War of the Supreme Mysteries 021

Gold Clan Tribe

The crowd outside the courtyard still hasn’t dispersed. When Yaara Ming came out, it immediately caused a sensation in the crowd. In the eyes of a male Gold clansmen, a mask wearing lady shaman was a beautiful yet mysterious scene. Every single person would guess what kind of face was hiding behind the ferocious mask. After countless guesses and imaginations, today, they finally had an answer. A calm noble composure, brighter than anything around them.

This answer led all the males feel satisfied. But in the midst of satisfaction, there was a deep, deep feel of lose. This was because when the day the puzzle was solved, was the day the beautiful flower found a companion.

And the companion of this beautiful flower made them disgusted. Messy hair, creases all over his clothes, buttons not in order. When he walked, his posture was all over the place. His face was rather plain. On his face was an expression of happiness, no seriousness was hinted on it at all.

Jealousy will rush to people’s heads, making them unable to judge without fairness. The handsome and heroic Donford Wu was seen as just a lucky guy with nothing else in the eyes of these shorter than a meter seventy male Gold clansmen.

Donford Wu simply just didn’t know what these people were thinking, even if he did, he wouldn’t take it in his heart. Everything that happened today made him happy. Yaara Ming’s beauty exceeded his expectations, the Celestial Master’s reasonable and wisdom filled open-mind made him feel greatly surprised. The most important thing was that he didn’t need to keep thinking so badly of himself and didn’t need to dampen the relationship with Food Dump. In these days from morning till night, he was already accustomed to being together with the furry little meatball. To one’s liking, everything that happened to Donford Wu was exactly that, to one’s liking.

And something that was even more to his liking came afterwards. Yaara Ming took the initiative to holding his hands. This action without question announced to the crowd the two’s relationship.

At this time, there were three horse carriages stopped just outside the courtyard. All of them were large carriages with eight horses pulling them. Except for the coachman at the front and back carriages, separately sat a blue robed Sage and four soldiers with bow and arrows at their back. The carriage in the middle had the fortunate and unfortunate mother and son, Food Dump was being carried by another blue robed Sage, who also sat in this carriage.

Food Dump was awake at this time and was currently looking around it in the hug of the blue robed Sage. Seeing Donford Wu appear, it started to struggle with all its strength. Crying with a “N”ing sound, it tried to shake off the Sage’s hold and run to reunite with him.

“Your mother and brother doesn’t know about this matter.”

The Celestial Master said without turning back.

Yaara Ming responded with a low grunt.

Struggling so many times without being able to shake off the Sage’s hold, Food Dump was a bit anxious. Sounding out a “Wu” noise sound, it rioted against the Sage holding it. The Sage holding it heard the hostility hidden in the growl. Even if he didn’t dare to let go, he was also afraid of its claws and bites. This was a claw that could break metal.

Seeing this situation, Donford Wu used his finger to point at Food Dump. Before, when he did this gesture, he also said a phrase. “Be good.”

Eyeing Donford Wu’s finger pointing at it, Food Dump immediately stopped struggling. It remembered this gesture, and remembered the consequences if it continued to horse around. It didn’t want Donford Wu to hit its head, it especially didn’t want to be kicked in the butt.

The copper pole out of his head, floating from the ground, the Celestial Master easily got on. Standing on the copper pole, he rose to the sky. In a clear voice resounding out.

“The Gold Deity, Rhys forever protects his sons and people, the almighty Gold Deity is with us.”

“The almighty Gold Deity is with us.”

All the Gold clansmen knelled down, except for the ones that climbed on top of tress and Donford Wu.

Next, the Celestial Master did a few gestures, the coachmen whipping their reins to drive forward. Eight horses rushed together, leaving dust in their wake.

The Celestial Master placed his hands behind his back, following in mid-air.

“Why is it like their leaving a ghost city?”

Donford Wu mutter biting his lips. Even just setting off, the three carriages went full speed, with eight horses pulling one carriage, you could imagine just how fast they were.

Yaara Ming didn’t reply, what Donford Wu spoke out in was in the modern language, so she didn’t understand.

“Gold Deity, please protect them, I hope they can reach the capital safely.”

Yaara Ming turned around and walked towards the room.

“Don’t worry, the Earth clan won’t get the news so quickly.”

