War of the Supreme Mysteries 019

Donford Wu’s Blood

The sudden cries of happiness made Donford Wu jump with fright. He didn’t think that the Gold clansmen would have such a large reaction. The voice shrilling screams, the shrieks from deep within, all of them were happier than picking up gold, crazier than winning five million yuan.

Waiting until the shrieks and screams died down a little bit, Yaara Ming passed her broken copper pole and the purple colored Inner Dan to the Celestial Master.

“The single eyed Bear King has found a successor, this Pi Xiu.”

The Celestial Master passed the child to a blue robed sage by the side, turning, he received the copper pole and Inner Dan. Yaara Ming turned towards Donford Wu and waved, indicating for him to bring Food Dump over.

Donford Wu carrying Food Dump in his arms walked over. The Celestial Master looked at the Inner Dan and copper pole in his hands, then took a look at Food Dump, at last nodding his head

Even though the clansmen already knew that Food Dump was the new Bear King, but they still cried out an ear shaking screams in celebration when the Celestial Master recognized its identity.

“Ready a horse carriage for this child and the Bear King to the capital, I shall escort them.”

The Celestial Master that has been silent for all this time finally spoke out.

The surrounding shamans replied, the audience once again celebrate.

“Celestial Master, please go the Meeting Hall to have a rest.”

The Sage holding the child joyously said at the Celestial Master.

The Celestial Master nodded his head. Giving back the copper pole to Yaara Ming, he turned towards the north and started walking.

Being very close to the Celestial Master, he saw with his own eyes that the Celestial Master casually restored Yaara Ming’s copper pole back to how it was originally was. He didn’t use any tools, nor did he place the broken parts together, even the ox horn that was gnawed off instantly reappeared.

Just when he was secretly in a daze, a blue robed Sage came over and reached his hand over.

“Give me the Bear King.”

Donford Wu frowned, he wasn’t willing to part with Food Dump. But Food Dump was the mount of the Celestial Master of the White Tiger, he couldn’t not give Food Dump to them.

Seeing him hesitate, Yaara Ming gave him a look, indicating for him to give Food Dump to the blue robed Sage.

Right at this moment, the Shaman that was clawed by Food Dump quickly stepped over.

“Grand Sage, the Bear King has already been bewitched by him. Except for him, anyone that gets close to the Bear King will be attacked by Bear King.”

Hearing this, Donford Wu didn’t wait for the blue robed to react and stuffed Food Dump directly at him.

Food Dump had a great temper, anyone could hold him, so he didn’t attack the blue robed Sage, only curiously and nervously looking around.

The blue robed Sage tilted his head and looked at the male shaman with disgust, quickly holding Food Dump, he quickly chased the group that was leaving.

The male shaman originally wanted to shine the shoes of the blue robbed Sage while dirtying Donford Wu’s at the same time, as a result, he shined the shoe into a mess. Both of his objectives failed and also gained the tribe Sage’s disgust while he was at it.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re pretty ugly?”

Donford Wu laughed.

“What did you just say?”

The male shaman’s anger flew to this head.

“He said you’re ugly.”

Yaara Ming continued, next, she pulled Donford Wu and went west.

When Donford Wu was walking, he kept on looking to the north. Seeing Food Dump being carried away, his heart felt very sour. But Food Dump’s owner has appeared, Food Dump must follow its owner.


Donford Wu shook his head, sighing.

“I just didn’t have a chance to speak yet, don’t be in such a hurry.”

Yaara Ming silently comforted Donford Wu.

Donford Wu sighed once again, he wasn’t willing to part with Food Dump, and not because he wasn’t tested by the Celestial Master that he became in a bad mood.

Just when Yaara Ming wanted to speak again, another lady shaman came over, congratulating her. Having the Celestial Master of the White Tiger in the village was an extremely honorable matter.

Waiting until the lady shaman left, Donford Wu asked Yaara Ming.

“How does the Celestial Master know which of the three children the Celestial Master of the White Tiger is?”

