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The Mysterious Fruit

The Peng Niao (big birds) in legendary had mentioned in many ancient books, such as the《Shen Yi Jing》and 《Shui Jing Zu》also had description, one of the most famous book is《Xiao Yao Yu》.

“There is a fish in north, name is Kun, Kun very big, do not know its thousands of miles. It transform to birds, the name is Peng, Peng anger and fly, its wings like the clouds of sky.”

Zhuang Zi with unrestrained, magnificent style, draws the bird’s image which can fly 90000 miles, read it make people amazed.

Obviously this is somewhat not conform to common sense of existence of things, even a huge birds it is impossible to have such a figure, this is the extremely exaggerated description by ancients. But what make people not understand is that in many other ancient literature it also have records of Peng Niao, even in many ancient books had mention that Peng Niao does exist, but did not same in the legend which bigger like thousands of miles.

This let people have various associations, between the distant ancient world really had a bird called “Peng” exist?

Zhou Yi and others watched the gold vestiges like gold casting disappeared in a cliff, all show a shocked look.

“The bird in the legend!” A lot of people shocked after of the petrifaction, this is a shock from the heart, easy to tear a giant elephant, rushed up, what had grabbed seems to be a mouse or rabbit, the huge body shape make people be struck dumb, the huge power make people terrified.

Cade be poker-faced, said: “the huge bird…… Belonging to Falconiformes Raptor, which is a…… new species, is one…… great discovery.”
“Stay away!” Pangbo facing the foreigner which one track minds is really a little speechless, now already what time, still with a scientific perspective to consider things, also do not think that how to come here.

You need have a better attitude.” Li Xiaoman show unhappy look, long eyelashes trembling, beautiful eyes glanced at him.
“I didn’t say you……” Pangbo softly whispered.

“What kind of world we have come to?” After calm down, all people have to think about the problem.

Shuttle in the dull monotony of the universe, come to the stars where the big dipper located, enter such a mysterious world, don’t really came to the place of gods?

How to survive, this is the problem that all people are considering, the road ahead is unknown, everything needs to be carefully considered.

Many people hold tightly the gods artifacts in hands, but at the moment all statue of Buddha has lost its luster, and even some of them have cracked, a crackle appeared, completely damaged.

Last some divine power of artifacts of gods is absorbed by the ancient bronze coffin, at the moment there is no longer brilliance in circulation, holding in his hand and holding the copper is not much difference. But they are not discarded, hope that gods artifacts can be reaccumulation of glory, for future use, if can repair, it will be their largest rely in future.

“Gollum” (stomach sound)

Don’t know who stomach sounded, many people feel very awkward, people always want to eat and drink, many people move a step, looking for hidden place to shit.
“Need face when death, it is suffer……” Pangbo twisted his mouth, said: ” I had the foresight, at the ruined temple in Mars had left my great traces, I think even further past for hundreds of years it will be one of the greatest witness that mankind had explore the stars!”


Yefan just drink the water and sudden gush out, the mineral water bottle in the hands also almost falling down.

“I said brother please don’t say this when I was drinking. It would be dead.”

Next to the people cannot bear with two of them, they move the pace, all very awkward to solve their own problems.

Pangbo laughing after see the manner of the people, and then deliberately cough a few times toward a certain range of, immediately let the people behind the big tree shaking, solve their own problems are not too smooth.

Pangbo “hei hei” laugh twice and then crouched down, picked up two pieces of stone and thrown out, the vine in distant came out a angry shouts of Li Changqing: “Who, who is so wicked?” Accompanied by the Liu Yunzhi who very angry.

Seeing this guy pick up a stone again, want to throw toward the direction of Li Xiaoman, Yefan hurried stop him.

See all have been out, Pangbo immediately made a serious face, and then pulled Yefan and started wandering around on the top of the hill, want to see what fruit can eat.

Although Yefan had keep a large packages of crocodile bodies in colored altar on Mars, but not to the critical moment two people really don’t want to endure vomiting to eat it.

“There is a fountain pool.” Pangbo suddenly see it.

In front of ten meters distance, a few lines of vines which thickness like bucket surround a piece of land, there is a one meter square fountain pool, gurgling, like dew fountain.

