War of the Supreme Mysteries 003

Going Through Space and Time

Donford Wu was not afraid of the animal inside the parachute bag, but was afraid of what kind of damages would it do to the parachute itself. The parachute inside the bag is pressured in very tightly, only animals from the rodent or pangolin species could squeeze inside, no matter which kind of animal it was, the parachute would have sustained serious damage.

After being alarmed , Donford Wu quickly calmed down, looking down, he could only see the lingering mist below, completely unable to see the situation at the bottom of the valley and also unable to determine how far away he was away from the ground.

Seeing that the situation was unclear, Donford Wu could only guess, most of the mountains at the borders of Myanmar were around two thousand meters, at this height, a parachute that has been damaged is absolutely unable to smoothly bring two people down to the bottom of the valley.

He has two options, one is to descend with two people, once they are close to the ground, open the parachute as the first buffer, then when the parachute loses effect, use the drug trafficker’s body as the second buffer, and then land.

There is also a second choice, which is to take off the parachute bag away from the drug trafficker, shoulder it and descend by himself. This way, it can decrease the acceleration towards the ground, while decreasing the amount of weight the parachute has to bear.

Donford Wu choose the second option without a doubt, even though the chance of survival is larger, but the amount of danger is also larger too. Changing parachutes while in mid-air, if he doesn’t wear the parachute correctly before using it, he would easily just die by the fall.

After making up his mind, Donford Wu quickly released the parachute buckles and kicked away the drug trafficker’s body. With his back facing the ground, using his fastest speed, he put on the parachute bag and quickly spread out his limbs afterwards, through increasing resistance, Donford Wu can decrease the speed while falling.

The mist below was thicker than he expected, while he was falling, he was completely unable to see his surroundings and the ground below. This situation made Donford Wu secretly cry out in bitterness. Without knowing what his altitude was, he is unable to know what time he should pull open his parachute at.


Waiting again.

Still the same, waiting.

After every second, the stress on Donford Wu’s heart increased, he didn’t know at what height the mist would clear, waiting for the results, might cause him to die, or maybe even increase his survival probability.

Just when Donford Wu’s tension reached an uncomparable high, the mist suddenly vanished, and in front of him was a stretch of flat farmland, large petals of safflower indicated that the crops grown here were most likely poppies.

What Donford Wu cared for was not what kind of crop was grown, but what height he was at. Being able to clearly see what is below said that his height was incredibly close, it was evident that he missed the best opportunity to open his parachute, he can not not open his parachute any longer.

Pulling the activation string, the parachute opened up smoothly, but after the main parachute decreased most of the momentum, Donford Wu was not pulled back up in the air, this was clearly the result of the parachute being damaged.

With the parachute failing, Donford Wu did a series of movement seconds before landing.

Throw away the parachute and flip over, preventing the possibility of broken ribs stabbing into his lungs.

Both hand around his head, decrease the impact on his head.

Relaxing muscles, getting ready to crash.

Breathing out, to avoid air trembling violently, causing internal damage to organs.

He could only do this, if he wanted to survive this fall, he could only count on the softness of the ground.


“Why is it water?” Doubt has already creeped into his mind, his back and two legs already hitting a hard substance.

After choking on a bit of water, Donford Wu quickly swam upwards, his left calf sended out a terrible pain and a tingling feeling, indicating that the bones were most likely fractured.

The water wasn’t deep, Donford Wu was able to surface rather quickly, just when he wanted to breath, the scene around him caused him to suck in a breath of cold air (TL: something surprising), the poppy fields that he saw was gone without a trace, what it was replaced by was a gentle moving stream, a mess of rocks on both sides made up the shore on both sides.

Donford Wu immediately took in his surroundings, turning his head, he discovered that a woman was standing in shallow water not 10 meters away from him, her hand holding a sharpened wooden pool, slack jawed, she was staring directly at him.

After determining that she did not have any hostility and only surprise by her expression, Donford Wu didn’t look at the woman for long, because except for a shabby piece of rags around her waist, there was nothing else.

Until Donford Wu crawled onto shore with great difficulty, did the woman wake from her stupor, leaving the stream behind and heading into a forest on the west side.

The intercom was sweep away by the wind long before, but good thing that the positioning device was still there, but at that moment, he could only see his own latitude and longitude coordinates, and unable to see his squad’s coordinates.

With his heart filled with doubt, Donford Wu stood up with a single leg, taking in the surrounding mountains, the surrounding terrain was around seven to eighty percent the same as when he fought the drug traffickers, but the peaks were now higher, and the forest is much thicker.

When he looked at the position of the sun in the sky, Donford took in another cold breath, even though the amount of light was around the same when he jumped off the cliff, but according to the position the sun is at right now, it wasn’t morning now, but rather close to night time.

After all these strange things happened, Donford Wu wasn’t excessively frightened, he took out a box of cigs and picked one that wasn’t wet, he smoked while remembering what exactly happened.

Before he opened his parachute, he clearly remember that what was below him were poppy fields, but at last, he landed in water, the scene changed in the few seconds he was opening his parachute.

