Shrouded 016

Like Gods come

In addition to the Vajra copper, other people found the damaged incense burner, ruler, bells, fish drum and others.

One of the people who had be sympathetic by Yefan, the girls who look drawn at the party had found a special object. It is a string of beads, only six pieces, like a crystal, a pale gold, shining like crystal, each pieces very big like longan.

“This is not made by Rudraksha?” The person said uncertainly.

The six star beads all are pale gold, very beautiful like a jewel, easy to let a person think that it is a Rudraksha left by Buddha after passed away, after all it is exist in a “Dai Lei Yin” temple and it materials never simple.

This string of beads is not generally, is found by female students inadvertently from the head of the statue of Buddha. The six beads are put together by a transparent thread, each of piece has a fuzzy human figure with different gestures.

This is the third intact artifacts following the Yefan copper lamp, alms bowl found by Zhou Yi, of course, the copper lamp is most noticeable, after all, this is the only one ancient lights which do not contaminate by dusts, everlasting imperishable, anyone can see it extraordinary.

Temple has various ray of hot light from time to time pointing to the copper lamp, although Yefan induction to, but he did not said anything, he is very calm to face all this.

The “Dai Lei Yin” temple has been searched, no other artifacts, all out.

Pangbo is the most depressed, there have been a dozen of people find antiquity objects, he is the first enter into the temple, but until now still find nothing.

He stand in front of the temple and relooked the temple, Pangbo’s eyes lit up, he walk back, moved a few blocks of stone pad at the foot, he take off the copper plaque which engraved by “Dai Lei Yin Shi”, suddenly let the people in the present stunned.

Subsequently all the people aware that, this copper plaque certainly out of the ordinary, experience the test of time, did not leave any dust above it and very clean. It need to know that all of the objects in the temple, just only left the ancient bronze lamps so obviously be spotlessly clean, the copper plaque also like that, it show out it extraordinary.

“It’s really heavy……” Pangbo dragging copper plaque and came back, he just left the temple, the entire temple will shake up, the statue of Buddha stone suddenly cracked, a “crunched” sound.

Then, the Buddhist six words sounded: “hum, ma, ni, pai, me, hum……”

The scripture of the Buddha resounded through the sky, shook the sky, the whole world quiver!

Compassion, solemn, sublime, mysterious scripture very huge, purged all the dirt, purged the world, around the temple are immerse in a holy and peaceful light.

This time is not an illusion, not only Yefan and Pangbo heard, all the others are such as craved wood, shocked until cannot said anything.

At the same time, all the objects had found in the Buddha Hall, whether it is good or broken, all release a gentle light, shining, let every person scared endless.

But, in the end, a loud sound of “boom”, the statue of Buddha stone in a temple crushing, become fly ash, then “Dai Lei Yin” temple also become crushing.


At the same time, the bodhi tree beside the temple also collapse, no wood, no litter, just left fly ash falling down.

Next, all the statue in the hands of collector all dim down, become to ordinary.

All of people stunned, don’t know why this will happens, is it due to we take the artifacts in a temple, take off the copper plaque?

Temple only left a fly ash, nothing leave, Yefan stare for a moment and said: “take away all the Buddha artifacts, take off the plaque of temple, let the “Dai Lei Yin” Temple which already abandoned lost it existence significance, maybe that’s why it scattered with wind.”

Zhou Yi usually very gentle, at the moment he is very excited and said: “now I become more firmly, the world really have the gods, perhaps can forward based on the footprints they left, today what had been suffered by us may be a great opportunity.”

God, Buddha, immortal…… These absurd legends are now being told, no one would think that it is too absurd, these facts indicate that many of the common sense can be subversive, God is not absolutely not exist.

“Forward based on the footprints left by Gods…… Easy to say, but I don’t see any hope.” Pangbo glance at Zhou Yi, said: “at the moment the most important thing is to think a way to live, the desert do not see any village or shop, no water, no food, after seven or eight hours, the situation may be become extremely bad.”

“Based on various sign it indicate that the planet is likely to be Mars, and we all know that there is no environment for living on Mars.” Li Xiaoman very elegant, after a series of events, she became more calm, continued: “if God exists, then maybe we can explain all of this, here is just a narrow strip of land on Mars.”

When after she talked, the red brown earth suddenly heard some rumbling sound, the emptiness of the land were shaken up, like an army running, and like seas in the rough.

“Sandstorm…… On Mars, the big storm!” Cade beside Li Xiaoman look pale, with Chinese language which not fluent cried out.

Every year, the Mars had quarter time enveloped in the sand, the big typhoon in earth per second more than 60 meters, while the storm on Mars is as high as 1.8 meters per second, and a great storm can across the planet.