Donford Wu knew what Yaara Ming was worrying about.

“If you didn’t release that Earth shaman, then I really wouldn’t have to worry.”

When Yaara Ming said this, there wasn’t any complaint or dissatisfaction in her voice, only speaking matter with matter.

“She was about to starve to death, if I had to guess, she is probably still finding things to eat in the mountain, how could she run back so quickly.”

Donford Wu was a bit ashamed, his actions really did give the Gold clan a lot of hidden dangers.

“Let’s start packing, when are we going to move?”

Yaara Ming asked.

Donford Wu could hear that Yaara Ming changed her words midway. What she wanted to say should be “Let’s start packing, then leave.”, the reason why she changed midway was a sort of respect to him, to ask for his opinion.

“Since there isn’t really anything urgent, why don’t we go tomorrow? I want to go around the city.”

Donford Wu asked. It took so long to just come here, he didn’t know when he would he be coming back.”


Yaara Ming nodded her head.

Arriving back at the room, Donford Wu picked up his water jug and drank a few mouthfuls, putting it back down, he asked Yaara Ming.

“Where will be staying for the night today?”

“Still here.”

Yaara Ming stated.

“Then I’ll leave my bow and arrows here.”

Donford Wu told her.

Yaara Ming nodded her head.

“You can’t be like this, finding the Celestial Master of the White Tiger is something happy, how can you have such a long face. If people saw you, they’ll start to be suspicious.”

Donford Wu said. Maybe it was because Yaara Ming was so use to wearing the mask, now that she had taken it down, it was hard to hide her emotions.

Yaara Ming nodded her head, turning around, she spoke out to ask.

“Do you think that the real Celestial Master of the White Tiger is still alive?”

“I don’t know.”

Donford Wu shook his head. What he knew about the Celestial Master of the White Tiger was extremely little. Only knowing that every generation of the Celestial Master of the White Tiger was a different person, and not some kind of spirit transfer from one to another.

Yaara Ming frowned.

“You see, you see. This is what I was talking about, you’re frowning again. You have to learn how to control your expression.”

Donford Wu told her, biting his lips.

Yaara Ming’s mood was very heavy, following, she grabbed the mask on top of the table and put it back on.

“Why are you putting it back on?”

Donford Wu couldn’t laugh or cry.

Yaara Ming didn’t respond.

“You don’t have to be so worried, we’ll know if the Celestial Master of the White Tiger is still alive soon.”

Donford Wu spoke out to comfort her.

Hearing him, Yaara Ming turned her head.

Donford Wu reached out and took off her mask.

“Since the Earth clan sent so many shamans to kill the Gold clan’s children, this means that their shamans have some kind of way to control the laws to guess or sense that your Celestial Master of the White Tiger appeared. Since they have such an ability, this naturally means they’ll know if your Celestial Master of the White Tiger is still alive or not. If the Celestial Master of the White Tiger really was killed by them, then the Earth clan wouldn’t send any more people. If the true Celestial Master of the White Tiger hasn’t died yet, then they’ll definitely come again.”

Yaara Ming continually nodded her head.

“That makes sense, if dad and them are blocked midway, then that means our Celestial Master of the White Tiger is still alive.”

“How many days will it take to get to the capital from here?”

Donford Wu asked.

“On a quick horse, it needs one day and night.”

Yaara Ming replied.

“Which direction is the capital?”

Donford WU inquired.

“Over there.”

Yaara Ming pointed her finger towards the north eastern direction.

“That should be around Lincang, Luoyang to Lincang is about five thousand kilometers, don’t talk about how long it would take for the news to get to them, even if they immediately knew and organized people, they would have no way to rush over here in such a short amount of time. So relax, your dad won’t meet any obstacles.”

Donford Wu quickly calculated a few analysis. Even though the environment changed, but the geography shouldn’t have too much of a change.

Yaara Ming was a bit muddled, she hasn’t heard of the two places that Donford Wu spoke of.

Donford Wu took the initiative to explain.

“I don’t know what the Xia dynasty’s capital’s name is, but I know its approximate location.”

“You went there before?”

Yaara Ming still hasn’t gotten her mind around his words.

“In my life a few thousand years later, I went there before. I know the approximate distance between here and there.”

