Shrouded 024

Confrontation and Choice

“It’s not…… the problem of believe or not believe, but is you do have…… Major…… Suspicion.” Cade besides Li Xiaoman stuttered this sentence.

Pangbo staring eyes, said: “Gui Zi (foreigner), what do you mean? Why do you think that he was killed by Yefan.”

“No, I’m not subjective…… I think, I’m saying…… objective facts. I didn’t say he was…… murderer, I’m just telling the truth, he’s a great suspect…….” Cade in poker-faced and traditional way, careful analysis: “Liu Yunzhi said…… there is make sense, Yefan and the deceased have a conflict, have a murder…… motivation. And away from…… Very close, there is a condition…… to kill.”

Although he didn’t speak fluently, but all listen and understand his meaning, as many of Westerners in general, get the facts on the matter.

“Gui Zi, you really not understand the traditional code of conduct, an obvious things, like to make it as mathematical theorems, one track minds!”

“What is…… Gui Zi?” Cade: ” I heard you say……many times, what…… mean?”

“You are a Gui Zi, one track mind, don’t bother to say with you.” Pangbo not ignores him, and then turned to see the Li Xiaoman, said: “why don’t you speak, you should know YeFan very well?”

Li Xiaoman slim, below the faint light of the phone, such as lotus flower fresh and beautiful, fragrance in the dark, her face was calm, said: “from the heart, I do not believe that Yefan is the murderer, but now he do have suspected…”

“Li Xiaoman!” Pangbo very angry, said her name loudly, interrupted her words, said: “you can be really desperate, I absolutely did not think that you would say such words, who can doesn’t believe in, except you can’t! Other people don’t know Yefan, you don’t know? Although you have broken up, but you can’t be so unfeeling, you want to sprinkle salt on Yefan’s heart?”
“I don’t have any other meaning, I’m just saying a fact.” Li Xiaoman very calm, appearance is beautiful, white like jade, she frown, said: “I didn’t directed against anyone, I just want to say, the killer dare to kill, then there would be nothing not to do, ours are very dangerous. I hope that can be objective, rather than subjective think, in fact, Yefan had a big suspect, and the people in the presence also have a number of suspects.”

Pangbo sneered: “at the end of the day Yefan be suspect the most, you don’t believe him, why say so much!” His turned his head, said: “I was wrong about you, in the past once you decide things it is very difficult to change, friends are unable to persuade you, now understand that your character is not decisive, but unsympathetic.”

Just then a little nervous, almost timid voice whispered: “I…… I believe Yefan, I trust him…… not the murderer.” Is the female students that life is not the best, her body is thin, very weak, head down and walk out, it is a bit nervous and uneasy.

Originally simple happy girl, because in recent years, life unpleasant, she become not very confident, no longer sunny, speak are not so smooth in front of everyone, seemed embarrassed.
This is the most important reason why Yefan sympathy her at the party.

Pangbo same with Yefan, sympathetic toward the timid female classmate, in school of past she is clearly not the way, she often played a joke with Yefan and Pangbo, laughing like beads, three people have a very good relationship, and together with her is easy to make people feel happy.

“Liu Yiyi, thank you!” Yefan smiled and nodded to her.

“No thanks, I’m sure you don’t kill people……” Liu Yiyi’s sound weak, this makes it a pity, her standing there.

“Is not him then who is?” Li Changqing fuming, said: “except Yefan, who had a motive for murder? He’s in revenge.”

The female classmate next to Liu Yunzhi said again: “Yefan, how you can so cruel, he is student we recognise for four years!”

“I’ll say it again, I don’t kill anybody.” Yefan face the duties very calm, said: “you can suspect me, but before the things has investigate clearly, please do not directly framed me.”

“The truth is that you and the deceased are almost to the next, distance very close, and the other is no way to kill him around you and not be found, and only you have the motivation to do so!”

Pang Bo very bad temper, can’t stand it, said: “you speak some truth, okay, before the things had conclusion, not to slander others. I really don’t understand, graduated at that moment said nicely you and Liu Yunzhi to be like birds flying in different directions, said bluntly is Liu Yunzhi dumped you, let you hate. How now you stick together with him and cheer for him?”

“You…… You this is a vicious personal attack!” The girl’s face was white and her body was trembling. Point at Pangbo with her hands.
“Attack? Yes, attack the chicken!” Pangbo is not willing to lose, sometimes his mouth really poison, said: “This is called cure ills with poison, saw people said words, saw ghost said ghost’s word, see the toad, just several spittle drown it!”

“You……” The female student’s body trembling, anger until cannot say a word.

Liu Yunzhi’s face is dark, said: “is enough, Pangbo are you still a man, say these things interesting?” The Vajra in his hands surround with a several small rays, in the dark particularly eye-catching, remind the people that it has perfect deterrent, if there is a conflict, I am afraid there is no one can fight.

Pangbo face darkened, said: “because the killer is not Yefan, and you mischievous and importune, now I deal with a man as he deal with you.”

Yefan eyes swept from Li Xiaoman, and then looked at the other people, then there are three students walked up, said: we believe that Yefan did not kill.”

Plus with the Liu Yiyi, Zhang Ziling and Pang Bo, suddenly have six person standing in the side of Yefan, counting himself is a total of seven persons, and now there are sixteen people survived, I believe that Yefan’s people almost accounted for half of the number.

Lin Jia is very beautiful, graceful figure, the “Dan feng” eyes inborn let her had more charmingly feminine temperament, even under this situation, although she speak calmly, but still looked a bit flirtatious and charm.

“I also think that it is impossible to be Yefan, we all know his character, he isn’t biting person, never to haggle over every ounce……”

Li Changqing unhappy, interrupted her words, said: “except him still who can, people in the presence who will kill, who will have the kind of mind?”

Pangbo was anger, stares and said: “Li Changqing can you be more unscrupulous, can find out the reasons and then pour some dirty water? I want to put this copper plaque on your face, this arbitrary words you also can say?”

“I don’t bother you!” Li Changqing turned away, until now he was still with a bloody nose and a swollen face, he was hit by Pangbo heavily in the altar.

“I also believe Yefan, he is not that kind of person, not make such a cruel thing.” At this time, Wang Ziwen came over, choose to believe Yefan.

Zhou Yi like a bystander from beginning to end, but this time he also make a choice, seeing glory shining Vajra in hands of Liu Yunzhi, and see the unhurried manner of Yefan, said: “we cannot draw a conclusion easily about who the murderer is, I believe that Yefan won’t kill students.”

At this moment, the majority of people are standing on the side of Yefan. He knows that some people are sincere and some people is through examine a man’s language and observe his countenance, considered that he faced the Vajra of Liu Yunzhi so calmly, there must be a so-called “bottomlines”, is almost speculative.
“Is not Yefan then who is, does the murderer is one of the person among us?” Liu Yunzh’s face coldly and staring at Yefan, and then see towards Pangbo.

“Keep your attitude, don’t think you’re holding a bar of light stick, others afraid of you.” Pangbo is very fierce, don’t care about it, said: “I also can take this copper plaque to hit you!”

Liu Yunzhi’s face darkened, hold tightly the Vajra, approaching forward for three step!
Yefan want to pull the Pang Bo which want to rush forward, and then face all the people, seriously said: “I can tell you, the murderer is not any of us.”

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