War of the Supreme Mysteries 009

Forced to Leave

Being hit, the little guy cried even louder, struggled even harder, with a ripping sound, he clawed open Donford Wu’s camo.

“I only have this one piece of clothing.”

Just as Donford Wu said this, another ripping sound came out.

Before he could even react, the little guy already fell out of a hole in the clothing.

Heartbroken, Donford Wu looked a t the large hole in his cmo. This wasn’t just simple cloths to him, but rather, a memory of his squad, of modern times.



Hearing the sound,he turned his head around, He saw the little guy crash into a big tree while trying to escape. Crashing into it hard, it was rolling on the ground.

Sighing, Donford Wu took off his body armour, putting it on the little guy, he once again used his camo to carry it back. It was too small now, it wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild, letting it run free was the same as letting it die.

The little guy still wasn’t a good panda, it was still struggling inside the body armour.

“If you can rip it, then rip it.”

Donford Wu quickened his pace, he saw a faint light coming from atop the north side mountain, this meant that Walda Ming was waiting there.

Climbing to the waist of the mountain, Donford Wu felt that something was wrong, lifting up the cloth bag, a furry hind leg stuck out of it.

Discovering this abnormality, he felt extremely shocked. Even though the body armour couldn’t defend against piercing attacks, it was still pretty hard to pierce. When he was slicing off a strand for the bow string, it took him more than an hour. But this little panda was at most wrapped in the clothing for twenty minutes.

Arriving at the mountaintop, Walda Ming walked over to welcome him. Receiving the bow and arrows, plus the large pheasant from his hand, she asked.

“What’s inside that bag?”

“A panda, small one.”

After Donford Wu finished speaking, Walda Ming had a suspicious look on her face. Helplessly shaking his head, Donford Wu could understand the Xia dynasty’s language spoken by Walda Ming into modern terms, but the modern terms he spoke couldn’t be understood by Walda Ming.

After he shook his head, he lifted the bag and walked towards the cave.

Borrowing the light from the campfire, Wlda Ming could clearly see the back of the head that was exposed to the outside. Her expression immediately changed drastically.

“Quick, release it.”


Donford Wu asked in a doubtful voice.

“Pixius are fierce and wild beasts, since you took its kid, its mother will come and find you.”

Walda Ming said in a hurried manner.

“Look carefully, it’s a panda.”

Donford Wu untied the bag, he lifted the little guy up by the back of his neck.

“It’s a Pixiu, look at the ears and eyes.”

Walda Ming stated in a sure tone.

“Your Pixius look like this?”

Donford Wu asked casually.

Seeing that Donford Wu didn’t believe her, Walda Ming became more and more worried.

“It IS a Pixiu, even tigers and leopards are afraid of them, you better let it go, Its mother would be able to find this place sooner or later.”

“Its mother is dead.”

Donford Wu held the sniffing little guy. He thought of where he should place him. String definitely wouldn’t be able to hold him.

“You killed it?”

Doubt filled Walda Ming’s eyes, showing that she didn’t believe Donford Wu.

“Nope, it was killed by a horned red snake.”

Donford Wu placed the little guy back into the cloths bag. He lifted it towards Walda Ming.

“Hold it for me.”

“What are you going to do?”

Walda Ming was holding the cloths bag with a frightened and worried look.

“Take care of ift for a few days.”

Donford Wu lifted a boulder and walked towards the cave. he wanted to make a rock encirclement in the cave to keep the panda in.

“Paxius eat people, you can’t take care of it.

Walda Ming shouted.

“No problem, I’ll let it go after a few days.”

Donford Wu casually replied.

The blood stains in the cave (by the fox ) were already wiped clean by Wlada Ming. Donford Wu made a quarter circle of boulders that was half a person tall at the north western corner of the cave. Next he placed the panda inside.

“It’s already so big, it can find food for itself, let it go.”

“Walda Ming continued to try to sway him.


