Shrouded 029


“You are really like horse do not know how long the face, cattle do not know the horn, never seen so shameless people.” Pangbo opened his hand, inclined his one eye, keep away the three pieces of fragrant fruit.

“How can you talk like that?” Li Changqing face some hang up, said: “we are students, together come to a strange world, should help each other. Now we are very hungry, find something that can eat we should share it, don’t you want to eat alone?”

“Bah, you say what?” Pangbo sneer: “who is eating chocolate secretly in the copper coffin, then why didn’t you think of ‘we’ these two words? Now show up an appearance of a strong sense of righteousness, don’t make me nausea, see you make me hate more than crocodile reptile. Stay away, lazy to ignore you!”

Li Changqing suddenly face pale, he is impossible to admit it, argued for a few, but it is feeble.

Even though Pangbo while talking very vigorous, but it does not mean his thought is not careful, he naturally know the intention of Li Changqing, can get the food is better, if cannot get it will isolated Pangbo and Yefan, after all, there are many people in the presence, not assigned to these people, their heart is certainly some views.

“Sorry to you all, many monk little meat, only pick a total of five fruit, is really not enough to share. The body of Yiyi is too thin, giver her two, I think all no opinion, right?” Pangbo did not look at all people, separate the fruit itself, said: “Zhang Ziling gives you one.” Said and throwing towards, and then added: “the five pieces of fruit are pick by me and Yefan, however also need to reward us.”

Pangbo take the fourth fruit and directly insert into the mouth of Yefan, as for the fifth shiny fruit had bite by himself of the majority of the pulp.

Five fruits have been divided off, Liu Yiyi said: “I…… I eat half is okay, or divide it to others.” She wanted to return the glowing red fruit, Yefan pushed back, said: “don’t worry, here dense vegetation, certainly can find a lot of wild fruit.”

Pangbo also stare, asked her to eat, do not let her give to others. He know this kind of fruit is not generally, after eat it is very energetic, swept away the tired, must have other benefits that we don’t know.

“But……” Liu Yiyi some embarrassed, looked around the people.

“Yiyi you are so kind, can’t like that.” Pangbo whispered: ” a lot of people have chocolate in their arms, but no one take it out to share with others.”

See Yefan also nodded to her, Liu Yiyi accept it.

“I’ve got some chocolate here, all of you divide it.” This time, Liu Yunzhi suddenly come on, handed out a few packets of chocolate let others share it.

“Let me tell!” Pang Bo was very angry, this is** naked face, hated until teeth itch, but only can withstand this invisible slap in the face, even jump out also nothing to say.

“Still Yunzhi has sense of justice!” Li Changqing opened a piece of chocolate insert in his mouth, while eating and said it, at the same time also don’t forget to look at Yefan and Pangbo.

“Together face the trouble, can see the heart of people……” the female students who always follow in the side of Liu Yunzhi also say so.

This let Pangbo’s face more embarrassment, scold in a low voice: ” why don’t you take it out earlier, now the mountain full of plants, certainly be able to find wild fruit. Chocolate has no much effect, now take it out posturing, I said he boards.”

“A distant journey tests the strength of a horse and a long task proves the character of a man, subsequent go to the outside of world, I follow you Yunzhi.” Li Changqing deliberately made such an expression, and then sighed, said: “Oh!” Still don’t forget to sweep one eye on Pangbo and Yefan.

Had rubbed a slap in the face by Liu Yunzhi, and satire by a man and a woman on his side, make Pangbo very angry until want to pulled over him for beaten, but under the watchful eyes of the people he can endure.

All looking the mountain shape and topography in distant, determine the direction and think that along this direction will escaped from the mountain at shortest period of time, reach the place that inhabited.

No delay too much time, all along the mountain go downward, and then enter the forest carefully move forward, each of them holding a stick in hand, against a beast attack, after all, the artifacts of gods is almost useless.

But walk for half day, don’t say a large beast, even a soil mouse did not see, and also did not see birds.

“It is forbidden place, even the birds are not here……” Li Changqing said himself.

Pangbo said wryly: “you should be glad, if face the large beast, you will pray that escape to a place where even a bird not exist.”

Mountain vegetation is lush, they picked up many fruits, temporarily alleviate the food problem. But until the sky is black, there is no way out of the mountains, the endless mountains seems to have no end, over a hill and a mountain.

“Will we go for wrong direction, it is move forward to the depths of the forest?” Some people doubt, but eventually they decided to continue.

The sky has been dark, and people have to stop in the mountains, decided to go on the road at second day.

This is a disturbing night, at the midnight all people hear the creepy roar, the voice shrill and huge, and accompanied by chains crashed sound, let all people are feeling cool from head to the feet.

In this gloomy woods, really scary, like ghosts with shackles in the struggle, the voice make people palpitation.

“As if…… sound came out from the depths of the wild forbidden place.” Many people are trembling with fear, looked toward the great abyss which surround by nine mountain in the distant.

At night, the shady trees, old trees and forest, swing in the wind, like a shadowy ghost.
Roar become more enormous, the whole piece of the mountain slightly vibrate, the trees at nearer is constantly shaking, many leaves rustling fall down.

A gloomy chill spread from the abyss of the wild forbidden place, which makes all aghast, need to know that it is very far apart from there, still can feel the terrible smell which really scary.

