War of the Supreme Mysteries 023

Different From Ordinary People

Yaara Ming didn’t run. Grabbing her copper pole, she smashed down towards the black clothed person’s head.

The black clothed person rolled over with Donford Wu. Yaara Ming couldn’t retract fast enough and the copper pole ended up smashing down on Donford Wu’s back.


Donford Wu continued to cry out. What he was using was the close combat’s submission choke hold, generally used for capturing opponents that were needed alive, it works one hundred times out of hundred. But today, he felt that the submission choke hold wasn’t working too well. His opponent was using a huge and invisible pushing force. He needed to use all his strength just to barely lock his opponent in place.

Yaara Ming didn’t listen to him, but continued to wave around her copper pole to hit the enemy.

Even though the black clothed person was grappled by Donford Wu, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t move. It was just that he momentarily couldn’t escape from Donford Wu. In Donford Wu’s grapple, the black clothed person still had a small area that he could move in, which was more than enough to doge Yaara Ming’s attacks.

“YOLOing is going to make my YOLO useless.”

Donford Wu roared.

Yaara Ming gritted her teeth and made a difficult decision. After half a moment of hesitation did she finally make the right decision. Turning around she rushed out of the door.

“I’ll remember you for all my life.”

Donford Wu had already exhausted all his strength. But with Yaara Ming’s action, strength once again came flowing into his body. His four limbs going over their limbs, tightly locked his opponent. Seeing that his invisible pushing force couldn’t force Donford Wu off, the black clothed person once again retracted the force back into his body.

Just when he was worrying if he could endure another push from his opponent, Yaara Ming who he originally thought already left came back. But she came flying back. Crashing into the table and chairs in the room, she fell to the ground.

“YOLO, it’s over, it’s all over.”

Donford Wu fell into into despair, the black clothed person’s partner has arrived.

With all his hope shattered into pieces, his strength all left him. The black clothed person fiercely released his invisible pushing force and sent him shakily flying away. Crashing into a wall, he once again spit out blood.

With a twirl, the black clothed person stood up. Raising his leg into a back kick, he sent Donford Wu who was collapsed on the ground and the wall he was by outside into the courtyard.

Once again being hit heavily, Donford Wu suddenly felt the whole world spinning around, everything he saw was suddenly dimming down. But he forcefully endured it and didn’t faint. Even though he couldn’t do anything more, but he still wanted to know what would happen to Yaara Ming.

“Second Senior Brother, your old sickness came out again.”

A dissatisfied womanly voice came out from inside the house.

Discovering that his partner was a woman, Donford Wu’s heart relaxed. With a woman there, the black clothed person definitely wouldn’t try to ** Yaara Ming again.


The crisp sound of metal crashing into each other sounded out.

“What are you doing?”

“I’ve never seen such beauty, it would be such a waste to kill her.”

It was the black clothed person’s voice.

“What were we supposed to do here?”

The woman reminded him with a dissatisfied tone.

“Right, let’s go!”

The black clothed man’s voice.

After a short moment of silence, the sound of a chair shaking came out from inside. Without asking, the enemies had already left and Yaara Ming was currently standing up.

Just when Donford Wu thought everything was alright, his vision slowly tunneling into darkness, Yaara Ming’s surprised scream sounded out from inside the room. This scream was like a needle of adrenaline. Instantly splitting apart Donford Wu’s daze.

“Since we couldn’t do it today, I’ll come find you again later. Hehehehe.”

It was the voice of the black clothed person.

The room once again went into silence.

Following a few hurried steps, Yaara Ming came running out of the missing wall. Hugging the broken body that was Donford Wu, she shook him and cried.

“How you are. How are you?”

“If you don’t swagger this swaggity swag of bulging muscles, then this brah might not YOLO too soon.”

“Lie down and don’t move, I’ll going to go find somebody.”

Yaara Ming carefully placed Donford Wu down, turning around, she ran towards the north east.

“Brah, I’m afraid that everyone already YOLOed.”

Donford Wu said.

Yaara Ming didn’t hear what he said and continued running to the north east.

