War of the Supreme Mysteries 022

I Want To Sleep With You

Walking into the courtyard, Yaara Ming stopped where she was.

“You can stay in my room tonight.”

“Where will you be staying?”

Donford Wu asked.

Yaara Ming pointed at a small house to the north west side.

“I already discussed it with my friend today. Tonight, I’ll borrow her room.”

“Why are you staying in someone else’s house, you should sleep in your own house. You can sleep on the bed, I’ll sleep on the floor.”

Donford Wu stated.

Yaara Ming tilted her head to look at Donford Wu.

“Okay, okay. Go.”

Donford Wu waved his hand, going towards Yaara Ming’s room.

“I’ll call you tomorrow morning.”

Yaara Ming went towards the north.

Donford Wu was a bit disappointed, with a beautiful woman in front of you, if you didn’t have any naughty thoughts meant you were a dickless man. But the reason he suggested they live in the same room was not so that he could climb onto her in the middle of the night, but through real talk and honest sleeping, to prove to Yaara Ming that he was a true gentleman that didn’t attack people in a dark room. Too bad that she didn’t give him this opportunity.

But Donford Wu didn’t stay dismayed for long, very quickly, Donford Wu went back to his originally mood. In this world there was no such thing as a true gentleman that didn’t attack people in a dark room. If he really did stay in the same room, he definitely wouldn’t be ‘honest’. Even if he was ‘honest’, it would be faking it. There was nothing good from pretending stuff like this. If he wasn’t successful, than it would be disgraceful. If it was successful, he would just be suppressing himself.

Closing the door, climbing onto the bed, closing his eyes, and sleeping.

After five minutes, Donford Wu opened his eyes. He couldn’t sleep, he was still suppressing it. If he didn’t have a wife, then there was nothing he could do. But if he had a wife and still suppressed it, it would seem a bit nonsensical.

Only until a full ten minutes of hesitation passed by, did he finally decided to stop all this nonsense, he was going to find Yaara Ming.

But after his feet touched the ground, he started to hesitate again. If he went, this surely would be like ripping his face right off, all of his gentleman airs would be all gone, his reputation gone right to the gutter.

If all he cared about was reputation, means living a suffering live. After a short moment of hesitation, he decided to throw away his reputation and not suffer. He put on his shoes and went out.

The room Yaara Ming was in was still lit, Donford Wu followed the lamp light and found her room. With a “Kok Kok” sound, he knocked on the door.

Yaara Ming opened the door. Combing her hair while tilting her head to look at him. She didn’t say anything, nor did she indicated to let him go in.

“You’re my woman, I want to sleep with you.”

Donford Wu took out his militaristic aura. His senior officers would also be this direct when finding companions. I have taken a liking to you, will you accept it.

Yaara Ming didn’t feel surprised, only a bit embarrassed. Her cheeks reddening, she said.

“We still haven’t gotten married yet.”

“Just tonight.”

Donford Wu moved towards the inside.

“This doesn’t match our etiquette.”

Yaara Ming stopped him off.

“Relax, I’ll marry you.”

Donford Wu forcefully pushed forward.


Yaara Ming reached out and pushed him.

Yaara Ming wasn’t a normal woman, she wasn’t weak at all. She fully pushed Donford Wu down the steps.

“Are you afraid I won’t marry you?”

Donford Wu asked.

Yaara Ming had pushed him to a stagger, making her feel a bit guilty. She quickly shook her head.

“That’s not it, I know you will. It’s just that I feel that this isn’t right.”

“Taking advantage and not taking responsibility is not right.”

Donford Wu once again walked towards the inside.

“You should go back.”

Yaara Ming once again blocked him.

“I’m honestly telling you. I really do feel embarrassed coming over, I’m gritting my teeth to do this. What you are doing is throwing my reputation down a cliff.”

Donford Wu’s face was fully red.

“It’s too quick.”

Yaara Ming shook her head.

“So you can be quick, and I can’t. I wasn’t ready for when you took off your mask. Now that I’m ready, you’re all twisting and twirling. Don’t block me, let me inside.”

Donford Wu frowned.

“Go back, we really can’t do it.”

Yaara Ming spoke in a serious tone.

“I’m suffering, don’t you care?”

Donford Wu also pulled out a serious face.

