War of the Supreme Mysteries 002

Old Fashioned Parachute

Compared to a normal airliner, the plane’s altitude was much lower, at this moment, the moon was still shining, the drug traffickers on the ground could see that people were coming down, they didn’t know who they were, but they knew they weren’t their friends.

The plane took a U-turn, the soldiers one by one jumped of the plane, Donford Wu was the last to jump, even though the drug traffickers shot at the plane, but it didn’t cause any damage to the plane, when a 7.62 mm rifle shoots over eight hundred meters, its power starts to falter.

The bullets couldn’t cause any damage to the plane, but it could threaten the descending soldiers, to insure their safety, all soldiers tried to open their parachute at the last possible second, this could decrease the amount of time spent in the air.

The borders between China and Myanmar was mostly made of ancient forests, these forests were extremely dense, after parachuting down, Donford Wu’s parachute snagged on top of a tree, hanging him over the ground five or six meters.

The light under the forest was abnormally dim, Donford Wu used his rifle to quickly check his surrounding area, after determining his height from the ground, he unlocked his parachute and touched the ground rolling. Now in a crawling position, he used the tracker on his wrist to see his approximate location.

His position was slightly to the west, going west, you could reach the borders in less than five kilometers, the dense gunfire,which was the area where the drug traffickers where, was two kilometers to the east.

After determining his location, he didn’t go to encircle them, but quickly got up and went west, after being assaulted, the drug traffickers would surely retreat back to Myanmar, what he was doing was to become familiar with the surrounding area as fast as possible, and find a good position to assault them.

While looking at his surroundings, Donford Wu also determined the caliber of the rifles from the gunfire, the squad’s QBZ-95 and the adversaries’ AK-47 had different barrel sizes, the sound of the gun was also slightly different. Through the gunfire, when could determine that both sides were all on automatic, but the adversaries weren’t just spraying gunfire, but clearly had rhythm, this showed that they weren’t just grouped together, but highly possible they were mercenaries with formal training.

At this moment, there were only three soldiers that were behind the enemy in the firefight, their main objective was to slow down the enemy so that they could make time for their comrades that were in the front, left and right encircle the enemy. The six soldiers on the left and right were to kill the enemy’s main firepower, their mission was to ambush the enemy when they are retreating, snipers and combat crossbowmen were both on the two sides. Donford Wu was the last line of defense, he was responsible for blocking the fish that escaped from the net.

As Donford Wu was quickly heading west, his earpiece transmitted a soldier’s voice, “ They’re quickly retreating.”

Even though Donford Wu was anxious, but he didn’t urge his squad to hurry, all the communication devices were all connected, the soldiers on the two sides would surely rapidly get to their combat position.

Different from the normal mountains and outbacks, the borders between China and Myanmar had a real ancient forest, it was hot and humid, you could find little traces of people, the giant trees block your path, the thorns sting your legs, going through this place was abnormally hard and painful, but what Donford Wu feared was not these, but Asia’s most venomous snake that lived in this area, the king cobra.

The two sides finally sounded gunfire, the snipers and crossbowmen held their position and showed their might, the soldiers using rifles were in direct combat facing the enemy, while the snipers and crossbowmen stealthily killed them, even though the crossbows had shorter range, but it had its own advantage, it shot without noise, and there are no sparks to be seen, especially suitable for a night forest battle.

Being surrounded, the enemy started throwing hand grenades to counter attack and at the same time accelerated their retreat.

After a few hundred meters, Donford Wu finally found the hidden trail in the forest, behind him, there was still the dense sound of gunfire, clearly showing that there were still lots of enemies that have not been killed. After thinking for a short period of time, Donford Wu followed the trail and ran west, if he went back to block the trail, he would force the drug traffickers off the trail, making them hard to find.

Less than a mile from the border, Donford Wu ordered, “How many left.”

“Seems to be seven.” “It should be three.” “Around four or five.” …..

