War of the Supreme Mysteries 017

Yaara Ming

Everyone’s main mission was to transport the babies to the tribe so that they can be tested by the Celestial Master. Transporting the captive was only secondary. But after escaping, the captive might tell about them, so for safety’s sake, before the sky brightened, they hurriedly walked on in a single file line.

Knowing that Food Dump was the next Celestial Master of the White Tiger’s mount, the male shaman started questioning the lady shaman about the person carrying it. The lady shaman didn’t answer directly. He then went to ask the other villagers, thus, they could only tell him that Donford Wu wasn’t part of their village, and that he appeared near their village recently.

Hearing this, the male shaman immediately went against this. The Bear King was extremely important to the Gold clan, how could they let an unknown and outside person take care of it. If that person killed the Bear King, then after the Celestial Master of the White Tiger grew up, what would they mount?

“He discovered the Bear King, and he also brought him, he won’t hurt the Bear King.”

The lady shaman stated.

“Still no, he isn’t a Gold clansmen, we can’t let him take care of the Bear King. Yesterday night, the captive miraculously escaped, who knows if he tricked the Bear King into breaking the rope.”

The male shaman shook his head again and again.

“Then who’ll take care of it?”


The male shaman stopped, waiting by the side of the road for Donford Wu to come by.

The lady shaman continued on, not stopping with him.
After waiting for Donford Wu to get close, he walked in the middle of the road to stop him.

“Was it you who discovered the Bear King?”

Donford Wu raised his head to take a look at him, with a large step forward, he bumped away the male shaman and continued walking.

The male shaman didn’t think that Donford Wu would dare do such provoking actions. Blanking standing there for a few seconds, his mind came back to him, quickly running to catch up to Donford Wu, he grasped his shoulder to stop him.

“I’m talking to you, can you hear me?”

“I can.”

Donford Wu said.

“Then why aren’t you replying?”

The male shaman didn’t grow a mustache, so he couldn’t flair it, he could only stare.

“I don’t want to.”

Donford Wu turned back around and continued walking forward.

“Do you know who you’re talking with?”

The male shaman once again chased and stopped Donford Wu.


Donford Wu asked.

The male shaman was once again in a daze. No matter what clan the shaman was from, they were all extremely respected, a normal clansmen wouldn’t even dare to bump into them.

Donford Wu turned around and walked once again, when he was walking, he secretly decided something. If that fellow dared to pull on his shoulder one more time, he’ll immediately put him down. Even though Donford Wu didn’t know how to control the laws, but he wasn’t afraid of the male shaman.

Being humiliated and bumped into, the male shaman naturally wouldn’t just let things go. In a flash, he once again pulled on Donford Wu. Donford Wu pulled out his dagger while quickly turning around. Just when he wanted to force his dagger horizontally onto the male shaman’s throat, the male shaman already jumped backed with a scream.

The crowd walking in the front hearing the scream stopped. The lady shaman ran to the back from the front, discovering the male shaman’s right hand covered in blood, boring his eyes into Donford Wu. Meaning that he really wanted to go.

Donford Wu used his dagger and pointed at Food Dump who was in his embrace. Just then, Food Dump stole his place and clawed at the male shaman.

The lady shaman turned to look at the male shaman, discovering that the wound on the back of his hand really wasn’t made by a dagger. Turning back around, she said.

“The Bear King only follows him. You shouldn’t try to take it.
The lady shaman’s word directly stopped the situation. The male shaman wanted to take the Bear King, thus he was clawed by the Bear King.

Putting back his dagger, he carried Food Dump and continued walking. The male shaman didn’t follow, without asking, he was treating his wound.

The villagers of the male shaman all ran back. The lady shaman led her own villagers to continue forward, not waiting for them.

“Did you let the Bear King attack him?”

The lady shaman asked in a low voice.

“How can I tell him what to do?”

