm. Helplessly, its hind legs hung in the air and could not use anything for leverage.

As Xiao Xiao saw the vigorous and lively look reappear on Xiao Hei, his heart burst with happiness. After all, Xiao Xiao, who was lonely for many years, regarded Xiao Hei, not merely as a pet. And Xiao Xiao had long regarded Xiao Hei as the only friend and playmate he could speak his mind with.
At this moment, Xiao Hei completely disregarded the bone-piercing freezing water of the pool and unexpectedly swam in the freezing pool. Its mouth naturally revealed a trace of a smile.

He sensed the internal warmth heating up, it seems as if a faint stream of air was continuously flowing in his meridian. In his mind, the records on the turtle shell involuntarily emerged, a fighting technique to develop the body from “The Great Decision”——Explosive Punch.

The so-called “Explosive Punch” was not really a boxing technique that explodes the body to death.

The words, “Explosive Punch,” has two interpretations. One focuses on concentrating the force of the entire body in every Explosive Punch, to feel the explosion in the fist as it booms, making people feel there is a blow on the entire world.

The second focuses on the outcome of Explosive Punch. By simply hitting the target, the bearer of the Explosive Punch has one outcome, that is to burst or die. Although it is a little exaggerated, it sufficiently shows the beserk of the Explosive Punch attack. From the name, one is able to guess the first and second meanings.

Xiao Xiao moved his fist into motion accordingly to the “Explosive Punch” drills. He was full of expectations. Suddenly, there was an stab of pain in his lower stomach, the pain was like ten thousand arrows penetrating his heart. His forehead momentarily was filled with huge droplets of sweat.

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