War of the Supreme Mysteries 016

Mia Si

After sighing out, Donford Wu turned his head to look at the lady shaman, only seeing that she was without distraction, looking at him.

“Let me think how I should say it so you can understand.”

Donford Wu borrowed the lady shaman’s words.

“You aren’t any member of our five clans, you don’t understand anything about our world, and you even don’t know our language, where exactly did you come from?”

The lady shaman suspiciously asked.

Donford Wu was currently furrowing his eyebrows furiously while thinking, hearing the lady shaman speak, he turned his head to look directly into her eyes. After a tens of seconds, he slowly said.

“I come from four thousand years in the future.”

“You’re a person from four thousand years later?”

The lady shaman didn’t show any surprise, she only asked to confirm it.

“Yes, I’m not from here.”

Donford Wu nodded his head.

“Then how did you come here?”

The lady shaman made a counter clockwise gesture in the air.

“We have a tool that can send people back in time.”

Donford Wu stated, for the lady shaman to believe he was a person from four thousand years in the future was already extremely hard enough, he didn’t hope because of a completely unrelated matter to confuse the lady shaman. Because when he crossed to space in time, it was a passive crossing, he couldn’t explain these kinds of things himself.

The lady shaman nodded her head continually, changing the topic, she asked.

“Then do you still have any companions?”

“No, it’s only me.”

Donford Wu said. Before he told the truth, he was already prepared for the lady shaman to take him as a mental patient, but who would’ve thought that the lady shaman would actually trust him, this made him accidently touched.

“Then why don’t you go back to your time?”

The lady shaman once again did a gesture in the air but clockwise.

Donford Wu shook his head, active crossing could allow him to go any time he wanted in theory, but passive crossing couldn’t, he couldn’t cross when he wanted to cross.

“So you came back in time on your own, forever unable to go back, is that it?”

The lady shaman asked.

Donford Wu nodded.

“You have no relatives or friends, forever unable to go back home, after encountering such a horrible situation, how can you still be so happy?”

The lady shaman slowed down her pace.

“Happy your ass, if you were me, would you be happy?”

Donford Wu bit his lip while saying this.

“But you don’t seem sad.”

The lady shaman said in a gentle tone.

“Even if I’m said, I can’t just sit around all day and cry, I do have to live on.”

Donford Wu’s mood went down to the extreme.

“You’re too brave.”

The lady shaman looked at Donford Wu with admirable eyes.

Donford Wu waved his hand, not speaking.

“What kind of person are you four thousand years later?”

The lady shaman curiously asked, first it was Donford Wu that was curious and kept on asking questions, now it was the other way around.

“A soldier.”

Donford Wu felt depressed and couldn’t dispel it on his own. Taking at the box of cigs from his body armor, he took at a cig and lit it, these three cigs he couldn’t bear to smoke.

“Can I look at your fire twister?”

The lady shaman pointed at the lighter in Donford Wu’s hand.

Donford Wu casually passed the lighter over to her, the lady shaman copied his movements and lit a fire, looking at the flames of the lighter with uncertainty.

“It’s almost out of gas, don’t waste it.”

Donford Wu took back his lighter and tucked it away in his pocket. He always used a normal plastic lighter, he also had a ZIPPO one, but he normally didn’t use it, that little toy was only for decoration and looking cool, it needed more gas every two or three days.

“This is a thing from four thousand years in the future?”

The lady shaman asked.


Donford Wu stood up, looking for dry branches, he started making a bed. The area where the Gold clan is, is extremely humid and wet, the Gold clansmen are all used to the humidity, so they can casually just lay down, but he couldn’t.

“When you’re free, can you tell me more about four thousand years in the future?”

Donford Wu casually replied with a grunt. He didn’t just want to keep on remembering the modern times, because every time he did, he felt homesick and depressed.

“You shouldn’t tell my situation to other people.”

Throwing away the used up cig, he laid down.


The lady shaman questioned.

“If other people know this, they’ll treat me as a freak, or they’ll pity me, I don’t want these kinds of things.”

Donford Wu stated.

“Then why did you tell me?”

The lady shaman asked.

“Why did you step between me and the giant bear?”

Donford Wu asked back.

The lady shaman lowered head not talking, Donford Wu knew that the lady shaman had no way of answering this question, after asking it, he closed his eyes.

The next day in the morning, the crowd once again set off in a single file line. The lady shaman didn’t continue to ask about what they talked about yesterday night, and she didn’t walk with him, but led in the front of the crowd.

Two thirty in the afternoon, another batch of Gold clansmen chased up from behind, the person leading was a male shaman, an average looking face, a bit to the chubby side, round face, no beard, his age was about the same as the lady shaman. He was bringing a lot of people, around twenty, in his crow was a woman carrying a baby.

The male shaman recognized the lady shaman, after he arrived, he immediately greeted the lady shaman enthusiastically, the latter not warm nor cold greeting him back.

Knowing that the woman being carried was an Earth clan assassin shaman, the villagers that came after hit and kicked at her one at a time. This time not waiting for Donford Wu to rush up and stop them, the lady shaman restrained the crowd from excesses actions.

The male shaman seemed to have slight interest in the lady shaman, on the road, he never left her side like a shadow, giving her water pouches and fruits, he tried everything to be nice.

Donford Wu still followed them far away, the males of the village kept looking back routinely that made the male shaman feel strange, questioning the lady shaman, the lady shaman might’ve not told the whole truth. Because of this, he didn’t know Donford Wu’s identity, and that he was currently holding the Celestial Master of the White Tiger’s mount in his embrace.

