War of the Supreme Mysteries 011

Not Allowed to Torture the Captive

The strange actions of the two froze Donford Wu. After his mind came back to him, he immediately turned around and walked towards the west to pick up arrows off the ground. Taking out the bone arrow from a corpse’s throat, he didn’t look back even once. Even though he didn’t know why they covered their faces, but he could guess that it had something to do with their culture. There was one rule regarding secrets in the troops, don’t look at secrets you aren’t supposed to look at, if you do, then pretend you didn’t see it.

After the mask and cloth came falling down, there was three to five seconds before they both covered their faces. There was moon hanging overhead tonight, and Donford Wu wasn’t blind. He now knew how they looked like. The lady shaman had a sharp oval face, the nosebleed running down her face didn’t ruin her clear complexion. She should be a few years older than him, about twenty six or seven years old. The age of the black clothed woman wasn’t old, her age might not even reach twenty. She had a big eyes and a round face and some looks to go with it. They both had one thing in common, they both had pure white skin. But Donford Wu didn’t know if it was because they covered their faces for so long, or something else.

Only when he out the arrow from the corpse’s throat did Donford Wu discover the arrow was the one made out of bones. In these couple of days, he only grinded out a single one. The other two arrows were normal bamboo ones. Donford Wu started to think the reason why the arrows didn’t hit was because of the material they were made of.

Looking carefully at the bone arrow, Walda Ming ran over with her children.

“Why’d you come?”

“I came to…..take a look.”

Donford Wu originally wanted to say he came to save her and her children, but he changed his mind in the middle of it.

“Good thing you came.”

Walda Ming still wasn’t over the ordeal.

Donford Wu laughed and ruffled the two children’s hair. Bit far away, the chatter of women started coming out. Without even having to ask, the lady shaman must have gotten hold of the black clothed woman with the help of the ladies.

“Did you see the lady shaman’s face?”

Walda Ming asked in a low voice.

“Nope, what about it?”

Donford Wu picked up the black broadsword that was broken in half. The broadsword had some weight to it, it should be made out of metal.

“Good thing you didn’t see it, if not, she would’ve killed you.”

Walda Ming stated.

“Walda, go get the sheep tendons.”

A shout came from a woman behind them, even though they all had the same surname, but they don’t call people out with their last name, only their first name, and most of their first names only had a single word, so it sounded a bit bad when it was called out. (Most Chinese names in modern times are made with three characters, but Walda Ming’s only has two.)

Hearing the shout, Walda Ming walked away with her children. Donford Wu kneeled down to the dead black clothed man to search his body. His search ended up in a disappointment, taking off the corpse’s clothes, the corpse didn’t have anything on its body.

“What are you doing?”

The lady shaman said in a cold voice behind him.

“I can wear his clothes.”

Donford Wu continued his search.

“Don’t take things from the dead.”

The lady shaman’s voice started to have an unwelcoming tone to it.

“I killed this person.”

Donford Wu didn’t have the patience to say anymore, if not for his help, the lady shaman wouldn’t be able to defeat all three opponents. Not only did she not say thanks, but she was extremely unwelcoming.

Facing this answer, she took in a large breath. But at last, she warmed her tone a bit.

“Fine, you decide.”

Donford Wu took off the corpse’s clothes, not even leaving the pants. After the underwear was taken off, he took off the corpse’s black cloth covering the face. When the black cloth was off, the face of a young man was exposed. His age was also not high, around twenty years old.

“Why doesn’t he have a tattoo?”

Donford Wu turned his head and asked the lady shaman that was getting ready to walk away. At this moment, the lady shaman already placed on another mask.

“The Earth clan doesn’t have any tattoos.”

The lady shaman didn’t turn back, she walked straight towards her house.

Donford Wu furrowed his brows. The lady shaman clearly was hiding words in between words, meaning that he also didn’t have any tattoos, and that he was suspected to be part of the Earth clan.

Even though he wasn’t happy, but since she didn’t say anything directly, he couldn’t say anything back. Taking the clothes and the other two unbroken black broadswords into his arms, he walked towards the shaman’s house. The place had so little things, he couldn’t waste them.

At this time, the black clothed woman was already tied up to a wooden post in front of the house, the women of the village were beating her, even kicking。

The black clothed woman gritted her teeth and bared with it, not making a sound.

Donford Wu seeing that she was so stubborn, he felt like he couldn’t take it anymore. Yelling at the crowd with a large voice.

“If you beat her to death, then she can’t say anything.”

After hearing Donford Wu’s shout, the crowd of women that were beating the black clothed woman started to stop one at a time, turning their heads to look at him. After looking at him, they turned towards the lady shaman. Seeing that the lady shaman didn’t have any motives to stop them, they once again started scratching and beating the black clothed woman, scratching her face and pulling her hair, they ripped open her clothes and took her ** (This was in the raw)

Seeing this, Donford Wu was absolutely furious, he quickly stepped forward to block the crowd.


Hearing this, the crowd stared at him. The lady shaman at one side said to him in a cold voice.

“It isn’t your place to speak.”

“If you want to kill her then don’t hit her, if you want to hit her then you can’t kill her.”

Donford Wu raised his voice. This woman was a partner in crime. He wouldn’t give a shit even if they killed her. But he couldn’t accept that she had no way to fight back but the crowd still beating and humiliating her, torturing captives violated the Geneva Conventions.

The lady shaman opened a path in the crowd and arrived in front of him. Sneering, she looked at Donford Wu.

“You know her?”


Donofrd Wu said without hesitation.

“Then why are you protecting her?”

