Shrouded 021

Blood sacrifies

Penetration throughout Chinese history, originated very early, how it be create, what is the purpose, now it is still a fascinating mystery.
Once it has been calculated to prove and calculate the speed of the orbit of star, even the computer binary of the record also related to it, can be said it have a very mysterious color.

Today, the ancient Tai Chi Ba Gua map which contain a deep meaning still did not break. However, there has been a lot of people conjecture and speculation.

It has been said that it represents the unknown “potential”, can be deduced based on it, and calculate the possible occurrence in the future. Of course, it must be a perfect deduction, in order to approximate the future of the “potential”, if calculate wrongly, the full board is lost, invalid.

It is also said that it is the most concise way to depict the essence of the universe, each symbol is the most original thing.

There are some people made a hypothesis that Tai Ji Ba Gua map related to time and space, the eight symbols of Ba Gua map are the coordinates of the sky, different permutations and combinations represents a different space.

According to this hypothesis, that can be used to determine the coordinates of any planet in the universe, and Tai Chi Ba Gua map is equivalent to the Stargate can connected to wormhole.

According to this conjecture, Tai Ji Ba Gua map is a kind of stable structure, if can provide enough energy to establish the coordinates of a piece of the sky, after a complex and precise calculation, you can open Stargate.

However, this “complex” is hard to imagine, which relates to the singular “matrix”, and this so-called “matrix” unrecognized, also in a reasoned and hypothesis stage.

“Matrix” itself relate to the space, now still cannot overcome, quite complex to the extreme.

It is conceivable that construction of Stargate————Tai Ji Ba Gua map, it can be said, in a fairly long period of time it is impossible to achieve.

At the moment, Yefan and others have an opportunity to see the process of construction for Tai Ji Ba Gua map once again, if deduce towards the Stargate and see by people who do a research for many years, they will excited to distraction, because it is a great testimony.

Unfortunately, Yefan did not have that kind of thought, they now have a strong sense of survival, now just want to escape from here as soon as possible, because the shadow of death always covered them.

The “Da Lei Yin” temple outside the thousand meters, although temporarily calmed down, but the tragic atmosphere has swing over, and that the red giant eye like lantern always gaze here, in the dark particularly terrifying, let a person fear.

The Tai Ji Ba Gua map in the sky has been formed, with texture of metal, like casting by gold.

In the surrounding, space distortions, light become dim, with Qian, Kun, Sunda, Tui, Gen, Zhen, Li, Kan corresponding to symbol of Ba Gua release light, like a set of mysterious and ancient password shining.

The eight symbol has been flashing hundreds or thousands of times, conduct complicated permutation and combination, but always failed to light at the same time, lastly slowly dim down, huge Tai Chi Ba Gua map in fibrillation, had a trend of collapse.
“How can this be……”

Many people fear, if cannot open the road of sky, for them it means death.

The screen shrouded in colored altar become dim to almost no light, only little glow light transfer to Tai Ji Ba Gua map in the sky, all know why when see this scene.

“Building a Tai Chi Ba Gua diagram, or open the stargate, need to supply by a sufficient and stable of mysterious energy, but now the energy is shortage!”

“What do we do, is it we are going to die here……”
At far had a crocodile progenitor, near had small crocodile, a death had opened way to people.


There have been dozens of small crocodile enter into the screen, began to attack the people. The incense burner, Vajra copper, bell, fish drum and others Buddha artifacts again and again shine a thorn light, withstood the impact of the crocodile, but that strength is surprisingly large, people involuntarily backwards.

“Snap snap”

Outside the colors of the altar, dense, scales everywhere, hundreds of thousands of crocodile continue to impact the screen, more broken sound came, in a mere moments hundreds of small crocodile successfully break into.

This seemingly fine, but is extremely ferocious species very scary, can flying, each of a crocodile like a sword, penetration is extremely strong.

“No, if continue to defence like that, we will die here.” Pang Bo screamed, the copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin Shi” continued to shake, millions of light, forming a piece of screen, which retain three or four individuals, although can temporarily be safe, but it is difficult to predict what will happen for a long time.

