Shrouded 015

Bodhi tree

“What wrong?” Pangbo voice was into Yefan’s ears and was shaking his shoulders.

Yefan as if awakening from a dream, where there is Buddha, where there is singing, the temple remains the same, covered with a thick layer of dusts, and others just like unheard.

“Is it really the temple of Da Lei Yin?” He whispered, just now what had seen even though short, but why so real? This made a trance and think about it.

Yefan gaze of the ancient bronze lamp, but there is no longer any special feeling, there are some pattern engrave above it, natural simplicity, bland without any anomalies.

“Futon!” A male student find out an old “futon” from a pile of ashes, many years and failed to erase it.

After a few moment, a female student find out a beads from thick dust, do not damaged in time, there is still a faint sheen.

At the same time, Cade found a half broken “Muyu” in dusts, above it engraved three statues of Buddha, or solemn, or compassion, lifelike.

At the moment, Yefan consider many times, if there really temple of “Da Lei Yin” in legend, then it is a place abandoned by Gods, all unearthed artifacts should be extraordinary!


Wan Ziwen foots like kicking something, a metallic sound vibrato, opens the soil in a corner, it has a broken bell which size like a big slap, the ancient style.

“Dang……” He shook the bell, melodious bell came suddenly, like the song of Buddha, make people calm.

Yefan thought had been interrupt, he looked at the bell, above engraved a cloud veins, has Buddha rhyme.

Pangbo softly muttered, he first step into the temple, but did not find anything, can only say that he had no luck.

Almost the same time, Liu Xiaoman found half jade below the foot of Buddha, wiped off the dusts, the crystal clear jade suddenly release some light.

The temple seems empty, but several people find an objects under dust, other peoples immediately take action to find.

Yefan do not care about those objects, the only thing in temple which is spotless, intact, everlasting imperishable ancient bronze lamp is on his hand, other objects are unable to compared.

“I don’t believe cannot find out anything.” Pangbo mutter.

“You have to look carefully, no matter what objects are to be collected.” Yefan pass the ancient light to Pangbo, let him with the help of bright for searching, although do not know the use of these broken statue, but he knew that if the world really have the Gods, these things will be extraordinary!

Yefan pass the bronze lamp to Pangbo temporarily, while he go out from ancient temple and go forward to the bodhi trees. At this time, he had get rid of original thinking, temporarily believe that God really exists.

Since the ancient temple is temple of “Da Lei Yin”, then how can we miss the bodhi trees beside it, if there is a Buddha, the ancient wood certainly will be extraordinary!

Bodhi tree is a sacred tree of Buddhist, according to the notes of western region of China in Tang dynasty, Buddha said to Ananda that there are three objects should be governed by week, which is the sarire, Buddha and the bodhi tree.

Because Buddha is practice below bodhi tree, so see the bodhi tree like see the Buddha.

In front of this tree very stronger such as vigorous dragon, six or seven people cannot hold up, hollow stem, only a branch fall off the ground and hung with six green leaves, glittering and translucent and shiny, such as green agate.

First regardless of whether the strains of ancient woods relate to Buddha, only based on six pieces of leaves which like jade is enough to show it extraordinary.

Yefan looked at bodhi trees, huge branches almost completely press the top of the temple, if covered with many branches and leaves, it can imagine the scene that blot out the sun.

At this time, Yefan’s heart move, he saw that the six pieces of green leaves had release green light, some of the light go towards the colored altar and most of it in the root.

The green light, shaped like a silk, constantly release from six pieces of leaves, made a person feel the breath of life, there is endless vitality.

Yefan lower his body and clawed the soil below the tree, he want to see whether there is anything below in the end which can condensate the bodhi tree to release green light.

In earth, he do not see miraculous things, only a Rudraksha, no flicker, dark colored, and will misunderstand that it is clod if do not pay attention.

The only special thing is that its size, the ordinary size is like nail cover but this Rudraksha is so large like peach shell.

Yefan very surprised, is the green light had absorbed by it? Observation for a moment, I saw a green light flow down and appeared besides the Rudraksha.

Although not it absorb the essence of bodhi leaf, but almost can confirm that it caused.

Yefan put this in his hand, after carefully observe it, he very surprised, when combined the natural texture in Rudraksha together, it is form in a compassionate Buddha!

This is due to the combination of natural texture but seems to be carefully carved in the above.

Grey and dark of Buddha picture, simple and natural, seems like a music through out.

“The Buddha picture, is it two thousand five hundred years ago, Shakya Murni really failed to sermon due to bodhi tree?”

The bodhi tree has another name, that is the tree of wisdom, the tree of consciousness, thinking tree, based on the legend, it can open the divinity of man.

Yefan raised this Rudraksha over his head towards the above six green leaf, the green light flow very faster, the vibrant atmosphere increasingly stronger, all concentrated to Rudraksha. Of course the sinaroma still disappear from third inch of Rudraksha.


A light sound came, a Rudraksha release last green light and then smash into fly ash, falling down.

From this situation, Yefan believe that even Rudraksha seems to be very general but very uncommon, so will treasure up.

This time he saw a lot of powder in a ground, same with the bodhi leaf which became fly ash, is it all the leaf of bodhi tree are disappear like that? It made Yefan quite surprised.

The Rudraksha and Buddha picture, let him feel no trivial matter, he feel that the ancient bronze lamp is more important!

Bodhi trees still have five leaves, but does not seems like crystal very clear, dim a lot, the Rudraksha not harvest yet, so only pick one Rudraksha is enough, he didn’t want to eye-catching.

At this time, no one came out from the temple of “Da Lei Yin”. Yefan left and return to temple.

At the moment, there are seven or eight people find out different types of Buddhist artifacts between each of them. Liu Yunzhi unexpectedly found the half of golden bar, although buried in the dust don’t know for how many years, but now are excavated, it still shining, but it give people a heavy compact, if not the end breakage, it will be perfect and powerful masterpiece.

This copper which like a wand has a very great pomp name, Vajra copper, has a indirect meaning of “destroy the enemy’s”, symbolizing the invincible and holy Buddha name, it is hold by the holy one.

If the world really had a existence of Buddha, the Vajra copper undoubtly is a relic, there will be remarkable heterogeneous scene, even though have special power, it is not surprising. But right now I don’t see the marvelous part.

Liu Yunzhi waved, the half Vajra copper like golden lightning, very shining and very imposing.

“You say, if these objects are held by the Gods, if let us know how to use it, there will be a lot of earth shattering scene…”

After listen to Liu Yunzhi, all the people who found the Buddha artifacts be fascinated.

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