Shrouded 002

Basic Questions

In ancient times, there is no detailed and accurate written records, for us it is a time of endless mist of ancient history, so imagination is infinite.

Breeze blowing over several homes, paulownia trees gently swaying, lush and flourishing “rustling” sounds can be heard, while fresh air blew in the window.

Ye Fan enjoyed reading odd categories of books, making a cup of green tea, he started flipping through ancient books

“A mortal living through time, and not showing any signs of aging. In ancient times, this was one of the mysteries…”

The scroll entitled Basic Questions contained ancient problems, just like other people, he didn’t believe in it. He was simply curious about ancient times and the vague things old books mentioned, which seemed to be shrouded by fog lost in the history of ancient civilization.

Is there really little information about ancient history? After briefly thinking, he continued to read.

The Yellow Emperor, is a gem-grade book, it was written thousands of years ago, as one of the three masterpieces in ancient China. The book is not fully believable, but overall-it may be extremely valuable.

“To foster the heaven and earth, to grasp Yin and Yang, there is breathing qi, independently guarding deities, muscles of the body seemingly like one whole, experiencing the possibility of old age, there is no end to time, only then one can grow.”

The text mentions in many instances that in ancient times, to clearly understand the changes of the world, qi must be refined and raised, only then the sight of immortality is visible. Any modern man seeing this won’t believe what is written in the text.

The sun gradually sunk towards the west and the sunset shines. Outside the courtyard, the lawn and trees are infected by the suns golden glow.

Yefan put down the yellow emperor, preparing to attend an important gathering of students.

Yefan left university three years ago, he still stayed in the city, all those days long gone.

Whether those three years were long or short, all the companions he has created has already chosen their own paths.

His thoughts were interrupted by a ringtone, looking at the phone he sees its from Lin Jia, a smart and beautiful girl. Now in a neighborhood city through extraordinary mean finally is a department manager.

Pressing the answer button, he hears Lin Jia’s teasing words.When she was in college, she was excellent in communicating and it was easy for her to build close relationships.

“Why? Do you miss me?” Yefan immediately answers.

A wonderful laughter can be heard, she then says:”I do not know the exact location of the party, go with me for a while.”

They made the appointment quickly and he drove out to meet up. When they were in university, Yefan sought out Lin Jia, but was politely turned down.

Lin Jia is a very beautiful and charming woman, she also is shrewd and has rational thinking. She clearly knows what she needs and how to get it, extremely realistic.

Ten minutes before the meetup, Yefan arrives at a parking in front of a shopping center and proceeds to park his car. He gets off his car and waits for Lin Jia to arrive in the sidewalk.

The whole city was bathed in the afterglow of the sunset, many of the buildings were covered with pale gold luster. Road traffic seemed to flow like an endless stream.

Seven or eight minutes later, a Toyota car parked on the roadside, revealing a beautiful and delicate face, Lin Jia opened the door and came over.

In the past, Yefan would say:”There is the free shuttle service.”

“Stop with the sarcasm. I do not have a driver, that was my classmate Liu Zhi.”

Graduation was three years ago, although they were contact, they only met once two years ago. Lin Jia as usual youthful and beautiful, dressed casually with tight jeans and a purple shirt, her long soft body curves is outlined from top to bottom, beautiful.

“It has been two years. You okay?” Lin Jia’s hair reached to her shoulders, black smooth, bright. She had a pair of slanted eyes, long eyelashes shaded slightly oblique flying upwards, which naturally had a special charm.

“Just fine.” Ye Fan smiled, joked,” Lin Jia your natural beauty should not be here. I’m sorry for bothering you.”

“Less playing okay?” Lin Jia smile is very touching, like a pheonix, those red lips were very sexy, very charming.

At this times, the cars windows roll down revealing a familiar face, Liu Zhi.

He and Yefan stayed in the city after graduation. Through his relatives and connections, he was able to open a relatively small company in order to be successful.

Although both of them were in the same city, they still have no contact with each other. Primarily due to a conflict they had with each other in University.

Liu Yunzhi didn’t get off, lightly smiled and said, “Long time no see.”

“Yes Ah. We should get together some time.” Under the sight of Lin Jia, Ye Fan just plainly had to say hello.

“Going to take a cab here?”

This is a natural way of showing contempt, with whom Ye Fan feels too lazy to care about. He just had to cope with it.

Lin Jia is a fairly shrewd and smart woman, so she naturally felt the immediate atmosphere, Ye Fan smiled: “It will arrive in a later time, to stay in the city of several people. I will call you on the phone, go we take Liu Yunzhi’s car. ”

Ye Fan finished speaking, then Liu Yunzhi in an apologetically tone, said, “I’m sorry, we arranged in advance for the two other old classmates, the seats are just enough.”

“It’s okay, you go ahead, I’ll be there in a minute.” Yefan finish turned to Lin Jia, she then laughed: “Come with me, or…… “

Lin Jia hesitated, Liu Yunzhi urged: “She is still sitting in my car, otherwise I’m afraid I’ll be drowned in saliva.”

At the roadside, for several minutes, Lin Jia to Ye Fan expressed her apologies, at the urging of Liu Yunzhi, she ended up on the Toyota.

Windows rolling up, Liu Yunzhi heard Yefan’s little whispers of disdain: “Now it’s the rush period, can’t wait for the taxi to blame me!” Then Toyota will pulled away.

Formerly, Yefan was considered an influential man in college, today however taking a taxi, compared with Liu Yunzhi seemed in a dire situation.
For people like Liu Zhi, he usually ignored them, Lin Jia’s performance however surprised him.

However, everyone has their own philosophy, after all in real life, there materialism, pride, vanity, and so on, Yefan is not a type of man to be succumbed to those things..

The sun was down below the horizon, the bleeding sky dimmed down, the whole city is covered with a layer of thick gray coating, the night is about to fall.

At the moment, nine giant dragon corpses pulled a giant bronze coffin, lying in the dark and cold universe, this shocking scene seemed forever to be fixed in the sky!

Several of the astronauts inside the international space station has been transmitting shocking information back to Earth, and now are waiting for further instructions.

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