In the middle of their journey, Donford Wu suddenly saw a large beehive at a tree next to the road. Seeing the beehive, he stopped, pretending he had to release himself, he waited for the crowd to walk further away. He quickly used an arrow to shoot down the beehive, because he was rather far away, the bees didn’t discover him.

Donford Wu wrapped up the beehive, then hid it at his chest.

Walking for another twenty something kilometers, the sky dimmed down. The crowd walked while finding a good place to camp.

After the sky turned dark, the single file line found a place with fewer trees at the waist of the mountain. Everyone went to find firewood to light into a bonfire, the people who came after went north, and the lady shaman’s villagers went south. Donford Wu picked a place south west of the Earth clan lady shaman’s bamboo rack not too far away, then sat down.

The male shaman tried again to hit on the lady shaman, the lady shaman didn’t like it and rather felt annoyed, laying down to rest early on.

Donford Wu waited only till it was after ten, then he started to roast a piece of meat. All the meat he brought as rations was cured, so first of all, it wasn’t easy for it to turn bad, and second of all, it had a bit of flavor to it.

Food Dump was already hungry early on. It eyed the meat in the fire by one side. It was a bit afraid of fire, not daring to get too close.

Now that the meat was cooked, Donford Wu used his dagger to cut it in half and threw it at Food Dump, using a water bag to cool the other half down, he took the meat and walked towards the bamboo rack.

These few days, he always gave some water to the captive, the villagers were all use to it, so they didn’t take notice when he walked over to the bamboo rack.

“Eat some.”

Donford Wu stretched his hand over to the Earth clan lady shaman’s mouth with the meat in his hand. She was tightly bound to the bamboo rack, seven or eight animal muscles tied her to it. Her arms also bound, she had no way to eat herself.

The Earth clan lady shaman being bound there for so many days, had no strength left earlier on. She didn’t open her mouth, only slowly titling her head to one side.

“If you don’t eat anything, even after loosing the strings, you won’t even have the strength to escape.”

Donford Wu said in a low voice.

The Earth clan lady turned her head back around, doubtfully looking at Donford Wu, Donford Wu nodded at her, the latter understanding, she took a big bite out of the meat. After being cooled down by Donford Wu, it wasn’t too hot anymore, so she finished it off quickly.

When she was eating, Donford Wu took out the beehive at his chest. He then smeared some honey on the animal muscles that bound her.

Waiting until the lady shaman finished eating the meat, Donford Wu fed her some water.

“I’m called Mia Si (Si Miao), what about you?”

The Earth clan lady shaman asked in a low voice.

“If you’re called temple (temple in Chinese is also sounds like Si Miao), then I could only be called a monk.”

Turning away, he went back to his original position.

Food Dump couldn’t eat the meat right now, it was too hot. Food Dump was now using his claws to poke at it.

Donford Wu threw the beehive into the fire, looking around him, he observed the people at the south and north side. It was quickly closing into eleven in the night, almost everyone was laying down sleeping. Only the male shaman was training his control over the laws. Shaman training was similar to how modern people did it, closing his eyes, siting criss- crossed.

After another while, the male shaman also laid down. Not long after he laid down, Food Dump also finished eating his piece of meat.

Food Dump didn’t eat a lot today, saying it correctly, Donford Wu didn’t feed him a lot. After finishing the meat, it wasn’t full, going around Donford Wu humming, he looked for more food. Donford Wu hugged the pouch he carried Food Dump in, pretending to sleep not caring about it.

Pandas were all short sighted, Food Dump was too. They mostly looked for food from smell. Donford Wu didn’t have any food on him. Food Dump started thinking, crinkling its nose, it sniffed. Wiggling its butt, it walked off towards the bamboo rack.

At first, it was only licking, after the sweet taste turned pale, it started to gnaw and scratch. After this tussle, the animal muscles were one by one broken by the scratches and bites. The Earth clan lady shaman flipping around, crawled into the forest.

Donford Wu slept at ease. The reason why he released the Earth clan lady shaman was for two reasons. One, was that the Earth clan was extremely mighty. Even if the Gold clan knew that it was the Earth clan that killed their children, they couldn’t do anything to them. If the Earth clan didn’t speak, then it would still be good, but if she said in front of everyone. ‘Yes, the Earth clan killed your children’, then the upper echelons of the Gold clan couldn’t pretend to not know about it, the perpetrator determined, they couldn’t not send out soldiers to face their people. To send out soldiers meant to go looking for their deaths, why not just release the witness and save some face for the Gold clan’s upper echelon.

The second reason was much simpler. This Earth clan lady not only grew to be beautiful but was also polite.

In the middle of the night, some villagers that went to take a piss found out the captive escaped, immediately hollering to wake people up. Everyone woke up and started searching. At this time, the Earth clan lady shaman was long gone.

Not being unable to find the captive, they started to search for who released her. Donford Wu was the number one suspect, but very quickly, from the scratches and bites on the string muscles, it wasn’t hard to find the true perpetrator, but they couldn’t do anything. The Food Dump now wasn’t the Food Dump two days ago.

But the other villagers that came after found out the identity of Food Dump, ogling and surrounding Food Dump, they payed respect to it. Food Dump didn’t know it was used, but right now was using the people beside him, enjoying all the fruits the villagers stuffed at him……

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