Shrouded 011

Light Source

“Where have we come to? I want to go home…” Some girls cried out.

“Is the multicolored altar …” Standing Pangbo and Yefan, the two men looked at each other with one eye, and then shook their heads. When they’re in College, they were best friends, met frequently after graduation, they understand each other the most, and now they both feel good, even with all the unknown things happening.

At this moment, people regained sight of the barren field, anxious and confused of their situation.

Huge bronze coffin overturned in their rear, below the copper coffin is a great colored stone altar, and have seemingly very similar to the giant altar on Mount Tai, five different colors of stones piled together.

The colored altar was huge, when built, probably was considered a huge project. However after many years of sandstorms, it was now almost entirely submerged, now covered by reddish-brown gravel.

Today the nine dragons pulling the coffin arrived,heavily hitting the ground causing an earthquake, revealing the altars general outline. Not only was the huge bronze coffin lying on the altar, the nine giant dragon corpses were sitting at the top, as you can imagine, on top of the altar.

“We …lost our way back.” There was a vulnerable girl crying out loud, staggering, if no one held her, she would have already fell to the ground.

Many people have become pale and at this moment the crowd was thinking of the possibilities, seeing scenes of a strange world. No one wants to accept the facts, but Taishan was missing, empty desert in sight, people were silent.

“Do not panic, fear not, there will be a way out.” Yefan shouted.

“How do we solve this situation, how can we go back, how … out of this strange world?” Some boy’s voice trembled at the moment, full of intense fear and anxiety.

The unknown, it filled a person with fear, but it might give the way out.

Yefan and Pangbo avoided the nine dragons, walking forward looking at their situation.

Li Xiaoman not far away, seemed to be chilly, with folded arms, beautiful looks a little pale, seemingly very quiet, like an elegant lotus in the dark. Yefan took off his shirt and handed it over, but she just said thanks and then shook her head. (TL:Whoa there)

Yefan did not say anything, he didn’t think of it much, putting on the coat and Pangbo continued move forward. Bypassing the giant dragon and bronze coffin, they saw Li Xiaoman’s friend Cade was also observing the situation, uttering the words “my god”.
Not far from the colored altar was a huge rock, it’s slope wasn’t much, it was possible to climb.
Yefan was 179 cm tall, his face looked quiet, but in fact he was very healthy and strong. When he used to play with the football team in school, he was often called a barbarian.

Pangbo body as his name suggests, is indeed boundless, but not obese. He was a big burly man, his arm is as big as a leg.

Both person’s health was very good, in front of the boulder, they run up quickly, no need to carefully climb. Standing on a boulder looking into the distance, he saw little glimmer of light that allowed the two of them to be quite surprised.

“Most of us can’t go back now.” For the best friend, nothing can be said, Yefan spoke out his own speculation and judgment: “Here we are certainly not in the same space and time.”
“We certainly are no from this place.” Pangbo said casually, but never joked about the situation. Looking at the distant light, his forehead cringing, “Are you saying this is the land of the gods?”

Yefan gazing the distant glimmering light, said: “We saw dragon corpses, I think even if a living deity appears in front of us, and I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“Seeing a real god…what a scene that will be.” Pangbo whispers.

There was a noise behind, the full 190 cm height of Cade was also climbing the boulder, after seeing the light that’s far away, immediately let out a scream.

“Praise…good god, I… see the light.” The less fluent Chinese, he said, then turned and waved back, Li Xiaoman shouted at the crowd: “I see it … … The light!” Subsequently, he climbed down from the boulder, rushed to where Li Xiaoman.

After Cade’s shouting, chaos ensued, everyone rushed to see.

Pangbo took a look at Li Xiaoman not far from their position together with CADE, to Yefan: “By the devils, is that Li Xiaoman’s boyfriend?”

“How should I know?”

“You gave up?” Pangbo glancing at Yefan.

“There are some things that even you can start all over again, it is difficult to go back to square one. Even the same road, life can pass twice, and no longer have the original feeling. Those are things of the past, people have to move forward.” Yefan shook his head, then remembered something, smiled and said: “Nevertheless, you are now living a colorful life.”

“I despise you, where is your abundant life?.” Pangbo took a look at Yefan, then at the Li Xiaoman not far, said: “Using a man’s intuition, I think something will happen between the two of you.”

“that lessens my ruined reputation.” Yefan smiled and said: “You have the sixth sense of a woman?”

At this moment. although there was fear, both let a laugh escape. They are not pessimistic people, it was hard for them to keep a frown.

Not long after, a lot of people climbed giant rocks, faint glow like a firefly flashing through darkness, and catches everyone’s eye. That point light is not bright, but it lit up the crowd’s hopes, many female classmates cheered.
A glimmer of light ahead, though still uncertain, but everyone wants to move forward. Perhaps, this is human nature, fear of the dark, look for the light.

“Do not let us down.”

“Hope a miracle will happen.”

They gradually climbed down the rock, came to the multicolored altar to discuss a solution.
“Everything is strange for us here, even though there’s light ahead, be careful as well.” Wang Ziwen cautiously reminded them.
Zhouyi was calm, and nodded: “Yes, send several people to explore, and the light seems not to far anyway, just in case.”

Everyone agrees, unknown route is unpredictable, unfamiliar environment, must be careful about everything.


All of a sudden a rattling sound came, the coffin above the altar vibrated.
“What is happening?”

“I felt the sound come from the inside of the coffin.” The girl closest to the coffin said.
Upon hearing this, they all changed color, remembering inside the giant coffin was a smaller burial brass coffin.

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