You don’t move. I’ll go out and try it first.” Yefan told Pangbo, and he himself is no longer defense, holding a ancient lamp and walk forward.

Immediately there are many crocodile come to him, dozens of light like flashes of lightning, fast and ruthless to the extreme, such as nails nail in the screen transfer by ancient lights, forced to drill in.


Yefan wait for the dozens of crocodile close to him, violently blow toward the wick of ancient lamp, suddenly there is a strong light break into the sky, flame monstrous in his radius of five or six meters, which there is fully submerged by fire.

The smell of burnt immediately spread, the shrill screams one after another, when the flame slowly retreat, Yefan spotlessly clean, surround by a bright light, like immortal riding the moon, and in his surroundings is full of scales, a dozens of crocodile almost all burned.
A few ferocious creatures which luckily escaped are almost burnt, the whole body injured, the body is no longer complete, malicious stare at Yefan in distant, gave a low cry, let people chill bursts.

“Good, burn well!” Pangbo scream at the back, he will rushing toward and kill it. But he was hug tightly by three people besides him, it is a bloodless face, they do not has Gods artifacts, if there is no copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin” temple to protect them, they would surely die.

“Snap snap”

The sound of fragmentation came again, this time there arel five or six hundred crocodile breakthrough the screen, rushed in, each small body like condensed the magic power, teeth gleaming, eyes demon scary, all rushed over, surround the Yefan.

“No, Yefan a man surely can’t handle so much ‘black nails’, I want to help him.” Pangbo once again want to get there

“But…… What do we do?” Three people around him looked pale, almost pleading Pangbo.

“I’m certainly not going to let you die.”Pangbo look at Wang Ziwen, Liu Yunzhi and others at the back, said: “you retain the three of them, I want to help Yefan but the best is to dispatched several people, such passive defense after all is not the way.”

“Well, I’m with you.” Zhou Yi stand up.

Pangbo do not like Zhou Yi very much, think that he is mind deep, but had to admit that this refined man have a certain verve at a critical moment
Then, Wang Ziwen who seemingly gentle also came forward and said to people at the back: “keep up one or two, the remaining gods artifacts remains enough to protecting the lives of all people, but girls don’t come over.”

Facing these ferocious creatures and the weak nature of girls, when come forward they will soft legs, even if the hands hold the Buddha artifacts also not necessarily can help.

“Bang “

Pangbo came up and lift the copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin” temple, heavily hit on the colors of the altar, suddenly there is a wave of violent forward surge to, this is condensed by light into waves, shock out seven or eight meters far, suddenly a crocodile flooded inside.

The sound of dead struggle scalp numb, like a group of the evil spirits in the refining, silk white smoke float, dead on the floor, a piece of burnt smell.

This is a wide range of attack. It was not the first time which facing only a crocodile, cannot catch up it speed, now so many evil things together welling up, waving casually the copper plaque can cover dozens or hundreds of crocodile.


Melodious bell sounded like a bell of temple in mountain, give peolple a quiet and deep feeling, broken bell in Wang Ziwen hands brightly, can see the ripples. This seemingly gentle, like water waves, but when touch that crocodile, it like become the butcher’s knife, every golden ripples can be halved a crocodile.

“Puff puff” voice rang constantly, in the blink of an eye a several crocodile is cut off, blood flowing, this bloody scene very breathtaking.

But, countless crocodile not fear of death, now has nearly a thousand of small crocodile rushed in, dense, each rays of lights interwoven into a sickle network of death.


Zhouyi use Zijin alms bowl hit constantly, sweep out a large light of Buddha, crushed the endless scales, the ground leave a many dead, horrible, many small crocodile is transformed into the meat, blood mud fuzzy.

This is a very tragic scene, in order to survive, several people all go ahead, the blood soon stained the altar, pungent smell overflowing, the mist of blood flowing, such as Acheron.



At this time, a series of screams came out from the back, two students inverted in a pool of blood, everyone’s head appear a lot of blood hole, and crawling by ugly little crocodile, black scales dense.

