War of the Supreme Mysteries 024

Ginger is the Elderly’s Spice

Yaara Ming helplessly sighed, slowly following him out.

“Even when you walk you’re unsteady, where exactly do you want to go?”

Donford Wu didn’t say anything. Enduring to this point was already his limit. His knees weak, arms heavy (TL NOTE: mom spaghetti). The originally flat road was curved in titled in his eyes, shaking from side to side.

Seeing this, Yaara Ming once again sighed out, following behind Donford Wu, she would pick up the arrows and beast bones that he would occasionally drop. At the same time, she prepared to help support him when he couldn’t take it anymore.

Ten steps, hundred steps, a thousand steps. Yaara Ming was more and more surprised in fright. She didn’t think with his heavy injuries that Donford Wu could forcefully endure the night and still continue walking. What more was that she didn’t think that after he shakenly walked so far, at last dropping all the things he carried, he still continued to stagger forward. At the same time of being boggled by Donford Wu’s endurance, a deep feeling of regret came out from within her heart. Donford Wu’s oil has been used, his light extinguished, but still continued walking. What supported him was his frightening endurance, and where that endurance came from was how he thought that he wanted to leave far, far away from her.

A thousand steps later, Donford Wu still continued on. While they were walking, they slowly deviated from the main road, walking towards the southern mountains. The mountain roads were hard to walk on, walking becoming even more difficult for him. At last, he still fell down, where he fell was inside a banyan forest.

A few steps south, there was a small creek. With his mind lost, already unable to work properly, he just followed his instinct to find water to drink.

Yaara Ming covered her face, crying in pain. She always thought after a long period of time secretly observing this man that she understood him like the back of her hand. Only know did she discover how seriously she underestimated his courage and endurance. Not only that, what pumped courage into him was love, and being refused, he turned and left. This wasn’t because of some kind of emotional experience, but because his self-esteem was too strong. A man who has been with too many woman would just thicken his skin and cling on, never would such person be so stubborn and leave.

Good, this is still good, he hadn’t gone too far. If he really did go too far, he absolutely wouldn’t be able to make it back.

Yaara Ming carried Donford Wu to the creek. Bowling her hands to fed him water. Because she was in too much of a hurry to feed him, his breathing became uneven. Donford Wu started to cough, the water fed to him and his blood all came spitting out.

Yaara Ming was anxious and her heart in pain. Without thinking about it too much, she sucked in water into her mouth. Putting her lips on his, she fed him. After more than a dozen times, making sure that Donford Wu wasn’t dehydrated, started to examine his injuries. Donford Wu’s injuries were far worse to what she thought. The arrow wound on his chest, you could clearly see the white sternum. Two of his ribs were broken, the ulna also broken on his right arm.

Determining Donfor Wu’s wounds. Yaara Ming picked him up again. As quickly as possible went towards the city. Arriving at the city gates, the soldiers taking guard there came to welcome her.

“Respected shaman, do you require any of our assistance?”

With the help of the soldiers, Donford Wu was sent back to Yaara Ming’s room. At this time, the Gold clansmen already knew about the accident that happened yesterday night, all of them rushing over there. What they were there for was not to just watch, but to await assignments, to give help.

Setting broken bones, wrapping up wounds, boiling medicine and feeding it, this was all done while Donford Wu was unconscious.

As long as they were a shaman, no matter a low ranked shaman or a high ranked Celestial Master, they all were nobility. Donford Wu’s situation didn’t allow careless moving. Thus, Yaara Ming sent soldiers to surround the courtyard, to prevent Earth clan Celestial Masters from coming over again.

The three shamans inside the tribe have all died yesterday night. Yaara Ming let loose a swift. The swifts of each tribe had different markings, only used when they were under assault and needed assistance. Once the capital saw the swift, they would immediately send people over to provide it.

After finishing up, Yaara Ming sat beside Donford Wu who was on top of the bed. The biggest problem she was facing right now was how to keep Donford Wu here. If she couldn’t think of a good plan before he awoke, then he would surely leave.

What she should have said, what she could say, almost everything was spoken out yesterday, but Donford Wu still didn’t have a change of heart. Saying it again wouldn’t have any use. Looking at the unmoving Donford Wu on top of the bed, Yaara Ming was stuck without plan, a hundred feelings of sadness.

In the evening, a purple robed Celestial Master quietly arrived.

Seeing him, Yaara Ming started to cry while welcoming him.

The painful cries of Yaara Ming awoke Donford Wu. He faintly saw the Celestial Master that left yesterday, which was also Yaara Ming’s father, who came walking towards him. Even though he was angry at Yaara Ming, but he still had respect for this elder. Seeing him come over, he hurriedly tried to stand up.

“Youngster, don’t move.”

