War of the Supreme Mysteries 012

Setting Off

Walda Ming started shaking all round when she heard the news. It was no wonder she was scared, more than two hundred babies were murdered and all in one night. Every Gold clan member should all be scared too, because they didn’t know what scheme was hidden behind this, and they didn’t know what doom would befall the Gold clan.

Hearing this, Donford Wu frowned without speaking. The black clothed woman that was caught was an Earth clan shaman, which means the Earth clan should be the figures behind this matter. But the Earth clan rules all of the Nine Provinces, and controls the center. Plus the Gold clan is its vassal state. Enormous amount of tributes would be provided to the Earth clan every year, why would the Earth clan want to kill the children of the Gold clan?

According to Walda Ming, her village was one of the rather small villages in one of the Gold clan tribes. The Earth clan sent three shamans to a small village, tens to a tribe, the Earth clan would have at least sent more than a hundred shamans. Also adding in the shamans of the Gold clan tribes and the Gold clan capital, the Earth clan would have should sent more than two hundred people in this operation, and adding up all the Gold clan shamans, they wouldn’t even reach a hundred. Without question, for the Earth clan to send out such a force, they must have had a must accomplish thinking in their minds. This kind of large scale operation must have been ordered by the upper echelons of the Earth clan.

You must know that there isn’t any kind of wall that can stop all wind in the world (meaning information goes around). After being attacked by such a large scale ambush, the Gold clan surely would chase the perpetrator. If they know it is the Earth clan, then they would make suitable actions against the Earth clan. The Earth clan must have thought of this. What exactly is the reason for them to take such a risk to assassinate the children of the Gold clan. If you say it’s for revenge or punishment, then why would they need to cover their faces, and there isn’t any reason to pick the babies that were killed this year.

There was still another important clue, from the way the three Earth clan shamans attacked, they tried to avoid injuring innocent people. This meant that before they set off, they were ordered by the upper echelons to do so. So except for the babies that were born this year, they had to try their best not to kill anyone else.

From this point, it wasn’t hard to guess that the upper echelons of the Earth clan didn’t want to fully turn their backs against the Gold clan. Coming to this, it wasn’t hard to figure out what the mental state of the upper echelons of the Earth clan were. They were afraid of angering the Gold clan, but this operation must have been done. Saying it directly, they had to just do it, they couldn’t not do it even if they didn’t want to.

“Food Dump ran out!”

Walda Ming’s frightened cry cut of Donford Wu’s thinking.

“He ran out multiple times already, don’t think about him.”

Donford Wu raised his hands. Because he was missing important clues, he could figure out the mentality of the upper echelons of the Earth clan, but he couldn’t guess the motive.

“If there isn’t anything else, I’ll be going.”

Walda Ming stood up.

Donford Wu nodded his head.

“K, come earlier tomorrow.”

Walda Ming nodded and then turned around to leave.

Now that Walda Ming has left, Donford Wu once again went to grinding bone arrows. The bone arrows were made out of the leg bone from an unknown organism, every leg bone could be grinded into four pieces. Every piece could be made into a single bone arrow. Four leg bones could be grinded into sixteen bone arrows, but he only grinded three up till now.

Two in the afternoon, an unwelcomed guest came by the cave. It was the armless man with a message.

“Tomorrow, the shaman will send the captive back to the tribe, while sending you away as well.”

Donford Wu frowned while looking in his eyes, then nodded his head.

After the armless man left, Donford Wu backed his bow and arrows to go out and hunt. This time, he’ll be going to the east, going through the stream and entering the Fire clan’s territory. There was a lot more prey there than other places, after going there and back three times, he brought back tons of prey.

Tomorrow, he would have to leave. Donford Wu’s mood was a bit down. All those days he stayed here, except for resting his wounds and learning the language, the main reason was that he first came to this world by the river by the east side, staying here made him feel more close to modern time. He had to leave tomorrow, and he didn’t know what the outside world was like, even more so, he didn’t know what was waiting for him, his future was filled with variables and unknowns.

But at last, he wasn’t a sentimental person. Third aunt had a phrase that influenced him the most. Which was always think on the bright side, since it already past, you only need to walk forward one step at a time.

From all this, there was still one thing that left him uneasy. Food Dump was still small, it could only eat but not hunt, and Walda Ming is afraid of it, so she won’t adopt it. Going back a step, even if Walda Ming was willing to adopt it, she wouldn’t even be able to. Don’t look at it to be so small, he could eat a kilo of meat each day and still would be hungry.

If you have milk then you can become the mom, if you have things to eat then you can become the dad. After being fed for these few days, Food Dump was really close to him. Every night, even if it climbed out, it wouldn’t just run around, but rather go by his side and sleep, it depended on him a lot, and he didn’t have the heart to just abandon it.

After thinking for a long time, Donford Wu used his dagger to cut up two pieces of the black face cloth into small strings. Using the body armor and the silk from the corpses he made a pouch. Since he couldn’t abandon it, he could only bring it with him.

Before the sun raised the next day, Walda Ming already came by, because the village just had an accident, she wasn’t assured enough to leave her children at home, so she brought them with her.

Donford Wu lit the bonfire, discovering that Walda Ming’s eyes were red.

“I heard that you had to leave today, so I stayed up all night to make you these clothes and shoes.”

Walda Ming passed the clothes and shoes over to Donford Wu.

