War of the Supreme Mysteries 014

The Change of a Bear King

“Your’s is made out of crude metal.”

The lady shaman shook her head.

“Mine is made of extremely hard special steel.”

Donford Wu helplessly shook his head. Compared to modern people, Xia dynasty’s people didn’t have such accurate names and classifications of metals. To be able to be made into weapons are called beautiful metals, referring as better metals. To only be melted into farming tools are called crude metals, referring to low hardness or not beautiful enough metals.

The lady shaman didn’t known what Donford Wu was saying, because he talked in a modern language, and the reason why he used modern language is because they wouldn’t be able to understand what is steel anyways.

Food Dump kept dodging the copper pole and continued to like the honey from the depression in the boulder. Every time the giant bear tried but got no results didn’t become irritated, it just kept holding the copper pole and kept on trying. It was hard to guess that such a violent and large animal could be so patient.

“Why isn’t it biting?”

The lady shaman doubtfully looking at Donford Wu.

“How should I know?”

Donford Wu shook his head. He hadn’t spent too much time with Food Dump, so he wasn’t very clear of its temper, only knowing that Food Dump could eat really well and had a rather good temper.

“Its appetite is huge.”

Looking at Food Dump, the lady shaman was surprised. The giant bear didn’t lick much of the pot of honey, everything that was left was all finished off by Food Dump.

“It wouldn’t leave another pot of honey unfinished if you gave another one to it.”

Donford Wu laughed.

After finishing the honey, Food Dump didn’t stay there for long, it turned around and lumbered towards Donford Wu.

Seeing Food Dump wanting to leave, the giant bear reached out the copper pole to block its path. Food Dump went around the obstacle and continued forward.

The giant bear blocked again, Food Dump continued to go around.

The giant bear kept on blocking Food Dump from leaving, making Food Dump growl out a bothersome“N, N”. It tried going forward, backwards, left and right to go around.

“How can we make it mad?”

The giant bear wasn’t in a hurry, but the lady shaman was.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen it become angry before.”

Donford Wu shrugged and opened his hands.

“Seeing that it couldn’t go around, Food Dump knelt down and sat.

The lady shaman furrowed her bros, all the Bear Kings before were all ferocious and proud courageous warriors. But now looking at this Pi Xiu, it was clear it didn’t have the courageous spirit.
The giant bear’s gaze also let out a doubtful expression. It also probably haven’t encountered this kind of situation before.

Not willing to give up, the Bear King once again stretched out the copper pole towards Food Dump. Now that Food Dump was full, it started to hug the copper pole to play around since it was bored. The part that was towards Food Dump was the top, Food Dump clearly had interest in the Ox head. It was like a human baby, biting was its nature, with a “Ka Cha” soung, it bite down on one of the Ox horns. Chewing and swallowing it, it started to gnaw at the other horn.

“I wasn’t wrong.”

Donford Wu twisted his head towards the lady shaman. From the mask, he could see that the lady shaman had her eyes wide open.

The giant bear was abnormally excited right now, its breath becoming extremely heavy. But testing until now, there still wasn’t any clear results. Following this, it reached out its two front claws to pull back the copper pole, but since Food Dump just started taking a liking to playing with the copper pole, it didn’t want to let go, using its two front claws, it swiped on the copper pole.

Different to the lady shaman’s extreme nervousness, Donofrd Wu was very relaxed, because he knew how sharp Food Dump claws were.

Seeing its toy being taken away, Food Dump was in a hurry, its right claw swiping down madly, it broke the copper pole in half, raising its head at the giant bear, Food Dump showed a prideful face, showing its bad panda thinking.

‘I already broke it, so even if you need it, you can’t use it anymore.’

Seeing that Food Dump broke the copper pole, the giant bear lifted its front limbs and raised its head to roar. In the roar was mixed in incomparable happiness. Another roar came out, except for happiness in these roars, they also had strong sadness in them. Donford Wu didn’t know if it was because of all these painful years waiting or because it missed its missing master.