“I’m about to reach the border.” Donford Wu cut off the soldiers counting, in this dark forest, it was hard to determine the exact amount of enemies killed, making it also hard to calculate how many enemies were left.

Not knowing the amount of enemies left was impossible to directly confront them, if there were only three or five people left, he had confidence to kill them before they disappeared through the forest, but if it was more, it was hard not to let some escape.

After thinking about this, Donford Wu hid himself in a secluded place fifty meters away from the trail.

In a moment, the enemies came rushing here, the ones running in the front were all wearing vests, these vests were sewed out of coarse materials, and they were bulging out, the drugs were highly likely to be stored there, behind them were ten plus mercenaries wearing camouflage, their gunfire covering the drug trafficker’s retreat.

Donford Wu was waiting for the drug traffickers to pass him so he can open fire at the mercenaries, he had set his rifle to automatic.

Compared against single bursts, fully automatic was much more powerful, it could kill more enemies, but it also came with more risks, because shooting automatic required one to stay in the shooting stance, the barrel also continues to spark, there was no way to hide, so the enemies could fire right back at him right away.

The longer he shot in automatic, the more enemies he killed, and the more danger he put himself in, this is a time which tested a person’s courage and judgment, Donford Wu shot for five seconds, the first second of the five, he was safe, the following four seconds, he had a chance to be shot.

After five seconds, Donford Wu immediately lied down, the enemy’s’ gunfire quickly followed, a spray of bullets flew over his head, he laid closely to the ground, waiting until the gunfire stopped, he immediately rolled to the south western side, his opponents knew where he was, to ensure he was dead, they would most likely throw a hand grenade.

Donford Wu’s guess was right, the opponents really did want to throw a grenade, but while trying to throw it, the mercenary got shot and killed by a far away sniper, the remaining two mercenaries were in a panic, they rushed away and tried to escape from the explosion,

The grenade exploded, it sended out a low sound and a short period of light, Donford Wu quickly got up, he raised his rifle and finished off the other two mercenaries, he then turned around to chase the far away drug traffickers.

“Boss, Grandmother’s Bear is with me.” his earpiece sent a soldier’s voice.

“And I thought he already died.” Donford Wu sighed crudely.

“Boss, you are five hundred meters away from the border.” The correspondent with the GPS quickly reminded him.

At this moment, all his squad members were all behind him, only Donford Wu was in the front, and because he didn’t participate in the firefight, Donford Wu’s stamina was still full, he quickly rushed through the forest.

One of the drug traffickers heard the explosion from behind, he slightly turned his body and shot wherever, he was using a handgun, not only did that bullet not hit Donford Wu, but also exposed his position, letting Donford Wu kill him.

The trail made by the drug traffickers was curved, narrow and surrounded by a dense forest, but the remaining three drug traffickers didn’t go hid, but desperately ran west, they knew if they crossed the borders they were safe.

In a normal situation, drug traffickers could not outrun a trained soldier, but when their lives are threatened, it is another story. The drug traffickers threw down all their equipment and ran. They were very familiar with the geography, not only that, Donford Wu was unable to run at full speed because of the winding mountain trail, even his two shots could not hit his targets.

“Boss, you can’t run anymore!” his earpiece sounded the correspondent’s voice.

At this time, the east was already bright, Donford could clearly see the border pillar on the ground, similar border pillars could be found every few kilometers, they were the mark of the border.

Donford Wu regretted greatly that he was not able to chase the remaining three drug traffickers, but the border pillar was fully in his sight, normal people crossing the borders at most would be illegal immigration, but when a soldier crosses the border would mean invading on another country’s territory.

The other soldiers finally catched up, Donford Wu already started to dip his head down, the squad one after another comforted him, “Boss, we tried out best.” “Who would’ve thought they would pay attention to civilian airlines.” “It’s all my fault, I got to my position too late.”