“Their parents are all be normal blood clansmen with mixed blood, which means they shouldn’t have pure Gold blood, but they might if the Gold Deity blesses them.”

Yaara Ming explained.

“So the Celestial Master tested if they had pure Gold blood?”

Donford Wu asked again.


Yaara Ming nodded her head.

“Has there been a similar case like this before?”

Donford Wu asked.

“One, but his one of his parents was a shaman, the other was a normal clansmen.”

Yaara Ming said.

The two continued to talk until they reached the room. After they went in, the mother immediately came to welcome them, nervously looking at Yaara Ming.

Just when Yaara Ming wanted to tell her the good news, the mother actually fainted. Through Yaara Ming’s eyes, she could guess that her own child was the lucky one. The Celestial Master of the White Tiger was the whole Gold clan’s mental leader, to bear such a child meant that she would become a noble with just one step, no one would not be emotional.

Just when Yaara Ming awoke the mother, a few soldiers from outside the door invited her to the tribe’s meeting hall. She was the mother of the Celestial Master of the White Tiger, the Celestial Master wanted to meet her.

The lady fainted once again, the soldiers carried her away on their backs.

“How did he do that?”

Donford Wu pointed at the copper pole in Yaara Ming’s hand.

“Not only can Celestial Masters control metal, they can also restore them, they could even change the metal’s shape.”

Yaara Ming casually said.

“Are the other two Celestial Masters also as arrogant as him?”

Donford Wu asked.

“Was he really that arrogant?”

Yaara Ming laughed.

“Not a small amount that’s for sure. You guys all kneeled down to receive him and he didn’t even say a word. Even an emperor would still tell his people to stand up.”

Donford Wu bite his lips.

“He is a Celestial Master, a grand shaman, it is right for us to kneel to him.”

Yaara Ming stated

“What right is that, it’s just that you guys have too much of a slave personality.”

Donford Wu said.

“Not long after, you will also kneel to him.”

Yaara Ming laughed again.

“I’m not a slave.”

Donford Wu started to think what he should do next. Food Dump was already carried away, there wasn’t much meaning to stay here.

“I’ll go look for the Celestial Master to test your blood.”

Yaara Ming stood up.

“Don’t go, I don’t want to test.”

Donford Wu shook his head. He was a person from four thousand years in the future, his blood was defiantly mixed, to be able to cultivate in controlling the laws was a chance in a chance in a million. And the main reason is that he doesn’t want to learn how to cultivate laws. Don’t talk about if people will teach even, even if someone is willing, he wouldn’t want to learn, if he learnt how to control the laws, he would become a shaman. When he becomes a shaman, he would have to kneel before someone more powerful than himself, he couldn’t be fucked to become a person like that.

“No worries, wait here, I’ll tell him to come over.”

Yaara Ming went out the door

“Don’t go beg someone for me, I don’t need it, I won’t owe people favors.”

Donford Wu chased after her.

Yaara Ming turned and smiled at him, raising her hand, she indicated for him to go back.

Donford Wu turned around back into the room. Backpacking his quiver, he took his bow and prepared to leave, but just when he reached the door he paused. Yaara Ming was so kind to him, he couldn’t leave without saying good bye.

He originally thought that Yaara Ming would be away for long, but who would’ve thought that Yaara Ming would come back before five minutes passed, behind her was the purple robed Celestial Master.

“I said I didn’t want to ask someone a favor, why didn’t you listen?”

Donford Wu yelled at Yaara Ming.

“What happened?”

Yaara Ming was frightened.

Donford Wu didn’t reply, only coldly “hmph”ing while walking towards the door.

“Youngster, don’t be in such a hurry to leave.”

The Celestial Master reached out his copper pole to stop Donford Wu.

“Someone pulled me over to test your blood.”

“So she didn’t beg you to come over?”

Donford Wu doubtfully asked. The Celestial Master said “Ying Me”, which meant pull, hold. No matter what meaning it was, it was an action that only people who were very close or intimate could do.

The Celestial Master shook his head, he then pointed at a chair by the side of the wooden table.