“Just go back, we’ll talk about this later.”

Yaara Ming shook her head.

Donford Wu turned around and left.

Arriving back to the room, he searched for his pack of cigs. Lighting one up, he sat on a chair and got angry. Once he calmed down, he didn’t feel that he did anything wrong. If they decided to get married, then what’s the difference with doing it a day earlier or a day later, why must they wait until they got married. The only reason to wait until they got married was to make sure that after the man got his fill, he didn’t run. The price that the man had to pay was that he had to suppress himself from the day his relationship was made sure of and the day they got married. This just meant that they didn’t trust men. If they don’t trust a man, then why the fuck would they want to make sure of their relationship.

Thinking to this point, Donford Wu threw away the cigarette butt and stood up. He threw the quiver of arrows onto his back and pushed the door about to go out.

Just when he left the door, he stopped. He pondered if he wasn’t treating this matter properly. If he just left like this, would it be unfair to Yaara Ming. Thinking about it carefully, he still walked towards the courtyard’s entrance.
Right now, his mood was bad to the extreme. The old folk tales got it right. Males are afraid of choosing the wrong professions and females are afraid of marrying the wrong person. A lady choosing a husband is the largest choice of their whole life. It was like a war, you have to pick the best target, and quickly rush to seize it. It was not alright if you choose the wrong one or seized too late. Choosing the wrong target meant falling into a sewage dump. Seizing too late meant that he already got taken by another woman. Even though Yaara Ming choose him, but she didn’t immediately seize him. What this said about her was that she didn’t believe he was the best target, so it didn’t matter if she didn’t seize him right away. If not, she wouldn’t have pushed him away when she knew that he was suffering from suppressing his sexual intentions.

He walked very decisively. He thickened his skin to knock, and as a result he cut pushed out. His reputation really couldn’t stay, he had to leave.

At the moment he arrived at the courtyard’s gates, he faintly saw a person lying down in front of the guard hose, that person didn’t move an inch, nor did Donford Wu know if he was dead or alive.

To be lying outside meant that something happened. It could be that he fainted from a sickness, or was attacked by something. Donford Wu quickly ran over. When he was pretty close, he could immediately smell a thick scent of blood. Looking down, he saw that the old man who took care of the courtyard was already dead. The fatal wound was on the jugular, slit by a sharp weapon.


Donford Wu instantly went into a battle mode.

Motive: A normal civilian wouldn’t dare to kill someone where the shamans live, and the opponent brought a weapon, this meant that they were prepared. Most likely an enemy from outside.

Identity: Earth clan Celestial Master level high rank shaman, except for this kind of shaman, a normal shaman wouldn’t have been able to reach here this quickly.

Goal: Acquired the information, came to kill the Celestial Master of the White Tiger.

In just a few seconds, Donford Wu made a judgement. Following this, he took off his shoes. His opponent was an expert, they would have extremely acute senses. Wearing shoes would make noise.

Taking off his shoes, he immediately stuck to the north side walls. From the walls, he speed towards the room that Yaara Ming was in. Yaara Ming once said that shamans could see clearly in the night. The darkness wouldn’t give him any kind of protection, he must use other things to hide himself.

At this time, most of the shamans have all left. Going back, even if they hadn’t left, they truly weren’t this person’s opponent. His opponent came ready, this meant they were fully prepared.

Even though his heart was in a hurry, he didn’t shout out. What the person came for wasn’t to steal, shouting out wouldn’t be able to scare them off. It’ll only make the situation even worse.

While he was carefully moving, Donford Wu also started to look for traces of the enemy. The sky was already dark, his vision was hindered. Looking for his target would be extremely difficult. Not only that, his opponent wasn’t like a ghost moving through a village which made dogs bark and chickens to flap their wings. All this time he couldn’t hear any strange noises.

This courtyard was very large. Three rooms were lit up, one was Yaara Ming’s room, and the other two were towards the north eastern direction. He wasn’t sure just how many shamans were here, but there definitely wasn’t a lot.

A light in a north western room suddenly extinguished.

At the same time, a black shadow flashed by from the northern paved road.

Donford Wu made quick judgement of this. One, there should be at least two enemies, and right now, they were splitting up. Two, the enemies were closer to Yaara Ming’s room than him, so he had no way of not alerting his opponents before reaching Yaara Ming.

