Shrouded 020

Crocodile progenitor

“Da Lei Yin” temple direction came a loud creepy roar, like a head of ancient prehistoric monster cracked earth, break the seal, roar shake the mountains and rivers, shake the stars and the moon. Let people have a feels of trembling from the soul.

But then again it completely calm, the terrorist roaring attributed to calm, colored altar only left a rumbling sound of sandstorm.

“What is that?”

“Is there any other living things on Mars?”

“In the legend, the Buddha had supressed many demons and ghosts, maybe the sealed land in the vicinity of Da Lei Yin temple.”

Just talk a few words, they would have felt shudder with fear, as a people in modern metropolis, never believe these tales ever. Today has experience all kinds of incredible things, now began to think more terrible legend, all people’s hearts are filled with dreadful foaming billows.

If the conjecture is true, then their situation will be extremely worrying, “Da Lei Yin” temple has been wiped out, there is no Buddha, no gods, if they face the demons in that myths and legends alone, fate can be imagined.

“Today, for us, the idea is constantly being hit, it is hard to bear……”

“The mythical demons and ghosts, may be living in front of us!”

Think of things that possibly will happen, everyone feeling chill, the whole body very cold.

Endless possibility, unknown destiny, let people fear and worry!

But this moment in the sight of the people, still laying on a cold body, the blood in the ground, the smell of blood in the incense. Remind everyone that the situation has been very bad, the unknown thing appear again, took a fresh life in the eyes of the people.


The head of the body came out unknown voice, immediately let the people in the present had a lot of tension.


Like eating and chewing sounds, it sounds very uncomfortable, after all, it is a human skull, unknown biological seems like eating, make a lot of people’s hair in the presence are inverted vertical up.


A grinding sound raise up, like a sharp teeth in cutting the skull, the atmosphere suddenly a burst of tension and depression.

No one to speak, colored altar suddenly quiet down, many people not dare to breathe, static to poles, filled with a breath of the thriller.

This is a kind of suffering, eating sound, skull crunching sound, these two sounds combine, like hell cry song, tortured mind.

A lot of girls covering their own mouth, did not dare to cry out, this parade let them near collapse.

Of course not all people fear, people who hold the artifacts of God remains somewhat emboldened. Pangbo has always been very vigorous, at this moment feel very depressed, want to come forward with copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin” temple, hit the skull.

Ye Fan stopped him, and said: “don’t act rashly and blindly.”


At this time, that blood hole on the forehead of the body in a pool of blood emerge a stream of blood, and a white liquid, a lot of people feel a wave of nausea, was actually the brains flow out.

Then, the blood hole on the head out of a black head like awl, small and sharp, covered with scales.

“What is that?”

All the people can’t help but to step back, even if Yefan and Pangbo also stepped back for few steps.

It is a strange creatures shape like an alligator, drill out from the blood hole of the body, the body not only was stained with blood, and also white brains, look it let people scalp numb.

It not longer than 10 cm, only thick like fingers, like a snake and not a snake, resembling a crocodile, but no legs, belly bare and covered with black scales, like evil from underworld.
Blood and brains contamination in its black scales, shocking, let the hearts of many people are extremely uncomfortable, cause a cold fear.

The unknown creatures drill out from the blood hole, climb on the cadaver’s head, a pair of small eyes through a very chilly cold long grass, silently stare at all people, like high wisdom of life, rather than a low life.

Seven students, four years students, a few life, leave forever, was due to such a very ugly creature.

It look extremely vicious, like wraith coldly glance at others, it’s like looking at its own food.

“You this things, killed our seven classmates, I killed you!” Pangbo picked up the plaque of “Da Lei Yin” temple, violently whirl forward, hit on the cold-blooded unknown biological.

The thunder sound, the light into the sky, copper plaque brightly, the electricity goes on and on, vertical and horizontal flying interwoven into a piece of dragnet.


But the unknown creatures are very swift, it seems know how powerful it, formation a light thrust, to evade the gorgeous light.

Yefan hold the ancient bronze lamp, he blow against the wick, a blazing flame suddenly spewing out and forward surge to.

The ferocious creatures thick like fingers, ten centimeters long squeaked out shrill cries. It sound very huge, just like a ghost in the roar, make the people ears buzzing, the back very cold.

It is difficult to imagine that small scales body make so huge and terrible voice.

Yefan blow the wick, the flame flutter out for three meters, but did not really engulf the unknown biological, just slightly wiping out its tail, cause its scales off on the spot, half of burnt tail truncation down.

It malicious stare at Yefan, such as human beings with the expression, ferocious and matchless, opened his mouth reveal dense teeth, snowy white and shining , roar to Yefan.

“What the hell is this?” Many students in the back very fear, even though holding artifacts of Gods, they also not dare to forward.

“You this kind of things, look so vicious, I want to break you.” Pangbo unafraid, very vigorous, he take the copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin” temple and rush forward, said: “You killed our seven students, now you just broke your tail, you go to die!”