Donford Wu continuously shook his head. Just then, the reason why Food Dump attacked was very simple. When the male shaman pulled on him, he woke up Food Dump who was sleeping at the same time. Food Dump needs to sleep for a very long time every day. If it was woken in the middle of it, he would become extremely irritated. Saying it simply, it had a very serious problem with waking up.

“You sure it wasn’t really you who let it do that?”

The lady shaman asked.

“Stop with this thing, I didn’t release the captive.”

Donford Wu said while biting his lip. If he admitted that he could command Food Dump, then that meant he had to take responsibility for what Food Dump did last night.

“You’re the first male who saw how she looked like, she’ll definitely come find you in the future.”

The lady shaman stated.

“For what?”

Donford Wu asked.

“To marry you or to kill you.”

The lady shaman tilted her head to look at Donford Wu.

Donford Wu shrugged his shoulders, not continuing on. He already guessed long ago what the consequence was for looking at the lady shaman’s face.

“Lady shamans normally won’t marry a normal mixed blood, but since you were good to her, she probably won’t kill you. There is a way to determine what she is going to do.”

The lady shaman said.


Donford Wu inquired.

“If she likes you, she would tell you her name. Before she left, did, did she tell you her name?”

The lady shaman casually said.


Donford Wu denied while shaking his head.

Just when he finished speaking, the lady shaman’s eyes suddenly turned cold.

Seeing this, Donford Wu immediately knew that he was caught. Without knowing, he was baited into her words.

“I don’t even know when she left, how would I know her name?”

Donford Wu tried to save himself.

But there wasn’t any use. Even though it was understandable of what he was saying, but China’s language from ancient times to now wasn’t the only thing you could read, his tone already betrayed him.

“What’s her name?”

The lady shaman asked.

Donford Wu didn’t immediately answer, the reason why the lady shaman asked him was to give him an opportunity to let him tell the truth. Right now, he was pondering if he should take this opportunity.

“What’s your name?”

Donford Wu spoke out with a question back at her.

After a moment of hesitation, the lady shaman spoke out.

“I’m called Yaara Ming (Ming Yue).”

The lady shaman didn’t say this in a suppressed voice, the villagers following them could al hear it. All of them turned their heads to look at Donford Wu, clear envy showing in their faces.

Donford Wu originally wanted to give her a difficult question, but who would’ve thought that the lady shaman would actually just say it out right. This sentence ‘I’m called Yaara Ming’ and ‘I like you’ didn’t have any difference. Coming to this, it was his turn to be in a mess.

“I released her.”

Donford Wu said in a low voice.

Walda Ming didn’t seem to care about this. In a casual tone, she asked again.

“So, did she tell you her name?”

“What’s the difference between telling and not telling me?”

Donford Wu carefully tested the waters.

“I she didn’t tell you her name, then we have to immediately be prepared for her, because she’ll be coming to kill you.”

Yaara Ming stated.

After just being caught into her word trap, Donford Wu was extremely careful, he was afraid he was going to be caught in another one.

Yaara Ming already could guess that the Earth clan shaman told her name to him before she left from Donford Wu’s expression, but she didn’t continue asking about this matter. Following up, she started another topic.

“Does the Bear King understand you?”

“It only understands one thing.”

Donford Wu laughed. Since she didn’t continue asking about that matter, it lifted a heavy weight off of his shoulders.

“This is very important.”

Yaara Ming said in a serious tone.

“It hasn’t been half a month since I picked it up.”

Donford Wu shook his head.

“What happened last night, and what happened with him?”

Yaara Ming pointed to the back.

“Last night, I smeared some honey on the string, and today, he disturbed Food Dump’s sleep.”

Donford Wu said.

“What does Food Dump mean, why did you give it such a name?”

The two words, Food and Dump came out naturally from Yaara Ming’s mouth, no different from a person speaking Pu Tong Hua all his life.

“Mighty, fierce, invincible.”

Donford Wu laughed.

Yaara Ming was very satisfied with Donford Wu’s explanation, this name could match their respected Bear King.

