War of the Supreme Mysteries 010

Mysterious Assassins

The tone of her voice made Donford Wu feel disgusted, but he didn’t say anything, or did he turn around to leave. He just tilted his head and stood there.

“I’m asking you, where did you go?”

The lady shaman emphasized her tone.

Donford Wu pretended to be confused, at the same time, he said in Chinese.

“You dumb fuck, the person you were chasing already ran towards the east.”

The lady shaman didn’t doubt him in the slightest. Slowly asking one word at a time.

“Did you just go to our village?”

This time, she spoke extremely slowly, and Walda Ming must have told the shaman that now, he could engage in simple conversations. This time, he couldn’t pretend to be confused. He just shook his head and said.


“You really haven’t?”

The lady shaman raised the copper pole in her hand to emphasize her tone even more.

“I really haven’t, I was only at the cave.”

Donford Wu said while shaking his head.

The lady shaman didn’t believe him. Using the copper pole to move him to the side, she walked towards the cave.

Just at his moment, a crying scream from deep within the throat resounded from the bottom of the mountain, it came from a woman. What she screamed was.

“My child!”

The scream from down the mountain stopped the lady shaman in her tracks. Bending down to store power, she rushed towards the west. From the top of tress, she went back towards the village as fast as possible.

The lady shaman probably used some type of light step technique. Every time she lifted off from a tree, she could glide for twenty something meters. If he saw this in the past, he might have felt surprised, but he saw the speed of the human shaped flame. Compared to his/her flight in the wind, the lady shaman was but a jumping frog.

“Give me back my child!”

Another cry rang out from the village. This cry was clearly not from the same person. This person’s voice sounded deeper and course.
“Fuck, she was deceived by a decoy.”
Donford Wu rushed into the cave, picking up his bow and quiver of arrows, he ran out. Thinking for a bit, he went back to take his body armor. Running while putting it on, he didn’t know exactly what happened in the village, but from the two screams, it seems to be that young children were hurt. He went down the mountain only to protect Walda Ming and her two children.

There was a moon tonight. Donford Wu borrowed the moonlight to rush out of forest. While running, he heard another ear piercing womanly scream and a child’s frightened cry coming from the village. The men of the village were still haven’t come back from transporting the ores, so the village was mostly only filled with women and children.

The mountain path between the cave and the village was five or six kilometers. Before ten minutes, Donford Wu already arrived at the entrance of the village. Walda Ming’s house was at the front of the village, so he first ran over to go check. He only saw the door opened, Walda Ming and her children were nowhere to be seen.

At this moment, there were no women or children running around, the noise was concentrated in the village center. There, light could be seen, this meant that after the villagers discovered it was dangerous, they all went to the lady shaman’s residence to seek protection.

He was familiar with the village and its paths. He quickly ran over to the lady shaman’s house. About a hundred meters away, he slowed his pace down. Now that the situation is unknown, and he knew nothing about the enemy. Just rushing in is absolutely a mistake.

At this time, the screams from women stopped, only the children kept on crying. Donford Wu used the trees between houses to silently close into the village center, being only fifty meters away, Donford Wu crouched down between the trees of two houses.

The lady shaman was fighting with two black clothed men right now, the children and women of the village hiding behind her. The armless middle aged man was on the ground not far away, his three limbs touching the ground, it was unknown if he was alive or not.

After a quick and short search, Donford Wu discovered Walda Ming and her two children in the mass of people. Now that he relaxed, he started observing the battle. The copper pole was the lady shaman’s weapon, her opponents were using strange black colored broadswords. They were all using rather normal martial arts, not too different from mixed martial arts. Even though the lady shaman wasn’t too hard pressed fighting against the masked individuals, but the masked people didn’t seem to want to fight directly with her. While attacking, they all tried to go around the lady shaman to attack the women and children behind her.

Because the situation didn’t call for it, Donford Wu wasn’t in too much in a hurry. Saying it in another way, was that he wanted to attack, but couldn’t. This was because the masked people were always moving extremely quickly, he had no way to accurately shoot them, if he shot, then he might hit the women and children.

According to their figures, both of the masked people were men, except for their weapons clashing, they always avoided touching the lady shaman’s body directly. There were multiple times that the lady shaman exposed openings, but the two masked men didn’t use their legs or open hands to attack her.

After a long while, they finally changed tactics, they didn’t try to go around the lady shaman but attacked her directly. Just like this, the lady shaman was finally placed in a disadvantage, being attacked on both sides, she was too tired to handle it.

Seeing this, Donford Wu started to quietly circle around counter clockwise. He was now at the south side, facing the tree people and the women and children behind them, putting risks on releasing arrows. Now that he was going to the east side, he wouldn’t have this problem.

But only after ten meters or so, he didn’t dare move again. This was because he saw a person on top of a tree on the east side, the person was only masked, the breasts were not small, it was a woman.

Donford Wu secretly sized up the woman. This person should be the human figure he saw at the cave. Because he showed up, the lady shaman wasn’t pulled too far away from the village, if not, she wouldn’t have been able to get back in time.

