War of the Supreme Mysteries 005

Four Thousands Year Ago

While he was waiting, Donford Wu took a closer look at the house. The house was a large wooden house with a circular roof, the roof was draped by a grassy like plant and bones of some animals. Inside the house, the smell of herbs wafted out. It wasn’t hard to guess that the owner of this house most likely had medical skills.

The two didn’t have to wait for long. After a few minutes, the door opened and a woman wearing a mask walked out, following behind her was the armless middle aged man.

This woman was wearing a light grey colored long robe, her right hand holding a copper pole about the size of a thumb. On top of the copper pole was a mold of a shrunk ox head. The ox head was only a tenth of made a real ox’s head was, but it was made exquisitely. The mask exceed the size of the face it was covering, the top part was painted with a red coloring to make an exaggerated expression.

When Donford Wu saw this person, he almost laughed out loud. Seeing that person, he thought of the Native Americans of the United States, only messing a few feathers inserted into the top of the head. Even though she was masked, her clothes under the robe was extremely short, half of her chest was exposed, and in between her assets was a tattoo. But it wasn’t a tattoo of a small sword, but rather an abstract tiger.

“Things that should have been revealed aren’t revealed, and the things that shouldn’t have been exposed have all been exposed.” Donford Wu thought.

Seeing that person coming out, the woman quickly knelt down, kowtowing towards the woman with the mask.

After the masked woman came out the door, her line of sight stayed on top of Donford Wu, only until she carefully sized up him did she say a few words with the woman kneeling down. The latter stood up and started talking for a long time. Without understanding it, Donford Wu already knew it was a story of when she met him.

The story went on for five or six minutes, the masked woman didn’t speak for the whole duration, her eyes didn’t express too much emotion, only until the woman stopped speaking did she ask a question.

The woman turned towards Donford Wu, pointing at herself, she said “Walda Ming (Ming Wan)”, and then she pointed at Donford Wu.

“Donford Wu.” Donford Wu pointed at himself, after knowing her for more than half a month, did he finally get to know that woman’s name.

The masked women then asked a question towards Walda Ming, the latter hearing this exposed a pained expression. After hesitating, she squatted down. Picking up a tree branch, she drew a square, on every side there was a small circle. After she finished drawing, she pointed at herself, then pointed at the circle on the western of the square.

Donford Wu naturally understood what Walda Ming was trying to say. The masked women first asked him what he was called, then asked where he was from, but this question was extremely complicated. Don’t talk about a language barrier, even if they spoke the same language, he had no way to explain Einstein’s theory of Relativity to these ancient people.

Walda Ming seeing that Donford Wu was frowning without speaking, she used the branch in her hand to point at the southern circle, Donford Wu shook his head. She then pointed at the eastern circle, Donford Wu still shook his head.

Following, Walda Ming pointed at the northern side and then the middle, Donford Wu still shook his head.

Seeing that she had an expression of question on her face, Donford Wu pointed at himself, then pointed towards the sky, at last, he made a gesture of falling down from the sky.

They were all originally confused, but now, they were even more confused. Looking at each other, their face expressed a sense of loss.

After a moment of silence, Walda Ming thought of something, quickly saying something to the masked women. After hearing what she had to say, doubt appeared in her eyes. Thinking for a few seconds, she turned towards into the eastern side of the house, picking up a vase, she took out a king cobra.

At first, Donford Wu didn’t understand what they wanted to do, right until Walda Ming pulled up his sleeve did he understand. He said he descended from the sky and Walda Ming saw him eat snake meat without dying, so she treated him like he was a deity. The masked women pulled out the snake because she wanted to make sure if he was a deity or not.

“No way, no way, you can’t play with things like this.” Donford Wu flung away Walda Ming.

The middle aged armless man seeing that he had angry expression, quickly said something to Donford Wu in a loud voice.

“Fucking bitch, you already lost your arms, the fuck you barking for.” Donford Wu said with a smile even though his words did not match. They didn’t understand Mandarin anyways.

He didn’t understand what Donford Wu was saying, but seeing he had a smile on his face, he thought he calmed down. Snorting, he didn’t say anything else.

Walda Ming seeing that Donford Wu was refusing to be bitten by the snake, said something towards him in a rush. Donford Wu kept on shaking his hand, at last, giving up, he ignored her.

The masked women placed the King Cobra back into the vase, she then coldly said something.

Walda Ming made a series of gestures towards Donford Wu, indicating him to take off his clothes.

Donford Wu knew they wanted to see if he had any tattoos, so he pulled down his camo, opened up his body armor, and lifted up his vest.

Seeing that Donford Wu didn’t have a tattoo, the masked women became even more doubtful. She immediately said something, Walda Ming nodded, and then through another series of gestures, she indicated that he needs to take everything off.

“So you’re treating me like livestock!” Donford Wu became irritated, putting back on his cloths, he turned around and began walking.

The armless man quickly rushed forward, blocking his path.

“Do you want to lose your legs now too?” Donford Wu pointed at the other person’s two legs, revealing killing intent. What kind of people are the Cheetah Troops, they are China’s number one special force. What is a special force, a killing machine that is even crueler, deadlier than normal troops of the country. If they didn’t have violent and deadly nature, how could they defeat a bunch of cruel and brutal criminals?