After walking for another half a day, a large path appeared on the mountain, more people showed up with it. At the start, they went pass peddlers who were carrying large baskets. There were normally three to five people in a group. Inside the baskets were lot of different things, there was cloth and salt, there was also beast skin and herbs, and there was feathers and different kind of decorations made out of rocks and bones.

Getting on the large path meant they weren’t far from the tribe. On the road, the crow hurried forward. By sunset, the single file line reached the flat piece of land were the tribe was. In the middle of the flat piece of land was a rather large city. Comparing it with their village, the city wasn’t actually that big. Compared with modern country side towns, this was much smaller. This city had very high walls, made with over laying rocks. Using only the eyes, it was around six or seven meters tall. Surrounding the walls was two to three hundred acres of land, the land was used to grow corn and millet.

The sun was about to completely go down the mountain, there wasn’t anyone left on the road and lands, the crowd followed the large road towards the city.

Because the mountain had a lot of wild beasts, the city gates would close when night fell. When the crowd arrived, they saw that the gates were about to close, these few men were extremely buff, they should be soldiers, but they didn’t wear any uniforms, what they wore was linen shirts and pants, their chests imprinted with a small sword.

Even though Yaara Ming didn’t like the male shaman, but she still told the soldiers that they were at the back, letting the soldiers close the gates latter.

The soldiers all respected shamans, so they listened the Yaara Ming. Stopping the gates, they waited for the people behind come. Yaara Ming brought Donford Wu and the others into the city first.

After entering the city, Donford Wu felt extremely disappointed. He originally thought that the city would be a place where stalls were all over, crowds going places, a busy and lively view. But who would’ve thought that even though the city walls were so high and large, the insides was very old and shabby. There was pan-green or pan-yellow ores all over the place, the houses were all short wooden houses, a little better than the slums. It seemed like a city that was about to be taken down.

“Where will we be living tonight?”

Donford Wu looked at his surroundings into the shabby little city.

“We’ll borrow a place to live.”

Yaara Ming untied a cloth pouch from her waist, taking out some shells, she gave two to every male. After receiving the shells, they laughed while going east.

“How would we find them when we’re leaving?”

Donford Wu took the remaining shell in Yaara Ming’s hand to take a closer look. He heard from Walda Ming that the currency of the Xia dynasty was shells, but this was the first time he saw this thing. The shell was about the size of a dumpling, the outer appearance was like that of an unclosed dumpling. In the middle was a small hole, this hole was punched afterwards, so that shells could be strung together.

Yaara Ming took out a bamboo whistle from her chest, showing it to Donford Wu to take a look, she placed it back where it was.

“What can this kind of shell trade for?”

Donford Wu and the baby carrying women followed Yaara Ming towards the north side.

“One shell can be changed for a pot of salt.”

Yaara Ming casually stated.

Donford Wu nodded his head. At this period of time, transactions were split into buying and selling, and trading. Because not a lot of people have these shells, there was a lot less buying and selling, and more trading.

When they were walking, Donford Wu also discovered something interesting. Inside the city was a tiny amount of shops. All the shops had signs, but they didn’t have any characters, rather the signs had pictures drawn onto them. If they had fish, there was a fish, if they had cloth, there was a cloth, if they had salt, there was two pots of salt, if they had grains, there would be a pile of rations. Even though the drawings were a bit crude, but he could see what they had right away.

Not walking for long, a mask wearing lady shaman came running from the north. Even though they were both wearing masks, but they could recognize each other at a glance. That lady shaman could be a friend of Yaara Ming. She spoke very intimately with her.

The pace they talked at was very quick, Donford Wu couldn’t understand all of it. This lady shaman seemed to also be escorting a surviving baby to be tested by the Celestial Master.

After a short conversation, the lady shaman continued southward.

“So how many children are still alive?”

Donford Wu asked.

“Only three.”

Yaara Ming breathed out.

“The Celestial Master would be coming tomorrow from the capital to test them……”

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