War of the Supreme Mysteries 020

Love Struck

“Do you really think so?”

Yaara Ming titled her head to the side and looked at him.


Donford Wu nodded.


Yaara Ming confirmed once again.

“Don’t you think you’re a bit annoying?”

Donford Wu took off his quiver, lying down on the bamboo bed.

“I have something to discuss with you.”

Yaara Ming pulled a chair over and sat down.


Donford Wu asked.

“My dad is going to leave in a bit, I want to take off my mask before he leaves.”

This sentence that Yaara Ming spoke really did have important things to discuss.

Donford Wu didn’t immediately reply. What she was indicating at was obvious, which is to announce to the world their relationship.

After a short moment of pondering, Donford Wu opened his mouth and said.

“Isn’t it a bit too early?”

“You don’t……don’t like me?”

Yaara Ming furrowed her brows and frowned.

“I do, but I feel like it’s been too short, the time. This is a bit too quick. And you know it too, I just came to this world and hasn’t even been three months, and I even don’t know how the outside world is. We still lack the necessary understanding of each other. To get married now is just too quick for me.”

Donford Wu stated.

“It’s only taking off the mask, it’s not like we’ll immediately get married.”

Yaara Ming was still satisfied with Donford Wu’s attitude. Donford Wu didn’t hid his feelings for her, but also honestly said what he really thought.

“When the mask falls, you definitely won’t be able to marry someone else. If I find something I seriously don’t like about you, or you discovered something you really can’t take, then what? “

Donford Wu used his arms to stand up, he then leaned on a wooden wall behind me.

“That makes sense.”

Yaara Ming nodded her head, thinking for a bit, she spoke once again.

“How about this, there’s still some time before my dad leaves, so you can get to know me as quickly as possible.”


Donford Wu nodded his head in agreement. Yaara Ming was a shaman, at this time, she was part of nobility. To actually marry him, who was someone that couldn’t cultivate in controlling the laws, was an extremely sincere move. Not only that, Yaara Ming didn’t follow her father in being arrogant, at this time, if Donford Wu pushed this away again, it would be hard to push away suspicion.

“What do you want to know, ask.”

Yaara Ming stated.

“How many people are in your family?”

Donford Wu asked.

“Dad, Mom, and a big brother.”

Yaara Ming replied.

“What shaman ranking is your mom?”

Donford Wu questioned.

“A Jaded Mystery Sage.”

Yaara Ming replied.

“What is a Jaded Mystery Sage?”

Donford Wu asked.

“Second to dad.”

Yaara Ming said.

“Would they agree with you marrying a normal person?”

Donford Wu asked.

“Mom definitely won’t agree, but she won’t stop me.”

Yaara Ming replied very straightforward.

“And your dad?”

Donford Wu asked. When you get married, not only do you have to look upon the opinion of the wife, but also their parents. Genes are also important, a child would mostly acquire their parent’s personality. Yaara Ming’s serious side should be from her father, but she still has a kind side, which should be from her mother.

“He really admires you, he would definitely agree.”

Yaara Ming stated.

“How would you know he admires me?”

Dondford Wu felt greatly surprised.

“Dad rarely smiles at people, he just smiled at you before.”

Yaara Ming said.

Donford Wu raised his hands and rolled his head. Just then, when the Celestial Master came, his performance wasn’t all too good. Not only did was he not polite, but he actually was angry at Yaara Ming. If you traded with a normal father, he would surely not be happy if he saw his own daughter being yelled at. But it seems the Celestial Master wasn’t unhappy. As to why the Celestial Master wasn’t unhappy, Donford Wu couldn’t guess why.

Not long after, Donford Wu stored his doubt away and continued asking.

“If we get married, who gets the final say in things?”

If your decision is correct, then I’ll naturally listen to you.”

Yaara Ming said.

“Saying it like that is like not saying anything at all.”

