Shrouded 022

Copper coffin suppress the demon

All people are tired, the soul almost leave the body, the progenitor of the matchless crocodile roar with incredible force, seems to be can take the soul of the people.

If not the bronze coffin uttered a strange metal tremolo, probably all the people in present facing uncertainty.

The tragic atmosphere blots out the sky, like a tsunami in the rough, the big demons which escaped from the underground of “Da Lei Yin” temple although no longer forward, stop there, but naturally released that momentum which still lets a person cannot afford, the soul in the thriller.

The evil spirits billowing surging, sky vibration, sandstorms become static in a moment because of it, evil monster full in the sky, the two blood eyes like lantern in the dark instantaneous gazed at here.

Cannot see clearly it noumenon, the dark clouds obscured the moon, covered the sky.

Although there is no approaching to the present, but the momentum of matchless demon progenitor, still is not a human can withstand, a lot of people in colored altar almost weak and limp on the ground, even holding the artifacts of gods in the hand, cannot resist.

Is this the big demon that is being suppressed by the Buddha himself? This is the existence in myths and legends, even in the reality can see it, really exist in the distance, simply as a dream.

As people in modern metropolis, ever seen such a terrible scene, all people are feeling it so unreal, what I have heard and seen at the moment really shocking!

Crocodile progenitor now escaped, the endless years already past, time brings great changes to the world, the temple collapse, the “Da Lei Yin” temple also have been neglected, people have changed, gods do not appear, who can suppress it?


Suddenly, the crocodile progenitor issued a louder roaring like thunder, like a million heavy thunder in the ear, the presence of people suddenly have a part directly lying on the ground. Not a real attack, is just the sonic vibration, but even so, let people cannot afford, the ear nose of several people in haemorrhage.
“Rustling” sound came, outside the five colors of altar, dense and dark, countless crocodile gathered up, rapid drill in the screen, rushed into the colored altar. The crocodile progenitor command the small crocodile, its own seems like fear with copper coffin, let the future generations had a test first.

“Get up, get up!”

Several people weak and limp on the ground, the students who ear and nose in haemorrhage are exhausted, it is difficult to move, even almost cannot held the Buddha artifacts, just imagine that the roar is terrible.

In the call out of people, finally have several people stood up, but there are still two people late one step, the crocodile rushing forward such as the flood directly overwhelmed by them.

There is no miracle, two dull “hum” came, the artifacts of Gods remains off, in the blink of an eyes the two lives gone forever. Where blood splashed, crocodile scramble drill into their trunk and heads, red blood, white brains, particularly harsh,

The other person doesn’t have the time to rescue, they were surrounded by thousands of crocodile, everyone be busy enough with one’s own affairs.

Up to now, a total of thirteen people lost their lives, the remaining seventeen was on the verge of death, the life impermanence, death is so suddenly, at any time will come.

The light very shine, all people are waving the gods artifacts in the hands, resist a cold-blooded killer around it, want to open a ways out, even if the female students which are weak are already forget crying, at the moment they had been forced to try very hard.

But the most dangerous things still happen. Whenever the people who sharing the Buddha artifacts are in danger, not flexible, have been bound.


From a distance, crocodile progenitor issued a roar, seeing the copper coffin do not has abnormal reaction, the arrogance of the monstrous, puff, slowly approaching it. The red eyes likes basin size, twinkle in the dark, like two rounds of blood hanging in the sky.
When it come nearer, all people hardly to stand, that tragic atmosphere is absolutely condensed by killing thousands of beings, let the human soul trembling, and out of the shell.

But the distance of ten meters away, still cannot see its noumenon, only can see the two blood eyes, all people almost desperate.

“Hum……” Suddenly, a shares of demon’s wind swing between heaven and earth, such as the ghost crying, more violent compare than just the sandstorm many times, like a million thunder in splitting the days.

In the black fog, a black hands probe down, want to catch the five colors of the altar, the shape same with the human hands, but it’s too big just only the fingers is seventy eight meters long, shiny and black, scary until many people’s soul almost emit.

This is the big demon crackdown by Buddha himself!

Even though had suppressed by endless years, when it born, still shaking the heaven and earth, great pomp.

And at this time, the Tai Chi Ba Gua map finally complete the molding, that is completed by the blood of crocodile which contained a powers, eight symbols simultaneously glitter, dazzling light, the stargate reappear again.


A muffled vibration, Tai Ji Ba Gua map such as a door is completely open, revealing a mysterious and huge channel, also don’t know even where to, inside a piece of dark.

The big hand was pushed aside by a mysterious force, while at the same time, the nine dragon corpse which do not move was suddenly trembling.

The dragon coexistence with God even has become a cold corpse, now also cannot profane, spread out a powerful dragon breathe, the crocodile in colored of altar all jittery, lay down on ground, and body was completely shocked, at the end tide back as flood.

The altar full of crocodile corpse, and several human bodies, instantly quietly down.

“Go into the copper coffin!” Yefan first stood up, and then lifted up Pangbo.

It is not due to their incompetence, but is matchless big demon really extraordinary, as for ordinary people, only that momentum is enough to kill them and can cause the mortal die.

Everyone stood up, all agree to enter the giant bronze coffin. The stargate have opened, only with this probably can’t walk alone in the road of sky. Enter the giant bronze coffin, this is a kind of choice, the copper coffin branching, unsettling, but now had to use it.

