War of the Supreme Mysteries 008

Fox Spirit

Afterwards, Donford Wu immediately slid back, he was sure on what was coming next.

With her jugular slit, fresh blood came squirting out, after half a second of shock, the woman used her hands to cover her neck, rushing out the cave in a mess.

Donford Wu didn’t block her, with her jugular slit open, there was no question about her death. He didn’t take lightly to being played around with.

At that time, Walda Ming was just a few steps away from the cave, seeing a woman with not a single scrap of clothing and a body covered with blood running out of the cave, she was frightened till her face turned white. And when she saw the face of the woman, Walda Ming’s leg’s lost strength and she fell to the ground.

After rushing out of the cave with her throat slit, the women crashed and tripped, running towards the east, but she losted a lot of blood, not running too far away, she collapsed, then began to spasm.

Donford Wu quickly went over to Walda Ming to help her up. Walda Ming took a look at Donford Wu with fright, without knowing it, she wanted to run away.

“That woman wanted to harm me.”

Donford Wu helped Walda Ming up.

“It is not human.”

Walda Ming replied.

Donford Wu thought he heard incorrectly, looking doubtfully at Walda Ming.

Walda Ming stretched out her hand and pointed,


Donford Wu turned his head around to look, he was once again surprise, with just a blink of an eye, the woman already vanished, in its place was a grey furred fox splattered in blood. At this moment, it still hasn’t died yet, its hind legs still twitching.

“You really are capable, to be able to kill it off.”

Walda Ming said happily.

“You saw it before?

Donford Wu asked suspiciously, Walda Ming was originally extremely scared, but now that she saw the woman turn into a fox, she wasn’t scared, this showed that she wasn’t unfamiliar with the fox.

“It always transforms into a woman to seduce the men of the village, and it also steals our food.”

Walda Ming raised the small pot to Donford Wu.

“You didn’t eat much at lunch, I made some congee for you.”

Donford Wu absently took the pot, even though he heard the legends of foxes turning into people, but he never treated them seriously. Foxes and humans were two completely different organisms, how can a canidae species turn into that of a primate species? But there was a live example right in front of him, he couldn’t not believe it even if he didn’t want to. First, what he saw and touched all were real, it absolutely wasn’t an illusion. That grey furred fox really did transform into a woman.

“Aren’t you scared?”
Donford Wu held the pot while following Walda Ming to the fox.

“It’s already dead, what’s there to be scared of?”

Walda Ming kicked at the grey furred fox.

“It transformed into you.”

Donford Wu emphasized.

“It loves transforming into me the most.”

Walda Ming casually spoke out.

“Can it transform into other people?”

The more Donford found out about the fox, the more surprised he became.

“It can.”

Walda Ming lifted the fox by its tail, this fox was much larger than a normal one. A normal fox weighs about five or ten kilos, but this one could weigh about twenty or twenty five kilos, it was larger than a normal fox by two times.

“It’s a fox, how can a fox become a human?”

Donford Wu still couldn’t accept this illogical and strange phenomenon.

“If it lives long enough it can.”

Walda Ming pointed a wound the size of a coin on its left leg.

“Yup, it is it.”

Donford Wu helplessly sighed out. He really wanted to know how a fox could become a human, it was clear that Walda Ming couldn’t answer this question.

“How did you know it was fake?”

Walda Ming asked.

“It wasn’t as good looking as you.”

Donford Wu laughed, actually, the reason he was sure that the woman in the cave wasn’t Walda Ming, was because back then, when the Fire clansmen wanted to sexually harass Walda Ming back at the river, he tripped and saw that the Fire clansman was still at the “entrance”, he naturally saw the “entrance”. Before he made his move, he took a look at it, and it wasn’t the same.

Hearing Donford Wu compliment her, Walda Ming was extremely happy, holding the fox, she walked towards the south.

“Go eat, I’ll be back.”

“You can’t eat that kind of thing, throw it away.”

Donford Wu frowned.

“I want to bring it back to let them take a look, you helped us a lot this time.”

Walda Ming took the fox back to the village and helped him take credit for it.

Just experiencing an extremely strange situation, how could Donford Wu have the stomach for food? Putting down the pot, he quickly went back to the cave. There, he only that the clothes the fox took off already transformed into a few handfuls of grey fox fur.

Picking up the few handfuls of fox fur, slight confusion swirled inside Donford Wu’s brain. First, no matter what, how could a fox turn fur into cloths? Then talking about weight, the fox wouldn’t weigh more than twenty five kg, how could it transform into a person that weighs 90 something kg. The weight before and after must stay the same, the fox increasing weight after turning into a human clearly violated the law of conservation of matter.

The law of conservation of matter was the basic law of the natural world. It is a very mature and accurate theory, no matter what it is, no matter if it is a human or an animal, they must all follow this law, how can this fox be an exception?

Painfully pondering for half an hour, Donford Wu had a sudden spark of inspiration, the premise of the law of conservation of matter was that before and after the transformation happened, it was completely separated from the environment. When the fox transformed into a human, it wasn’t in a sealed off area. This means that when it transform, it absorbs something from the world, thus increasing its weight. After it dies, these substances return back into the world, thus restoring it to its original weight.

