Shrouded 025

The voice of God.


Everybody have a surprised, they believe Yefan not necessarily what we shoot at random. Even Li Changqing, and the female students besides the Liu Yunzhi who directed against Yefan have changed color, nervously look around.

Yefan look in the eyes all people performance, in the whole process he act calmly, understand who is sincere, who is hypocrisy. Until now he began to prove his innocence, directly speak a key point of doubt.

“You can touch his throat, throat crushing, even though the strength of human very big, it is impossible to do it.”

Some people squat down, personally touch it and confirmed what said by Yefan, and more people is fell back a few steps, facing the unknown dead, hearts full of chill. Not killed by human, that is what? All the people’s back in cold.

“Yefan, do you know that kind of things, does it will…… also find us.” Someone trembling and asked.

The red purple bruises on the neck of corpse like fingerprints left by ghosts, think until here, a lot of people’s eyes watch towards the coffin.

“We did not get rid of crocodile……”

When heard Yefan say such a word, all thriller, hold firmly the artifacts of gods in the hands, glances around nervously.

A female classmate tearful, said: ” is the crocodile progenitor which crackdown in “Da Lei Yin” temple followed in?”

It is a matchless big demon, but suppressed by Buddha personally, although all only looked it elegant demeanour for a moment, but enough to remember for a lifetime, that terrorist pomp which shake the sky, unparalleled.

“Impossible, it doesn’t come in, not it!” Li Changqing face become pale, his hands do not had artifacts of god, very nervous follow beside the Liu Yunzhi, tightly hold the Vajra.

“I did not say it is crocodile progenitor come in, I mean, a small crocodile had enter into giant bronze coffin.” When talk until here, he stooped down, shone the light of mobile phone on the dead face, said: “his look full of terror, eyes suddenly open, turn in one’s grave, the expression of death same with our another thirteen students which passed away.”

“I saw a essays in the ancient book recorded about the crocodile God, except description about its physical body, it also recorded about ‘crocodile God bite, even the soul and heart scattered’.” The ancient lights in the hands of Yefan although has been extinguished, but still be firmly grasp by him, seems to be in the preparedness of what, said: “this is not a coincidence, the death same with the previous thirteen students, and same with recorded in ancient books, in the fear to be frightened out of one’s wits. There must be a crocodile God make trouble.”

Ye Fan is not taboo with this corpse, open their mouth, there is a blood hole in the mouth, up through the skull. All sudden feeling cold, the tiny blood hole, same with the dead bodies of those who died,

Only this terrible biological crocodile God can easily passed through the body, crush the Adam’s apple inside it is not a problem.

The giant bronze coffin unexpectedly had a few crocodile God enter into, how many crocodile in the end? The god artifacts lose it brilliance still can withstand it, this made all people heart be very upset.

“So, crocodile God still inside his body?”

“It’s hard to say.” Yefan shook his head.

“Still in his body, his chest has something to creep!” Zhang Ziling suddenly shouted, pointing to the chest of dead.

A blood coming out, a familiar ferocious creatures in the chest of the corpse exposed tapering head, it is a crocodile God with 10 centimeters long, it’s transformed into a light shot above, went straight to the Yefan’s forehead.


Yefan response quickly, use copper lamp block in front of the body, a few pieces of weak spark shoot out, the crocodile God scream shrill, shot by a piece of spark, almost ripped through, fly out.


Pangbo also acting quickly, whirl the copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin” temple, mercilessly beat on the ground, the slightest light injection, use the copper plaque hit the crocodile God into the meat mud.

“Liu Yunzhi, what are you can say now?” Pangbo hold the copper plaque, questioned Liu Yunzhi.

“I was too impulsive, but who can think that there will be a crocodile God into the copper coffin.” Liu Yunzhi didn’t say anymore, also do not apology, things happen to this situation, almost fighting, low profile have no necessary.


At this moment, Pangbo suddenly extend one’s hand, a big palm of hand slap toward, hit on the Liu Yunzhi’s face.

In this process, the Vajra and copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin Shi” also transfer a little bit dim brilliance, collision together, enveloped the two men. However, all this failed to stop the slap, Liu Yunzhi’s face was hit, a trace of blood flow from the mouth on the spot.

“Sorry, I was too impulsive.” Pangbo said to Liu Yunzhi.


All people quickly stopped between two of them, prevent them from conflict, Liu Yunzhi face sombre, hand-held the Vajra and want to rush to, but think of just now the copper plaque had release little brilliance, he eventually endure.


Yefan suddenly made a silenced gestures and stares toward the central of coffin, like to listen something. After a while, Yefan asked the people, “did you hear anything?”

All the people were surprised, because they didn’t hear anything. Yefan looked puzzled, he slowly walk toward the four meters long small bronze coffin.

At this moment, the Rudraksha in his arms suddenly heat, let his heart feel warm, is at this time he heard the voice more clearly.
He involuntarily, stretched out his hand and touched to the small coffin inside the coffin, above it covered with rust, carved with many ancient ancestors and deities, revealing a shares of primitive simplicity and vicissitudes of the breath.

At this moment, he felt the Rudraksha in his arms like open a door for him, let him listen to a very special voice.

At the beginning the sound is very small, then even more vast up, the Bodhi in arms of Yefan is more and more hot.

Bodhi tree, also known as the wisdom of the tree, the tree of consciousness, the tree of thinking, in the legend the Buddha is in a way under the Bodhi tree. The Rudraksha of Yefan has a natural form of the Buddha figure, which is entirely made of natural textures, obviously it is very special.”
In front of the ancient and mysterious ancient bronze coffin, came out a voice which more and more ambitious like telling Avenue, like a mysterious rationale.

“The way of heaven, the loss is more than enough……”

The mysterious of Da Dao Tian Yin, starting the first sentence which is from the famous Taoist books and records. However, the next is unheard of mysterious ancient scripture, difficult to understand their meaning.
Vast and profound voice, like from the immemorial foreworld spreading, ultimately like larger bell generally vibrate in the ears of Yefan, through his heart.

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