War of the Supreme Mysteries 026

Deities’ Decree

Donford Wu spent so much time to place his hand there, how could he be so easily willing to release it.

After a few rounds of struggles and refusals, Yaara Ming stopped moving.

Now that Yaara Ming has stopped struggling, it was his turn to be embarrassed. Awkwardly, he retracted his hand.

“I’m going to sleep, I won’t joke around anymore.”

Donford Wu slept in ease. Apart from his injuries and excessive tiredness, the main reason was because of the womanly scent that came from Yaara Ming’s body, very clear, very light. This scent let men feel calm, allowing the restlessness in a man’s body to go away.

When did Yaara Ming wake up, he didn’t know. After waking up, he found Yaara Ming already packed up and was sitting on a chair next to the table, waiting for him to wake up.

Seeing him open his eyes, Yaara Ming carried over a copper basin.

“Wash your face, we’re setting off.”

Donford Wu didn’t say anything, but looked directly at Yaara Ming. Even though Yaara Ming resisted yesterday, but he knew from her tone and actions that she treated it as playing around and liked it. But right now, what he saw on Yaara Ming was an inviolable seriousness.

“Get up.”

Yaara Ming helplessly sighed out.

“My arms hurt.”

Donford Wu smiled, Yaara Ming’s seriousness was faked.

Hearing this, Yaara Ming hurriedly placed the basin down and carefully raised his right arm. Inspecting, she confirmed that the wooden board to help set his bones in place hasn’t moved.


Donford Wu raised his left arm, Yaara Ming bit him hard last night and even till now the bite marks still hasn’t gone away.

“They’re all waiting outside, stop playing around, how do you feel?”

Seriousness once again went back to Yaara Ming’s face.

Donford Wu deeply breathed out, and found out that the areas where his broken bones were didn’t hurt.

“I’m much better, I can walk by myself.”

“Don’t force yourself.”

Yaara Ming said.

Donford Wu then checked the wound on his chest and discovered it already became a scar. After a day and night of rest, the sour and pain on his body already went away by a half.

“What mainly affects my movement is my two broken ribs, if they don’t hurt, I can walk.”

“Don’t talk anymore, it isn’t early anymore, get up and let’s go.”

Yaara Ming passed over a soaked towel. This towel wasn’t like those made of one hundred percent cotton nowadays, the towels here were made of linen.

Donford Wu sat up and took the towel, right now he had injuries so he didn’t dare bend his back. After two splashed he finished things and followed Yaara Ming out the door.

Not far away sat those few villagers. Seeing Donford Wu coming out the door, they hurriedly carried over a bamboo rack.

Donford Wu tried out a few steps. Confirming he could walk, he refused their good intentions.

“No, lay down.”

Yaara Ming’s tone didn’t allow any back talk.

Donford Wu just pretended not the hear it and started walking first. The Pill that the Celestial Master gave him yesterday night was really effective. As long as he didn’t move too quickly, his wounds wouldn’t hurt.

The sages that escorted Food Dump also came back. Even though they didn’t come to send them off themselves, but sent people over to give them some rations. Everyone holding the rations, they went out of the city and set off.

The villagers happily walked in the front. The child they escorted was determined to be the Celestial Master of the White Tiger, this was an extremely glorious matter. They even used the shells that Yaara Ming gave them to buy things for their wife and children. Right now, they urgently wanted to give them these gifts.

“What’s your dad’s name?”

Donford Wu and Yaara Ming walked at the back

“Charles (Zhen).”

Yaara Ming as per usual didn’t say the surname.

“Why do you all have two character names? Are there any with three characters?”

So that he didn’t put pressure on his ribs, Donford Wu walked with his chest out and his head up.

“There is, but not a lot. If you’re tired then speak out. You have injuries so don’t forcefully endure it.”

Yaara Ming stated.

“You’re clearly worried about me, why do you have to such a droopy face, you’re making everything so sad and boring.”

Donford Wu bit his lips

Yaara Ming took a glance at him, then quickened her pace to follow the men at the front.

With outsiders by his side, Donford Wu couldn’t just say anything he wanted. Not long after, he laid on the rack. He could still continue on by himself, but he didn’t feel the need to.

The feeling of being carried around wasn’t bad, swaying around, he quickly fell asleep.

At night, the crowd stayed at a wooden house next to the road. The wooden house was a resting place for people transporting ores. A lot of villages used it together. The people nowadays all had public morals. If they broke something, they would fix it, if they made a hole they would fill it, before they leave, they would tidy up the place for hygiene.

With the past experience, Yaara Ming didn’t sleep in the same room as him. Donford Wu himself stayed at one of the wooden houses. The flies in the mountains were numerous, after a while of biting he couldn’t take it anymore and ran out to chat with the men outside. These people knew what relationship he had with Yaara Ming, so they chatted quite closely.

The south side had great humidity. The men all liked drinking a few mouthfuls and going to soak in the air for a bit. Before leaving the tribe, they all bought a large jar of alcohol that they carried on their backs. Thinking to slowly drink it while walking back. Since they chatted quite happily with Donford Wu, they offered Donford Wu some.

Men couldn’t drink together, especially a group of them, they would definitely drink too much. All six jugs were finished, a few men collapsed on the ground. The alcohol didn’t affect Donford Wu at all, this was not because he had a large drinking capacity, but because the alcohol now was all made of corn and ripe fruit that was fermented, so it didn’t have much of an alcohol content. Drinking it, it tasted like a fruity beer.

Even if it’s all fruity beer, if you drank a lot you would have a muddled mind. Donford Wu used his drunken self to go knock on the door. Discovering that he made all the men collapse from drunkenness when she opened the door, and finding that Donford Wu face was flushed, she angrily shut the door. No matter what Donford Wu called out, she wouldn’t open it.