“They already ran off, but we killed a lot.” Donford Wu gave his rifle to one of the soldiers, taking out a dagger, he crouched down and cut open one of the vests the drug traffickers threw away, from inside, he took out a piece of black substance and sniffed it.

“Boss, is it opium?” a soldier asked.

“I don’t know this, but I’m sure it’s not medicine for your health, where’s Grandmother’s Bear, let him determine what it is.” Donford Wu casually said.

After saying this, a middle aged man wearing camo walked out from the group, Donford Wu turned his head to look at this person, at this moment, from the west, a gunshot resounded through the air, following the gunshot, Grandmother’s Bear’s left eye exploded, the back of his head spraying out a red mist.

Hearing the gunshot, everyone spread out and hid, at the same time unlocking the safety and getting ready to fire.

“Fuck his motherfucking bitch!” before Grandmother’s Bear could fall down, Donford Wu rushed forward, he knew clearly what was happening, drug traffickers hated undercover informants the most, this must have been the reason that they crossed the borders and came back daringly.

Seeing Donford Wu rushing forward, the other soldiers didn’t dare open fire, they turned back on the safety and followed.

After a few meters, the drug trafficker that opened fired once again went back into the borders of Myanmar. Everyone had a location tracking device on their bodies that were connected with headquarters, once they crossed the borders, headquarters would immediately know.

Donford Wu pushed away a soldier pulling at him and once again rushed forward.

Seeing this situation, everyone came rushing forward, Donford Wu looked back at flicked his hand, “You guys can’t break the rules, go back!”

Stopping everyone, Donford Wu slowed down his pace, he was on alert for an ambush and at the same time looking for traces of his opponents.

Sneaking in for hundreds of meters, he couldn’t find a trace of his enemies, but he did find a winding trail in the forest.

Following near the trail and heading west for a few minutes, Donford Wu heard footsteps on the other side of the trail, after a moment, a black painted drug trafficker walked onto the trail.

Seeing him in his line of fire, Donford raised his handgun and opened fire, he continually shot three times, every shot was lethal.

After the gunshots, hurried footsteps sounded not too far away from the west, without asking, one could know that the other two drug traffickers that were resting started running again after hearing the gunshots.

Donford Wu chased after the noise of footsteps, because the forest had a lot of leaved vegetation, the drug traffickers were not far, but could not be seen. Donford Wu could only open fire according to the foot steps.

The drug traffickers started to open fire to retaliate, the bullets from both sides were mostly all blocked by the trees, after a few rounds, no one was even hurt.

While following them, they gave up the trail and started heading south, the trees in the forest started to decrease, Donford Wu could finally see their shadows, he quickly took aim a killed one of the traffickers.

The last drug trafficker desperately ran south, Donford Wu also hurriedly followed, the more south they went, the less vegetation there was, both sides didn’t open fire, after a few rounds of shooting, both men had no bullets left.

The chase continued for five or six minutes, the drug trafficker in the front suddenly stopped by a boulder, Donford Wu thought that what was hiding under there was a gun, but what the drug trafficker pulled out was an old fashioned parachute, while he backpacked it, he rushed towards a cliff on the south side.

“What a genius!” Donford Wu coldly laughed, these drug traffickers did death sentence business, they used all their brains to leave a way for them to live.

The drug trafficker stopped by the edge of the cliff, he turned around and spited at the rushing Donford Wu, he then waved his right hand with his middle finger sticking up.

This insulting hand sign did not anger Donford Wu, even though he didn’t know the geography down the cliff, but he has been trained in two man parachuting.

After insulting Donford Wu, the drug trafficker turned around,jumped off and opened his parachute, Donford Wu quickly followed, in the middle of the air he hugged the drug trafficker, he then pulled out a dagger and stabbed him in the left chest.

The drug trafficker started to violently struggle, Donford Wu used his hands to tightly stop his opponent, at this moment, an accidental discovery made his spine shiver, there was something moving in the parachute between the two men…..

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