This roar scared Food Dump, frightened, it quickly ran towards Donford Wu. Donford Wu reached out his hands and picked it up. The two roars of the giant bear numbed his brain, causing him to become dizzy.

Who would’ve guessed that after the two cries, the giant bear still didn’t stop, once again shouting out a third roar. This roar was much louder than the last two, it also lasted longer. At the same time this roar came out, large amounts of silver scales sprouted out of the giant bear’s body. These scales were about the size of palms, shining in a silver azure color. After coming out, they closely stuck to the fur, covering its whole body except for the eyes.

This mutation of the giant made greatly surprised Donford Wu, twisting his head to look at the lady shaman by his side, he only saw that in the lady shaman’s eyes didn’t have any surprise in them, only respect and esteem from deep within her heart.

After sprouting out the silver scales, the giant bear’s front limbs pounded towards the ground, from the boulder, it slowly lumbered towards the top of the boulder, the silver azure armor over it clacking at the same time.

This time, Donford Wu didn’t ask the lady shaman how the giant bear could have such a strange transformation, right now, he wanted to know what the giant bear was going to do.

Going up and down the boulder twice, its hind limbs using power, jumped off. With just one jump, it was more than ten meters away from the ground. After going up in the air, such a huge and heavy body didn’t fall back onto the ground, but galloped again and again, straight into the sky.

“It’s going to leave?”

Donfod Wu turned his towards the lady shaman who was looking up towards the sky.

The lady shaman shook her head.

When Donford Wu placed his gaze back onto the sky, the giant bear was already more than a hundred meters from the sky, the silver azure armor reflecting the sun’s ray into glaring cold lights, making people unable to directly stare at it.

The giant bear stopped high in the sky, following west, north, east, south, it roared four times, these roars were real roars, each roar shook the ground, making hundreds of beasts cower, and thousands of birds to scatter.

Even with such a distance, Donford Wu still couldn’t stand straight from the extremely powerful roar, quickly holding on a boulder to the north side.

After the roars stopped, the giant bear quickly descended, a huge boulder shattering when it landed with power.

After splitting the earth with its descent, the giant bear stared at Food Dump in Donford Wu’s embrace for a long time. The azure silver armor slowly fading, until it completely vanished.

After the armor vanished, the giant bear’s stomach started to violently stir. Seeing this, the lady shaman once again knelt down.

“What is it doing?”

Donford Wu asked, the giant bear right now seems extremely sick and wanted to throw up, he was facing directly at the giant bear, so he didn’t know if he should hide or not.

Just when he finished speaking, the giant bear really did throw up, but it didn’t throw up food wastes, but a purple colored orb the size of a chicken egg.

Seeing the orb, Donford Wu was immediately shocked. This orb should be the result of the giant bear’s cultivation, its inner Dan, which also meant it was all of its essence. The reason why it spat the inner Dan out should be to give it to its successor.

Just as he thought, the giant bear used its left front limb to catch the inner Dan it spat out, slowly passing it to the lady shaman.

Using both her hands to receive it, she slowly stood up.

Spitting out the inner Dan, the giant bear’s eye turned extremely murky, the black fur on its body instantly becoming a snowy white, the strong and mighty aura no longer there. Replacing that was an old and retired dragon that couldn’t even breathe fire anymore.

After giving the inner Dan to the lady shaman, the giant bear didn’t retract its front limb, but reaching out towards Donford Wu’s chest, it used the palm of its paws to lightly touch Food Dump’s head, this action was extremely similar to a grandparent caressing their grandchildren.

Being frightened from its previous roar, Food Dump curled into Donford Wu’s arms and didn’t turn to look.

After a short while of caressing, the giant bear turned around and walked deep into the forest, its speed slow, while walking, it kept turning back its head.

“You should at least say thank you.”

Donford Wu held Food Dump’s front paws and waved at the giant bear.

“Courageous Bear King, the warrior that has experienced a hundred battles, the clan members of the Gold clan will never forget you and the Celestial Master of the White Tiger’s help and protection, may your spirit forever be at rest.”

The lady shaman muttered.

“Why don’t you guys take care of it?”

