Shrouded 019


“Just now the situation you also see, how exactly is everybody know in the heart.” Yefan left hand holding the ancient bronze lamp, right hand holding the broken fish drum, there is no retreat; on the contrary, despite a few people walked forward several steps, said:” now I already took over the fish drum, it is impossible to give back to him. ”

Ancient bronze lamp shining glory brilliant as the sun, like bright moon, and also such as the sacred rainbow light, crystal, completely consistent with Yefan, both are like naturally become one, let him looks otherworldly, like wearing a coat of immortal.

And fish drum holding in his right hand in spite of the damaged and has now lost its luster, but just now all the people saw the pomp like Thor, vertical and horizontal viologen, bursts of thunder, now also held by Ye Fan, really make people fear.
“Li Changqing shouldn’t really disorderly speak, lead to heart coveted in his life, so unpleasant things, but Yefan is really too much where you take over his object of protect the life.” Liu Yunzhi came near, the Vajra copper shiny, give people a concise feeling, very imposing.

In his side there is a man and a woman, since the beginning they has been stop Pangbo, help Li Changqing speak, at the moment are follow the Liu Yunzhi.

“Ye Fan, I know you are very angry, any one if happen these things, will be angry, but we should be more tolerant.” The female students speak very calm, like standing on the side of the truth, without to, like is a pair of impartial attitude, said: “in this situation, deprived of his life insurance things, as we all know what it means, you can’t do it excessively.”

A shabby bells on her finger tip, like cover by dust for many years, dark and dull, although looks ordinary, but had attract the attention of people. When she was talking, the slender fingers had no consciousness of the movement, and occasionally one or two bells rang.
The male student at the side of Liu Yunzhi also said: “we should all have a forgiving heart. You knowing each other for four years, and at the same time encountered this events today, should be in the same boat, support each other. Unpleasant things just let it go, don’t pester, YeFan please give back the fish drum which protect him life, you don’t want to helplessly looking at he lost his life.”

He lowered his right hand, there is a rusting of incense, but the size like a slap, some incomplete, part of the furnace wall fragments, but it is natural simplicity.
Three people stand together and also harvest something in “Da Lei Yin” temple harvest, each holding a gods abandoned objects, at the moment, they speak appear naturally had a weight.

“Bang “

Pang Bo stride forward, and then set the copper plaque from “Da Lei Yin” temple standing on the ground, said: “it is said very nice than singing, I found that you all confuse right and wrong skill is very profound. First of all you need to understand what had happened just now, then should know that people should be upright to good! Clearly is Li Changqing and other want to kill Yefan, how to become Ye Fan is stingy, this is what the truth, how can at the end Yefan was wrong? Someone to kill him, Yefan bring away his things, what’s wrong? According to what you said, Yefan is turned into a villain, and Li Changqing seems like no fault, don’t be fake, uphold justice, and let me see the nausea! “

At the moment, the light on the body of Pangbo still not dissipated, above the copper plaque “Da Lei Yin Temple” four archaic release a rays, a Buddha said, thundering sound, there is misty singing release out, he like a blazing sun, very imposing.

This speech, immediately let the face of a man and a woman who just talk become very not good-looking.
“We haven’t said Yefan wrong, just want to let Yefan remembered classmate friendship, don’t take over the fish drum of Li Changqing, let him protect his life to live.”

Is evasive, not to mention Yefan almost being push out of the colors of the altar, swept away by the storm, emphasizes on Yefan acts do equal to kill the life of student.

YeFan hear them finish their talk and smile, said: “in fact, three of you no need worry, I don’t want to haggle with him.”
He whole body surround by glory, bring to hazy feeling, spotlessly clean around, let all people feel the quiet and peaceful.

“But I must correct, it is Li Changqing and other almost made me desperately. Instead you always hang in the mouth said I take his life. The events everybody is obvious seen it.” YeFan look at Liu Yunzhi and the other two person,said: “there are a lot of students do not found anything in “Da Lei Yin” temple, but still survived, why? This is because not long ago we shared the artifacts of God. I take over the fish drum of Li Changqing, just don’t want to let him do evil things, he can instigate people to grab my stuff, the same he also can be such a mind to other people. His safety, several can be assured, everyone are classmate can shared the artifacts in hands, support each other, can be completely safe. Of course, if several unwilling to share his hand’s bells, incense, Vajra, then let him follow me, I never will not mindful of classmate friendship. “
Firstly, Yefanpoint out of the root cause of event, straight to the point. Then mentioned shared the gods artifacts, although did not say anything. But the public can remember that not long ago it is his proposal, let many people escaped. Then again,slap the Liu Yunzhi and the two students, let the people have nothing to say.

