Shrouded 010

Boundless Earth

Inside the dark bronze coffin people gradually quieted down, no one is talking, all full of fear, looking in front, all voices heavy, everyone is very nervous.

The green corroded coffin, what was inside it?

“All of this should be associated with the colored altar on Mount Tai.”

After a long time, they whispered among themselves, they wanted to know what at of this is about.
“It ought to be associated with colored the ancient altar, also the nine dragons corpses as well as the bronze coffin.”

Everything seen is all too incredible, a serious impact on the thinking of everyone. The colored altar was built by the ancient ancestors, we can say it has endless mystery, Yefan thought a lot, the annihilation of ancient history in the end how much was hidden in the dark as a secret?

There were no dangerous things, public mood gradually calmed down, seriously speculating everything before them.
“Perhaps, the Jiu Long coffin is a call from ancestors from the distant past.” After it went out, someone retorted, “The ancient people have died long ago, no knowledge of how many years has passed.”

“In my opinion, the Jiu Long coffin came late, it is a response to the ancients.”

When a female student made such a claim, everyone was stunned, calling from the ancients, the late coffin, this call spanned thousands of years, it was amazing!

“The truth is, we don’t know, everything is just speculation, there are many possibilities.”

“Yes, maybe Jiu Long coffin simply has nothing to do with the ancient people, but their return.”

“Did you see the engraved bronze figures, there are ancient ancestors, old gods, many character carvings had tears, makes people feel sadness and melancholy, like telling a long story.”

“Perhaps that is true, the coffin, Jiu Long, breaking the natural barrier to come back! Tears of the past …”

Could it be that the ancients had unknown methods, to explore unknown places? The nine dragons pulling the coffin, returning to its origin, all dried up, now corpses just to return.
In the conversation, people’s fears have diminished, and began to imagine the possibilities. The central location of the coffin filled them with awe, no one dared to touch, let alone someone opening it.

“Rescue must climb the mountain, maybe they are already near.”

“Hopefully there are no accidents and we can finally get out of here.”

Everyone had no way of escaping the coffin, the lid was sealed.

As they hope to escape as soon as possible, the bronze coffin suddenly became unstable, shaking, many people fell to the ground.
“What’s up, what’s going on?” The people became anxious and doubtful. Some female students began to cry, and held tightly to the people around them.

“Is the rescue finally here, will they finally save us?”

In the coffin everyone filled with fear, the coffin shaked even more, no one could keep standing. Almost everyone fell and came in contact with the ice cold coffin.


Again with the shock, as if a plane on a chilly sky, everything felt waves of ice and trembled.


Finally a big shock, almost like thunder, seemed to shatter all the visible mass, it was obvious the coffin had a big collision.

During this time, the dark copper coffin with those engraved bronze figure gave a little faint light, momentarily unable to counteract the impact.

Everyone was anxious and doubtful, it seem like the world turned upside down, in a split second a breeze blew over, which let people see illusions.

“No, obviously just now there was an impact, why did it suddenly stop?”
“It was not an illusion, the coffin did have an impact, flipped a couple of times, however we have not been affected.”

At this moment the crowd is surprised, the bronze burial coffin hanging on the side walls of the coffin, it was set firmly there and never fell down.

“Bronze coffin being overturned, the burial coffin was cast on the floor. It was difficult to move due to the overturning of the coffin, that is why the burial coffin seemed to be hanging on a wall.”

Just imagine how terrible the impact was, but the coffin gave a faint light, which gave them an incredible feeling.

“Light, there is light coming in!” Li Xiaoman exclaimed.

All together turned toward Li Xiaoman looking ahead and sure enough a little faint light came through.

“The bronze giant coffin overturned, the lid tilted, opening a gap, we can finally get out of danger!”

Bronze coffin deviated from its original position, the gap is enough to make two men out side by side, but it’s dark outside, so the light emitted by the coffin was not obvious.

The cheering crowd rushed forward, they want to get away from this dark and terrible space, didn’t want to stay even for a second.

However, after people rushed out of the bronze coffin, all stood frozen.

The earth looked bloody red, and is reddish-brown, it was cold and dreary, it was an empty void with giant rock everywhere which looked like tombstones.

The dim light between heaven and earth, it was murky, like a lifeless evening with dark mist.

Everyone froze, this can’t possibly be the top of mount Tai.

Landscapes of the reddish-brown earth, secluded and silent, with no signs of life, it is not a place they knew of.

It was never seen, never heard of, it is a completely strange and mysterious place.

“This is..where are we…did we leave Taishan?” The speakers voice was shaky.

“Did the rescue workers isolate us in no mans land, were they afraid of the dragons risk?” The students trying to convince themselves.

Everyone has a bad feeling about this.At this moment, those who had their phones tried to call, but can’t get through, there was no signal.

“This is not Taishan, where are we?” A lot of people gave a look of panic, there was no joy, there was only fear.

After re-emerging from the trapped copper coffin, after a moment, the scene was completely different.The overlooking view of Mount Tai is gone, the front is flat terrain, the covering was a vast gravel desert .

Ye Fan watching it all, his sinking feeling really came true, since seeing the book of changes on Taishan, forming a great dark channel, he had bad assumptions. At that time he didn’t see that the coffin and the dragons channeled to another world, but just by looking, this isn’t on Taishan, not even on earth.

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