Pangbo enveloped by dazzling light emit from copper plaque, like a statue of the wars of God, copper plaque vibrate, Buddha songs release rumbling sound.

On the other side, Yefan is surround the creature which only left half the body, the flame in the lamp like a dragon release out, the hot temperature make the air like burnt.

At this time, Zhouyi, Wang Ziwen and others also rushed in and raised their gods artifacts, hit the creatures which like crocodile.

Although being surrounded, but this organism is too fast, like a black lightning, have been through the colors of the altar, all people is very difficult to touch it.

The shrill cry came, the ferocious and fearsome creatures were chased by all, seemed infinitely hatred and anger, cry unceasingly, like ghosts in cries.

A sound penetrating the screen came, several ugly creatures resembling crocodile successfully punctured the layer and drill in, all only ten centimeters long, same with the first, their eyes like the devil like very cold, like sworn enemies, matchless stare at all the people.

“Why are so much?”

“What the hell is this creature, Mars is their home?”

All of people produces a sense of powerlessness, they are not gods, do not know how to use the artifacts, only can rely on the light released from artifacts of gods to stop the situation, but now there are so many ferocious creatures, surely cannot be eliminated completely.

This time, the “rustling” sound came, outside the layer dense, appear hundreds of monsters like crocodile.
Behind the Yefan, those who do not help and no courage has been shaking up, if so many evil things rushed in, in spite of Gods’ artifacts, it is not able to stop it!

“Pangbo don’t chase, we get together.” Yefan shouted to Pangbo.

Now so many ferocious evil things, cannot kill it all, now the best strategy is to defence, just wait for the colors of the altar to accumulate enough energy to open sky road..


Suddenly, a huge roar which make people trembling again coming from the direction of “Da Lei Yin” temple!
With the sound of a breathtaking roar, the sandstorm in the outside seemed to be stop, this is because the world do not has other voice, only the roaring of beast.

The ground shuddered, colored altar are jolt, the storm in the outside was completely down.

“The Da Lei Yin temple… Is the nest * * *!” Some people said with a trembling.

Everyone looked toward the outside of the layer, more and more frightening creature to gather, range is from direction of Da Lei Yin temple, everywhere is black scales, dense, fully tens of thousands.


Suddenly, people feel the earth is violent shaking, then kilometers away suddenly heard an extremely tragic breathe, arrived in the firmament and nether world, vibrate between heaven and earth!

Even outside has sandstorm, but people still see two terrible eyes like lantern appear in Da Lei Yin temple, penetrate the darkness of space.

There’s like a volcanic eruption, full of stone, various large rock falling near the altar, the force is astounding.

“The foundation of Da Lei Yin temple…… It’s broken, and there’s something terrible about it!”

If so, even if all holding a few pieces of artifacts of, perhaps simply useless.

“I seem to know what the crocodile is like……” A female student said in a trembling voice.

Tibetan very respect to Buddhism, almost all believe, this female students have been to Tibet, visited the Jokhang Temple and Ramoche temple, had heard a local old Tibetan talk about some of the legends.

According to legend, the Buddha place “Da Lei Yin” temple, is not a pure and good place, but is use to crackdown the demons, which the first layer is the repression of crocodile progenitor, a head of ancient crocodile, boundless supernatural power, lastly tame by Buddha.

“You say Da Lei Yin temple shrine down a lot of the demons?”

“The old Tibetan who believe in Buddhist said so.”

When heard all this, all feel body a burst of cold, if is really such, Da Lei Yin temple there must be crocodile ancestors to be born, and these ugly evil things are its offspring.

Yefan frowned, said: “I have seen some records in the ancient articles……”

In the articles credited with a no limb of the claw “crocodile”, it body stronger like King Kong, can flying to escape, can easily penetrate the flesh and blood of the hindquarters, known as crocodile God.

Zhou Yi nodded: “I have seen similar books……”

According to legend, Buddhist heritage has records, the ancestor of crocodile had suppressed by Buddha, since their descendants are no longer present.

They are not true feeling, some of the legends used to be as a story, and now even to witness it, let people feel shocked and terrified.

“The old Tibetan said, crocodile progenitor was suppressed in first layer of Da Lei Yin temple, it is means that still has the second layer and the third layer…” A female student asked.

No one answered, now if there is crocodile progenitor was born, they enough to destroy them.

The rustling sound came, thousands of small crocodile appeared in the outside of colored altar, is forced to drill.

Suddenly, the colors of the altar vibrate, the sky appeared five colors of ancient runes, like the stars shine, Taiji Ba Gua map is to emerge. This is the signs of open the road of sky.

But the “Da Lei Yin” temple at a thousand meters outside exclaimed a voice of terrifying jolts, the scarlet eyes like lantern increased a few meters, it is clearly that it want to get rid of the bondage, is out of the ground.
Get out of here, escape from mars! This is the idea of all the people, a lot of people are in prayer, hope as soon as possible to open up the road of sky, even if it is in the dull monotony of the universe forever, than here make people feel at ease.

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