Zhou Yi is standing in the front, at the beginning he disagree take off the fish drum, in this process has been listening quietly, no not give any comment, until then spoke again, said: “Li Changqing, is really wrong, but, how to solve it it is not too much. But Yefan you hold two gods artifacts is some waste it, need to know the many students in present even a substandard goods also do not have. “

Zhouyi home must has a certain background, but he never let a person feel arrogant, has been very gentle and easy-going, he now point out the problem, immediately let the Pang Bo besides him frowned, but there is no way to refute anything.
“I even willing to share the ancient bronze lamps with all people, now take the fish drum and consider things naturally have to start from here.” Yefan smiled and waved to a male student behind him, said: ” give you Zhang Ziling, if there is a risk, be sure to remember to share with the people next to.”

The student name Zhang Ziling had been standing behind the Yefan and Pangbo, that year kicked out football and cultivate feelings, more close compared to general students, although just now he do no act like Pangbo, but apparently he also standing on the side of the Yefan.
The decision of Yefan is very suddenly, Zhou Yi mouth moved, but nothing said.

Liu Yunzhi was frowned, the female classmate on his side immediately and vocally opposed, said: “male students in the presence most of them are found something in the “Da Lei Yin” temple, relatively speaking, female students who get the artifact are few. I think it should be give one to a girl.” And she looked at a girl behind her.

Pang Bo peep out irony, said: “students still what each other, who hands holding the artifacts also need to share it with others, pay to whom is not the same. Wouldn’t you like to help other people?”
Selective ignored, focuses on the outstanding offensive things, Pangbo deal with a man in the way he deals with you, immediately make that female students fury, her face pale, said: “don’t you misinterpreted what I mean!”

Zhang Ziling approached naturally, took the fish drum pass by Ye Fan, two people do not say anything, everything is not in words.

Yefan directly ignore Liu Yunzhi, do not see him, asked Zhou Yi: “what do you think?”

“I have no opinion, we are now in distress, should help each other, hope it doesn’t happen again unpleasant things.” Zhou Yi said these words very calmly, and then he said nothing.

Other students around it see everything in the eyes, have realize that just kind of delicate situation, although seemingly calm, but had few times cannot facing; but all this things have resolve by Yefan.

Let a person remember that time when Yefan is a student, that time is so, when need to be peaceful, he is easy-going and indifferent, never make any trouble, but also not afraid of things come to the door.

Pangbo hold the copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin” temple, look at Liu Yunzhi and several people in front of, said: “Yefan do not care about people who harm themselves, but there is something that I have to say, what people are doing the Gods are watching. Now I think cannot deny the existence of Gods, people still have to righteousness as well, not to do those bad things!”

This equal to slap the face of few people, but let the people have nothing to say, because he stood on this side of “truth”.
Liu Yunzhi without any awkward expression, just nodded, said: “said very well, we must avoid the occurrence of this kind of thing in the future.”

Lin Jia and Wang Ziwen standing in the back, two people are at a neutral stance, just now did not give any comments, now has to speak.
“To avoid any unhappy events, I think we should has a good discussion on it.”

“Now it should be determined, the people who get something in “Da Lei Yin temple” how to help the others., everyone should help a few people.”

And Li Xiaoman did not say anything, she looked at Yefan which at not far from here, looked at him calmly solve all this, in the eyes is very dull, do not said anything, did not help any one party.

Cade besides him only had general understanding of Chinese, until now he fully understand what is happening, the foreigner secretly breathless.


Suddenly, the loud sound of fragmentation came, all surprised, the screen protect the colors of altar unexpectedly was punctured, something drilled in. All the people look at that direction.

A ray of light nearer, “puff” sound ripped through the forehead and blood spattering, the eyes of male classmates open to greatly, look up to the sky and fell to the ground, never whisper.

If not because of the screen, this terrible thing is soundless and stirless, all people cannot know that a light had coming. Think of a few people which was killed in the night, all people very fear, the light hidden in the darkness, could not be found.

The appearance of black light, equal to declaration of death came again!

The waves of panic sounded, the altar very messy, people who do not had artifacts of Gods crazy pounced on Liu Yunzhi, Zhou Yi, Wang Ziwen and others, catch their hands and not willing to let go, sharing the Buddha artifacts.

“Roar……” Suddenly, storm passed a creepy sound, earth shattering, thunderous sandstorms are cover down by it.

“Is Da Lei Yin temple……”

At this moment, many people face are pale, they know the place where the voice come from, there is “Da Lei Yin” temple!
“The Da Lei Yin temple has been destroyed, did it crackdown anything?”
Pangbo this talk, suddenly let many people feel numb, bursts of horror.

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