Donford Wu stared at the position that the black shadow had vanished from. A few seconds later, that black shadow once again flashed by. He saw what happened clearly this time, this person didn’t run from room to room, but suddenly appeared outside a room and then quickly moving towards another room’s wall and vanishing. This meant that his opponent knew how to control the laws to make themselves able to go through walls!

After a few seconds passed, the black shadow once again appeared, going into another room.

Donford Wu waited until the person went into the room. Quickly going pass the paved road in the middle of the courtyard, he stuck to an east wall of a west side room. Turning his head to look towards the north, the black shadow once again appeared after a few seconds. Like a factory, once again going into another room.

The amount of time the person spent outside was extremely short, he didn’t even have a chance to release an arrow.

Seeing the person getting closer and closer to Yaara Ming’s room, Donford Wu became more anxious. He thought of using fire to attract the person’s attention, but there wasn’t anything that could light up quickly around him. He once again thought of using himself as bait, but this plan wouldn’t work. With that kind of speed, before he finished shouting, his opponent would appear in front of him.

After a hurried pondering, Donford Wu ran towards a pile of bamboo to the west side. This was diagonal to Yaara Ming’s room.

Just when he got to his position, the black shadow appeared in front of Yaara Ming’s room.

Donford Wu didn’t think for long. Bending his arm to ready his bow, he placed an arrow and released it.

Hearing the sound, the black shadow raised his hand. Casually catching the bone arrow Donford Wu shot at full force, the shadow threw it back at him. Before he could even react, the bone arrow already imbedded itself into his chest. The large amount of power contained within the arrow directly lifted him off from the pile of bamboo, sending him flying towards the courtyard wall around ten meters away.

The powerful blow was like being hit by a hammer, uncontrollably he fell forward down to the ground.

Even though he was seeing stars, he could still tilt his body before falling down, preventing the bone arrow stuck in his chest to cause more damage from his own body weight.

After falling to the ground, he coughed out the blood stuck in his throat. After spitting out the blood, the amount of stars he could see decreased. Raising his hand to his chest, he discovered that even though the body armor didn’t stop the bone arrow, but it slowed down most of the force behind it. The arrow pierced through the body armor, skin and meat, embedding itself into his sternum.

Donford Wu gritted his teeth and pulled out the bone arrow. Breathing heavily, he stood up with his arms supporting him. Taking out his dagger, he rushed to Yaara Ming’s room. At this time, the black shadow already vanished, without asking, the person already went in.

Yaara Ming’s room was lit, but the window was covered by linen, so he couldn’t see what was happening inside. He could only hear that inside was a chair falling down.
Donford Wu broke the door down and went in. Only seeing a person wearing black clothes and masked was pressing down on Yaara Ming’s throat on with his left hand top of the bamboo bed. His right hand currently shredding her clothes. Yaara Ming couldn’t make any noise, using both her hands, she struggled with all her strength.

He didn’t have any hesitation, rushing towards the black clothed person, the black clothed person turned his head to look at the sound. Discovering that the person rushing in was him, he felt greatly surprised. Most likely he didn’t think that he could survive after taking an arrow from him.

Using this opportunity, he continued to rush closer to them. His dagger going straight for his opponent’s stomach. He knew how powerful his opponent was. He could guess that if he tried to back lock him in a chock hold he would definitely be able to dodge it. So he could only ask for this.

But even this “this” he couldn’t ask for. Before his dagger could break through his opponent’s skin and enter his flesh, his opponent suddenly used his right hand to catch Donford Wu’s wrist. With his kind of strength, it was impossible for Donford Wu to get his dagger any closer.

Just when his opponent was coldly laughing and shattering his right hand. Donford Wu used his head to head-butt his opponent’s forehead. Not being able to guess that he would be this fierce, he wasn’t able to dodge and was hit directly. With his mind in a daze, he unconsciously loosened his grip on Yaara Ming’s throat.

Using this opportunity, Donford Wu threw his opponent on the ground. Placing his body on top his opponent’s body upside down. He used his legs crisscrossed on his opponent’s head and arms to hold the legs to momentarily lock the black clothed person in place. At the same time, he shouted at Yaara Ming who was coughing up a fit.

“I can’t do this for long, quick, run……”

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