War of the Supreme Mysteries 001

Special Mission

One of the People’s Liberation Army south west bases, residences, three in the morning.

“Donford Wu (Wu Dong Fang)!” A knock came from outside the door.

“Here!” after the loud reply, the room’s door was pulled open from the inside, a young man wearing jeans peeked his head out.

“Did you wash your feet yesterday?” The major outside slid into the room, turned on the lights, and turned around towards a window and opened it.

“I don’t even have a girlfriend, why would i do that.” Donford Wu walked over to the major and took the notebook from his hands, after graduating from the military academy three years ago, he has encountered these kind of situations multiple times, when the squadron commander or a commander comes over in the middle of the night with a notebook in hand, it must be a mission, and the summary of the mission would be written in the notebook.

“You’re always this drabby, you won’t ever get a girlfriend.” The squadron commander took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it.

“This isn’t called drabby, it’s called a man’s smell.” Donford Wu snatched the cigarette from the squadron commander’s mouth, “The cheetah troops are forbidden from smoking, as the leader, you should be a role model.”

The squadron commander did not give a shit and lit another one.

After quickly scanning the contents of the notebook, Donford Wu slightly frowned, this time it was a drug trafficker mission, these kind of things were normally taken care of by the local anti-narcotics police and the special police force, and not the spec-ops.

“You’re good in the forest, you lead, the plane is taking off in twenty minutes, later, there will be more detailed information sent, you should go and read it on the plane.” The squadron commander said.

“The anti-narcotics police and the special police force are fully capable of dealing with these kinds of matters, why would they send us?” Donford Wu twitched his mouth while asking.

“They have more than forty people on their side, and they are armed, it is more suitable if we take over.” The squadron commander said.

“The special police force are only able to take care of people with knives?” Donford Wu smothered the cigarette and put on a vest.

The squadron commander stood up, “Their operation habits scared them off, bring the drugs back, but this time, not only do you have to bring them back, you have to finish off all the dealers, that way we can frighten off other traffickers.”

“Understood.” Donford Wu put on suitable pants and shouted outside the door, “Third Squad take your weapons, we are setting off in five minutes.”

When the squadron commander woke Donford Wu from bed, the three combat squads all woke up waiting for orders, after Donford Wu shouted, the corresponding combat squad immediately rushed from the residence towards the troop’s weapons locker.

“Gabe Zhang (Zhang Zhi), you haven’t graduated for long and you aren’t familiar with the situation, the mission this time is very dangerous, you should not go.” Donford Wu blocked off the last second lieutenant running off.

The second lieutenant that was blocked did not understand, he looked dumbfounded at Donford Wu, and then turned to look at the squadron commander in the room.

The squadron commander extinguished the cigarette and walked out, he reached out and pulled out the epaulettes on the second lieutenant’s shoulders, “When carrying out a mission, you must not wear your epaulettes, you can not let the adversaries know that you are the commander.”

The second lieutenant quickly nodded his head.

“Go.” The squadron commander encouragingly patted the second lieutenant’s epaulettes.

He then ran off, Donford Wu shooked his head towards the squadron commander, “Training and war are two different things, that fellow’s EQ isn’t good.”

“There is always a first time for everything.” The squadron commander clapped his hands together, “and anyway, you’re now the deputy squadron commander, he is the squad leader of third squad, what are you planning to do by making him stay here?”

Donford Wu just shook his head, the third squad was always under his command, last month, there was an adjustment of positions, he was promoted to deputy squadron commander, after that, Gabe Zhang has taken over the third squad, this was Gabe Zhang’s first mission, fighting against forty armed men in a dense forest is not a good opportunity for a rookie.

“I’ll go and bring the faxed information over to you.” The squadron commander trotted away.

Donford Wu went back into the room and pocketed the cigarette, he then took out a recording device and went to the second floor weapon locker, at this time, the soldiers have all put on bullet proof vests, spec-ops’ bullet proof vests are a lot more lighter than one’s used by normal police officers, it is worn under the camouflage .

The soldiers all have practical experience, they were clear in what kind of equipment they need, Donford Wu was checking the amount of the different explosives, bullets, etc. that needed to be brought and also told the soldiers if they needed special gear.

Fifteen minutes later, a fully equipped squad was lined up, Donford Wu gave the recorder to Gabe Zhang, going out on a mission is the same as going to battle, and in accordance to the rules, everyone must say a few words, in case they don’t come back, this was their last words.

Gabe Zhang took the recorder and pressed the record button, “Mother, father,I’m going on a mission today, don’t worry about me, no matter how dangerous the mission is, I have confidence in accomplishing it, it is impossible to be loyal to the country and be faithful to my parents, if anything happens to me, you need to take care of yourself second brother.”

After coming to this part, Gabe Zhang paused for a moment, and then continued, “My love Lin, it is uncertain if i live or die, no matter what happens, i will always love you.”

After Gabe Zhang finished up, laughter came from within the squad, hearing this, Gabe Zhang’s face turned red and hurriedly passed the recorder down.

“Victorious!” “Victorious!” “Victorious!” “Victorious!” “Victorious!” “Victorious!” “Victorious!” “Victorious!” “Victorious!”

Nine cries showed the squad’s determination, making Gabe Zhang extremely embarrassed, and he couldn’t stop himself from showing it.

Seeing Gabe Zhang was incomparably embarrassed, Donford didn’t follow procedure and shout victorious, but instead; took the recorder and quickly said, “In my room, the half bottle of Maotai (alcohol) hidden on top of the shelf, my paycard is under the pants, if I really am that lucky, then give the Maotai to the commander and the money to third aunt.”