Said Donford Wu, biting his lip. Every had a different understanding of “correct”, he felt that killing all the drug traffickers were correct, and Gabe Zhuang felt that following protocol and orders to capture the drug traffickers was correct.

“If you did something wrong, would you let me listen to you?”

Yaara Ming asked back.

“Fine, let’s just act like I never asked. I’m really curious about the central area, if I wanted to go there, would you stop me?”

Donford Wu asked.

“You don’t know how to control the laws so going to the Earth clan will be really dangerous. But if you really want to, then I won’t stop you.”

Yaara Ming stated.

Seeing Yaara Ming sulking, Donford Wu hurriedly said something.

“You already know my situation. I won’t ever be able to go back, so I’ll be spending the rest of my life here. You can’t just let me spend my life here in a mountain range knowing nothing about the world. I want to go out and have a look, know how the outside world is. Then, I’ll come back. And saying this, it’s not like I’ll be leaving immediately. I’ll at least stay in the Gold clan for some time so that I can have a basic understanding of the Gold clan first.”

“You’re right.”

Yaara Ming nodded her head, saying.

“Washing clothes, cooking, sorting out the house, who is going to do all these things?”

Donford Wu asked a very unpleasant topic. He was a soldier, most soldiers had to cook and wash their own clothes and cook their own food. But the atmosphere in the military led most of the soldiers too have Machismo thinking, thinking that men should do what men do and women should do what women do.

Yaara Ming didn’t have any amount of hesitation, smiling, she said.

“Of course I’ll do it.”

“Okay, I have nothing to ask. It’s your turn, ask.”

Donford Wu was very satisfied with Yaara Ming’s answers.

“Wait, I still have one more.”

Donford Wu straightened his back.

“What is it?”

Yaara Ming asked.

Donford Wu didn’t immediately reply, but hesitantly thought how to make the last question not too embarrassing.

“You see, you’re a shaman. You’re dad, mother and brother are also shamans. And I’m just a normal person. If we are together, there would surely be some conflicts, at that time, you and your family……”

“Don’t worry, we won’t hit you.”

Yaara Ming smiled, interrupting Donford Wu’s jitter.

“What I meant is that you guys can’t use your control over the laws against me.”

Donford Wu’s thoughts was spoken by Yaara Ming. He was a bit embarrassed, even if he lost all his armor and equipment, he was still much more powerful than the soldiers and civilians here. But he definitely wasn’t an opponent for a shaman that knew how to control the laws.

“The same meaning.”

Yaara Ming laughed.

“Your turn, ask me.”

Donford Wu waved his hand to urge her.

“I don’t have anything to ask.”


Donford Wu was a bit surprised.

“That night when I knew you saw my face, I always hesitated if I should kill you the following few days. After a period of time of silently observing you, I found out that you have a noble character, a kind heart, is diligent and hard working. When you’re alone with Walda Ming, you didn’t bully here, thus, I slowly started to fall in love with you……”

Yaara Ming’s confession and praise without any decoration made Donford Wu flush a bit. Hurriedly using a wave of his hand to stop Yaara Ming’s words.

“This, this, secretly peeping on people isn’t that good, I also have bad points. It’s just that you haven’t discovered them yet.”

“I discovered them, you have a really irritable temple, and every time you fight you’re too vicious. Not only do you not like being clean, you only wash your face every few days. When you’re not taking a bath, you don’t wash your feet……”

“Stop right there, stop, right, there. I was injured then, I couldn’t move freely. And I’m not vicious, it was just self-defense. Do you know self-defense, it is when people bully you and you protect yourself.”

Donford Wu regretted his modesty from before. Xia dynasty people weren’t like people from the Ming and Qing dynasty. The people of the Ming and Qing dynasty likes to talk in riddles, twisting here and there, making everything horrible. Xia dynasty weren’t like that. Even though they also have ulterior motives, but when they talk, they ask for an accurate explanation and meaning of their words. Making everything extremely direct, sometimes to the point of exaggeration.

Yaara Ming nodded her head, not continuing.