Just when he was thinking of what to do, a breaking of metal resounded from the north side. One of the black clothed men’s broadsword was broken in two by the lady shaman’s copper pole.

With an opportunity in hand, the other black clothed man threw his black broadsword towards the crowd at the north side.

Hearing the frightened screams from the crowd, she turned around. Seeing that she had no way to block the black broadsword, she quickly reached out her hand, a red light appearing around her body, her left hand moving at quick speeds. Following the series of movements, a yellow thing flew out from the house, blocking the black broadsword in midair.


Donford Wu secretly exclaimed.

With a bang, the black broadsword and the yellow thing fell down at the same time. This thing wasn’t something special, it was the copper grinder under the shade of the roof.

Seeing the black broadsword being blocked by the lady shaman, the black clothed man back flipped into the crowd. Seeing the murder jumping towards them, the hiding crowd screamed and tried to escape. That black clothed man used the mess to snatch a swaddle from a woman’s embrace. Raising it high over his head, he wanted to throw the child in the swaddle to death.

With the situation turning critical, Donford Wu didn’t care anymore, readying his bow, he shoot an arrow towards the black clothed man.

The arrow squarely hit the black clothed man in the jugular, his movements immediately becoming sluggish. The lady shaman flashed over, taking the swaddle from the black clothed man and giving him back to his mother.

The other black clothed man seeing his partner get killed, roared while charging forwards. Twisting in midair, he back kicked the lady shaman.

“Elementary Earth Qi? You’re part of the Earth clan?!”

The lady shaman exclaimed in surprise.

Her opponent didn’t reply, picking up the black broadsword blocked by the copper grinder, he tried to kill the baby in the swaddle.

This time Donford Wu didn’t release an arrow, for one the lady shaman could get there in time, and two, the black clothed woman standing in the tree was searching for him according from the direction of the arrow.

Until now, Donford Wu thought that the black clothed man didn’t touch any part of the lady shaman was because of something on her body, but now he finally understood why that happened. They didn’t want to touch the lady shaman was because once they touched, the lady shaman could expose their identity from the Qi within their bodies.

With his identity exposed, the black clothed man didn’t have to worry about anything. Reaching both his hands out, he used telekinesis to raise two rocks the size of basins and threw it at the lady shaman.

Donford Wu saw the scene happen vividly, when the black clothed man used telekinesis to raise the rocks, he also irradiated a faint red glow.

The lady shaman twirled her copper pole to fly the rocks away, once again rushing to block the black clothed man.

The woman in the tree didn’t attack, Donford Wu also didn’t dare to move. Right now, he was in hiding, he had a sure advantage. Once he is exposed, this advantage would vanish. He would immediately be attacked by the woman in the tree, he wasn’t sure he could win against that woman, because she most likely also knew how to use control the laws.

Donford Wu slowly took out an arrow and placed it on the bow, patiently waiting for his chance. Using the moonlight, he could see where the woman was searching. Just when she looking at an area right behind him, he quickly released an arrow at her.

The woman in the tree didn’t show any sign of noticing, in a flash, the arrow arrived at her jugular. Next a red glow flashed out, blocking the arrow’s path, the woman suddenly staring at his position.

“Fucking hell, I took the bait.”

Donford Wu secretly cursed himself. It was clear that his opponent was trying to bait him out to determine his position.

Naturally, after determined his position, she raised a black broadsword and flew towards him.

In a split second, Donford Wu once again shoot out another arrow, but the arrow wasn’t aimed at the black clothed woman, but was shoot at the black clothed man fighting with the lady shaman.

That black clothed man didn’t take any precautions, but once the arrow reached him, his body once again glowed in a red light, after a flash, the arrow dropped towards the ground.

Even though the arrow didn’t hit the black clothed man, but it distracted him. Using this opportunity, the lady shaman raised her copper pole and stroke his head. In a cry of pain, he fell to the ground.

At that time, the black clothed woman already reached Donford Wu, her black broadsword flashing, she slashed towards his throat.

Seeing the broadsword coming down, Donford Wu didn’t dodge, but rather took out his dagger backhanded and jumped slicing at his opponent’s throat. The body armor he was wearing feared jabs but not slashes.

Not knowing he would do such a thing, she was in a shock. Without any fancy moves, she turned around and dodged, borrowing power from a tree, she rushed towards the woman carrying the swaddle.
“Be careful, there’s another one coming.”

Donford Wu warned the lady shaman in a loud voice.

The lady shaman was checking the pulse of the fallen black clothed man, hearing Donford Wu’s voice, she quickly stood up. Throwing the copper pole to defend against the broadsword thrown towards the mother and child, she turned around and flipped up. Pulling at the ankles of the black clothed woman, they both fell onto the ground.

Donford Wu quickly ran over, at the moment, the two women were rolling on the ground ripping at each other. The dagger in his hand searching for an opportunity to attack.

“Don’t kill her, I need her alive.”

The lady shaman yelled.

Just finishing her sentence, the mask on the shaman’s face was punched into dust, at the same time, the black cloth on the black clothed woman’s face was pulled down.

After a moment of astonishment, both of them covered their faces at the same time……

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