“Bang bang”, “bang bang”……

A huge vibration sound pass to very far in the night, like a huge monster in thrash the metal, let the mountains vibrate.

People face changed color, all think of a place.

“Nine giant dragon corpse and bronze coffin falling into the abyss……”
“Is it……”

The dull and powerful impact, like a sound where people hit the giant bronze coffin, let people feel a surge of dense cold, the hairs on the body are inverted vertical up.

“That is…… What?!”

Many people’s heart in shocked to the extreme, also fear to the extreme, the giant bronze coffin mysterious, until now they are don’t understand it, what was it that was in the bomb? Need to know that the giant coffin bronze can easily absorb all the power of God artifacts..

“Wild forbidden place, meaning that the place is forbidden from ancient?”

“Since the ancient no people dare to step in here……”

“Bang bang”, “bang bang”……

The huge sound deafening, flung hit sound, trill sound of copper coffin resounded through the world. The earth shook and the trees around it shook constantly, leaves scattered, swirl.
Roaring sound revealing anger, shrill and more terrible, it is hard to imagine what is it in the abyss.

“We should be glad, if not the nine dragon corpse and giant bronze coffin fell into the abyss, attracted the attention of the things, I’m afraid at night it will rush out, if like that we are difficult to survive…”

This is likely to be a matter of fact, after all, here known as the wild forbidden place, even the animals did not dare to stop, can imagine that here is horror, it is certainly a bad place, something terrible exists.

“Things that exist in wild ancient ago…… really , cannot imagine!”

“It seems that it is temporarily unable to export the mysterious giant bronze coffin, fortunately, is like this.”

This is a sleepless night, many people could not sleep.


Suddenly, a violent thunder sound, that mountain in distant, abyss suddenly earthquake, spewing out endless black fog, completely where obscured the sky, all the stars disappear, exceptionally depressed.

“Boom boom”

Suddenly, all the black fog in a moment have been sucked into the abyss, the stars in the sky shining in a instant, but the people have seen a very shocking picture.

There is a faint shadow, cannot see whether is the man or beast, shaking with hundreds feet long rough chains roaring in the sky, fierce deterrence in the world! At far apart can see clearly, can imagine how thick the iron chains, the roar sound deafening, suddenly almost shock the people in mountains until fainted, billowing sonic let human ear ache.

That thing is tied by huge iron chains, with shackles, but the chain waving! It is fierce, like accumulation of power, after a shrill scream, suddenly rush into the abyss.

“Bang bang”, “bang bang”……

The sound of giant bronze coffin being hit sound again.

“You say is it want to open the coffin in the coffin?”

“This should be, after all the big coffin has been opened, there was no need for him to break it.”

Everyone are surprise and fear, untill after midnight the abyss start to calm down, no sound came out, all in groggy sleep.

The next day, the sun has risen very high, all the people have wake up, next to a stream had a wash, picking wild fruit edible, and continue on the road.

Already walk for two or three hours, they also not resting on the road, they desperately want to get out of here, the wild forbidden place really makes people upset, must be get out of the area before the arrival of the night.

At noon, the hot sun is hanging in the sky, there are trees shade. When climbing a mountain, someone heard the roar of the beast from distant.

“Soon, we should be able to get out of the forbidden area before dark.”
“Well, you see the distant mountains is it has some buildings?” Wang Ziwen suddenly finger point in front of the mountain, it is a very large mountain, and the distance was far away, across several peaks, but the small hills were unable to block it.

“It really a building, seems to be rolling into pieces!”

All show a pleasant surprise, can reach there before it was dark.

“Hey, there seems to be a crane flying there, it won’t be a place of fairy, aren’t there a fairy……” Some people thinking is scattered, instantly think of the fairy in legend.

All speed up the pace going forward, a group of three on the road, two’s together, a lot of people have been in softly talk, into inhabited areas, want to separate to develop.

At this time, Yefan noted that Liu Yiyi has some grievances and unhappy, asked: “what’s wrong with you?”

“Wang Yan take my beads to have a looked, not give back to me……” Liu Yiyi feel little injustice and a little angry.

“Is she? It must be Liu Yunzhi!” Pangbo very angry at the time, Wang Yan is who together with the female students around the Liu Yunzhi, always aimed at Yefan and Pangbo.

Yefan hear it and did not say anything, big step walk forward, stopped Liu Yunzhi, Wang Yan and Li Changqing, stretch hand and said: “give me!”

“What are you talking about?” Li Changqing asked.

“Nonsense, give me the beads!” Yefan is not without a temper, but only restrained, once anger it is very terrible.

“Well, you’re saying this thing.” Wang Yan explained: “I just play a moment only, later on, I felt like it, so exchanged it from Yiyi with my bells.”

Yefan look back to Liu Yiyi, at this moment other people also stopped, looking back over.

“I…… I don’t exchange with her, is she took the rosary, the bells…… stuff into my hands.” Liu Yiyi very grievance, a bit uneasy in the eyes of people , delicate and touching.
“Yiyi you cannot say like that, obviously you are willing to exchange.” Wang Yan said.

“Give me! I don’t want to talk nonsense.” At this moment, Yefan swept several eyes towards Liu Yunzhi, Wang Yan and Li Changqing three people, said: “I have no patience, seeing it to escape, you don’t self wrong!”

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