Donford Wu was irritated, he emphasised his tone.

Seeing Donford Wu standing firm, Walda Ming stopped trying to sway him. But a worried expression still lingered on her face.

“You guys call them Pixius?”

Donford Wu checked his body armour. The strong and firm body armour had a couple of openings ripped open by the little fucker. A normal panda absolutely wouldn’t be able to do this, that’s why he started to think whether the little fucker was apanda, or did it just look like one.

“Yup, i didn’t see incorrectly, it is a Pixu.”

Walda Ming turned around and left the cave.

“What does it like to eat?”

Donford Wu asked again. In modern times, Pixius were said to be the child of dragons. That and pandas were two completely different things.


Walda Ming added branches to the camp fire.

“Does it eat bamboo?”

Donford Wu asked again.

“Only when it can’t find meat.”

Walda Ming stated.

Donford Wu didn’t ask anything else. Pandas came from carnivores. Right until modern times, they would still occasionally eat a bit of meat. As long as the little guy ate bamboo, it was a panda without question. Walda Ming said it was a Pixiu. This meaning that modern people had an incorrect understanding. In ancient times, they were pandas, not some kind of child of dragons.

“It’s already so late, why did you come over?”

Donford Wu asked. Normally, Walda Ming would only come once every day, and it was already the third time she came over today.

Walda Ming didn’t say anything.

“Did something happen?”

Donford Wu asked.

“I harmed you, I shouldn’t have brought the fox back.”

Walda Ming said in a dreary tone.

DOnford Wu slowly walked out.

“What happened?”

“When i brought the dead fox back to the village, everyone admired you for killing the fox, but the shaman wasn’t happy. She told me to tell you, after you are all well and good, you would need to leave.”

Walda Ming said.

“Why wasn’t she happy?”

Donford Wu asked.

While shaking her head, Walda Ming said.

“That fox was very strong, even the shaman couldn’t defeat it. But you, you were able to kill it. That’s why the shaman is suspicious of your identity. She’s afraid you’ll bring trouble to the village.

“That’s human nature, I don’t blame her. You can tell her that after half a month, I’ll definitely leave for sure .

“It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have brought it back.”

Walda Ming blamed herself.

“It has nothing to do with you. It’s my fault for not being able to explain my identity clearly. It’s perfectly normal for her to be suspicious of me.

Donford Wu casually said.

Walda Ming lowered her head, not speaking. After a moment passed, she untied a small pouch from her waist and lifted it towards Donford Wu.

“What’s this?”

Donford Wu asked.

“The dan of the fox.”

Walda Ming replied.

Donford Wu tok the pouch. He took out what was inside. It was a red pearl, around the size of a quail egg, it had a faint fragrance to it.

“So these things really exist. Which part of the body did it come from?”

Donford Wu sized up the pearl in his hand. People who have seen horror movies were familiar with this thing, but very few people saw them with their own eyes.

“Some are in the brain, some are in the stomach. I found this one in the stomach.”

Walda Ming stated.

Donford Wu placed the pearl back into the pouch.

“How did you know it had something like this in its stomach??”

“All wild beasts that have lived long enough have one. But very few are red, most are white. Since this one is red, it costs a lot of money.”

Walda Ming didn’t pronounce money. That was because there wasn’t any thing like money at this period, what she said was “Yao yun wu me”, which meant it could be exchanged for a lot of things.”

“What use does it have? Why is a red one more costly than a white one?”

Donford Wu asked curiously.

“I think that the Earth clan are able to use them to heal people. There are a lot less red ones than white ones, white ones can only be traded for a small pot of salt, while the red ones can be traded for three sheep.”

Walda Ming said.

“I’ll give it to you.”

Donford Wu lifted the pouch towards Wlada Ming.

“Your clothing has holes in it. The men will be transporting ores to the tribe tomorrow, I’ll ask them to bring back some fabric. I can make some cloths for you.”