“I can still wear my shoes, these pairs, you keep them.”
Donford Wu received the clothes and gave back the shoes to Walda Ming. The pair of shoes were made from cloth and beast skin, but Walda Ming only wore grass shoes herself.

“You keep them.”

Walda Ming refused while she shook her head.

Donford Wu took a glance at Walda Ming, after hesitating for a moment, he took back the shoes.

“The prey I hunted yesterday are all inside the cave, use some salt to cure it.”

Walda Ming nodded her head. Even though her children was by her side, she still couldn’t hold in her tears.

“You can use these two blades, this one’s broken, so just keep it just in case.”

Donford Wu placed the black broadswords by Walda Ming’s side.

Walda Ming choked while nodding her head.

Donford Wu took out a three pronged bone pitchfork. This was made with wood and the strange beast’s bones, it was about a meter long.

“After I leave, try not to go to the east side to catch fish. If you really do have to, then use this. Once you finished catching fish leave immediately, don’t stay there too long.”

After Donford Wu finished talking, he saw that Walda Ming once again started crying, hurriedly standing up and walking towards the cave.

“I still haven’t peeled the skin off of a few, I’ll help you take care of it and you can bring them back.”

Half an hour later, Donford Wu finished taking care of the prey, running to a small stream at the west side, he took a bath. Changing into the grey linen clothes, he gave the worn—out camo to Walda Ming.

“I’ll give this to you, as a memento.”

“You’re going to come back?”

Walda Ming received the camo.

“I don’t know.”

Donford Wu shook his head.
“If it’s too bad out there, then come back, we are forever friends.”

Walda Ming stated.

“It’s good friends.”

Donford Wu smiled slightly while nodding his head.

Seven in the morning, the shaman set off, coming with them were nine people. Six strong men and one woman, the woman carried the lucky baby that survived that night. The Earth clan lady shaman was tied up to something like a bamboo made stretcher, lifted by two men.

They walked in the front while Donford Wu stayed tens of meters behind.

This was a winding mountain path that went through a mountain range. Because it was needed to transport ores, the mountain path wasn’t steep, there wasn’t any large steeps hills and most of it was straight paths. But the price of this was that they had to go around the mountains, walking a lot of unneeded road.

Donford Wu wasn’t in a hurry, he originally didn’t have anywhere to go. Going to the tribe earlier or later didn’t have too much of a difference to him.

Two in the afternoon, the lady shaman stopped. The crowd sat down to rest and eat. They all brought rations, Donford Wu also brought things to eat, but they were raw. He went to find some branches to make a small fire, but who would’ve thought that just when he lit it, the lady shaman ran over, using her copper pole to spread and extinguish the fire.

Donford Wu raised his head to take a look at the lady shaman, not asking why, there must have been a reason why she did this.

The lady shaman also didn’t explain why he couldn’t start a fire. Staring at Donford Wu, she turned around and left.

The Earth clan lady shaman didn’t eat these few days. The lady shaman might have been worried that the captive might starve to death, so she gave her a piece of cured meat. The Earth clan lady shaman titled her head to one side, not eating.

There wasn’t anyone who gave Donford Wu something to eat. He wasn’t surprised, he helped the villagers, but he also stopped them from shaming the Earth clan lady shaman. This meant that even though the villagers didn’t see him as an enemy, but they also didn’t see him as a friend.

Because he had to carry the quiver of arrows, Food Dump was hanged in front of Donford Wu’s chest. When everyone rested, Donford Wu would let him out. Food Dump would run into the forest to take a dump, coming back, it would pick up a wild fruit. After taking a bite and discovering it didn’t taste good, it threw the fruit away back handed.

Resting for half an hour, the lady shaman called the crowd to continue moving. Donford Wu carried Food Dump while following in the back. On the path, they arrived at a bamboo forest. Breaking a piece of bamboo, he gave it to Food Dump. From Food Dump you could hear the sounds of “KaCha” while it bit into the bamboo. It didn’t like the thing very much, after shredding it, it would spit it out, treating it as grinding his death.

After moving for a bit, a roar came out of east side. The roar came from the mountain peak on the east side of the mountain they were currently on. The distance in a straight line was about five or six kilometers. The roar continued on with“N, Ah, N, Ah”s, which sounded like a donkey, but the sounds more stretched.

Hearing the roar, the men all stopped at the same time without, nervously looking at the lady shaman.

The lady shaman hesitated for a bit then continued walking forward, everyone carefully followed behind her, cautiously, they seemed like they were walking on thin ice

Walking carefully for two kilometers, everyone arrived at the flat area between two mountain peaks. At this moment, another strange roar came from the east, everyone once again stopping.

“It seems like it’s not too happy today.”

A man said to the lady shaman.

Even though Donford Wu didn’t know exactly who the “it” was, but he could guess it was an animal in the dense forest the crowd extremely feared, and this animal stayed here for a long time, everyone in the village seemed to know it.

The lady shaman nodded her head, stretching out her hand towards the man that talked with her, the man took out a grey pot from a bundle and passed it over to her. The pot was rather round and it had a radius of around thirty centimeters.

The lady shaman received the pot, opening the lid, she held the pot while walking forward.

Donford Wu was rather far away, so he couldn’t see what was inside the pot, but from the lady shaman’s actions, the pot should be something that the animal in the forest liked.

Donford Wu started to become nervous, if the lady shaman could defeat that fellow, then there wouldn’t be any need to give presents to it so that they can be green light to continue walking. But using presents to green light was on the mood of the “lord”, and it seems that today, the “lord” wasn’t happy……

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