Don’t say only a man, the heavy tank also can be rolled up to sky!

Only for a moment, all the stars over the sky disappeared, endless red brown dust thoroughly covered the sky, a storm sweep the whole Mars had started.

“But , we do not have any storm here……”

When many people are terrified, and think that disaster will reach, but at the moment there is storm in distant, but near is very quiet.

With the colored altar and “Dai Lei Yin” temple as the axis, forming a diameter which more than 1000 meters of the hazy round layer, it cover the sky in this area and isolate here with the outside.

What had said by Li Xiaoman had become true, here really is a narrow strip of land, has natural force blocking the storm, indirectly prove that the gods really exist, here is the gods asylum.

“Oh no, the light layer is become dim, it gonna be disappear!” A woman’s face become pale when looked up at the sky.

The light layer in the sky gradually dim, it maybe not for a long time it will disappear. See this behind the scenes all change, death is so close, no one can be in a calm mood.

“How to do, don’t we…… Is it really going to die here?” Some people’s words are trembling.

“I don’t want to die……” Some female students cry out loudly.

“If the layer disappeared, we will be crushed by storm!” Even though the male students also feel very fear, this piece of pure land on Mars will not exist, there is no living space.


Storm is like a thunder in the roaring, the whole land seem to be vibrated, the heaven and earth become misty, everywhere full of sand, fear is spreading.

The eyes of Yefan still pure, looked at the sandstorms, calmly said: “today, perhaps only one ways to escape.”

“We can escape? Tell me what the method!”

“This piece of pure land will not exist, there is still a place to live?!”

At the juncture of life and death, all very anxious, many of them are out of the way.

“Walk along based on the road which had walked by the gods, leaving this place which cannot living.” Yefan said.

Immediately some people have understand the idea of Yefan, but there are still many people do not understand.

“Well, this is perhaps the only way out.” Zhou Yi nodded and agreed.

In accordance with the reference by Yefan, in the past, there is a sky road created by the gods, which can come from earth to Mars, but here may be is not the ultimate destination.

Mars has a colored altar, which likely to be connected to more distant stars, this is a road once traversed by Gods, now they had been cornered, only along this road and move on, leave the Mars and there will be a hope to survive.

At this time, all the people understand and rushed to the altar.

Although it is only one kilometer distance, but they feel like very far away seems need to across the ocean, the distance related to their life and death, if do not arrive the colored altar before the sky layer is broken, all people are sure will die.

Larger ruined temple and rubble everywhere, this is a difficult journey, due to they walk very fast, some people sprained ankle, but they not dare to stay a while, endure pain, continue walk, unwilling to lag behind.

Even had arrived colored altar safely, whether can open the road of sky, it is still unknown, this is a huge shadow in the public’s heart, we need to know that everything in Tai mountain all is passive. But there is no choice, there is only ways for life-saving, now only to get there and then think the ways.

“Ah……” A female classmate when running in the rubble, suddenly heard a scream, “thump” sound and fall into the dust, and can’t move.

Her face full of panic and horror, there is a hole in her forehead, blood gurgling, she look like had see the extremely terrified things before her died.

“What’s the matter?!” They feel a creepy, full of fear, a life died suddenly, just now still with us today, but now it has left forever, it is so sudden and strange.

“Don’t get close to her!” Yefan restrained two male students who want to close her, he remembered the white skull when in the way, which also has bone hole in the middle of the forehead with size like a finger, the same way of die. His heart has a bad feeling.

“We have offend the “Dai Lei Yin temple, this is not…… This is the punishment of gods.” A female classmate trembling voice, her heart was filled with fear.

“Even if there is God, the Buddha is kind.” Zhouyi interrupt her words to avoid panic spread and said: “at the moment we do not have a way to bring her away, only can let her rest here, now must hurry go back to the colored altar.”

No one is hesitant, now is in the juncture of life and death, we cannot care about the corpse of female students.

“Dang……” Suddenly, the sound of bell melodious, sound very vast, solemn, like a large bell in shock.

Extremely bright gold light appear from Wang Ziwen, his whole body covered in the glow golden light, like wearing a thick layer of golden armor, extremely dazzling, like a golden fire in combustion.

The broken bell in hands of Wang Ziwen is gently shaken and huge sound is release from it, and the bright golden light also come from it.

“What was happened?” Liu Yunzhi very close to him, he nervous asked.

“Just something hit me……” Every time Wang Ziwen is very gentle. But now he covered by golden flame, like wearing golden armor, very impressive, just as the Gods coming.

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