The lady shaman asked.

“Because they didn’t humiliate the villagers before they killed anyone, that’s why before you kill her, you cannot hit her.”
Donford Wu looked straight into the lady shaman’s eyes.

“I’m the one who has the say in this village.”

The lady shaman gestured towards the crowd, the latter once again rushing forward.

Donford Wu dropped the things in his arms and took out his dagger in a horizontal stance in front of his chest. Seeing this, the crowd hurriedly stepped back.

The lady shaman turned furious, Donford Wu furrowed his eyebrows.

“I don’t care if you kill her, but before you kill her, you can’t torture her.”

They stared at each other for tens of seconds. At last, the lady shaman waved her hand at the crowd.

“Everyone one go back, I’ll take care of this.”

The women of the village didn’t dare not listen to the words of the shaman. But before they left, they all spitted at Donford Wu, expressing disdain, venting their anger.

“Just kill me.”

The black clothed woman tied to the wooden post said without any strength.

Donford Wu didn’t say anything. Retracting his dagger, he went to pick up the things he dropped.

The lady shaman wasn’t in a hurry to interrogate the black clothed woman, so she first went to help the armless man. Donford Wu also didn’t stay there for long, holding the things, he went back to his own cave.

With one of the black broadswords broken, he used the light from flames to determine that the blade was made of something close to pig iron. The clothes was made out of silk, much better than the course clothes the villagers wore.

After arriving back for not too long, he once again left the cave, the little guy was hungry, and it kept on making noise.

The next morning, Walda Ming came by.

“And I don’t you wouldn’t come back.”

Laughed Donford Wu.

“And why is that?”

Walda Ming placed a pot down on the ground.

“Because I stopped the women of the village from beating up the black clothed woman.

Said Donford Wu.

“Anyone who spat at you are all idiots, if not for you last night, the shaman wouldn’t be able to beat all three.”

Walda Ming said in low voice.

Hearing Walda Ming say this, Donford Wu’s mood brightened up a bit.

“And that woman?”

“Still tied there, the woman is a shaman of the Earth clan, the shaman wants to bring her to the tribe.”

Stated Walda Ming.

Donford Wu nodded his head, he took out the food out of the pot. Today was the mountain goat he hunted a few days back, after so long, the taste turned bad a bit.

“So how many people died yesterday?”

Donford Wu casually asked.

“Two kids, both very very young, they were still on milk.”

Sighed Walda Ming.

Hearing this, Donford Wu frowned a bit. Last night, when he arrived at the village, he saw the battle. In the whole process, the three black clothed people wanted to attack a woman holding a swaddle. More correctly, they wanted to attack the swaddle. Not only that, after the lady shaman was attracted away, the remaining black clothed men had enough time to go through a massacre, but they didn’t just kill anyone. They only killed two kids. This meant that the three had clear objectives, which was to kill children, and the children had to be babies that haven’t gotten off milk yet.

Why would they want to do this? He couldn’t find an answer from his own mind, and he didn’t ask Walda Ming, because she wouldn’t know either.

“When are the men coming back?”

Donford Wu started another topic. Last night, he offended the lady shaman, he didn’t want to stay here any longer. Saying it simply, even if wanted to stay here, the lady shaman wouldn’t let him. The men of the village left long ago, so they should be arriving very soon. If they don’t come back, then the village wouldn’t have enough cured meat. With the weather so hot and no salt, the prey wouldn’t last long.

“They should be still unloading ores at the tribe, they’ll need three or four days before they came back.”

Walda Ming stated.

Donford Wu nodded his head, holding a pot of water to the cave, he went back into the cave to feed the panda water. Only now did he discover that the food he brought back yesterday was already finished by it.

“Food dump.”

Donford Wu shook his head while he laughed.

“Food Dump? You named it?”

Walda Ming asked without understanding. She didn’t understand the words of Donford Wu, because he said that in a different language.

“Ha Ha, yeah, it’ll be called Food Dump from now on.”

Donford Wu laughed out loud.

Food Dump was down on the ground drinking, it didn’t know Donford Wu named it, and even more didn’t know that it was an extremely bad name.

After finishing his food, Walda Ming brought the pot back down the mountain, he once again looked at the black broadswords. He didn’t see incorrectly last night, the three broadswords were all made with pig iron. Pig iron is extremely common in modern times. Most of the manholes were made out of pig iron, the most special thing about this metal is that it becomes brittle.

But no matter how brittle it was, it was still metal. Right now, he was worried on how he could chop wood to help Walda Ming fix her house, but now, the two broadswords had some use.

He didn’t know anything about Mortise and Tenon construction, so he used string to tie them. After a busy two days, Walda Ming’s house has become the sturdiest one there. The only con was that to ensure that it would last long, the string he used was treated with animal fat, easily attracting ants. But after Walda Ming smeared it with a kind of plant paste, the ants didn’t come back.

These two days, the black clothed woman was still tied up to the wooden post, enduring the glaring sun and the pouring rain, and she wasn’t fed any food. Donford Wu couldn’t take it, using the night, he secretly went down the mountain two times to give her water. Every time he went to give water, he didn’t try to avoid the lady shaman. Since he knew the lady shaman was secretly watching him, he went without a care.

The first time, the black clothed woman didn’t drink, even not looking at him. The second time, the black clothed woman drank a small amount, then said a word of thanks.

After the third day, the men that were transporting ores came back. Bringing back food and salt, they also brought back a freighting news. The same night as the ambush of the village, tens of Gold clan villages were also ambushed. More than two hundred babies that were born this year were all killed……

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