Shrouded 023

In the coffin

Someone crying in the dark, there are people in the shiver, close the eyes will emerge out the forehead was pierced, blood spattering, brains out of the terrible scenes, like a nightmare, and like a ghost, always linger in my heart.
Difficult to forget the scene of students died, the blood, the unwilling despair, that can’t close the eyes, that young face, occasionally emerge in front, four years of classmate, thirteen fresh life, gone forever in the same day.

Now although temporary safe, but a lot of people cannot calm, even more fear, the tragic death of students, ferocious crocodile, appeared from time to time in the heart, perhaps a lifetime cannot forget it.

Giant bronze coffin in a piece of dark, got female students in sobs and also male students sigh, although escaped, but the road is boundless, it is difficult to predict.

The nine dragon pulled coffin, to where, where is the shore, where is the paradise, light never see, the sea had no edge, is move forward along the road walked by gods? Where the gods go, that’s what kind of place……

Until a long time the copper coffin become quietly, in accordance with the time on earth, now is the middle of the night, all tired, mental fatigue, all sink into a deep sleep.
A lot of people still anxiety and fear in the dream, hands tightly holding the artifacts of gods, seems like in order to obtain a rely on.

This is a torture night, a lot of people are difficult to sleep, from time to time woke up by nightmares, and even a girl woke up from crying, it is not their weak, but suffered is too terrible. A lot of things whether it is true or false, if only hear that, no matter how scary, it is just a story. But if experience personally, it is completely different.

A group of urban men and women’s daily life is very easy, suddenly experienced such a tragic event, this is hard to imagine the impact. See the demons in the legend, eat the companion’s body, the people in the side die one after another, how to not fear?
Even such a careless people Pangbo, also difficult to sleep, not in fear, but from time to time awakened by the people around. Yefan like him, hard to sleep, people around from time to time suffer nightmare or cry in the dream, cause him difficult to sleep.
Only five or six hours past, most of them have been awake, until the another two hours, all people’s mood is gradually calm down. At the moment, don’t know until where the ancient bronze coffin walk through the universe, everyone began to consider the reality of the problem.
The bronze coffin is very smooth, no vibration, as is already stopped in the planet, are there a next stop? May be, might be floating in the depths of the universe.

“Where a place we can get to?”

Cry, vent, even the weak female students also have to start thinking about this problem.

“Does we will arise the place of gods?”

The road of sky was create by the ancestors, in that distant ahead, perhaps really will have gods, may be can reach a mysterious world.

“Does God really exist? We have seen that the nine dragon pull coffin, see the “Da Lei Yin” temple in the legend, see the crocodile progenitor in the myth, there should be no reason not to believe it. But I still can’t accept this reality, according to my understanding, the gods may be a race, perhaps once same with us are on earth. “
As modern people, almost all do not believe in the existence of God, but now have to face it, and heard Wang Ziwen say so, is more likely to let people accept.

“Perhaps, the gods is no stranger for us, perhaps is a result of the evolution of human beings, maybe it is the ancient characters we are familiar with.”

“Whether it is evolution, or a special race, but we have to admit that there is indeed the existence of the gods, and it is clear that the ancients people had been dealings with them.”

The summit of Mount Tai has five colors of the altar, build by the ancient people, as early as the endless years ago, there had three sovereigns and five emperors went to Mount Tai offer sacrifices to heaven and earth, which is sufficient to explain something.
“Perhaps, those gods are our ancestors……”

The three Sovereigns and five emperors like the gods are ancient characters, in the legends themselves are the gods, so you can imagine, offer sacrifices in Mount Tai is not so simple, there are many possibility.

Maybe, they are calling the life in the sky, to transmit some information to universe.
Maybe they really can flying and escaped, the ancient land has made them feel bounded, not wider, so they climbed to the mountain, leaving the earth enter into the depths of the vastness of the universe.

Perhaps the earth is only a station, is that man or God’s place for short stop, is their journey in long life.


What happened in the distant ancient, no one can say clearly, everything is just “maybe”, there is only one thing undeniable, the ancient ancestors has been opened Stargate, explore the depths of the universe.

“Why don’t you talk?”

The ancient bronze lamp has been extinguished, the copper coffin in the dark, all people not too scattered, are very close distance. Just beside the Yefan, the man leaned on the wall of the coffin, always silent, this attracted his attention.

