War of the Supreme Mysteries 013

Celestial Master of the White Tiger’s Mount

The lady shaman walked forward while holding the pot, everyone else followed behind her. After observing the surroundings, Donford Wu helplessly followed them. The south and north side of the mountain peak was all cliffs and valleys, there was only one road you could follow.

Going up and down for a few hundred meters, once again, a roar came from the east. The roar lasted twice as long as the one before. It still sounded like “N, Ah”. The “N” was a deep nose noise, while the “Ah” was an ear shaking roar. Even though he didn’t know exactly what the animal was, but he could hear that the fellow wasn’t just unhappy, but was releasing its anger.

The lady shaman might have known this, but she didn’t stop.

While following the crowd, Donford Wu’s mind was filled with doubt. From how the crowd spoke before, he could guess this animal already lived here for many years. Such a violent animal would without a doubt, be a serious threat to the ore transporting villagers. Even if the lady shaman couldn’t defeat it herself, she could still report to the higher ups and invite a more powerful shaman to remove it. But she didn’t do that, rather she prepared food for the animal. This clearly was compromising and conniving towards a criminal. This would only help the criminal become more and more cocky and more and more violent.

While doubting, he himself prepared to defend himself. He could already see a large tree being shaken around violently. From the huge crown of the tree, it wasn’t hard to guess how large the tree was. To be able to shake such a tree meant that it was one big fellow.

There wasn’t a path on the north side of the mountain peak. The path goes around the south side of the mountain waist, from the west side going to the south side. When Donford Wu saw the animal, he thought it was going to be some mysterious unknown animal, but who would’ve thought he actually could recognize the animal. It was a huge black bear. In this forest, black bears could be seen all around, looking almost the same as modern black bears. But this fellow was more than three times larger than its fellow black bears.

Seeing the black bear, his thinking changed. He didn’t want to defend himself, he wanted to run. The reason why he decided this was not only because the black bear was huge, but also its gaze when it suddenly turned its head around. Its left eye was scarred, only leaving its right eye. He could see from the surviving right eye that it had a violent and murderous aura.

The giant bear discovering the crowd arrive, released the poor trees from its sharp claws. Its four claws touching the ground, it walked towards them.

Seeing the giant bear coming over, Donford Wu secretly prepared to turn around at great speeds. But the giant bear didn’t leap towards them, but rather it walked over to a boulder on the north side of the road. Stopping there, it used its single eye to look at the lady shaman west of the boulder.

The lady shaman kneeled down with both knees, dropping the copper pole, she raised the pot up with both hands. At the same time, the crowd behind her all kneeled down.

Donford Wu was shocked, he didn’t think that the lady shaman would have no backbone to this extent. Giving wild beasts food was already shameful enough, but they actually all kneeled down towards the giant bear.

“You guys can kneel all you want, since I don’t kneel anyways.”

Donford Wu secretly said.

The boulder the giant bear was standing by was about half the size of a house. Scratch marks filled its surface. Ten meters around the boulder, there were many fallen trees. The widest one couldn’t even be held between two people. All these tress were all taken down by the giant bear. Every tee had the remains of claw marks. Not only that, from the corrosion of the fallen trees, it wasn’t hard to guess that this giant bear already lived for a very long time.

The giant bear was breathing heavily while angrily staring at the lady shaman. Donford Wu already didn’t have a good image of the lady shaman, now that she actually kneeled down towards an animal, he started having negative thoughts about her. It would be great if the giant bear killed the lady shaman with one big claw slap.

Too bad his wish didn’t come true. The giant bear didn’t kill the lady shaman. After getting its breath back, it slowly reached its paws out to take the pot over the lady shaman’s head. Flipping the pot over, it dumped out the contents onto the boulder. Waiting until all the honey like substance came out, he returned the pot back to the lady shaman.

Donford Wu couldn’t even close his mouth. He saw no small amount of broad day light robberies, but this was the first time he saw that after taking the money out of the wallet, they gave the wallet back.

Taking the pot back, the lady shaman stood up. Waving towards the crowd, everyone walked slowly and quietly in a single file line.

Donford Wu carefully followed behind, once he got close, he saw that the fur around the giant bear’s mouth had already turned white. This meant its age was already extremely old.

The giant bear was currently likcing the honey on the boulder. Similar transactions might’ve happened many times in the past. The place where the honey was in was already liked into the size of a face washing basin.

Donford Wu walked past the giant bear, it didn’t show any interest in him.

“Wa, Wa, Wa~”

Just when he wanted to sigh a breath of relief, Food Dump started to yell.

The giant bear raised its head.

With this happening, Donford Wu covered the opening slowly, turning around, the giant bear was using its single eye to stare directly at him.

Donford Wu didn’t dare move, at this moment, the giant bear was less than three meters away, he definitely couldn’t run away.

Discovering Donford Wu being blocked, the lady shaman that was at the front hurriedly turned around. Standing in front of him, she asked in a low voice.

“What did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything.”

Donford Wu felt extremely embarrassed, who would’ve thought that the lady shaman he wanted the giant bear the bitch slap actually came to save him at a critical moment.

Right at this time, Food Dump poked its head out of the pouch while yelling.

Hearing Food Dump’s cry, the giant bear’s gaze turned extremely heavy. Stretching its front claws out to push away the blocking lady shaman, it tilted its head to look at Food Dump who was hanging in a pouch in front of Donford Wu’s chest.