Donford Wu looked back at Yaara Ming. She was currently angry, she turned her head to look somewhere else.

The Celestial smiled, then once again pointed at the chair.

Donford Wu was even more suspicious. The Celestial Master didn’t laugh or speak in front of crowd, during the test, he always kept a straight face, only speaking once, and even the tone of that one sentence was casual.

“It’s okay if you stand.”

The Celestial Master reached out and grabbed Donford Wu’s left wrist.

Right when his wrist was grabbed, he felt his left arm had a tingling itching feeling. This feeling quickly spread to his whole body. Just when his mind came back to him, the tingling itching feeling already vanished.

The Celestial Master released Donford Wu’s left hand, his face showing a clear sign of suspicion.

“Dad, what is it?”

Yaara Ming nervously asked.


Donford was in a daze. The pronunciation of dad and mom hasn’t changed much since ancient times. The Xia dynasty’s language’s dad was still dad.

“How can this be?”

The Celestial Master once again grabbed Donford Wu’s left hand.

“How is it?”

Yaara Ming was even more nervous.

The Celestial raised his hand, indicating for her not to speak. Turning around, he once again concentrated on feeling out Donford Wu’s blood.

The feeling that Donford Wu was feeling was like being sparked by electricity, but the current wasn’t that strong, he could feel according to his body that he was tested at least five times, each time lasting longer than the last.

“Dad, what is his blood?”

Yaara Ming couldn’t resist asking.

The Celestial Master released Donford Wu’s hand, tilting his gaze towards him, he asked.

“What did you just feel?”

“Sour, numb, pain, itchy, there was also a bit of swelling.”

Donford Wu stated.

“Dad, what exactly happened?”

Yaara Ming looked at her father with a hurried expression.

“He has five kinds of blood, each not merging with each other and also not contradicting each other.”

The Celestial Master tucked his hands behind his back and started pacing the room.

Yaara Ming walked to the door and close it, turning her head back towards the Celestial Master, she asked.

“Dad, so are you saying he can cultivate in all ways of controlling the laws of the five clans?”

The Celestial Master shook his arm.

“No, it means he can’t cultivate in any clan’s way of controlling the laws.”

“Why is that?”

Yaara Ming asked, not understanding.

While the father and daughter was chatting, Donford Wu was still stuck on the relationship of the Celestial Master and Yaara Ming. Yara Ming once said that all Gold clan shamans must have pure Gold blood, and a pure Gold blood mostly to the 99th percent must be the child of two pure blooded people. He should’ve knew that Yaara Ming’s parents were shamans.

“The blood in his body is a balance of all five clans, no matter what kind of clan’s control over the laws, if he cultivates it, it would surely break this balance. When this balance breaks, he would immediately die.”

The Celestial Master stated.


Yaara Ming was bit disappointed.

“They are still waiting for me, I’ll come by later.”

The Celestial Master didn’t know what to say so he left. Pulling open the door, he went towards the east.

“So he was your dad, why didn’t you say so earlier.”

Donford Wu finally had a chance to speak.

“If you knew who my dad was, would you still be so honest?”

Yaara Ming directly asked back.

“No wonder that fatty was always cooing over you, and I thought he knew what you looked like. After so long, it was for your dad.”
Donford Wu said.

Yaara Ming rolled her eyes at Donford Wu, not replying.

“Your dad is a Celestial Master, why are you a shaman at such a remote village?”

Donford Wu placed down the bamboo bow that he was always holding.

“Then where should I have gone?”

Yaara Ming asked.

“You should’ve stayed at the capital.”

Donford Wu stated.

“Your thinking is just like an Earth clansmen, only they would do such pointless stuff.”

Yaara Ming shook her head.

“Modern people would do that.”

Donford Wu said.

“Don’t be in a hurry, wait till my dad comes back. Let him think of something.”

Yaara Ming opened up another topic.

“Okay, don’t worry, don’t worry. I’m really curious about controlling the laws, if I can’t learn how to control them, I could do something else……

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