All people very sad, life and death is not in own, even struggling, but two students died.

The two jointly held a Gods artifact, but just now had three or four hundred of crocodile rushed in, mad dash, the impact is huge, directly hit on them, cannot grasp the Buddha artifact in hands, fall on the side, two people immediately drowned by small crocodile, died in the field.

“Can’t let go!” Lin Jia shout, remind everybody.
Many people have been bump into, but because of jointly held artifact with other, action is bound to, dangerous to the extreme.



Twice screams came again, a man and a woman, two classmates inverted in a pool of blood, blood dripping, horrible, eyes open, turn in one’s grave.

The people at the back quickly gather together, defense together and also began to attack. Together hold the Gods artifact chop the crocodile, the situation finally be temporarily stabilized.

“Kill!” Liu Yunzhi face become some pale, he gloomy character, courage is not big, but at this time also hold the Vajra copper rushed out.

In the legend of Buddhist this is a powerful apologetics sacred, and destroy the enemy such as destroy the chicken and dogs, invincible, symbolizes invincible, it is a wand which had nature of Buddha and hold by the holy one.

Electricity long grass fly, light shine, around of Liu Yunzhi glaring, the Vajra copper swept, such as sweeping the thousand of army, immediately leave a plasma and endless broken scales, a large crocodile is crushed.

The power of Vajra copper is remarkable!

At this moment, the foreigner Cade also rushed in, mouth shouting “blah” non-stop, holding a broken Muyu indiscriminately beating.

“God is kind……” Although he shouting, but below it hands absolutely not fuzzy, broken Muyu looks will broken at any time, but has mysterious powers.

Above it engraved three statues of the Buddha, this time all formation of light and shadow, floating out, surround the foreigners Cade, swept the crocodile around it.。

“Lord, is this the angel you sent by you, faster kill the demons from hell!” The foreigner when in very tense moment, suddenly the Chinese can be speak fluently.

“What you take is the things of Buddha, don’t talk about it……” In this moment of life and death, Pangbo was amused by him.

After Cade “blah” shouting, said: “God said, all creatures are equal, Lord very kind, have mercy, the Bodhisattva is angel……”

“Bull shit, all living beings are equal, Buddha is compassion, it is said by Buddha okay……”
Two people’s dialogue, but also leads to the death atmosphere of the altar had another kind of alternative atmosphere.

The blood in the altar formation into little blood light, break through the screen, towards the sky, convergence to the Tai Ji Ba Gua map which already unstable, let the stargate which want crumbling shine again in glory.

Obviously, all of them have found this situation, immediately exposed the expression of excitement.

“Kill, we kill the more the better, the crocodile is the offspring of big demon, inside its body flow with the blood of god, condensed with divine powers, past the altars it can be transformed into the mysterious energy needed by Tai Ji Ba Gua map.
“Well, originally this five colors altar is the altar, in the past it must have considered the blood sacrifies situation.”

The Tai Ji Ba Gua map in the sky is more and more clear and bright, such as metal casting refining, light continue to shine, eight symbol flicker with uncertainty, in accordance with the complex sequential changing for many times, coming all the lights, open the road of sky.


But also is at this time, the tragic atmosphere in “Da Lei Yin” temple shot into the sky and earth completely disintegrated. A monster fly to sky, shaking the sky!

Almost in a flash, they felt that their soul was leaving the body, all the people were almost lay on the altar.

Two huge eyes like lantern came by far to near in the dark, are coming faster!

“But that is the crocodile ancestors which had been suppressed by Buddha in “Da Lei Yin” temple according to myths and legends, now to rescue out, the world still has who can suppress it?!”

People such as fall to an icehouse, feel hopeless, perhaps even really had a manifestation of the Buddha, not necessarily can overcome such a matchless monster, unless the Buddha pro to.

Is it true that in this last moment need to leaving our life for evil in this legend,?

At this moment, the giant bronze coffin in colored altar suddenly issued a sound vibrato, far from the two red lanterns like blood immediately fixed like apprehensive not certain, no longer forward.

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