“Don’t move.”

The lady shaman pulled the Donford Wu that wanted to escape.

“What does it want to do?”

Donford Wu nervously asked.

The lady shaman shook her head, indicating that he shouldn’t speak.

Food Dump didn’t know that danger was descending. It probably smelt the honey’s smell, it yelled while trying to climb out.

The giant bear slowly approached, arriving in front of Donford Wu, it reached out its claws to take hold of the pouch in front of his chest.

Donford Wu didn’t have to heart to see bad luck befall Food Dump, he wanted to escape with it, but the lady shaman probably guessed what he was thinking and grasped his hand, indicating for him not to move.

The giant bear didn’t have claw sheaths, its sharp claws exposed to the outside. The claws had a hook like shape and was longer than twenty centimeters. Seeing such sharp claws reaching out towards Food Dump, Donford Wu greatly felt heartbroken. He secretly used strength to escape from the lady shaman’s hand, he thought back to when Food Dump would climb out of the boulder encirclement and sleep beside him. Food Dump was weak, and he had the responsibility to protect it.

Just when he was comparing strengths with the lady shaman, the giant bear already snatched Food Dump from the pouch, placing it on top of the boulder.

Food Dump didn’t shame its name, it completely didn’t put the dangerous situation into his mind. Smelling the air, it found the honey, not giving a fuck, it started eating.

When Food Dump was stuffing itself, the giant bear sized it up by one side.

Donford Wu nervously observed the giant bear’s gaze. If an animal turns angry, it’ll show it in their eyes first. But the giant bear’s gaze didn’t seem angry, but rather seemed to be nervous and excited just like a human.

“Is your Pi Xiu a male or female?”

The lady shaman asked in a low tone.

“Male, what about it?”

Donford Wu suspiciously looked at the lady shaman, he could feel that the lady shaman was currently shaking.

After Donford Wu finished talking, the lady shaman shook even more, at the same time, she muttered to herself.

“Is it actually its son? Is it actually its son?

“You think they’re grandson and grandfather?”

Donford Wu frowned while asking. Bears and pandas were completely different kinds of animals. Food Dump was definitely born of two pandas, it was impossible that it had a black bear father.

“Xi Yin Sa.”

The lady shaman changed her pronunciation.

This time Donford Wu understood. The Xia dynasty’s language’s descendant and successor had very similar pronunciation. What the lady shaman wanted to say was that Food Dump might be the successor of the black bear.

While the two were whispering, the giant bear turned around and walked towards them. Arriving, it didn’t say anything and took the copper pole from the lady shaman’s hand.

“What exactly is it? What does it want to do?”

Donford Wu hurriedly asked.

“The Bear King is our Gold Clan’s last Celestial Master of the White Tiger’s mount.”

The lady shaman nervously looked at the giant bear and Food Dump.

“What’s a Celestial Master of the White Tiger?”

Donford Wu continued to ask.

“It’s our Gold clan’s Shamans, Sages and Celestial Master’s leader, leading the Gold clan with the Gold King.”

The lady shaman’s mind wasn’t with him, all her attention was on Food Dump.

With this sentence, Donford Wu immediately understood. The Xia dynasty was a dynasty with King power and Deity power. The Gold king was like a military leader of an army and the Celestial Master of the White Tiger was like the political commissar of the army, belonging to a mental leader.

“You said it was the last Celestial Master’s mount, then what about the other Celestial Masters?”

Donford Wu continued asking in curiosity. Right now, the giant bear was holding the copper pole to stop Food Dump from licking the honey.

“It’s Celestial Master of the White Tiger, not Celestial Master, there are a lot of Celestial Masters, but there is only one Celestial Master of the White Tiger.”

The lady shaman casually said.

“Where is he now, why is his mount here?”

Donford Wu asked.

“Can you not ask now?”

The lady shaman was abnormally nervous.

“Then can you first release your hand?”

Donford Wu frowned. The lady shaman under the tension, tightly grasped his hand, her finger nails almost digging into his flesh.

The lady shaman finally noticed, quickly releasing her hand. At the same time she quickly said.

“Our Gold clan’s Celestial Master of the White Tiger vanished seventy years ago, after he vanished, the black bear came here to wait for its successor, waiting until now.”

“How does it know its successor would show up here? Was it told by the Celestial Master? Also, how would it know what animal its successor would be? And how can he determine if the animal is its successor or not?”

Donford Wu asked.

“The bear king was bestowed upon the Celestial Master of the White Tiger by the heavens as a mount. They have spirits, allowing them to find and differentiate their successor, no need for the Celestial Master of the White Tiger to tell it.”

The lady shaman patiently replied.

“But the little guy isn’t a bear.”

Donford Wu said.

“Pi Xiu’s are also bears.”

The lady shaman said.

“Then donkeys are also horses.”

Donford Wu laughed.

“Bit it, Bite it.”

The lady shaman cupped her hands, right now, the giant bear was trying to make Food Dump bite the copper pole.

“If it can break a copper pole, then does that mean it’s a bear king?”

Donford Wu asked.

“Normal Pi Xius can’t bite off copper poles.”

The lady shaman nodded her head.

“No need to try, the bear king is it.”

Donford Wu sighed in relief.

The lady shaman doubtfully turned her head, Donford Wu took out the dagger from his waist, pointing at a missing part on the back of the dagger.

“Look, this was bitten off by it……”

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