According to all the clues and where he was at, Donford Wu immediately understood that he “won the lottery”, in the short period of a few seconds, what happened to him was most probably an extremely rare space and time warp phenomenon.

People who have graduated from high school would know about Einstein’s theory of relativity, knowing about relativity naturally allows you to know about crossing through space and time, this is an extremely mysterious phenomenon, according to theories it is split into Initiative Crossing and Passive Crossing, the so called Initiative Crossing means that the crossing through space and time was planned and has a destination, but at the moment, scientist are still unable to reach this point. The phenomenon of crossing space and time through human history were undoubtedly Passive Crossings, even the the reasons and the cause were unknown, but the scientific world has reached a consensus, the faster you go, the higher the chance is to cross through space and time.

If this happened to a normal person, after meeting this kind of situation, they would surely have a sense of loss for a long period of time, but Donford Wu didn’t, as the cheetah troop’s commander, meeting with any kind of situation, he must come up with a quick and accurate judgement, and what he came up with was, if he didn’t hit his head and is now experiencing a serious illusion, then it must be because he accidentally crossed through space and time and went back to some period back in time.

The pain from his left leg severed his thoughts, Donford Wu threw away the cig and checked his wounds, through his skin, he could feel that his left leg and a couple of ribs were broken.

After determining his wounds, Donford Wu went towards the west side woods with a single leg, fractured bones must be set in place as quickly as possible, the longer the delay, the more serious the swelling will become, at that point, it would be hard to determine what was the correct way to set the leg.

At the border of the forest, Donford Wu took out his dagger and cut off a few branches, and from a tree, sliced off tens of slices of tree bark as bandage, after preparing appropriately, he set his bones in the correct place, the whole process was extremely painful, a broken bone required several touches before it was it was set in place, the broken bones must be aligned correctly, if not, after it healed he would become a cripple.

After using branches and tree bark to set his left leg, he was already covered in sweat, almost to the point of exhaustion.

He turned his head and saw that woman not far away, after leaving the stream, the woman came back, taking away the dead fish she left behind, she hid away at a boulder twenty meters away to observe him, she stayed even after he finished setting his bones.

After another trip, the woman came back wearing a set of worn-out clothes on, her hair that covered half her face was extremely long and extremely messy, Donford Wu could only see that see was a woman with a rounded face, not ugly but not pretty. Not only that, according to her figure, her age wasn’t high.

Setting the bones in place wasted away more than half an hour, the sun has already set, the curtains of net slowly but surely creeped into place, Donford Wu took a look at his positioning device, his heart feeling sad and dreary, he was at the same place, but the times was not the same, his squad would never appear again/

As the curtains of night completely took over, Donford Wu silently laid down on the borders of the forest, the woman had already left who knows how long ago.

After a short period of darkness, the moon rises, basking the valley underneath it in a soft but cold light, borrowing the moonlight, Donford Wu took out whatever what was on him, a lighter, a dagger, half a pack of cigs, some money, and the positioning device on his wrist, he only had this.

Putting back his stuff, Donford Wu tilted his head and went to sleep, this wasn’t because his adaptability was abnormally high, but because he knew what exactly happened to him, but his heart still carried a thread of fantasy, hoping that when he woke up, his surroundings would change into a field of poppy fields, and hopping that his squad would be able to wake him up while he was deep in sleep.

After sleeping for a short period of time, a sharp pain in his leg woke him up, the sound of water flowing not far away made the last shred of hope vanish.

The positioning device had time on it, Donford Wu took a look at it, ten-thirty in the morning.

After a painful smile, Donford Wu once again took out his pack of cigs and took out a cig, dazing away as he smoked, what he was thinking about right now was not about himself, but rather his squad, after discovering that his signal vanished, his squad would surely cross the borders and search for him, the parachute they used were able to be used multiple times, they surely would be able to reach the bottom of the valley, discovering the field of poppies, but they would never find him.

This mission caused him to be missing in action, his squad would also be pulled down by him, and because they couldn’t find his body, the squad couldn’t really count him as a hero, his third aunt probably couldn’t enjoy good treatment…..

Not knowing when, Donford Wu once again fainted, his cig was dampened, extinguishing by itself.

When he woke up again, it was already the next day’s morning, his mouth felt dry, he crawled towards a tree and chopped down a branch to use as a crutch, going back to the shore, he once again sees that woman, the woman was at the same position she was at yesterday, her hand holding the same pole she held yesterday, seeing him, she stopped what she was doing and looked at him.

After a moment of hesitation, Donford Wu yelled, “Hello, may i ask, what year is it?”

That women revealed a doubtful expression on her face, she quickly said something, the speed was quick and the pronunciation was weird.

Donford Wu couldn’t understand anything she was saying, he was too lazy to try again, leaning down, he drank some water and limped towards his original position.

Through the woman’s clothes, her dialect, and the surrounding mountains, he could easily see that the year he was in right now was extremely far from his year. When he discovered this, his mood became very depressed, but while depressed, he still rejoiced, the earth was formed more than four billion years ago, and humans haven’t been around for more than a hundred thousand years, seeing a human after crossing through space and time was a fortune in this huge misfortune, if he saw a group of dinosaurs, then Donford Wu would probably have cried to death….

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