Shrouded 031

Thrown Into the Tiger Hole

Wang Ziwen sat in the distance, heard a few words, could not help and ask Yefan: “what happened?”

Yefan turned to look at Pangbo, said: “are you using the phone to record it, play it to listen by everyone.”

At this time, other people also have noticed the situation of the other side, all look to the direction of Yefan.

Pangbo very clearly and understand, if want to fight need to hold a word “Li” (truth), better to explain it in front of all the people. His face is very ugly, said: “Liu Yunzhi, Li Changqing, Wang Yan they want to harm me and Yefan.”

When said until here, he was very angry, said: “these three be as cruel as a wolf, let them go again and again, don’t quarrel with him, but they don’t know somehow, incredibly still want to kill us!”

These words came out, suddenly let everyone surprised, all the eyes focused on his body, very puzzled asked: “how, exactly what had happened?”

Pangbo press a few keys on the mobile phone, immediately there is a recording.

“Shit, I can’t swallow this tone, it can’t be so!” This is Li Changqing’s voice.

Then Liu Yunzhi’s gloomy voice came out, said: “first let him live for two days, I will make him death!”

“What, you…… You want to kill two of them?” Li Changqing and Wang Yan seem to be surprised.

“Well, if have them don’t have me, if have me don’t have them!” Although is recording, but still can hear that Liu Yunzhi gnash the teeth in anger.

“But we cannot fight with that barbarians who looks very quiet, plus the Pangbo be an eyesore which confused, there is no way.” Li Changqing’s voice some anger and frustration.

Liu Yunzhi sneer and said: “it doesn’t matter, my Vajra copper appeared a touch of divine, I think after a night it will be able to grow a bit, when the time comes unexpectedly, can kill both of them.”

Cell phone came the ruthless voice of Li Changqing, said: “good, since that is the case, there is nothing to be afraid of, be sure to kill them!”
“Wang Yan, at that time you say sorry to Liu Yiyi, and bring her to the other side. I always feel that her rosary is not simple, there may be remain some of a divine power. Unfortunately, let you going to exchange with her but make it like this.” Liu Yunzhi’s voice was very unhappy.
“All right!” Finally Wang Yan’s tone is also cold down, promised requirements of Liu Yunzhi.

Liu Yunzhi, hoarse voice muttered: ” cannot take action in front of others. This is a trouble, need to plan it.”


Pangbo close cell phone cover, said: “All had heard it, these three wolf want to make me and Yefan dead, this time, don’t blame we don’t cares for classmate friendship.”

At this moment, Yefan strides forward, said nothing. Pangbo followed, Zhang Ziling quickly followed up, the others all stood up, follow them entered the woods.

When see Yefan and Pangbo strode to, Li Changqing and Wang Yan had something, suddenly shudder with fear, Liu Yunzhi face is gloomy to pole.

“Often let both of you go, do not care about you, but you want to kill two of us, this time if let both of you go, my name Pang Bo these two word will write invert!”

“You…… You talk nonsense!” Li Changqing was out of the cold sweat.

Wang Yan’s face was very pale, explain it very panic: “You…… What are you talking about, I don’t understand.”

Pangbo also said nothing, directly play a recording once again.

At this moment, Wang Yan and Li Changqing suddenly panicked, and Liu Yunzhi’s face began to pale, in front of the fact they are inexcusable.

“We only say angry words, how can take it seriously……” Li Changqing cried, and now he was completely terrified.

“Angry words? Do you think that all people in present are three years old kids? All know what is going on.” Zhang Ziling which always be scanty of words said.

“Liu Yunzhi you should not like that, how can give birth to this kind of thought, is really confused!” Wang Ziwen’s facial expression is very serious.
Lin Jia shake one’s head and sigh: “we are classmate, how can you be so cruel?”

“That’s too much! Even the students who come together to this world also want to kill, you do not have human nature?” Other people also have words, all accused the three person in front of.

Lastly Zhou Yi frowned, said: “between students need desperately? Hurry apologize to Yefan and Pangbo…….”

Liu Yunzhi three of them face become pale, at this moment hate want to find a seam drill down.

“Don’t apologize, say yes and mean no, can have what sincerity and effect.” Yefan see Zhou Yi, and turned to look to the others, said: “they have give birth to this idea, if I can calmly face it, it is self deception. Some people always want to find an opportunities to kill us, I couldn’t prevent for whole day?”

Talk until here, Yefan strides forward.

Liu Yunzhi’s face was white, without a little redness of the skin, immediately hold the Vajra copper in the hands, eyes flashed a trace of panic.

Wang Yan panic and said:” You…… What are you going to do?”

Li Changqing quailed, looked very flustered, urged Liu Yunzhi: “faster use the Vajra copper!”

Both of them know that, this time Yefan will not ignore their existence, once take action certainly will not give up.

Pangbo also followed, but Yefan stopped him, said: “this time I as evil, a do until end!” He took over the copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin Shi” from the hands of Pangbo.

Yefan carry it with a single hand, came forward.

“You…… You don’t come!” Wang Yan exclaimed.

Yefan did not see her, first of all walk towards Liu Yunzhi and Li Changqing.

At this moment, Liu Yunzhi suddenly push Li Changqing toward Yefan, stand in front of his body, and then hold the Vajra copper, waving vigorously, shouting: “go to die!”