Walda Ming happily took it. Xia dynasty people were much more honest compared to people in modern times. At least more honest than the modern women he saw before. If something is given to them, they’ll take it. If they weren’t given it, they won’t take it.

“Let them bring back some pots of salt.”

Donford Wu said.


Walda Ming replied while nodding her head.

Donford Wu lifted the large pheasant he hunted today towards her.

“Go home now, your children are still waiting for you back home.”

Taking the large pheasant, she turned her head towards the cave. The little guy was crying inside.

“No need to pay attention to it, it just separated from its mother. Even if i fed it, it doesn’t eat. Go.”

Donford Wu urged her to leave.

Walda Ming took the large pheasant down the mountain. Sitting at the campfire, he stared off into the distance. He didn’t blame the shaman, he could only blame himself for not being able to explain his identity and where he came from. With his temper, once someone told him to leave, would immediately leave, wouldn’t even stay for one more minute. The reason why he choose to stay for another half a month was because he wanted to give Walda Ming and her two children more food to store.

Sitting outside the cave for half an hour, Donford Wu stood up and walked into the cave wanting to sleep. The little guy already grew silent. Hearing footsteps, it started to hiccup, Donford Wu couldn’t sleep because of the noise, he could only run outside to sleep.

Waking up in the morning, Donford Wu went to the valley on the south western side. There were only bones left of the corpse of the animal that was killed by the human shaped fire. The three Fire clan clansman’s skeleton was no where to be seen. Most likely, they were taken back home by their clansmen.

Shooing away a few large scavenger birds, he picked a few bones to take back.

That unknown animal might have lived for many years, its bones were abnormally hard, and this was what he cared for the most. The bow and arrow’s might has always been without strength. The problem wasn’t in the bow, but was in the arrows. Bamboo arrows were too light, it couldn’t be shoot far, and the tips weren’t any good either, he wanted to use these bones to make a quiver of bone arrows.

The little guy that was trapped in the stone encirclement started to cry when he heard his footsteps. Donford Wu went over to take a look. Going back outside the cave, he started to work. Because the bones were too strong, the grinding process took a very long and difficult time. But he wasn’t in a hurry, Xia dynasty didn’t have any kind of metal except for copper, and copper was clearly not suitable as arrows. They were too heavy, they couldn’t be shoot far. The hardness wasn’t high enough either, not sharp enough. If these special bones could be grinded into bone arrows, it’s might would be frightening.

At noon, he used a bowl to place water inside the rock encirclement, the little guy didn’t drink, only turning the bowl over.

That day, he went to check on the encirclement five or six times, but he didn’t give the little panda anything to eat.

The next day at noon, he once again filled a bowl with water and placed it inside. This time, the panda drank, but he still didn’t feed anything to it.

The third day at dawn, the little guy finally pooped. Donford Wu looked at the fecal matter, discovering the poop was slightly smelly, mixed inside it were a few seeds of fruits.

If it only drank milk, the poop wouldn’t be smelly. The stench meant that even though the little guy hasn’t completely stopped drinking milk, but it has already started to eat meat, and the few fruit seeds clearly showed what kind of fruits it ate.

After making sure of this, he immediately went out to find something for the little guy to eat. After the moon raised up high in sky, he brought back a rabbit and a couple of wild pears.

What was unthinkable was that the little guy’s appetite was extremely good, it sat a corner, finishing off the main course, it ate another seven fruits.

“A food dump, it really is a food dump.”

Donford Wu ticked his tongue while shaking his head.

After saying this, a strange sound came from outside the cave. Donford Wu turned his head around to take a look, discovering a silhouette flash on the southern mountain ridge, coming from the west, it flashed towards the east.
Donford Wu quickly went out, at this time, the woman shaman came flutterling down from a large tree on the western bump, showing up in front of him, she asked in a serious voice.

“Where did you just go?”

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