Shrouded 001

The Sky’s Giant Bronze Coffin

Life is the greatest miracle of the world.

Four sides, up and down, light and dark, that is the universe. The universe has its reality, it also has no bounds. From the ancient, to the universe today: Although the universe continues to increase, it’s origin is still unknown.

The vast universe, the boundless skies, scientists speculate that earth may be the only world with life. Humans are actually quite lonely.

In the distant horizon of the universe, although there are millions and millions of stars, it is difficult to seek the origin or source of the star.

Only humanity has yet to give up exploring. Since the last century multiple spacecraft has been launched to the outer space.

Voyager 2 is an unmanned spacecraft, launched on the year 1997 at the Kennedy Space Center Launch.

It carried a gold-plated encryption “Tribute to the Universe”, within it contained popular music and 55 recorded languages, which one day, may encounter extraterrestrial lifeforms.

From the 70’s of the last century to the present, Voyager 2 has been travelling alone, in the boundless universe it seems like a speck of dust.

Contemporary space probes, for the greater part usually breakdown, perhaps connection may also have been broken, forever drifting away in the universe.

After more than 30 years, technology continues to evolve, humanity already has created more advanced space probes, perhaps in the future the development will finally benefit the exploration of stars.

Even so, for a considerable amount of time, the newer space probes are still unable to catch up to the distance of Voyager 2.

33 years later, Voyager 2 has already overcome a distance of 14 billion km away from Earth.
At the moment, it has reached the third cosmic velocity, orbit can no longer guide back to our solar system, finally, it has become an interstellar spaceship.

In the dark and cold universe, stars are like dots, diamonds glittering in the horizon.

Voyager 2 is now moving in top speed, but in the cold expanse of the universe, it is but an ant crawling in the dark earth.

After more than 30 years, at this very moment, Voyager 2 discovers something astonishing.

In the dried-up lonely universe, a large unmoving entity which looks like a corpse is seen.

On May 22, 2010, United States’ NASA receives the hard to decipher transmission from Voyager 2

At NASA, they observe the transmission motionlessly. They see a carving of some sort that leaves them dumbfounded.

People stared at the image for a long time, then the main control room erupted with voices/

“God, What did I just see?”

“How can this be? I can’t believe it!”

Voyager 2 now unable to receive commands, after it sends the transmissions, then continues to move towards the darkness and more stars.

Due to the distance of Voyager 2, even with the important discovery, aside from the picture, humankind are powerless to do anything.

The discovery was never disclosed to the public.Shortly after the discovery, Voyager 2 malfunctioned cutting all connection with Earth.

Maybe at this point, a conclusion may be drawn. However, sometimes things are beyond of expectation.

When it comes to observation and exploration of stars, the space station has a unique advantage in environment.

On 1971 the Soviet Union succeeded in launching the first manned spacecraft. Since then, humanity successfully launched 9 spacecrafts.

June 11, 2010, within the orbiting space station, the astronauts faces change in color and eyes grow big.

Today, the existence of God always been denied multiple times.It is believed that if one is to believe in a religion, they are only looking into things that do not exist.

At this moment however, the idea of aerospace and science has been challenged by the discovery they made with the picture.

Outside the international space station, cold and dark coexist in the universe, nine behemoths stood motionless, as if they have been there for an eternity. This made people feel desolate and remote, it turned out to be nine dragon corpses

Dragons are things of ancient myth and legends, never existing.

Each dragon corpse were up to hundred meters, like hot metal casting, filled with a sense of overwhelming force.

The nine dragon corpses were five-claw Dragons, crystal clear, shiny, purple black-light illuminations scales were flashing in the dark. Showing a little bit of mysterious brilliance.

Dragons, just like God, existed in legends, having complete power of nature. However due to scientific development, who would believe in real dragons?

Several of the astronauts inside the international space station, has their beliefs strongly challenged, which baffles them because of the unfathomable experience.

In the cold-dark universe, the icy Dragon corpses seem like indestructible great walls. Even the horrors of embedded power in its body can be felt.

However the anger within the corpses dissipated due to the eternal rest of the dragons in space.

“That is…”

The several astronauts within the station once again open their eyes, seeing the shocking scene.

At the end of all the nine dragons were humongous black chains, behind the nine corpses was a 20 meter long coffin connected to the chains.

The giant chains were long and thick, its black color gave it a feel of coldness.

The giant bronze coffin is simple and minimalist, there are some obscure old prints, full of years marks, it is unknown how much years in the universe has the thing been floating around.

Jiu Long coffin!

In this dark and cold universe, nine dragon corpses and the bronze giant coffin chains linked together by the chains.

In the face of the monitor the astronauts were absent-minded, finally a call is made.

“Call earth…”

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