Yefan waving the copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin Shi” with single hand, such as pumping in a scarecrow, all of a sudden pumping Li Changqing until flying out to four or five meters away, can imagine that how much of strength.

At the back, the people were secretly surprised, think that Yefan is really worthy of the “barbarians” nickname, the strength is bigger surprisingly.

Pangbo watch on Li Changqing which fell on the ground, said wryly: “this is what you say ‘justice Yunzhi’? At the key moment push you to block out the knife, it is generous!”

Li Changqing feeling half of the body very pain, bone seems to have broken into several root, struggling to stand up, but was step by Pangbo who stepped forward, and difficult to move.


At this time, Yefan hold the copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin Shi” and heavily hit on Vajra copper, the hands of Liu Yunzhi has a fine of glory shine, but cannot stop the power!

The copper plaque of “Da Lei Yin Shi” in Yefan’s hands does not emit light, but his force is infinite, whirl up just like a mountain in shock.

“Dang dang dang”

Successive three metallic sound vibrato, Liu Yunzhi hit by Yefan and lying on the ground, kneeling there, the arms seems to be broken, constantly spasm, Vajra copper rolled aside and had keep by Yefan.
This time, Zhang Ziling came to and bring Wang Yan to nearer.

“You…… What would you like?” Liu Yunzhi’s face become pale, press by the heavy copper plaque on the body, kneeling in front of Yefan.

Yefan heard and smile dully, said: “what do you want? Want to be at ease, not to be remembered by other.”

“You…… What are you going to do?” Liu Yunzhi completely panicked, shouted toward people not far away: “we are classmates, don’t let him……”

“Have you ever heard of a kind of punishment in ancient times, specifically created for the vicious criminal, is killed in a rock or cliff alive.”

“You…… Not!” Liu Yunzhi panic and shouting, but unable to resist, hand up by Yefan with single hand, like catch a small chickens walk out from the woods, carry to archaic stone in front of which engraved with four ancient words “Huang Gu Jing Di”.

Pangbo and Zhang Ziling held on to Li Changqing and Wang Yan separately, also came with.

“No, help!” Three people cried out in fear.

Yefan this is not good, even they wrong but also classmates, you cannot be so hasty disposal of their life and death.” Zhou Yi complexion is not happy, at this moment he said to stop it.

“Yes, don’t do this, after all, it is three lives, even they false also should not kill them, give them a chance to make amends.” Three or four person follow the persuasion.

Yefan turned over and face with all people, said: “in fact, I really do not want to do so. But give them a way out, it is equal to open a dead end for me.”

Suddenly, Yefan dull expression, he see a cave inside the wall of stone, there are two tiger cubs with stripe winding open mouth to him, although only a feet long, but have breathe of fierce beast.

Sabre-toothed tiger!

Yefan immediately a surprised, this species in the earth has been extinct, cannot think that today can actually see it, although looks very young, but can clearly see the sharpness and long teeth gleaming.

Here is a nest of saber-toothed tiger, adult tigers go out for hunt, if not all the people will be in danger.

At the moment, except Zhou Yi dissuade, there are other people persuade, said: “Yefan don’t impulse, give them a chance, kill the students is not good……”

Yefan had see everything inside the caves, once turns body and facing people, said: “I have no quarrel with him, but they generate malicious intent, want to kill me and Pangbo, what I do is completely to protect myself. But all of you do not hope that self mutilation among the students themselves, so I listen to the people, give them a chance.”
Pangbo listen to this words immediately don’t do, said: “still give them an opportunity? Was waiting to be killed by them!”

Yefan shake his head, seems have profound meaning and watch on Pangbo, said: “first tied up three of them, stay here for a period of time, cannot let this three people follow us.”

Even though Pangbo reluctantly, but he very understand Yefan, see he eyes like had profound meaning, he know that he must have plan, so say nothing.

Liu Yunzhi catch by Yefan, and did not see behind the cliff had two tiger cubs, naturally do not know why Yefan change his mind, heart constantly rejoice, finally, I can survive.

Soon, Liu Yunzhi, Li Changqing, Wang Yan had tied tightly, the rope is their body belt and clothes which had torn into strips. Finally, at Yefan’s request, the mouth of three of them is blocked up.

Yefan picked up Liu Yunzhi and came to the cave, and then he directly thrown him in. When Pangbo and Zhang Ziling came near, suddenly stunned, the two cubs are grinning, here unexpectedly is a nest of tiger!

Pangbo reluctant face suddenly sweep away, almost shouting loudly, finally he understood that why Yefan changed his mind. Thrown this three people into the tiger hole, no more decision suitable than this punishment, and certainly a adult tiger in the vicinity, afraid that not long time it will come back.

“Hum……”(cry) Liu Yunzhi’s face was green, desperately shouting, but only heard sound of “wow”, simply cannot shout a word.

Pangbo and Zhang Ziling follow it, throw the Li Changqing and Wang Yan into a nest of tiger.

In the suggestion of Yefan, Pangbo and Zhang Ziling, all of them hurried on, because it is not suitable to stay here for long time. Just go out two or three miles from the direction at behind, and then the back came out the roaring of tiger like shaking heaven and earth……

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