“What was that last sentence?”

Donford Wu only discovered it now.

Yaara Ming was wide eyed for a moment, only then did she understand what she leaked out of her mouth.

“It seems like you took advantage of me. Haha, when you’re going to take a bath, tell me, I also want to take a peek.”

Donford Wu laughed.

Just when he finished speaking, the Celestial Master came walking in from the door.

The atmosphere at this instance was embarrassing to the limit. While flirting with a beauty and coincidently meeting up with the beauty’s father, this kind of embarrassing situation was as embarrassing as can be.

When people grow old they become wiser. The Celestial Master didn’t show any dissatisfaction, pretending to not have heard anything, he walked inside and told Yaara Ming.

“I need to head to the capital immediately.”

Saying that, he turned towards Donford Wu.

“Youngster, cultivating isn’t the only way to become famous, don’t be heartbroken. As long as you work hard, no matter what you do, you can earn other people’s respect.”

“I’ll remember your words.”

Donford Wu heavily nodded his head. The tolerance and mind of the Celestial Master made Donford Wu submit to him.

“Dad, I want to take off my mask.”

Yaara Ming’s had an asking for an opinion tone to her words, and a can’t be changed tone

“You sure?”

The Celestial Master smiled while asking.


Yaara Ming heavily nodded her head.

The Celestial Master looked at Yaara Ming, then looked at Donford Wu. Following, he also nodded his head.

“Then take it off.”

“Thank you dad.”

Yaara Ming joyously jumped up.

“After I leave, you guys get to the village as quickly as possible. At least seven days, at most half a month, I’ll be coming to find you two.”

The Celestial Master said in a low voice.

“Dad, what happened?”

Yaara Ming immediately recognized the seriousness of a problem.

“The child you brought wasn’t a pure Gold blood.”

The Celestial Master stated.


Yaara Ming stared at him with wide eyes, stunned.

The Celestial Master sighed out.

“These years, the Gold clan is already too full with being bullied and humiliated, passing these years with incomparable pain. The clansmen need hope, the Celestial Master of the White Tiger is their only hope, and we must give them hope.”

“Does Uncle (Gu) Gabriel and Uncle Xavier (Xi) know this?

“Before I started to move, I discussed it with them.”

The Celestial Master nodded. Turning around, he took out that purple colored Inner Dan from his robe and passed it over to Yaara Ming.

“Even though that child isn’t the Celestial Master of the White Tiger, but the Pi Xiu you two brought was really the Bear King. After the tour around the capital, I’ll bring it back to you guys. I’ll replace it with another Pi Xiu.”

“Why are you giving it to us?”

Yaara Ming not understanding.

“The Bear King and Celestial Master are both targets for our enemies. For them to stay at the capital is very dangerous.”

The Celestial Master once again lowered his voice even more.

“Following the past, the Bear King and Celestial Master of the White Tiger should show up at the same area, if it is sent back there, maybe it can find the Celestial Master of the White Tiger through the divine spirit.”

“But the children that were born this year were the three you just tested.”

Yaara Ming stated.

“I’m suspecting that the Celestial Master of the White Tiger wasn’t part of the babies born this year.”

The Celestial Master said.

Yaara Ming nodded her head.

“They are all ready and are waiting for me. Take off your mask and send me off.”

Said the Celestial Master.

Yaara Ming used her hand to take off her mask, the Celestial Master smiled while looking at his own daughter. Turning around, he walked to door.

Yaara Ming also followed.

Arriving at the door, the Celestial Master gestured at the Donford Wu who was hesitating if he should follow, indicating that he should come too.

Donford Wu was a bit embarrassed, but he still followed them out. Right now, his mood was extremely good. For one, Food Dump was going to be given back to him. Two, on that night, he only caught a glimpse which only left a rough image to him. Then, Yaara Ming had her nose beaten by the Earth clan shaman. With her nose bleeding, it wasn’t that clear, but today, he could clearly see it clearly. Beautiful.

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