Shrouded 018


Yefan left hand hold the ancient bronze lamp, two steps back, his right hand, “bang” sound and grabbed the collar of male students, almost lift he off the ground.

The Pangbo besides him after react he was angry and shouted: “you this cruel and unscrupulous person, you really ungrateful like the wolf! Did you forget who share the bronze lamp with you, protect your life and have been brought you to here?”

Pang Bo out of a pair of big hands, grabbed the collar of the boy, directly want to throw him to the outside of the colored altar, now this scene really made him angry.

“Cough……” The man’s face was pale, and when he was caught by Yefan, he began to struggle, but it was hard to escape from Yefan. At this moment, his neck was stuck by Pangbo, almost cannot breathe.

Next to other people look different, some people already in mind restless, but did not think that there are people really begin and the target is Yefan who have the grace to him.

“You this unfamiliar wolves still have no conscience? If not Yefan save you, you were dead at the outside!” Pangbo thought about it and very angry, he is a mild mannered fellow, think that only throw him outside the colored altar is not enough, raised his right hand “crackling”, there is four or five big slap in the face.

The male student at the back persuade: “All of you are four years classmates, don’t do this, Pangbo quickly let him go!”

Pang Bo inclined his one eye, said: “you want me let him go and let go? Did you just now didn’t see he wants to kill Yefan, if not due to the quick response by YeFan, he has already been pushed out of the colored altar, fall into the storm, so this bastard can let it go? “

“We come from a same place, so we should help each others, talk calmly, let him go.” There is another male student approached persuasion.

Pang Bo see very clearly, this man is just now stand together Liu Yunzhi, even though at this moment they have separated, but they must be relationship with the advance and retreat. In addition, the male students who had been grabbed by him just now also with them together, although there is no evidence that showing they are co-conspirators, but Pangbo do not care anything, when he think that it is in the heart, no matter there is evidence or not, he will remember the male student.

“You say very easy, if someone wants to kill you, can you be calm, or let try I put you out of colored altar!” Pangbo very angry, “crackling” and grant him again several slap in the face.

“Do not make a life, there is something to say, first put him down, we discuss how to dispose of him.” A female classmate also opened chimed glanced at Liu Yunzhi.

And in this process, Liu Yuazhi has been very calm, neither come forward to persuade, not verbally express an opinion, as is has nothing to do with, watch the development of situation.

Yefan look at the facial expression of all the people, see that Liu Yunzhi cannot do anything, then stop the Pangbo, said: “let him go.”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

“Right, first let him go, there is no problem which cannot be resolved among the students , do not be too stiff.”

Just now the two male students and the female students all persuade, at the same time other people see Yefan started to talk, they also follow the persuasion.

“Too stiff…… Do you think now is not exceed it boundary yet?” Pangbo watch to the male students who with the advance and retreat with Liu Yunzhi, said: “he nearly killed the Yefan, you actually help to exculpate him.”

But Pang Bo also did not continue to quarrel, seeing Yefan hint, he eventually release the hand.

But anyone did not think that, Pang Bo release his hand, YeFan himself did not let go, one hand tugging at the other side of the collar, almost directly lift him up, a few steps came to the edge of the colored altar and seems to be to throw the male classmate.

Everyone stay, no one would think that Yefan will do like that. At the same time, they were amazed to the strength of Yefan’s hand, had remembered that at the shade field of school he had be called with the nickname of barbarians. YeFan l seemingly gentle and quiet, but his body is very strong, bigger strength like pulling chicks, a hand can lift up the male classmates to the edge of colored altar.

“Before this, I saved your life, why do you want to kill me?” Yefan press him on the edge of the altar with one hand, ready to be pushed him, and the distance with the hazy light only half feet.

The male student very scared, shouted: “don’t push me, I am a cruel and unscrupulous person, don’t know which good and bad, let me go, I won’t do it again…”

Yefan smiled, revealing a white teeth, is very splendid, said: “There is motivation no matter what the people, you don’t say is? I really don’t want to see you has rolled up by storm to the sky……” Then, he pressed down the students toward the altar with one hand, push towards the colored altar.

“Help!” The boys really frightened, he cry up loudly, said: “let me go, I said, anything I will say……”

As a people in modern city, where experienced this kind of weaponry, the male students collapse on the spot, close to the storm, his face pale, do not has blood on his face.

“That’s not good, Yefan let him go. It’s too dangerous.”

“That right, everything can be discuss, cannot be so regardless of the friendship between the students, it is not good to make a life.”

It is still just a few students verbally persuaded, they have slowly walked over.


Pang Bo put the copper plaque of “Dai Lei Yin” Temple on the ground, staring at them, suddenly made that several people stop the pace.

Yefan looked back and smiled, said, “nothing, he is willing to tell me why, I also want to listen to what I do is not good, I will not become not happy with them, you can rest assured that.”

When he come back to, look at the boys who had pressed in the edge of the altar, his eyes suddenly fierce up, if the other side does not want to say anything directly pushed him out of the altar, which is information transfer by Yefan’s eyes.

“I…… I have not received anything in temple, no objects of Gods, has crisis feelings, so…… Just move greed, really be as cruel as a wolf!” Then he began to slap his mouth.