In the dark, the eyes of crocodile progenitor became cold, red giant eyes such as sun hung. Suddenly, it fired two red dazzling brilliance, sealed the Tai Chi Ba Gua map in the sky.

See this scene, all the people’s face changed color!

This matchless big demon eventually refused to leave the matter at that, show out the method of “Tian Yao Xuan Fa”, it wants to sealed the road of sky, stop all the path. At the same time, the black hands again on down, easily break through the dark layer, toward the altar.

All people astound, quickly enter into the copper coffin, “Deng dengdeng” fall back. The black hands come down, the target is not all, actually is the ancient bronze coffin!


Black hands catch the giant bronze coffin, a sonorous voice, all people’s heart sank, the matchless crocodile progenitor had monstrous power, without Buddha it is difficult to suppress it, now if the mysterious copper coffin no abnormal reaction, all really no anyway.

When all feel thriller, black hand of crocodile progenitor such as snake fast away, blood flow from the palm of hand, like a stream generally falls on the altar, bloom out a brilliance, like injured by giant bronze coffin.
But the ancient coffin no movement, still quietly across the altar. Cold sneer sound came from not far away, it is sound of crocodile ancestors lets the human numb.

“How to do, the road of the sky had sealed by the monster, how can we go?” Many people fear, seeing can escape, but was blocking the road, people fear and anxiety.

“Energy…… Now need a mysterious energy to open the road of sky,!”

“What wrong? Our god artifacts in hands in a continual loss of brilliance……” Someone exclaimed.
In this moment, whether of the ancient bronze lamp of Yefan or Pang Bo’s copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin” temple, or alms bowl of Zhou Yi and others, the brilliance inside it are continuously flow out and gathered together.

Suddenly, like the cry of the owl of cold laughter sounded, outside the giant bronze coffin suddenly appeared a height nearly two meters shadow, everyone was shocked, the brilliance of various gods artifacts are transferred out to impact here.

This shadow full of spookiness, surrounded by black fog, cannot see the appearance, but people can perceive, it must be crocodile ancestors just now! It should manifest in the altar, to enter the giant bronze coffin, it ignore all, two bloody eyes stare at the coffin!

This is the character dealings with Buddha, from myth walks to the public’s eyes, the scene make people unforgettable, really shake the heart and soul.


Facing the spookiness of matchless crocodile progenitor, all artifacts of gods like burning up, bursting out with dazzling brilliance, gathering together and shrouded the crocodile progenitor.

At the same time, ancient bronze lamp, “Da Lei Yin” temple, alms bowl, Vajra, fish drum, all these artifacts release brilliance, all shot into the sky and toward the crocodile progenitor to suppressed it!

Spooky sneer sounded, the cold to the person’s bones, matchless crocodile progenitor shake it body lightly, suddenly light volleyed, spellfire monstrous.

All gods artifacts was fixed in front of it’s body, futons, ruler and a few gods artifacts has issued a broken voice, “puff” sound, the futon first crush, then the ruler, a series of four gods artifacts become dusts.

Four pieces of gods artifacts is converted into four dazzling brilliance, dissipated in colored altar, provides powerful arcane energies to Stargate.

Nine giant dragon corpse all shake, follow by rumbling sound, slowly into the sky!
Crocodile progenitor surprised, avoiding the ancient bronze lamps and other pieces of gods artifacts, it fly to the sky, right hand quickly zoom in, shrouded the heaven and earth, towards nine large dragon corpse to grasp it.

And this time, the ancient bronze lamp, “Da Lei Yin” temple, like have aura, each of them release a blazing light, the glory make the people cannot open the eyes, swept to the crocodile progenitor.

Endless light flashing in the sky, gorgeous and clinking, let a person cannot face it, no one can see it clearly, the nine dragon corpse was stop by crocodile progenitor temporarily.


The altar came out crisp sound, the beads of Rudraksha, copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin” temple, alms bowl and others, all fall down, gloomy, even ancient bronze lamp snuff out.

“Nine Dragon corpse was stopped, how to do?” Everyone anxious.

The giant bronze coffin rise up to the sky, nine dragon corpse was stop in the air, difficult to enter into the stargate.

All people go out from copper coffin, quickly pick up those dark gods artifacts, and Pangbo is very quickly pack up the mineral water bottle from several dead bodies.

Yefan took off his shirt, pack up the corpse of crocodile on the ground.

At this moment, the sky came out a huge vibration, everyone shock and rushed back to the copper coffin.

Giant bronze coffin issued a metallic sound vibrato, nine dragon corpse unexpectedly swung their giant tail, “bang” all hit on the black hands of crocodile progenitor, let it backwards out.


The sky came out a louder sound, nine giant dragon corpse fly toward the Stargate, “chug” sound, the giant bronze coffin shaking, flipping a bit, people suddenly feel dizzy.

The eyes of crocodile progenitor extremely cold, before the coffin closed, it want to rush in, the target is still the coffin!

But at this moment, the wall of coffin covered with bronze carved with figure of the ancient ancestors and gods, and prehistoric fierce poultry and beast, all transfer out hazy brilliance, let the crocodile progenitor stopped it footstep. It’s like suddenly thought out something, two eyes release cold blood light, “Deng dengdeng” retreat for a few steps in the sky
“Bang” a louder sound, the bronze coffin lid is closed, the nine giant dragon corpse pulled the bronze coffin slowly into the sky, break the seal of crocodile progenitor, enter into the Stargate.

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