The Celestial Master sat down on the side of the bed, helping Donford Wu lay down. Afterwards, he took up his wrist.

The feeling of sour, numb, pain and itch once again came out. Without asking the Celestial Master was using his Gold Qi to examine his injuries.

After dozens of seconds, the Celestial Master retracted his hand, opening up his robe, he unloosed a small yellow gourd. From inside, he took out a white pill and passed it next to Donford Wu’s lips.

“Swallow it, three days later you’ll be able to move as you wish.”

“Thank you.”

Donford Wu said his thanks but didn’t swallow the pill.

Noticing something wrong with the atmosphere, a cloud of suspicious crossed through the Celestial Master’s eyes. Titling his head to take a glance at Yaara Ming, then tilting his head back and stuffed the pill down Donford Wu’s mouth. Yaara Ming hurriedly brought over a bowl filled with water to give to Donford Wu.

The Celestial Master sat down on the wooden chair next to the table.

“How many Celestial Masters came from their side?”

“I only saw two, one male, one female.”

Yaara Ming responded.


The Celestial Master inquired.

“I’m not too sure, he knows more than me.”

Yaara Ming put down the bowl and stood beside the Celestial Master.

“Youngster, how did you save her?”

The Celestial Master turned his gaze towards Donford Wu.

Donford Wu shook his head, not saying anything.

“What did you do to him after I left?”

The Celestial Master looked at Yaara Ming with a solemn expression.

“Nothing, nothing. You’re just misunderstanding,”

Donford Wu said in embarrassment, continuing.

“Yesterday night, I was staying the night in this house and was the first to discover the invaders. They first killed the old man by the guardhouse, thhen searched through the rooms. Yaara Ming borrowed the room to the north west, which has the pile of bamboo in front of it. Discovering that there was an intruder going into Yaara Ming’s room, I quickly went to help. They probably came to for the Celestial Master of the White Tiger you sent out during the day. After seeing that the Celestial Master of the White Tiger wasn’t here, they were in a hurry to leave, so after they knocked us down, they quickly left.”

“I’ll go take a look around.”

The Celestial Master stood up and walked towards the outside.

“Dad, I’ll take you around.”

Yaara Ming stood up, following behind him.

“No need, stay here and take care of your husband.”

The Celestial walked out the door with his hands behind his back.

Yaara Ming was shocked, Donford Wu too. The words of the Celestial Master was like a chisel in a rock, making sure of the two’s not yet open relationship. Yaara Ming didn’t understand why the always careful father would be so decisive of her relationship with Donford Wu. Donford Wu was also suspicious of this, he didn’t understand why the Celestial Master would put so much trust and think so highly of him.

“What did your father give me to eat just then?”

Donford Wu asked. After swallowing the pill, he felt his whole body cleansed, his head clear, and the symptoms of his fever also suddenly vanishing.

“The Earth clan’s healing pill.”

Yaara Ming stated.

“The Earth clan’s?”

Donford Wu was greatly surprised.

“Yes, it’s the Earth clan’s. Dad found it from the corpse of an Earth clan shaman.”

Yaara Ming poured more water into the bowl, placing it in front of Donford Wu.

“Why doesn’t the Gold clan refine their own pills?”

Donford Wu supported himself with his forearms, leaning on the head of the bed.

“We don’t know how to, only the Earth clan knows how to refine them.”

Yaara Ming seeing Donford Wu not drinking the water she brought for him helplessly sighed out.

Nodding his head, Donford Wu didn’t ask anything else.

“What can I do so you will stay here?”

Yaara Ming painfully thought for the whole day but still didn’t think of anything to make Donford Wu have a change of heart.

“I don’t blame you for the things that happened yesterday. I was just reckless, but I can’t just stay here forever. I would need to go out and see the world.”

Donford Wu stated.

Hearing this, Yaara Ming’s head darkened again. Saying this meant Donford Wu clearly wanted to separate from her.

Silence, silence which lasted longer than an hour came to pass before the Celestial stepped in.

The Celestial Master didn’t speak out about what he saw, but walked over beside Donford Wu and patted his shoulder.

“This old man only has this one daughter. If there is someplace not good enough about her, then you’ll only have to be tolerant for this old man.”

“Nothing is wrong, nothing. She is great.”

Donford Wu was extremely frightened.

“If Yaara Ming didn’t disappoint you, then why did you head towards the courtyard gates last night with your bow and arrows?”

The Celestial Master smiled.

Donford Wu was once again in a daze, how could the Celestial Master know what he was doing last night?

“The speed they moved at was extremely quick, so if you didn’t already have your bow and arrows at hand, then you wouldn’t even have enough time to go back and take your weapons after discovering their traces.”

The Celestial Master took the initiative to explain.