Yefan said nothing, took him directly outward disembarking, half of the body suddenly vacant, almost touch to the layer of dark light.

“Not…… Help!” The male student panic and shout, said: “is Li Changqing…… He gave me the idea!”
Yefan pull him back, facing spineless person, he didn’t put in the heart, this person do not amount to anything, not a threat. If really as push him out of the colors of the altar, I am afraid that other students will feel very bad about him, after all, a classmate, do like that will made the loss outweigh the gain.
Yefan very naturally take over the bottle of mineral water in his body, then patted his shoulder, said: “we are four years classmates, and suffered the misfortune together, we need to support each other.”

“Certain…… Be sure!” This male students had restore freedom, the body is still trembling, trembling fell back.

This time, Pangbo had anger, carrying the bronze plaque rushed up, hit on the student named Li Changqing.


Pangbo tall and strong, great strength, and the plaque waving on the spot, cause the man falling down..

“No wonder you continue to stop it, it is you in the back!” Pangbo put the plaque on the other side of the body, said: “even the four years you are out of your classmates, there is no humanity?” He was very angry, Li Changqing is stand together with Liu Yunzhi not for a long time, but also one of the people who have just continued to persuade.

Yefan walked over, very naturally take over the bottle of water in body of Li Changqing, and give to Pangbo.

He took a second bottle of water, everyone’s face show out an bad look, if not escape from Mars quickly, I am afraid that another few hours, water for all will be the most precious thing.

Yefan feeling sorry, can’t pulled out the Liu Yunzhi, even though he knew it was him, but there is no evidence, not now when everyone’s face with his estranged.

Li Changqing hard mouth, even though Pangbo had severely scolded, nothing is recognized, saying only that his mind heat, should not disorderly speak, resulting in the students to give birth to a heart coveted, attack the YeFan.

Pang Bo would like to directly threw him out of colors of altar, but concerns to the feelings of others, can only endure a fury, and no to do that. But he felt that this seemingly peaceful relations very difficult to maintain very long, if there is any crisis, I’m afraid the former classmate friendship and the face will be torn fragmented, because now the hearts of some people began restless.

Yefan not angry, smile to Li Changqing, said: “sometimes human very complex, somethings might not decide by ourself. But the best is still to some of the self, not to be dupes.”

Says until here he stooped down, calmly grasp the waist of Li Changqing, the goal is to take the broken fish drum, it is antiquities found by Li Changqing in “Da Lei Yin” temple.

“What are you going to do?” Li Changqing fierce struggle, just now had beat by Pang Bo without discoloration, but at the moment he is panic, cover the fish drum in the waist, but his upper body was still press by copper plaque of Pangbo, it is cannot be prevented.


Suddenly, the fish drum in body of Li Changqing release a sound like thunder, flashes of blue light emitted, like flashes of lightning dancing.

Like the drum of the Gods of thunder, buzzing fibrillation, and then more huge thunder sound, violet light coiled immediately cover the Li Changqing.

Where the bright brilliance, like a purple giant cocoon, bloom dazzling glory, made the colors of the altar very bright.

The people around it were surprised, feeling the ears are buzzing, a few people even stand unstable, almost fell on the ground.

At the same time, the copper plaque in the hands of Pangbo release thousands of light, and is accompanied by the rumbling of thunder, the words “Da Lei Yin Shi” show at the sky, bursts of misty singing sounded.

Buddha said, such as the sound of thunder!

The copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin” temple had release brilliant ray and immediately suppress the purple giant cocoon, the sound of fish drum almost disappeared.

At the same time, the ancient bronze lamp in hands of Yefan shining under the little soft light, instantly he body enveloped, and a layer of holy and uniform light covered his body, he is wearing a sacred body armor.

Light is not harsh, very dim and soft, but let all raise a awe of the heart, as if a statue of gods stood there, the holy light really like the gods vests, let Yefan seems like dust free from vulgarity.

The fish drum was suppressed on the spot, purple glory introverted, giant cocoon disappeared, broken fish drum dim and dark, attributed to ordinary. Yefan calmly and unhurriedly, stretch hand and get in in hand, nothing can stop, he now like a statue of living gods, ancient bronze lamps flickering out little glory, he acts as a foil to the more dust.

At this time, not far from Liu Yunzhi, a female students who had been persuade Yefan and Pangbo, not far from the name Bo, holding a broken bells came and said: “Yefan, it’s some over you do like that!”

Immediately after that, another male students also come up, said: “we should be harmonious, should not be so opposite things had past, you should not be too refuse.”

Since this two men helped Liu Yunzhi and Li Changqing from the start, their stance already obvious, at the moment they stand up obviously do not want to let YeFan get one more artifacts of Gods.

At this time, Liu Yunzhi who always stayed out of the fray, hand held the Vajra copper come here, said: “Yefan, where things had past, just left it, even just now is his fault, but you cannot punish him like that, doing so is equal to deprived of his life.”

Contrary to YeFan expectations, there has been no comment, irresponsible attitude of Zhou Yi, one hand holding the Zijin alms bowl came up, advised: “YeFan you should not take off his fish drum, you already have copper lamp, one more piece of objects are useless, and if he lose the fish drum, is likely to be kill by that horrible unknown things.”

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