Even though he acquired Yaara Ming’s hate, but at least he built a good relationship with the men. The second day, a few men fought to carry him, Donford Wu pretended to be drunk and slept on the rack.

The first day he was carried, the second day he also was carried. The third day he also wanted to be carried, but too bad his wounds were healed, so he had to walk himself.

The children of the village was first to discover them. With shrieks they sent out the message. The wifes all came to welcome them. Seeing that Yaara Ming had took off her mask, they knew she found someone she liked and all congratulated her. And then the men all loudly told the women and children that their fortunate surviving baby was the Celestial Master of the White Tiger, this made the whole village go in a frenzy.

Donford Wu discovered that Walda Ming was in the congratulating crowd. He then squeezed himself into the crowd to talk to her. Walada Ming seeing him come back and had acquired the shaman’s love happily congratulated him. She invited Donford Wu to go to her house to have lunch, Donford Wu happily said yes.

Coming back, Yaara Ming also started to be busy. She sent someone to tell the men in the mines to stop working for a day and needed to find someone to go with that baby’s father to go the capital to reunite with his family. After careful thought, she sent the arm less man. This person knows martial arts and even knew the road to the capital. But the main reason was that this person and Donford Wu didn’t have a good relationship. For following her for so long, she decided to send him on his way to the capital to enjoy this fortunate matter with the fake Celestial Master of the White Tiger’s family.

After finishing up, she discovered that Donford Wu was gone. Only after asking did she know that he was eating cured meat with Walda Ming.

Knowing where Donford Wu went, Yaara Ming didn’t go find him. She privately observed Donford Wu for a long time, so she knew that what he felt to Walda Ming was mainly gratitude and compassion. If he really did have thoughts of Walda Ming, then he would have already tried his hand before.

Before setting off, Donford Wu left Walda Ming a lot of meat. After curing it for these few days, the meat wasn’t salty or tasteless and just right. Donford Wu and Walda Ming’s family all ate a huge slab of deliciousness, the only thing that was missing was alcohol.

After eating lunch, Donford Went back to the cave he lived in. He choose to continue to stay here because he didn’t like staying with the villagers. And because after some time, Yaara Ming’s father, Charles Ming would be bringing Food Dump back. They couldn’t let the villagers know of Food Dump’s existence, if not, the news would spread like wildfire.

The cave was very neat and tidy, without asking, after he left, Walda Ming once carefully cleaned the place.

After finishing up the village’s matters, Yaara Ming came over, giving Donford Wu a mattress, blanket and utensils to eat and drink from.

Making his bed and placing the utensils, Yaara Ming went ot the cave entrance, sitting down on the other side of Donford Wu.

“I have something to discuss with you.”

“What is it?”

Donford Wu currently grinding bone arrows.

“I want to find a husband for Walda Ming.”

Yaara Ming stated.

Hearing this, DOnford Wu stopped grinding and tilted his head to look at Yaara Ming.

“You’re misunderstanding, I know that Walda Ming helped you before, I was just thinking how to repay her.”

Yaara Ming said.

“Are there any suitable candidates?”

Donford Wu once again started grinding.

“I’m not too sure, you can ask who she likes. As long as he doesn’t have a wife, I can make it come true.”

Yaara Ming responded.

“If she likes someone, that doesn’t mean that someone would like her back.”

Donford Wu shook his head.

“That won’t happen, as long as I speak out, they would surely happily marry Walda Ming.”

Yaara Ming stated.

Donford Wu once again stopped what he was doing, looking at Yaara Ming with a nonunderstanding look.

“Don’t forget, I’m a shaman, shamans are the messengers of the deities. What I say is the deities’ decree.”

Yaara Ming laughed.

“What you are doing is blasphemy against the deities.”

Donford Wu smiled.

“What I’m doing is called helping your benefactor.”

Yaara Ming also smiled

“Okay, I’ll go ask here.”

Donford Wu nodded his head then started to grind his bone arrows again.

Yaara Ming originally wanted to chat with Donford Wu, but as a result, she discovered that when Donford Wu started working, he didn’t have the mind to take away from it, all his heart was into grinding the bone arrows. The talks with her was all mostly one sided. With her mood down, after waiting a moment she left.

Coming back to the village, there were things that weren’t convenient. Yaara Ming’s house was in the middle of the village, being found out in the middle of the night wasn’t too good. And Yaara Ming only came to the cave in the day, when he starts to be naughty, Yaara Ming would immediately run away.

But he didn’t just stay in the cave these few days, there was a little fellow that had feelings for Walda Ming, but afterwards, since she was too close to him, he was a bit sour and didn’t care for her. After determining the candidate, it was Yaara Ming’s turn. Hearing that it was the deities’ decree, the little fellow instantly happily married Walda Ming. Yaara Ming and Donford Wu gave them a generous gift. A small copper pot, saying it accurately, it was called a cauldron. In the days of cooking with pottering, this was an all-out generous gift.

After Walda Ming gotten married, she didn’t come back to the cave. Her new husband had an extremely small heart, and was easily jealous. So she had to avoid suspicion as best as she could.

Donford Wu became bored with nothing to do. He grinded all the remaining beast bones, in total sixteen bone arrows.

Finishing grinding the bone arrows, he borrowed a shovel from the village. Going to the middle of the mountain to burry Food Dump’s mother. At this time, it was already the eighth day since leaving the tribe, the Celestial Master still hasn’t come back.

But what Charles Ming said that day was at least seven days and at most half a month. It was only eight days, so there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

After half a month, Charles Ming still hasn’t come over. Yaara Ming and Donford Wu started to become nervous……

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