The armless man didn’t understand what he was saying, but he heard the tone of his voice, also adding that Donford Wu was pointing at his legs, he could guess what Donford Wu was saying. Just when Donford Wu finished, the armless man’s right leg already raised up, kicking towards the left side of Donford Wu’s neck.

Right then, the masked women rushed to stop the armless man.

The armless man’s right leg was only three or four centimeters away from Donford Wu, only after being stop did he calm down and retract his leg, clearly expressing his cockiness from deep within. But when he was half finished with retracting his leg, his cocky expression vanished. This was because he discovered a weird short dagger has already arrived at his crotch.

Donford Wu retracted his dagger from the armless man’s body, going around him, he limped towards the village entrance. His self-esteem was always higher than people of his age since he was small. Whenever he went to go play at other people’s houses, if there was even a slight show of him being unwelcomed, he immediately leaves, not ever going back.

Walda Ming tried to sway the masked women, but she didn’t speak back.

Leaving the village, Donford Wu followed the path he came from. When he was walking, he regretted it a bit, it’s not like he would die from it, why couldn’t he just bear with it a little?

But his feeling of regret was quickly replaced with thinking. Walda Ming first drew a square, then drew four circles around it, this was clearly saying that the area was distributed into five clans. Walda Ming’s clan was the western clan, in Chinese tradition, the west was symbolized as gold, and the west’s divine beast was the white tiger. The tattoo on the armless man’s chest was a small sword. Showing that he was part of the Gold Clan. And the tattoo on that masked woman’s chest was a tiger, this most likely represented that she was part of the Gold Clan’s shaman. (uhhh tell me if there is another word for people that serve deities and stuff)

The three men he killed before could provide evidence to this deduction, the three of them all had fire shaped tattoos on them. This clearly showed that they were part of the fire clan, and in the five areas, the south side was fire. This matched their area perfectly.

If this deduction was correct, in the five clans, the Gold clan was to the west, adult males had a metal tattoo and shamans had white tiger tattoos.

The Wood clan should be to the east, adult males had a tattoo regrading wood and the shaman should have an azure dragon tattoo.

The Water clan was to the north, adult males have a tattoo regarding water and the shaman should have a black turtle tattoo.

The Fire clan was to the south, adult males have a tattoo regarding fire and the shaman should have a vermilion bird tattoo.

The Earth clan should be in the middle area. Their tattoo was temporarily unknown, but because they occupy the central area, their degree of civilization is the highest, the amount of land they have is the highest, and currently the master under the heavens. And the Gold, Wood, Water, and Fire clans are like the minorities of modern times, they are rather far away and their population isn’t big.

After being sure of this point, it was rather easy to deduce what period it is, the prehistoric period surely passed already, because in the prehistoric period, people lived very far apart, and there wasn’t any clear division of clans. The Shang and Zhou dynasty haven’t come to be yet, because in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, the national system was already very good, there was a lot of vassal states in those periods, and not like the five separate clans like it was currently.

Now, the only thing left was the Xia dynasty. Then, Yu the Great’s Nine Provinces was only in central land which was the square. Apart from the central land, the situation of other places were unknown to man, and right now, this kind of diversion of clans most likely appeared in this period.

Being able to determine approximately what year he was in didn’t make him happy, but rather made his mood worse. The Xia dynasty was four thousand years apart from modern times. Don’t talk about people, even a turtle couldn’t live for four thousand years.
Walking for two or three kilometers, Walda Ming caught up from behind, her face showed a depressed expression stating that the other people didn’t accept her plea.

Donford Wu walked in front, she followed behind him, following him even to the top of the mountain.

“Go back, your children are waiting for you.” Donford Wu turned around and gestured towards Walda Ming.

Embarrassed, Walda Ming only looked down at her feet, not saying anything.

“It was I who choose to go, it was not your clan that didn’t let me stay.” Donford Wu said to comfort her.

Walda Ming didn’t understand him, her mood still down.

Donford Wu seeing this sighed out, the language barrier was too inconvenient.

Walda Ming seemed to have suddenly remembered something, she pulled Donford Wu’s hand towards the north.

Donford Wu had a hard time walking, and there wasn’t any paths in the woods, the two people advanced very slowly.

Half an hour later, Walda Ming brought him to a cave, this cave was positioned at the ridge of a mountain, its entrance pointing south. Even though it wasn’t large enough to hid in, but the grass in front of the cave showed that there were very few people that came by this place.

“Thank you.” Donford Wu expressed his thanks towards Walda Ming.

Giving him a place to stay, Walda Ming’s mood improved a bunch, using tree branches to sweep the cave, she left him and promptly went down the mountain.

Running back and forth made Donford Wu feel exhausted, in a habit, he reached towards his pocket, the half a pack of cigs was like a treasure to him, every time he only smoked a few breaths before extinguishing it, no matter how much he tried to save, there was only three cigs left.

Hesitating for a few seconds, he put the pack back in his pocket, then laid down to rest, now that it has come to this, there was no use in being sad , there was no use in being depressed, at least he still lived on…..

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