Donford Wu didn’t have anything to say. Yaara Ming’s father not only had amazing ways of controlling the laws, but also had an extremely acute observing power.

The Celestial Master once again told Donford Wu.

“If I didn’t see incorrectly, yesterday night, before the Earth clan Celestial Master went into Yaara Ming’s room, you released an arrow at him. The arrow you shoot at him was caught and thrown back, embedding itself into your sternum. After being hit, you didn’t retreat but rushed into the room. Your broken ulna on your right hand should be caused by the first part of the fight. Afterwards, you used some kind of dangerous method to delay your opponent so that Yaara Ming had a chance to escape.”

Donford Wu started at him, his tongue tied.

“This old man really wasn’t wrong about you.”

The Celestial Master patted Donford Wu’s shoulder, turning around, he said towards Yaara Ming.

“I need to get back to the capital. I think that the invaders wouldn’t think about coming again, but for safety, I’ll recommend you two to leave as fast as you can.”

“Thanks dad, I know.”

Yaara Ming nodded her head to respond.

The Celestial Master slightly dipped his chin at Donford Wu, turning his body, he walked towards the door.

“Celestial Master, thank you for your pill.”

Donford Wu seeing him go, hurriedly thanked him again.

The Donford Wu waved his hand.

“Dad, I’ll send you off.”

Yaara Ming followed him.

The Celestial Master titled his body to let Yaara Ming out first. Turning back, he took a look at Donford Wu, casually pointing at the bolt of the door then walked out.

“Let’s go.”

The Celestial Master’s voice resounded from the outside.

“Dad, walk slower.”

Yaara Ming responded.

After a few minutes, Yaara Ming turned around to go back. Donford Wu was still looking at the bolt of the door in shock.

“What are you thinking about>”

Yaara Ming walked over.

“I need to go out for a bit.”

Donford Wu turned his body to get off the bed. With his movements too big, dizziness took over him.

Yaara Ming hurriedly took a step forward to support him.

“If you really want to leave, then I won’t stop you. But at least wait until your wounds heal before going.”

“I lost something, it might have fell out at the room you stayed at yesterday.”

Donford Wu forced himself to get off the bed.

“What thing, I’ll help you find it.”

Said Yaara Ming.

“It’s something I must go find myself, bring my shoes over.”

Donford Wu replied.

Yaara Ming couldn’t win him in stubbornness, so she could only go and help him put on his shoes. Holding a lamp, she brought him out the door.

The room Yaara Ming stayed in last night was kept the way it was. Donford Wu didn’t go searching around, but used the lamp light to study the bolt on the interior of the door. The door bolt was pretty similar to the bolts nowadays. Two copper rings set inside the door, one copper bolt inside them.

After close examination, he discovered that no matter the copper rings or the copper bolt was intact. Even the door was intact.

“What are you looking for?”

Yaara Ming’s voice came out by the fallen wall behind the room.

Donford Wu didn’t reply, he clearly remembered the first time he came, he banged on the door to knock. At that time, it was surely locked, if not, there was no need to bang on it, with just a slight push he could have opened it. The second time he came to save Yaara Ming, he seemed to not have felt a huge resistance. Adding to the bolt, copper rings and even the wood being intact, meant that the second time he rushed in, the bolt wasn’t in place.

“What is it?”

Yaara Ming went back into the room and looked suspiciously at the shocked Donford Wu.

“Your dad really is amazing.”

Donford Wu admired to how much effort the Celestial Master placed in his investigation. Not only could he find out what happened from just cobwebs of clues, but could guess from even more minute details on why the he and Yaara Ming were fighting with each other yesterday night. What was even more incredible was that he could point out who was at fault. Dummy, my daughter left the door open for you, so you can’t blame anyone.

“Why do you say that?”

Yaara Ming asked, not understanding.

“Ginger is the elderly’s spice.”

Donford Wu walked towards the outside.

“Did you find what you needed?”

Yaara Ming asked.

“I did.”

Donford Wu smiled. He was wrong, wrong that he shouldn’t use a man’s thinking to guess about women. And he was still wrong with his face being too thin, girls are shy, of course they would refuse him. At this time, he shouldn’t have turned around to leave, but thicken his face and go in.

Yaara Ming nodded.

“You seriously injured me yesterday, so you should know where your faults are.”

Donford Wu laughed.

“I really do regret it.”

Yaara Ming still hasn’t discovered the change in Donford Wu’s attitude.

“For your dad, I won’t make a fuss about this, but you have to repay me.”

Donford Wu sneakily used his chance to get away with something.

“What do you want me to repay you with?”

Yaara Ming could feel that something was wrong, so she turned her head to look at Donford Wu.

“I haven’t thought of anything yet, let’s go back to the room, we’ll talk then……”

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