Shrouded 006

Place of Worship

Darkness and coldness coexist in space, nine giant dragon corpses floating, the giant bronze coffin, simple but had a strong aura. The coffin seem to be part of the many things floating around the universe.

A few days later, still unable to decipher the mysterious signals arising from the bronze pattern, there is no sure way to handle the situation.

“It moved!”

“It’s going off course the orbit, it’s sinking!”

At this moment, ISS(International Space Station) space astronauts opened there eyes wide. The Jiu Long coffin, out of orbit, is slowly settling sinking to Earth.

Mount Taishan, was towering and majestic, also known as the world mountain.

Since ancient times, Taishan was a Holy symbol. it is located in the most Eastern part of the ancient Central Plains, surrounded by Yellow River and the River Wen. In ancient times, it was regarded as beginning of life due to the sun rising.

There is nothing greater than Taishan. In history, there is nothing more ancient!

The grand mountain Taishan is filled with history. Dating back to the ancient emperors, it was the land of gods.

“The height of the heavens cannot be reached, therefore at the top of Taishan, sacrifices were made. It was believed to be the closest place to the gods.”

Swept away by Qin Shihuang(The first ever emperor), with great skill and strategy of Han Wudi(Emperor of the Han Dynasty. The only dynasty able to unify China as a whole.) both held ceremonies in Taishan.

Prior to those events, 72 monarchs held sacrifices on the mountain.

Pre-Qin Classics Guanzi(A book of an influential and ancient official) worship article states: “Once upon a time a clan head with the surname HuaiZhi abdicated to go to Taishan, ShenMong(The first legendary flame emperor) abdicated, Huangdi(A mythological emperor of china) abdicated, Yao(One of the five legendary emperors) abdicated, Yu(A mythical emperor that controlled the floods) abdicated, all these great figures abdicated to go to Taishan. (TL: Who would have thought the author likes giving history lessons)

In ancient times, many emperors, without exception, are selected for the worship. Taishan shrouded with mist, issued endless mystery.

In the Spring and autumn period, Kong Sheng(A sage of some sort) went forth towards Taishan looking for rewards. However he returned empty handed and was unable to answer the disciple’ questions.

Later people discovered something.

A squad of 20 led by General Ma under the Republic of china stationed on Mount Taishan stumbled upon a multicolored altar. There were two sets of jade book, a stone rope covered with gold hidden under the ground

In ancient times, before the qin dynasty, no emperor dared to open the mysterious things.

Yefan and all the other people spent their night in a hotel, then the next day started to climb Taishan.

For people who has visited for the first time, the mountain will feel majestic and magnificent.

The mountain structure is divided into three layers, like prohibitively stairs, facing south, a long ten kilometer path until reaching the vast peak.

Both from afar and up close. the mountain was majestic and magnificent, peoples hearts were stirred.

In front of Mount Tai, it gave the illusion as if people were ants. Even the heavens witht he moon and stars feel negligible.

It is a shocking feeling. Peoples souls start to quiver.

As the tour guide was talking about ancient worships, people were daydreaming about the mystery of the unknown.

Li Xiaoman walked side by side with Cade, constantly translating and explaining. The shocked young man kept asking questions about the mountain.

Liu Zhi gave Yefan a fascinating look, which was completely overlooked which made him disappointed.

In fact Yefan did not even notice him at all and was completely quiet.

Yefan remembered the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Cannon(An ancient medical book) about the monarchies old worships. Don’t tell me an ancient civilization was here and faded away? If so, this mountain is more sacred than I thought.

He then started shaking his head, he was so bored that he started making assumptions.

Taishan was green and full of life, flowing waterfalls, majestic towering scenery, coupled with wispy clouds, which added to its mysterious atmosphere.

Climbing up, they encountered so many monuments which amazed people.

In order to make an offering, you must pass the Imperial Palace Temple. Pass it is the Jade emperor peak, up to it is a 10 kilometer path, the underworld heaven path which leads to the sky.

In the evening, they finally reached the top of Mount Tai – Jade emperor peak, overlooking the mountains, at the foot, are able to see Yellow River. Only then the meaning of Confucius when he said “On Mount Tai, everything is small” finally made sense.

“Going to the top, all mountains in a single glance!” A great poet left a song.

Right now, the sun was going down, clouds are filled with light, flashing brilliance like treasures.

An extremely wonderful scene. It can be helped to be intoxicated.

Suddenly, in the sky several black spots appeared which seemed to get bigger. Strong sounds as if there was a storm were echoing across the skies.

Nine colossal figures were falling like black figures, at this moment everybody on Taishan is frightened.

It turned out that the nine dragon corpses and bronze coffin were falling towards the peak of Taishan.

Dragons, they exist side by side with God in legends, taking complete dominion over nature. However, due to scientific advancement, no one believed in real dragons.

Shocked tourists on the mountain, holding their breath, even forgot to scream.

Short silence and then Taishan was filled with noise, everyone fled in panic and ran in all directions, trying to avoid the corpses.

This is a shocking scene, in the crimson sunset, Jiu Long coffin came down to Taishan!

Screams of fear and helpless cry, people had run away.

When the coffin was falling it was not swift, however when it touched the ground, it shaked the whole mountain.


The nine behemoths feel on the Jade peak, making a crack then it exploded into dust.

The ancient bronze coffin made a *thud* sound and landed on the top of Mount Tai asif there was an earthquake. Lots of rocks rolled down from the mountains, rumbling sound is heard, like an army falling down the slopes.

Many were affected, a lot of bloody collision and many screams of fear rang.

The shaking stops, the mountain soon calmed down, but Taishan has long been in chaos. Many people were on the run, it was a very chaotic scene, many of them beaten, panicking, rushed down the Hill.

The nine dragons hundreds of meters long, half of their body quietly lying across the hill, while the other half hanging below the cliff. The black steel had so much force that it shocked the people.

Taishan’s Jade peak is now shattered, the ground having a big crack.

The 20-metre-long bronze coffin is simple and minimalist, there are some obscure old prints, full of the emotions of time. There was a mysterious smell in the circulation.

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