War of the Supreme Mysteries 007

Out of Place Monster

To be able to speak simply, means he could have simple conversations. Donford Wu first confirmed Walda Ming’s identity. Walda Ming really was a widow. A few years ago, while her husband was transporting ores, he was bitten to death by a wild beast. At this time, two things might happen to the widow, if she didn’t bear a child, then she will be buried with her husband, but if she bore a child for that husband, then she can live on, and the person in charge of the village will decide whether she remarries or keeps on being a widow.

Determining Walda Ming’s situation, he started to ask about the situation of the village. Letting him know that the Xia dynasty wasn’t as undeveloped as he thought it was, but had a strict ranking system. The Xia dynasty’s Earth clan was the largest, they lived in the best environment in the middle. The leader of the Earth clan is called the “Emperor”, the four clans, Gold, Wood, Water, and Fire clan all serve under the Earth clan, they had the nature of vassal states, and the leaders of the four clans were called “kings”.

Walda Ming hasn’t traveled far before, so she didn’t know the details of the central Earth clan and the other three clans. She only knew that all members of the Gold clan have the surname Ming, the Gold clan is split into six tribes, each tribe having an unequal amount of villages. All villages have different amount of people, some have more than a thousand, and some only have tens of people.

Every village has a shaman to lead and manage the village. The status of the shaman was like that of a village chief in modern times, but shamans must do much more then what a village chief has to do. While being similar to a village chief, they are also the security head and a barefoot doctor. The shaman has the last say in everything that happens in the village.

Shamans are also split into rankings, the shamans of a village are called shamans, while the shaman of the tribe also does the same thing as a shaman, but they are much more powerful than the shamans in the village, they are called Sages. And at last, there is the most powerful shaman, they are able to speak with the deities of the world, borrowing the power of deities, they are called Celestial Masters.

As long as there different levels in society, information can be transferred through each and every single level. That’s why even if Walda Ming doesn’t know the specific situation of the other clans, but she has heard stories of them. Her impression of the five clans was that the Earth clan was the most powerful, the Wood clan was rather peaceful, the Water clan the most mysterious, the Fire clan the most violent, and the Gold clan the weakest of all five, always being bullied.

When she was asked why the Gold clan was the weakest, Walda Ming’s reply was that she wasn’t sure and didn’t know.

Donford Wu was already satisfied that he could know this much, Walda Ming was but just a normal member of the Gold clan, and a women at that too, so she wouldn’t be too clear on the details of the outside world.

With his injuries becoming better, the amount of prey that Donford Wu hunted became more and more. Even though he hunted more and more, but he himself ate very little, most of it was sent to Walda Ming. His main goal was to trade more time for Walda Ming to teach him the language. The women of the village all had to go to the mines to send the men food, Walda Ming wasn’t an exception, but after she brought back so much meat, she turned into an exception.

The leisurely Donford Wu also tried to help restore Walda Ming’s house, but after trying, he gave up. At that day and age, they didn’t have nails, the house had a Mortise and Tenon structure, and he himself didn’t know much about construction.

The people of the village all knew the prey that Walda Ming brought back was given to her by him, that’s why they didn’t treat him with disgust, but rather when they see him, they slightly smile and nod at him. But without the permission of the shaman, no one was allowed to speak with him.

With his leg injury healed about seventy or eighty percent, and his proficiency in the language growing more and more as he spoke it, Donford Wu got more and more curious of the outside world. Trying his best to acquire more information, he tried going to the mines. Planning on building a relationship with the men, he found out the women was much nicer to him, the men treated him extremely coldly, almost to point of treating him as the enemy. Not understanding this, he went to Walda Ming to find out the reason, Walda Ming’s reply made him laugh out a stomach ache.

“They’re afraid you’ll seduce their wives.”

With Walda Ming’s answer, Donford Wu didn’t go back to village ever again.

“Did something happen to you recently?”

Donfrod Wu asked Walda Ming that was bringing food. Lately, Walda Ming always had a worried expression on her face.


Walda Ming shook her head.

“We’re friends, you don’t have to hide anything from me.”

Donford Wu stated, his pronunciation was still a little off, but Walda Ming could still get the gist of it.

“Are you leaving?”

Walda Ming handed over a small pot over to Donford Wu.

“Leave where?”

Donford Wu received the small pot, using a small stick, he sent a piece of rabbit meat next to his mouth.


Walda Ming said.

Donford Wu was dumb struck, after a moment, he quickly took a bite of the meat.

“I don’t have a home.”

“Everyone has a home except for slaves.”

Walda Ming said in a suspicious tone.

“I’m not a slave, but it’s just that my home is very, very far away.”

Donford Wu said to her.

“How far?”

Walda Ming continued.

“So far that I will never be able to go back.”

Donford Wu placed down the meat, picking up his dagger, he touched it aimlessly.

“Do you have a wife?”

Walda Ming continued to ask about his background.

“I do.”

Donford Wu wasn’t stupid, he knew the goal behind asking this question.”

“Then are you willing to have another?”

Donford Wu froze, he forgot that right now was the Xia dynasty, a man could marry multiple women, so his lie was no use at all.

“I bore two children.”

Walda Ming said in a proud tone.

Donford Wu stifled a laugh, not directly answering the question, he didn’t know if this was the general thinking of the Xia dynasty, or was it just the thinking of the far away Gold clan. To women, being able to bare children was an extremely good quality to be proud of.

“Cooking, repairing shoes, sewing, I can do all of it.”