“What wrong, still hate me beat you?” Pangbo is not satisfied, said: “you almost pushed Yefan out of five colors of the altar, harm his life, hit you one times is benefit you, otherwise will throw you to the crocodile heap.”

“Hey, wake up, say something.” A man next to him pushed him.

However, people did not think that, the people not only do not has respond, but fell to the ground, issued a “splash” sound.

“You…… What’s wrong?!” The man who pushed him was shocked, frightened, and scared until fell back.

At this time, all people are feeling something wrong, even if it is a deep sleep, so fell on the ground, he will wake up. However, he remained motionless, lying there quietly, like a wood general.

“Wake up, wake up!” Pangbo forward, pushed him, saw that he was unconscious, and patted his cheek, suddenly exclaimed: “how does the skin so cold, the body is also a bit stiff!”

Heard this, everyone feels creepy, from head to toe, a bad feeling emerge in their hearts.

YeFan feeling things very bad, he put his hand to his nose, lastly he eventually burst of absences, said: “dead, already had no breath.”

“What?!” Everyone exclaimed.

How suddenly a living person died? Not long ago, he still suffering from nightmares, but now no life soundless and stirless, really suspicious.

Suddenly, a piece of tension and suppressed in the giant bronze coffin, all people gasped in the dark, whole body cold, this is too sudden and evil, could not be explained, all tightly hold the artifacts of gods in the hands.

“On the phone, see how he died in the end?” Yefan said while holding up his cell phone, with a faint light to look forward.

It is a pale face, eyes prominent, stared very big, the mouth slightly open, a little blood overflow from the mouth.

“It’s really dead……” All fear, sudden events of death let everyone feel behind chilly, this copper coffin seems that has something terrible.

A few brave students began to check his body, want to see the cause of death.

“Look, his neck……”

A piece of bruises on his neck, there is full of blood, as was strangled, purple red mark very shocking.

“Ghost…… A ghost inside the copper coffin!” A girl was afraid, trembling said with fear.

Hear this sentence, immediately let many people feel the scalp numb, the purple red bruises like fingerprints leave by ghosts, much like was strangled alive.

Especially now people living in such a coffin, let a person produce a terrible suspicion, far away from the mouth of the coffin like the gates of hell, let people terrified. Many people involuntarily fell back for a few steps.
Yefan frowned, stretched hand to touch the throat of corpse, found that the Adam’s apple fragmentation, there very soft, only skin is still intact, no torn. A little bit of blood printed on his hands, let the heart feel cold.
“Not ghosts, it was killed!” At this time, Liu Yunzhi say such words, he coldly sweep to Yefan.

Pangbo look he watch the Yefan, immediately inclined his one eye, said: “what do you mean?”

“From the wound, he is strangled, who can soundless and stirless do it all?” Liu Yunzhi complexion is cold, staring at the Yefan and Pangbo, said: “only nearest to him, and surprisingly larger strength of hands can do it!”

These words said out, the situation has been very obvious, directed at the Yefan, because he is close to the deceased, had extraordinary physique and the strength of hands is very huge, it already well-known.

“You’re talking nonsense!” Pangbo angry, picked up the copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin Shi”, wanted to hit on.

Liu Yunzhi sneer, looked at him: “do you want to help me kill people?”

Yefan pulled the Pangbo, stopped his impulse.

“It’s Yefan. He’s the one who killed him!” The female student who always stand in the side of Liu Yunzhi, once several times help him talking with Li Changqing panic shouted: “it must be Yefan, he is in revenge, revenge for hate which almost being push outside the altar!”

Hearing these words, the other people suddenly think of things that happened for a while ago, a few people suddenly stepped back a few steps.

“Yes, it’s Yefan. He killed his classmates!” Li Changqing said: “maybe still have other people help it!”

Pangbo suddenly has an impulse, want to rush forward and hit him.


Liu Yunzhi raised the Vajra in hands, actually uttered a metal vibrato sound, had extremely weak brilliance released.

Everyone surprised, their god artifacts all attributable to ordinary, not shine in, but the Vajra of Liu Yunzhi unexpectedly still had divine power, is really beyond all expectations.

“Yefan, you too cruel, even if he is wrong before, but you should revenge like that……” Liu Yunzhi holding the Vajra and approaching two step forward.

“I said I did not kill him, do you believe?” Yefan glanced all people.
“I believe!” Pangbo first stand out.

“I also believe!” Zhang Ziling also came forward.

Yedan again watch other people, said: “you all don’t believe?” And then, look in the eyes of Li Xiaoman.

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