Shrouded 027

Wild Forbidden Place

The vastness of the universe, the boundless sky, many scientists speculate, the earth may be the only source of life.

In the past dozens of years, mankind had a endless inference, also launched a lot of spacecraft, want to search for extraterrestrial life. However the deep sky, mysteries of the universe, like a piece of cemetery, eternal cold and dark, did not detect the signs of any life.

Universe are too vast, no end, with the human current level of science and technology launched the space probe, even if can get rid of the Galactic gravitational and never stops driving for millions of years, it also difficult to reach the other side of stars.

Perhaps, today can rewrite the history of the exploration of the stars, a human came to the end of stars, across the distance of tens or billions of years, has experienced the ultimate journey of mankind.

But it is hard to let human beings on earth know it, no one will be believed, also no one will be cheering and celebrating.

Nine giant dragon corpse pulled the bronze coffin, came to the side of the stars, across the space where the Big Dipper located!

Also in this time Yefan awake, his palm of hands leaves the small coffin in the coffin which full of green patina, hundreds of archaic words engraved on his heart, profound and difficult to understand, like cannot erase forever , until then the mysterious sound of God was completely disappeared.

The scripture simple, be a miser with words, all end, like the prosperous die away, dull nature.

Yefan in a daze, saying: “The way of heaven, the loss is more than enough……””

“Yefan, are you all right?” Pangbo concern and asked.

“I’m fine.”

In the process the giant bronze coffin always in the fierce vibration, all people are feeling dizzy, the people know nine dragon pull coffin finally will reach the end.
At the moment, the copper engraved on coffin wall release brilliance, propped up a hazy screen, offset by the a shares of can’t imagine impact force, huge coffin finally gradually stabilized.

In the finally vibration, coffin lid of the bronze coffin deviate from position, heavy fall to one side, copper coffin overturned on the ground.


“I see the light!”
“Is a familiar bright world!”

A lot of people inside giant bronze coffin shouting up, no longer saw the desolate of dark and bloody everywhere in the ancient star. Fresh air to the face, even with the smell of the soil and the fragrance of flowers, the natural breath in surrounding, outside is a bright world with full of vitality.

All people stood up, quickly rushed toward the outside of giant coffin, at present, magnificent and beautiful.

At this moment, they are standing on the top of a hill that is not high, can look at the scenery in front of.

The far away is the rolling of beautiful peaks, verdant trees. Near the peak is strangely shaped rocks and ancient wood, and old vines like buckets thickness coiled such as dragons, also had a carpet of green grass and fragrant flowers, full of vigor and vitality.

Compared with the dark and silent on Mars, here is a peaceful land.

“Well, we finally get rid of the dark and bleak, came to such a beautiful earth.”

” Finally don’t be afraid anymore!”

A lot of people are cheering, some even cried, after a series of death and suffering, finally came to the piece of vivid and natural world.

Kiss the sun, said to himself, to live well……” Even, clever and enchanting Lin Jia were feel very touch.
Pangbo stand on the hill and roar loudly toward the distant: “finally see the sun, although is not previously one, but I still want to loudly say I was born!”


Suddenly the giant bronze coffin at the back of people release a metallic sound vibrato, affects all nerves, all looked back together.

Nine giant dragon corpse had half of the body being hang in the cliff, copper coffin is not far from the cliff, now the nine dragon corpse, such as the great wall of steel slowly decline from the cliff, copper coffin also be driven by the slowly slide forward.

“Boom boom”

Nine giant dragon corpse and the bronze coffin came out a rumbling sound when sliding, ultimately accelerate the speed and falling down from the steep cliffs.

All the people are scared until cold sweat, on the other side of the hill unexpectedly precipitous rock and sheer cliffs, if the lid of the coffin opened and they do not rush out, the consequences will be unimaginable.

After nine huge dragon corpse and bronze coffin falling off to cliff, long time did not send any noise of plunging to the ground, this makes all the people looked at each other, very surprised.

At the moment, there is no giant bronze coffin block the line of sight, you can clearly see the scene of cliff side.

“Are we standing on a huge crater?” A lot of people are surprised.

Because, actually the so-called precipitous rock and sheer cliffs is a deep crater.

“It’s not a crater, it’s impossible had such a thick volcano.”

Watch carefully you can find that, there are nine mountains connected with each other, formed a huge ravine. According to the convention, which it should be a spacious valley, can has a glance in the end, this is because the nine mountain is not high up to the sky.

However, looked down it is dark, no end, like ripped through the Yellow Road of hell directly, have no bottom.