To be able to be absorbed by a fox and not be seen or felt, was “Qi” that absolutely existed. This means that when transforming, it absorbed the world’s “Qi”, the “Qi” being the basic reason why it can change its weight and appearance.

As to why it was only slight confusion and not confusion before, was because he could only think to this point, as to how the fox absorbed “Qi”, he didn’t want to think about that. Or how it used “Qi” to change fur into clothes, he didn’t want to understand it.

The Donford Wu that really didn’t want to think about it anymore was not because he didn’t want to understand it. He originally lived in the twenty first century, and that time’s scientific knowledge could only explain this situation up to here. Maybe after science was more advanced, could it completely explain what was going on. He firmly believed that when science has been developed to the extreme limit, everything that was just an idea, could be explained realistically. He also hated that science had only developed to this point, so he could only forcefully explain this mysterious phenomenon.

Exhausting his brain, he felt hungry, holding the pot, he started to drink the congee, he liked congee, after eating it, he would be able to sleep without feeling irritated.

Nearing the evening, Donford Wu placed the quiver on his back just like he always did before, picking up his long bow, he went out to hunt. Right now, it was almost summer, the animals were starting to get pregnant and multiply. He normally didn’t hunt female animals, because he was afraid of harming a pregnant one.

This night, he choose to go south, he used to hunt the animals near the village, but now it was clear that the prey there has decreased.

The sun went down at around five in this area, right until eight did it truly turn dark. These three hours was the golden time for hunting, but his luck tonight wasn’t too good, going south for a couple of kilometers, he only hunted a large pheasant. Seeing that the sky was turning black, he turned around to go back.

To get lucky on his way back home, he didn’t use the same path he used to get there, taking a detour to the west. When he was walking by a Camphor forest, he heard a heavy breathing sound coming from inside. The breathing sound was quick and heavy, clearly showing that it was a large animal.

Even though he could walk fine, but he couldn’t carry something too heavy. A prey that was too big was too hard to bring back.

Just when he wanted to go around and leave this place, he heard a “Ne~Ne~” sound coming from the forest, the sound was very childish, very similar to the nasal noises a child makes, it should be some kind of animal’s child crying.

Feeling curiosity, Donford Wu climbed up on a large tree by his side. With his high vantage point, he could see far and a bird’s eye view of the forest. He could only see a very large animal sitting under a Camphor tree, it had a white belly, black claws, a white head and two black circles on its eyes.

“What kind of thing is this?”

Even though the rays of light were already very dim, but he could determine that the animal sitting under the tree was most probably a panda from its appearance. The reason why he said it was most probably, was because this panda was much larger than his impression of pandas.

The panda was doing a series of strange actions, its two claws was slowly digging out dirt from its two sides. Not far away, a little guy about the size of a washbasin was calling out, trying to get close to it. But strangely, when the little guy crawled close to it, the panda would push it away.

According to the strange actions of the panda, Donford Wu could determine that this panda was very weak right now. But because of the distance, he had no way to determine of it was because of a wound or was it because it was sick.

Donford Wu slid down the try, quickly walking into the Camphor forest, he was now only ten meters away from the panda, but the panda didn’t get up and attack him.

The panda’s belly had blood stains, but the stains were only sticking on its fur, the stomach didn’t have any wounds.

“Is the wound on its back?”

Donford Wu circled around towards the north, walking a few steps, his feet sent a smooth and creamy feeling back to him.

Inside a forest, this was the most horrible feeling, walking on a smooth and creamy thing meant that he stepped on a snake seventy or eighty percent of time.

Feeling this, Donford Wu jumped away, at the same time, he turned his head to take a look, and seeing it, he really did step onto a snake. The snake was probably poisonous, it was a bright red all around and had a five inch horn growing from its head. But the snake was already dead, have of its body was long gone.

Discovering the snake’s corpse, Donford Wu didn’t continue to circle around to the back side of the panda, this was because it was clear that the panda was bitten by the poisonous snake.

At this time, the panda already stopped digging, its heavy breathing slowly vanishing.

The little guy crawled towards its side, this time the panda didn’t push it away.

Donford Wu sighed, swatting away bugs and flies from his face, it was almost dark, he had to get back as quickly as possible.

But for no reason at all, his brain started to surface the picture of the panda pushing away the little panda, it was about to die, why did it have to push the child away?

Walking for tens of meters, he suddenly remembered the reason, the little guy probably hasn’t stopped drinking from the milk, the panda was afraid the child would drink its milk and be poisoned to death.

Thinking to this point, Donford Wu quickly turned around and ran back, picking up the little guy that was already hugging the mother panda.

The little guy didn’t appreciate this, he scream and struggled, it even wanted to bite him.

Donford Wu took off his upper cloths, using it to wrap it, he left a small pocket to let it breath. Picking it up, he left the Camphor forest.


The little guy continued to cry with all its might while on the road.

Donford Wu became irritated from all the noise, he slapped its butt.

“Stop crying, you’re stronger than me, and at least you know how your mother looked like…..”

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