Fainting is a kind of self-protection for the body. It is to stop the severe pain from damaging the nerves in the human body. Donford Wu stopped himself from fainting twice. Right now, even though his whole body was in pain, his brain was abnormally awake. What he did first was to check what happened to his body.

Brain is awake, meaning the head hasn’t been hurt.

Lower limbs are able to move, the legs weren’t hurt.

Left arm could move as he wanted, nothing happened.

Right arm sending out a numbing sensation, the first signs of bone fracture. With his left arm, he found out that his ulna (thinner long bone on your forearm) on his right arm was broken.

At last, he examined his sternum and ribs. His sternum had an arrow wound on it, the ribs to the left and right of the wound was slightly off, five of the six ribs on the left was fractured. This was the result of the black clothed person’s kick.

Apart from these, there was still the two internal damages down from crashing into the wall twice. Spitting blood meant his lungs or stomach was injured. He had no other means to check the other organs for now.

Even though he was hurt all over, Donford Wu still felt that he was incomparably lucky. The might of his opponent was too strong. With a slight flick of his wrist, he could easily break his bones with an arrow, that invisible pushing force unseen by the naked eye, and that bodily technique like a ghost, coming and going without a trace. To be able to keep his life after fighting with such an incredible opponent was the most fortunate thing to happen to him in all his unfortunate encounters.

Generally speaking, this kind of injury wouldn’t be enough to strip him of moving. But right now, he just couldn’t move. No matter what part his body he moved, there would a heart drilling pain. This was because when he was holding down his opponent, that invisible pushing force that tried to push him off cause his muscles, tendons and bones to be injured.

In a place without any medical facilities, lying down and not moving was the best way to heal. This is because the human body has a self-healing ability to a point, especially for muscles and tendons to reposition themselves.

A few minutes later, Yaara Ming came back. She couldn’t find anyone to help, all the shamans that stayed here were all killed.

“I’ll bring you to a room first.”

In the midst of her frenzy, Yaara Ming calmed down. Reaching out, she tried to hold Donford Wu up.

“Yo, don’t move me brah.”

Donford Wu muttered. His breathing couldn’t come naturally, he didn’t dare speak loudly. But his tone was still firm.

“Hearing this, Yaara Ming instantly retracted her hands.

“Why is that?”

“Brah, like you don’t know my bulging muscles will heal brah, I can get up with my swaggy muscles brah.”

Donford Wu told her.

“You can’t just lay here on the ground.”

Yaara Ming once again reached out.

“Yo dude, I said don’t move me. You messing up my swag brah.”

Donford Wu raised his force. His words stimulated his lungs a lot, a cough tried to come out. He hurriedly suppressed it, coughing would only make his injuries worse.

“What is it?”

Yaara Ming finally discovered that something was wrong with Donford Wu’s mood.

Donford Wu didn’t reply. The reason why he came back to save her was because of a man’s principle, deep in his heart, he was still angry at Yaara Ming.

“You’re mad at me for not letting you in my room?”

Yaara Ming guessed the origin of his anger.

Donford Wu still didn’t open his mouth.

Seeing him not speaking, Yaara Ming knew she guessed right.

“That really doesn’t match our etiquette.”

Yaara Ming said out to explain.

“Yo man, if you really cared about these bulging muscles of swag brah, then you wouldn’t give a fuck about some shitty etiquette.”

Donford Wu started to move his hands and feet.

“Let’s talk about this later, let’s go back to a room. I need to check your injuries.”

Yaara Ming once again reached out.

“Yo man, you disrupting my flow brah.”

Donford Wu stared angrily at her.

Seeing such a large reaction from Donford Wu, only then did Yaara Ming knew how serious this problem is. Before this, she thought that Donford Wu was just throwing a fit, but now, she knew that he was truly angry.

“Do you have external injuries?”

Yaara Ming noticed that the stains of blood on Donford Wu’s chest didn’t seem to come from spitting out blood.

Donford Wu didn’t respond. Bending his knees and tilting his body, he slowly stood up. Seeing that he had such difficulty standing up, Yaara Ming tried to reach and support him. As a result, she only got another fierce glare.