After finishing up, Donford Wu gave the recorder to the squadron commander, and took the faxed information from his hands, he then waved his hands at the squad and said, “Get on.”

“Who was this third aunt that the deputy squadron commander talked about?” Gabe Zhang quietly asked the soldier beside him.

“Boss’ foster mother, a kind old widow.” The soldier casually replied.

When the squad got on, the two military jeeps sped away towards the military airport.

“Why are you going back there and not to the duty room?” Donford Wu turned his body around and shouted towards the squadron commander who was heading back to the residence.

“Looking for dirty items.” The squadron commander laughed.

“I drank from the bottle, i even spit into it, hey, hey, hey, did you hear me…..”

The military airport was not far from the residence, a small airplane that was all prepped was waiting for them, after everyone got on, the airplane immediately took off.

Donford Wu looked down at the fax, even though the fax had three pages, they were all mostly just the identity of the drug traffickers, their criminal record, and a description of their appearance, he didn’t look at any of these, what he was concerned about was information regarding the mission, this time, the adversaries had forty four men, all with pistols, rifles, and large amounts of grenades, they were bringing over two hundred kilos of opium.

Among the forty four people was an undercover anti narcotics police informant, this information was provided by the informant last night before he set off. Except for the mastermind, while trafficking the drugs, no was allowed to bring any communication tools, that is why their only trail was the tracker hidden on the informant’s body.

After Donford finished reading the info, he passed it over to Gabe Zhang. He then turned around to the soldier who had the imaging equipment to determine the current position of the informant, according to his current position, the drug traffickers were still in the borders of china.

“Boss, something’s wrong, why did they turn around?” the soldier asked.

“Is the informant still alive?” Donford frowned while looking at the five inch wide colour monitor.

“The tracker is still slowly moving, he should still be alive.” the soldier replied.

Hearing this information, Donford quickly considered multiple options, criminal gangs extremely hate undercover informants, once discovered, he would immediately be killed, if the informant was still alive, then that meant his identity wasn’t exposed. If the informant’s identity wasn’t exposed, why would the drug traffickers turn back.

“Is our flight path conflicted with civilian airlines that are heading towards Myanmar?” Donford Wu rushed to the cockpit and shouted, the area that the adversaries are in is a dense forest, it is extremely hard to organize such a large scale round up, the only way to threaten them is to ambush them from the air.

“There was, before we lifted off, we have already requested the mission control of the airport to take care of it.” The co-pilot took off his headphones, turned around and replied.

“The mission control would cause the flight to be delayed, the look outs at the airport would immediately notice them, this is the reason they turned around.” Donford Wu took an educated guess.

“There are a lot of reasons for a flight to be delayed, just because a flight is delayed they turned around, wouldn’t that be making a big fuss over a small matter?” Gabe Zhang said.

“Drug trafficking is a death sentence, if they are caught, they will be executed by firing squad, they don’t dare not to be careful.” Finishing up his sentence, Donford Wu turned his head around to the soldier with the imaging equipment, “How far are they from the borders?”

“Not anymore than thirty kilometers.” the soldier replied.

“How long will it take for us to reach our destination?” Donford Wu turned his head towards the cockpit.

“About one hour.” the co-pilot replied.

“At top speed, how long.” Donford Wu continued.

The pilot turned his head around, “Half an hour, but the engine noise would be too loud, it would be very hard for them not to discover this.”

Donford Wu looked at the soldiers, compared to a quiet ambush, with an open interception the risks are a lot higher, even though he can give the orders himself, he still would ask for opinions from the soldiers.

Donford Wu saw that all the soldiers nodded in agreement.

But Gabe Zhang had another opinion, “Should we ask the higher-ups?”

“It’ll be too late.” Donford Wu waved his hands and turned around towards the pilot and said, “Make the most of this half hour.”

The plane increased its speed, the shaking of the plane clearly became more dramatic, all of them took out paint and painted their faces with camouflage. Twenty minutes later, near the destination, everyone got their parachutes ready to descend.

“Check the weapons and communicators again.” Donford ordered.

“The informant’s codename is ‘grandmother’s bear’, don’t accidently hit him, all the other drug traffickers…..” Donford made a slit throat hand sign.

“Deputy squadron commander, the higher ups want us to catch these criminals, not kill them all.” Gabe Zhang took out the documents from his pocket.

Hearing this, Donford Wu slightly turned his head and glanced at Gabe Zhang, then turned and gave a glance at the soldiers by his side, the latter understood, he grabbed Gabe Zhang’s helmet and smashed the back of his head against the plane walls, instantly making him faint.

“We can’t let this idiot come with us, if not, he’ll kill us all.” The soldier that moved tightened Gabe Zhang’s safety harness.

“The plane shook too badly, and second lieutenant accidentally hit his head and fainted.” Donford Wu took out a cigarette, lit it and gave it a puff, he then handed it to the person next to him.

“Yeah, we all saw that.” everyone laughed loudly.

“Squad Leader Wu, we have arrived, should we decline to eight hundred?” the co-pilot turned his head and asked.

“No need, when we’re at twelve hundred meters, open the doors.” Finishing his sentence, Donford Wu used a O shape to signal at the men, everyone nodded their head in understandment, by controlling the parachutes, they can descend to different areas, Donford Wu wanted everyone to spread around, encircling the enemy.

The doors slowly opened, the outside wind gushed inside.

“Protect our family, save our country!” Donford Wu shouted.

“Cheetah Victorious!” everyone replied.

Finishing their motto, all of them used the cabling to reach the plane doors one by one, they unlatched the safety and jumped off.

At this moment, lots of sparks of fire appeared in the dense forest below, adding to it was dense gunfire…..

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