Next to the fountain had growth of ten strains of half meter tall trees, leaves larger, glistening green, shaped like a person’s palm, as if some small people standing there. The top of each tree is hung with a red fruit, like cherry, but are so big like chicken egg.

Yefan and Pangbo passed through the vines, hurried across it, across the distance can smell the aroma of fruit, two people’s saliva almost flow out. After all, has a day and a night didn’t eat, the stomach has been hungry for long time, if cannot find something can eat, two people are ready to eat the meat of crocodile God.
“How fragrant, I’ve never seen so fragrant fruit.”

Come nearer the fruit are more fragrance, even the Chen Xiang (one type of wines) for thousands of years also need to cover down.

“Aroma of fruits, will it be toxic?” Two people are somewhat uncertain, because the more gorgeous is the more attractive, often will has toxic.

“Anyway, so fragrant fruit, even has poison I also willing to try, I don’t want to eat those crawler which drill in human brain.”

“Or you try to eat first, your physique very strong, if there is poison certainly can suffer it.”

“I think your rough skin and flesh, immune to all poison, the most suitable for drug test.”

Two people are very cheerful, even come to a strange world, no sad, but with optimistic attitude to face it.

Yefan pick a red fruit, tray in hand seems very attractive, glittering and translucent, like red carved jade.

At this time, Pangbo also picked a bright red fruit, said: “no, this fruity too tempting, I couldn’t help it, taste first.”

“Let me come first.”

Two people gently bite almost at the same time, when bright red peel breaking at the moment, suddenly let people feel that a shares of fragrant aroma billowed into the internal organs, permeates the whole body.

“Delicious!” Pangbo almost want to swallow fingers, juice flow out, red, fragrant aroma, here full of fragrant.

“Has never eaten such delicious fruit, is really very hungry?” After two people eat the first fruit, and wait for a moment, only feel the body is full of energy without any other discomfort.

“No poison.”

“What waiting for, go on!”
Two people sitting in one meter square of fountain pool, began to eat like wolves and tigers, juice splattered. Hunger to a certain extent, almost want to swallow their tongue, not to say when facing such a sweet fruit.

But each person only ate four and stop down, Ye Fan said: ” take over a few to Yi Yi and Zhang Ziling.”
“It should, they also must be hungry.”

This half meter tall trees all green and luxuriant, is very extraordinary, but each plant only the top knot with a fruit, around the fountain only totally growth of thirteen trees like Jasper, at the moment only left five pieces of glowing red and brilliant fruit.

Pangbo breath, leaned down and smell the gurgling fountain, said: “is strange, this spring seems to have some kind of aroma”.

Yefan lifted some springs, smell a little fragrance, although very light tastes, but it does exist, said: “these small trees can produce this strange fruit, mostly in relation with the spring pool.”

Pangbo drink spring water, said: “there is a touch of sweet, but only is the taste had some special, after drinking no feel.” He poured out water from a few bottles of mineral water, and began to fill in this faint fragrance of spring.

Two people take a break for a while, after eating fruit, drink some water, and then take off the remaining five fruits. When on the way go back Pangbo whispered: “don’t you feel after eating the fruit, tired seems to be swept away, now I feel energetic.”

Yefan is also strange, heard so immediately nodded, said: “this red fruit seems really not generally.”

This time, all people had solve their own problems, some people look the distance, check the terrain, some people gathered together to discuss where to go.

When Yefan and Pangbo came after, immediately came a fragrance of fruit, once all people’s eyes were attracted, a lot of people all involuntarily swallowed saliva, a lot of people already has the feeling of hunger.

“Yiyi, to you, faster eat it.” Pangbo plug two pieces of red fruit to the hands of Yiyi, the fruit shining sparkling light below the sunlight.

Li Changqing stood not far away, the smell of the attractive fruit, suddenly couldn’t bear: “Pangbo, where you find the fruit, hurriedly give everyone, all are hungry.”
After talking he came up, don’t make himself as outsider, seems to forget that not long time ago is still malicious towards Yefan, almost cause Yefan death, take the other three fruits from Pangbo.

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