Donford Wu stated. The confusion in Yaara Ming’s face still hasn’t completely dissipated. Adding another sentence.

“The stream to the east of your village is the place I arrived at this period of time. Before that, I was always living the life of a modern person four thousand years in the future.”

“I understand, when you arrived to our time, you always stayed around our village, not going very far. You want to go the central to see how it is like in our time.”

Yaara Ming stated.


Donford Wu raised his thumb at Yaara Ming. To have beauty and smarts is naturally the best, if he could only pick one, he would pick smarts. There is no use in looking good and being dumb, there was no way for them to converse.

Yaara Ming happily laughed. The reason why she was happy wasn’t only because Donford Wu praised her, but because of Donford Wu’s optimistic personality and wise and farsighted judgement. This made her feel more and more that she picked the right man.

Donford Wu walked over to the door and took a look.

“The crowd has just about gone, let’s go out.”


Yaara Ming stood up.

“Did you bring the shells?”

“Of course.”

Yaara Ming pointed at a small pouch at her waist.

Just when they left the door, they once again met the lady shaman that talked with Yaara Ming last night. The two intimately talked. Before today, the lady shaman didn’t know how Yaara Ming looked. Today was the first time she saw Yaara Ming’s real face, praising Yaara Ming’s beauty, she then congratulated the two.

Right at this moment, the male shaman walked over from the east with a dismayed expression. This time, he didn’t greet Yaara Ming, only looking at Donford WU with a ruthless expression, he walked around them.

Waiting until the lady shaman led her villagers to leave, Donford Wu and Yaara Ming left the courtyard to walk around the city.

The looking back rate on the streets were high with Yaara Ming on it. There were extremely few women as beautiful as her, and such a beautiful lady shaman was even rarer. Donford Wu took the gazes of jealously from all around, not caring about it.

The Gold clan had six tribes, each tribe having tens of villages. The people living at the tribes didn’t mine, they mainly farmed and did business. There was more corn and millet in the food sold, at this time, there still wasn’t any rice. Except for corn and millet there was still some beans. There was both big and small beans. The small beans were about the size of a match head, the big ones was about the size of a finger nail. These beans could be cooked, and was one of the main sources of food.

There was also vegetables, and there was no small amount. But Donford Wu couldn’t recognize a lot of them. There was okra, bamboo shoots, bracken and melons, the others he didn’t know about.

There was cow, sheep, horse, and pig for meat, but not every day. What was killed was not stable, beef was the most expensive, lamb next, horse following, and the cheapest was pig meat. Why was there such an arrangement, was because Yaara Ming said the oxen were used to farm land, generally not killed. Sheep could produce wool, so they couldn’t just kill them. Even though horse milk didn’t taste all too good, but it was still milk, only pig had no use, so they were the cheapest.

Most of the fish was carp and goldfish. The others Donford Wu didn’t recognize. At this this, the carps and goldfishes were much larger than the ones in modern times, the fins of the fishes were also longer than the ones in modern times.

Except for eating, there was also a place for cloth. Silk was the most expensive and had the least amount of. Linen had the most. The cheapest was fur, this kind of expensive cloth in modern times was dirt cheap here. The reason was simple, this place was part of a tropical terrain, so in such hot weather, no one would like wearing clothes made out of fur.

The goods sold mostly consisted of only cloth and food, the currency was this kind of shells. What was most welcomed was trading goods such as salt and other kinds of livestock.

When they were walking around, Donford Wu discovered that on the walls on hanging of them was a lot of huge skulls. Only till he asked Yaara Ming did he know that these were wild beasts that invaded the tribe. After being killed, the skulls would be placed on the walls to warn others. This meant that this place wasn’t some kind of heaven, living here was also not safe.

In this day and age, there weren’t any inns or restaurants, but there were places that sold cooked food. The way they sold the food was pretty interesting. Using a rock stove with a fire underneath it, a whole pig would be shoved into it, different kind of tree leaves as spices was also thrown inside. There wasn’t any scales when the meat was sold, according to the place of the meat and how large it, people could trade for it or buy it. These people must have done this for a long time so they already knew what the prices were, with a single axe, they knew what was what.

Walking around till they were tired, and the sky turning dark, it was about time to go back to sleep……

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