Trying out a few steps, Donford Wu went back into the room to pick up his dagger, then, going back out again to find the pile of bamboo to search for his bow and arrows. The quiver was broken, the arrows were all around the ground, some of them were beast bones that were not quite grinded yet. Donford Wu picked all of them up, holding them in place under his arms.

“Where are you going?”

Yaara Ming blocked Donford Wu.

Donford Wu didn’t say anything, going around Yaara Ming, he went towards the south. Even though he saved Yaara Ming, but his mood was even worse than before. In modern times, he was an outstanding soldier, extremely confident. But coming here, he still didn’t belittle himself, right until tonight did he find out that he wasn’t outstanding in this period of time. The biggest reason why Yaara Ming choose him was because he accidentally saw her face.

“You’re an adult, how can you have such a small temper?”

Yaara Ming painfully looked at Donford Wu who was having a hard time moving around.

Just like he did, Donford Wu didn’t talk. In his mind was the last sentence he asked Yaara Ming before he planned to leave. He said he was suffering, asking if Yaara Ming cared or not. Yaara Ming choose to not care. No matter what position Yaara Ming stood on, he wouldn’t understand.

Walking to the guardhouse, Donford Wu found his shoes. On the steps in front of the guardhouse, he put them on.

“If you really decided to leave, then why did you come back to save me.”

Only now did Yaara Ming understand that when Donford Wu wanted to leave, did he discover that enemies have invaded.

Donford Wu stood up, walking out of the courtyard.

“It’s my fault, I’m sorry, please, let’s go back.”

Yaara Ming followed him out and pulled on him.

“Yo man, it’s not your fault, the fault is within my swaggy bulging muscles.”

Donford Wu shook his head. He was unfamiliar with this time, he was unfamiliar with this city, he was unfamiliar with everyone, he was unfamiliar with everything here. To knock on Yaara Ming’s door was his fault, because now, he wasn’t the undefeated special forces lieutenant. Now, here, he was a normal civilian that couldn’t cultivate the laws.

Seeing that Donford Wu insisted on leaving, Yaara Ming didn’t dare to keep on pulling him, only following him forward.

“The city gates are closed right now, you can’t go out. And anyways, you have injuries, you need to be treated as quickly as possible, don’t go.”

Yaara Ming tried to persuade him.

“Yo man, you can still see my bulging muscles, my swag won’t YOLO brah, you can go back, I want to swag by myself here. Maybe when my swaggy mood calms down, I might go back to that place where all the people YOLOed.

“With these kind of injuries, where can you go?”

Yaara Ming helplessly felt pain in her heart.

Donford Wu didn’t speak once again.

Because he had injuries on him, Donford Wu couldn’t move quickly. Yaara Ming followed beside him, she kept on trying to persuade him the whole way.

Donford Wu didn’t stop, after half an hour, he arrived at the city gates. The city gates were currently shut, and there wasn’t any soldiers around. He couldn’t open the gates himself, so he could lean against the city wall and sit down.

“Let’s go back, whatever you says go, okay? I’ll listen to whatever you want, okay?”

Yaara Ming knelt beside Donford Wu, trying to persuade him with a soft voice. Before this, she thought she understood Donford Wu very well. But today, she learnt his stubborn side. Coughing up blood twice on the way, his cold sweat covering all his cloths, he still didn’t stop.

Donford Wu didn’t respond, right now, he didn’t even have the breath to speak out.

Yaara Ming continued to persuade him. In the middle of night, Donford Wu fainted once. Then, she tried to carry him back, but in the middle of it, Donford Wu suddenly woke up and refused her of it.

The next part of the night, the two didn’t speak. Donford Wu didn’t want to speak, didn’t have the strength to speak. Yaara Ming was thinking back to what exactly she did wrong. She only did what most women would do in that situation, why would Donford Wu take this so deep within his heart.

The sky brightened, the city gates opened. Donford Wu relied on the city wall to stand up. Placing all his belongings under his arms.

“Don’t be a child, follow me back. Dad is going to bring Food Dump back in a few days.”

Yaara Ming tried to painstakingly persuade him. Food Dump was the only thing she could think of to change Donford Wu’s decision.

Donford Wu turned back to look at Yaara Ming. After a moment he retracted his gaze, painfully walking out of the city gates……

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