Walda Ming said in a direct manner.

“I have always treated you as a friend.”

Donford Wu was ignorant. He didn’t dislike Walda Ming, but he never thought of marrying her as a wife.

After Donford Wu finished saying that, Walda Ming exposed a happy expression on her face, Donford Wu yelled at himself in secret. He still wasn’t very precise in his wording, in the Xia dynasty’s language, saying friend, was very much saying you liked that person.

“I have something very important to do, so I can’t stay here.”

Donford Wu hurriedly used his brain.

“I have kids, so I can’t go with you.”

Walda Ming was very disappointed, with a long sigh, she sat on top of a boulder with a glum expression.

Donford Wu wasn’t hungry anymore and didn’t eat anymore rabbit meat, after ten minutes, Walda Ming took back the pot and went home.

Using his gaze to send Walda Ming off, he went back into his cave to continue to fix his quiver. At first, he used bamboo as a quiver, but it always shook whenever he placed it on his back, so he exchanged it with a flat shaped wooden quiver.

Three in the afternoon, Donford Wu was taking a nap in the cave. Suddenly, he heard footsteps from outside the cave, peeking out, he saw Walda Ming walking up the mountain ridge.
Because he just refused Walda Ming’s confession in the morning, Donford Wu still felt a bit embarrassed and sorry, picking up his dagger and quiver, he pretended to be busy.

Walda Ming walked up to the entrance of the cave and stopped.

“It’s hot outside, it’s cooler in here.’

Donford Wu tilted his head towards Walda Ming.

Walda Ming didn’t move.

“Come in.”

Donford Wu said.

Hesitating for a bit, she sat down in a corner of the cave.

Putting down his dagger and quiver, he picked up a water pot and walked over to give it to her.

With her hands cupping the pot, and her body to the side, she turned her body in an exposed manner towards Donford Wu.

With her gaze, Donford Wu could vaguely guess what she wanted to do, in a hurry, Donford Wu quickly turned around and sat back at his original position. What he felt towards Walda Ming was pity and appreciation, and nothing else. This didn’t mean he disliked her, but he simply did not feel anything towards her.

Walda Ming was still staring at him, her eyes burning with passion, Donford Wu quickly picked up his dagger and started fixing the quiver again. With his heart in a mess, he accidentally cut his left hand’s index finger.

Seeing that he injured his own finger, Walda Ming hurriedly climber over, placing the dagger in his hand and the quiver to the side, she held his index finger, sticking out her tongue to lick the blood on the surface of Donford Wu’s skin.

With only this one move, Donford Wu became flushed till his ears turned red, but he was only flushed in the back of his head, after licking away the blood, she placed his index finger into her mouth and sucked, while sucking, she used her tongue to slide around the wound on his finger.

These days, his meals only consisted of meats, snake meat, rabbit meat, and bird meat, all these meats made him extremely slow and irritated. With Walda Ming’s action, Donford Wu had an immediate reaction, quickly pulling out his finger, he went to grab a different water pot.

Walda Ming sat at her original position while she started to loosen the strings on her clothes. She originally didn’t have much on, even before Donford Wu could give a reaction, the top of her body was already exposed.

Donford Wu choked on a mouthful of water, placing the water pot back down, he waved his hand,

“Waaaiiiittt, wait, wait wait wait, let’s talk about this.”

But Walda Ming didn’t wait, she increased her speed, standing up, she slid out of the dress like underwear.

Donford Wu always treated Walda Ming like a friend, only until today did he know that Walda Ming had interest in him, before this, she barely exposed any feelings. Once the paper window that was in between a man and women was broken, they could never become friends, if they weren’t lovers, then they would be strangers.

Donford Wu didn’t want to have to end his friendly relationship with Walda Ming, nor did he want to do Walda Ming, he wanted a point of balance between the two. But after seeing Walda Ming take off her undergarments, the two flowery white circles left his heart pumping, two ideas started to float in his head and fight,

“Fuck this shit, I’ll fuck then find something out later.”

“We can’t do that, if we fucked her, how would we take care of her and her family.”

In modern times, there were a number of women that confessed to him, some of them were rather direct, but none has ever actively took off their pants, and using an intense glare to seduce and charm him. No normal people could withstand this amount of seduction, but he could just barely do that, at least for the moment, but after a few seconds, he started to think, why should I withstand this?

Now that Walda Ming’s clothes were all gone, she lied down on the ground, gesturing towards Donford Wu in a beckoning fashion.

“The caves too hot, I’m going to go outside to cool down.”

Donford Wu forcefully suppressed his lewd thinking, rushing out of the cave.

Before he completely left the cave, Donford Wu suddenly felt his body covered in cold sweat, the hairs on his body standing up, what he saw was the most impossible scene, Walda Ming was currently walking towards the cave while holding a pot not far away.

Just when he was incomparably frightened, he discovered that his left hand was being pulled, slowly turning his head, he saw Walda Ming reaching out, trying to pull him back into the cave.

Just then, his training and hardness came right back into him, Donford Wu restored his calmness in a flash. The Walda Ming in the cave was most likely fake, because her performance today was absurdly lewd, the teasing and seducing was just too direct.

Just then, the Walda Ming outside saw him, she quickly rushed towards the cave.

Even though he was still suspicious that the Walda Ming inside the cave was fake, he still wasn’t a hundred percent sure, in a sudden flash of inspiration, he thought of something, tilting his head at taking a glance, he quickly turned around and hugged the woman in the cave, then grabbed the dagger and slit her throat…..

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