The abyss of nine mountain surrounded like endless, after nine huge dragon corpse and bronze coffin falling down, it cannot heard any echo, seems cannot fall to the end forever.

“How deep is it, really hard to imagine!”

“This is where, how can there be such a huge abyss……”

People wonder, vaguely feel that this world is not as it surface which seems quiet and peaceful.
After Yefan looking around the scenery, said: “Did you found it, there is no colored altar, we like fall from the sky falling here, rather than appeared from the Stargate.”

Heard him say so, everyone was surprised, and notice that really do not has colored altar. But the peak of hills has not been hit by copper coffin until collapse, not even a giant pit, just split to several large cracks.

If really fall from the sky and hit here, the impact is hard to imagine, but the mountain is no battered traces, things had some abnormal.
“No colored altar, why we will appear at here, don’t is universe broke down in the legend, be stranded at here?” This joke is not good, no one smiled, all glancing around, then mused.

“There are a half of stone monument……” At this moment, Zhang Ziling suddenly said.

There is a piece of rubble on the top of the mountain, there are several lines of vigorous ancient wood, accompanied by several lines of bucket size old vines, between the vines folded around, there is a half broken stone monument, traces of artificial buffing is obviously.

They quickly walked forward, opened the withered vine, brushed off the fallen leaves and twigs on monument, suddenly felt the quaint, above it engraved with three archaic, the stroke of penmanship is forcible and vigorous like dragon, flowing with smell of ages, also don’t know how many years.

“What is written?” A lot of people don’t know.

Yefan read for a long time, there is still some uncertainty, said: “there seems to be three words ‘Huang Gu Jing’. (wild)

‘Huang Gu Jing, what does it means, no coherence.” They cannot figure out its meaning.

“This is a piece of broken stone monument, the following should also have the word, but after the monument body broken it has no way to restore it.” Pangbo opened the vines, remove the weeds, many gravel found at there, like hit by thunder and broken.

The three word should be the name of the mountain or the abyss.” Zhou Yi revealed the look of thought, said: “words that can be linked with word of ‘Jin'(no) is really not a lot of, most likely the next word is ‘Di’ (ground).”

“This is not even a ‘Huang Gu Jing Di’ (wild forbidden place)?” One of the students read these four words, instantly face change the color, other people are also frowned.

This name is really difficult to make people have a good association, a lot of people are worried about it.

“The vicinity of abyss most probably not a pure and holy land……” Some people say.

It is not only pure and holy, as if written like the inscription, it maybe not a good place.

“Did you all noticed, there seems to be no birds nearer it, too quiet!” Wang Ziwen is more cautious, feel something wrong.

“It is true!” Everyone nodded together.

There are flowers, grass, vines, a tree, the surface looks vibrant, but a closer look there is unusual, there is no animal around it. The huge mountain, cannot hear the roar of bird and beast, cannot see the traces of insects, static to almost dead!

No more cicadas in ancient trees, no grasshopper in the grass, no birds in the sky, there is only silence.
Pangbo very optimistic, said: “anyway, there are lush vegetation, such environment is enough to keep us alive. In addition there are inscriptions, this planet must has human, I don’t believe such a beautiful world would be a dull monotony of land. “

“Who says no animal, who says there is no bird in the sky, you look……” At this time Yefan had a new discovery, the fingers point at the distant horizon.

Far away in the sky, there seems to be an eagle hover, very special, because it whole body golden color, though far apart, still can feel the kind of brilliant, like gold casting, full-bodied with glitter.

At this time, golden color of the eagle fly to this regional for a distance, more and more clear. It’s then swooped into a mountainous area. After a while swooped into the sky, claws has more than a prey, fly toward the cliff at far away.

“I…… I am not wrong?!” See this scene, Pangbo which always careless stuttering on the spot.

Other people are almost petrifaction, like mud wood carving in a daze, couldn’t believe my eyes.

“How do I feel…… The Golden claws of eagle…… Seem to catch a giant elephant?” Li Changqing was hesitating in speaking, feel mouth parched and tongue scorched.

“It is not as it seems, but at all!” Wang Ziwen continue his words, said: “can grab a giant elephant, it is unbelievable! You can imagine that how great the golden eagle……” Here he was a little speechless.

Obviously, all make a wrong judgment, because the distance is too far away misjudged its size, it should be a head of super huge exotic birds of prey.

Yefan gaze to the sky at far away, said: “impossible to have a giant eagle. It was covered with golden, shining golden light, the figure is huge boundless, like the myths and legends of the golden winged big bird!”

Hear these words, the presence of all people is petrifaction.

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