Donford Wu asked. The actions of the giant bear made him think back to a soldier retiring, after a last show of his might, giving advice to the next batch of soldiers, he would then hand over his firearm and his rank.

“The Bear King is a true warrior, it doesn’t need anyone’s pity, and it also doesn’t hope to let people see the weak side of itself.”

The lady shaman shook her head.

“What will happen to it now that it doesn’t have a inner Dan?”

Donford Wu looked at the slowly departing giant bear.

“After losing its inner Dan, it will not be able to use the protecting deity armor.”

The lady shaman said in a low tone.

“Will it die?”

Donford Wu asked again.

“It will find a secluded place to end itself.”

The lady shaman carefully placed the purple inner Dan into one of her pockets.

“Why does it kill itself?”

Donford Wu asked, confused.

“For the dignity of a Bear King, and so that it can grow up quickly, if the old Bear King doesn’t die, the new Bear King won’t be able to acquire the god of heaven’s blessing.”

The lady shaman pointed at Food Dump while talking.

Donford Wu’s first reaction was that this kind of saying was too superstitious and had a lack of scientific evidence. But thinking back to what he just saw, that kind of strange situation also didn’t have any scientific basis he could think of.

At this time, the giant bear already entered deep within the forest, the lady shaman picking up the broken copper pole on the boulder, reached out her hand towards Donford Wu.

“Give me the Bear King.”

“Why should I give it to you, I took care of Food Dump.”

Donford Wu also reached out his hand.

“That inner Dan was given to Food Dump by the black bear, why did you store it away?”

“The Bear King is the Celestial Master of the White Tiger’s mount, it is extremely important to our Gold clan.”

The lady shaman said with a serious face.

“I discovered Food Dump, and I took care of it, you want to take it away from me?”

Donford Wu didn’t show any signs of stepping down.

The lady shaman stared directly at Donford Wu, after a few seconds, she retracted her hand.

“Fine, you can hold it for now.”

Seeing that she took a step back, Donford Wu could only also take a step back, taking back his hand, he didn’t ask for the inner Dan again.

The scene from before scarred the following villagers, even though they knew the Bear King wouldn’t hurt them, but they were still scarred. After waiting for them to recover, they once again set off in a single file line. The Earth clan lady shaman also didn’t try to escape from the mess, after starving for such a long period of time, don’t talk about being bound, even if she wasn’t tied up, she wouldn’t be able to move.

“Now that the Bear King has emerged, does that mean the Celestial Master of the White Tiger is still alive?”

Donford Wu walked beside the lady shaman. Even though the lady shaman was always harsh towards him, but from the actions of when she stood between him and the giant bear, she didn’t seem as cold and disgusting, this fellow should be an outside cold, inside warm type of person

“The appearance of the Bear King also means the appearance of the Celestial Master of the White Tiger, but most of our children that were born this year were all mascaraed.”

The lady shaman took a glance at the woman holding the child, turning back she continued.

“The reason why we are going to the tribe is not only to send the captive, but to also invite a Celestial Master to exam if the child that luckily survive has a Gold veins.”

“What are Gold veins?”

Donford Wu curiously asked.

“Gold veins means they have pure Gold blood, the foundation of cultivating Gold clan’s control over the laws.”

The lady shaman didn’t hide anything from Donford Wu now.

“All the Gold clan shamans have pure Gold blood?”
Donford Wu continued to ask.


The lady shaman nodded.

“What does pure Gold blood mean?”

Donford Wu got more curious the more he asked.

“Pure Gold clan lineage.”

The lady shaman stated.

“If they marry someone outside the clan, does their blood change?”

Donford Wu asked again.

“Yes, their descents will forever be unable to cultivate the laws.

The lady shaman told Donford Wu.

Hearing this, Donford Wu bit his lips, he originally wanted to ask the lady shaman a favor so that when the Celestial Master tested the child, he wanted to also be tested. But now, there didn’t seem to be any meaning in testing, after four thousand years, almost two hundred centuries, his blood would be so mixed, it couldn’t be mixed anymore……

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