Shrouded 012

Zhang Ying Huo

“Don’t talk nonsense, when the bronze coffin rolled around, the inner coffin did not move at all. Surely it’s just the lid that moved.” Lin Jia said calmly, without a hint of losing stability.

The nine giant dragon corpses were up to a hundred meters, scales were awe-inspiring, completely black. Not far away, the bronze coffin is 20 metres long and the colored altar, bringing people with a strong sense of unease.

“I think we should go check the light together.”

“I also think we should move together.”

Many of the people who suggested, obviously felt fear, almost no one wants to stay here again. Eventually, everyone agreed to collective explore that light.

All of this land is made up of reddish-brown soil and gravel, empty desert, huge rocks are just things lying around.

Just passing one of the boulders, Liu Zhi with a surprised voice, “That rock has a writing on it.”

Around the rock side facing the light source, you can clearly see the two huge ancient word engraved on stone body, every ancient word big enough to be five or six meters high, silver hooks cutting, majestic , like two dragons circling together.

The font is more complicated than it is now, it should be from ancient times, do not know how many years. They assembled in front of a stone wall, gazing vigorously at the two characters, a lot of people frowned, it is difficult to identify the meaning.

“It seems to be a bell-cauldron script(Chinese characters used in metal inscriptions) , the first word should be ‘ dazzled ‘.” Zhou Yi worked out the first word his puckering up his eyebrows, whispered: “How did we come to this place…”

“In the bell-cauldron script, the second word is ‘bewilder’.” Yefan worked out the word without thinking, he seems calm, but the meaning of the two words represent really shocking things in his mind.

Bewilder, why is it bewilder? He couldn’t believe all this, could not help but look up to the skies, but now it is very dark, the stars have yet to come.

“Ying Huo, what does that mean?” (TL: Ying Huo directly translated means Mars, however I’m unsure if that is what the author really means.”

“Is Ying Huo a place?”

A lot of people didn’t understand, they do not understand the meaning of these two words.

Zhouyi heard “bewilder” as the second word, Yefan’s heart severely shook, and he looked a bit white, said: “A glimmer of flame, extremely confusing. We are really … … there is no way back. ”

“What do you mean, where are we?” The people were anxious and doubtful.

Wang Ziwen also hearing the word also understood, he explained, “I’m afraid we are not in Earth, glimmer like fire, called bewilder, in ancient times means an ominous sign.”

Years ago, the ancients would have noticed Mars red, often varying in brightness, flickering like fire. And movements in the sky, and sometimes from the West to the East, and from East to West, it’s complicated and confusing, “The flickering firelight, it was puzzling”, in ancient times called Ying Huo.

Ancient emperors had a superstition, they feared the sphere, when it appeared it is seen as an ominous sign, emperors immediately sacked the prime minister. Regarding this superstition, commoners didn’t believe in it.

“Oh my God!” Cade around Li Xiaoman tracked mind, understanding that Mars is the meaning of the Chinese word, caught red-brown soil and beat rock, constantly observing the geology, surprised again and again shouted.

“How is that possible?” A lot of people stunned and couldn’t believe this fact.

“This piece of reddish-brown earth beneath us was …Mars, we are no longer on Earth?!” All who heard the results was stunned, doesn’t make any sense at all.

Half an hour ago, at the top of Mount Tai, after half an hour, now standing in the planet Mars, this is simply inconceivable!

Lin Jia was a tall, enchanting scene, beautiful white cheeks, slanted eyes over to the crowd said, “Now, we’ve only seen this stone, still cannot be certain whether we really are in Mars.”

“But, it is said on the dry surface of Mars red soil is everywhere, are the things we are seeing not true?” There was a tearful female student who spoke.

Humans in the early 60 ‘s had shot space probes to explore Mars, in 1997 the “Mars Pathfinder” successfully landed on the surface of Mars.
Exploring for several decades, humans are no longer ill-informed about mars, they obtained a lot of information.

“Martian soil contains a lot of iron oxide, due to long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, the Mars is like a rusty world, exactly like the scene we see around us…we really left Earth, standing on another planet at the moment?!” A male student clenched his fists and his knuckles were black.

“If we are standing on Mars, and I don’t think we can survive without enough oxygen, the air temperature is also not suitable…” said Li Xiaoman, although her face is very pale, but these after uttering these words, it let a lot of people have a glimmer of hope.
Yefan, Pagbo and some others processing this were pretty calm, they are convinced they are not in Earth, they already saw worse things. They also accepted what is to come, there is nothing much aside from it.

They stop in front of this stone for a long time, finally moved away, continued to walk toward the faint light in the distance. It seems not very far, but going out more than 500 meters and still did not reach their destination appeared to be the same distance as a while ago.

Everyone was concerned, only a few people spoke, afraid they might dash their hopes.


Pangbo forced his foot to the gravel kicking, brought up smoke. Just then he exposed surprise expression, he noticed that the stones he kicked seem to be tiles.

“It’s tiles!” When he picked up the broken tiles, he immediately confirmed that this is a crude artificial made tile.

Suddenly, a crowd gathered, watching the pieces of broken tile, many people excited.

“Since there is rubble, there are certain buildings inhabited on this earth, not just a simple colored altar.”

“We’re saved!”

“We can possibly escape!”

The pessimistic mood lightened up a little, they see hope of surviving.

At this time it was already dark, with stars on the sky.

Yefan look up at the stars, now a fuzzy disc hung on the horizon, can be seen as a moon, only it is half the size of Earth’s moon., another evidenced this is not Earth. At another location, there is a fist size bright star, this star is brighter than the average lot, dim and smaller than that of the Moon. To be called a star, it is too bright however, to be called a moon, it is too tiny.
Zhouyi, Ziwen Wang, Liu Yunzhi not far away, they noticed a Yefan move, he was watching the heavens, seeing two moons in the sky, the color of their faces changed.

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