War of the Supreme Mysteries 027

The Gold Clan’s Counter Attack

“Dad has always been on time, why isn’t he here yet?”

Yaara Ming stood outside the cave, facing the east.

“He escorted Food Dump and that child to the capital, then went back to the tribe. After that, he went back to the capital, it all needs time. Wait a bit more, don’t be so anxious.”

Donford Wu stated.

“From that day, it has already been half a month. The sun is almost going down the mountain, if you count today, it’ll be the seventeenth day.”

Yaara Ming shook her head.

Donford WU knew what Yaara Ming was worrying about.

“You don’t need to be so excessively worried. Your father and the other two Celestial Masters would definitely be able to hide that child and Food Dump in a safe place. Even if the Earth clan wants to move, they wouldn’t be able to find their targets. Without finding their targets, then there won’t be any direct conflict.”

It was clear that his words were used for comforting. Yaara Ming walked back a few steps and sat on top of a boulder outside the cave.

“Except for this kind of thing, then what could be delaying dad?”

To this point, Donford Wu had no way to continue on. He didn’t even know where the Gold clan’s capital was, how could he know what was happening in the capital. But there was something he could be certain of, which was Charles Ming must have been delayed by a prickly problem, if not, he definitely wouldn’t have been late. He must have known that if he was late, his daughter would be extremely worried.

To ease Yaara Ming’s concern, Donford Wu opened up another topic.

“That’s right, I always wanted to ask you, since your parents both live in the capital, then why would you be sent out to this secluded village?”

“Too much drama in the capital.”

“Is your brother also in a far-away village?”

Donford Wu inquired on.

Yaara Ming shook her head, not replying.

Just when Donford Wu was thinking of what to ask next, Yaara Ming suddenly stood up and ran towards the mountain top.

Donford Wu ran out of the cave, only seeing Yaara Ming was currently standing on top of the mountain and waving her hand towards the north western side. Faintly, he could see a black dot in the sky closing in from the east western side.

Following the person getting closer, Donford Wu discovered that person was Charles Ming. In Charles Ming hand he held an egg shaped bamboo cage. The cage was broken, you could see Food Dump’s head that stuck out.

After tens of seconds, Charles Ming arrived, picking up his copper pole, he dropped down outside the cave.

Donford Wu didn’t know the proper courtesies of these times. Hesitating on how to greet him, Yaara Ming first went up to welcome him.

“Dad, why are you so late?”

Charles Ming smiled and nodded at Donford Wu, putting down the bamboo cage, he told Yaara Ming.

“I went to take care of some matters.”

Food Dump crawled out of the missing part of the bamboo cage. The amount of fright the little guy went through wasn’t small at all, coming out it had a dazed and confused expression on its face. Seeing Donford Wu, it immediately ran towards him. Donford Wu reached out his hands, wanting to hug him, but Food Dump quickly dodged and ran into the cave, climbing into the rock encirclement to hide.

“Dad, what happened?”

Yaara Ming flicked her sleeves to sweep away the dust on top of boulder, inviting her father to sit down.

After sitting down, Charles Ming didn’t respond to Yaara Ming’s question, but rather asked back.

“That night, were you two able to see how the male shaman looked like?”

“He was covering his face.”

Yaara Ming shook her head.

Charles Ming turned to look at Donford Wu.

Donford Wu tried his best to remember.

“His hair was graying, the hair pin that was keeping his hair together was green. Eyebrows a bit thin. His body also had a strange scent. He was rather fat, his height could reach my cheekbones, his voice sounded like he should be around thirty five to forty.”

“Exactly him!”

Charles Ming praised Donford Wu, nodding his head.

“Dad, what exactly happened?”

Yaara Ming hurriedly inquired.

“Let me slowly explain things to you.”

Charles Ming raised his hand, indicating for Yaara Ming to not be so anxious.

Donford Wu turned around back into the cave. Food Dump was currently standing in the rock encirclement looking around. Seeing him come in, it hurriedly hid its head.

Donford Wu painfully bit his lips, seeing Food Dump like this meant that he had been tossed around no small amount. To raise the spirits of the soldiers, to tour around the capital wasn’t something Food Dump could evade. It was still small, this kind of noisy occasion must have frightened it. And before coming here, it was flown by Charles Ming, for it not to pee itself was already hard enough.

Waiting until Donford Wu got his water can, Charles Ming already started his story. That day, they moved quickly, and didn’t meet any obstacles so they smoothly arrived at the capital. Just when they arrived, there was someone at the tribe that Yaara Ming stayed at that released a swift. He was worried about Yaara Ming, so he didn’t stop his pace and immediately rushed back to the tribe, then once again went back to the capital. The large scale celebration had already started by then. The following few days, he and the other two Celestial Masters were like shadows of the baby and Food Dump, always protecting them. Once the celebration ended, they immediately moved the baby and Food Dump to a safe and unknown location.

Next, the other two Celestial Masters protected the baby, and he went out to start finding a Pi Xiu that looked like Food Dump. This trip wasted him seven or eight days, waiting until he found a replacement for Food Dump, and getting ready to send Food Dump back, a messenger from the Xia Dynasty arrived.

The messenger brought no small amount of gifts, and even brought the decree of the Xia Emperor, decreasing the Gold clan’s tributes by twenty percent for this year. There was two main reasons for doing this. One was to show congratulations on the appearance of the Celestial Master of the White Tiger, the second was to show condolence for the massacre of the babies.

Following this, the messenger suggested to greet the Celestial Master of the White Tiger, the Gold King agreed, but the three Gold clan Celestial Master disagreed. This time, the Earth clan brought shamans with them, once they were close to the child, they would immediately find out the child was fake. But they couldn’t say this to the Gold Kind, and could only borrow an excuse, for the safety of the Celestial Master of the White Tiger, to refuse the messenger’s request.

One couldn’t not see him, one wouldn’t allow to see him, making both parties extremely unhappy.

But no matter how unhappy you were, if they didn’t let you meet the Celestial Master of the White Tiger, then you couldn’t do nothing. At last, the messenger put forward another request, saying that it was the Xia Emperor’s decree. Marriage, and it pointed out that they wanted his daughter. The male side was named Jack Yun (Jiao), the nephew of the monarch of the Xia Dynasty, and the disciple of the Earth Clan’s Celestial Master Henry Xuan (Huang), which was also the Earth Clan Celestial Master that came with the messenger.

“Did you agree to this Dad?”

Yaara Ming’s expression dramatically changed.

“With only a glance I could see that he had something horrible on his mind, so I refused. I told them, you already took off your mask at the Granite Tribe, and all the citizens there saw you. Taking off the mask meant you already have a husband, and if you have a husband, how can you marry someone else (TL: With a reverse harem).”

Charles Ming responded.

“How did they react?”

Yaara Ming nervously inquired. Since they raised this request, if they couldn’t reach their goal they wouldn’t rest.

“They insisted that it was the Xia Emperor’s decree, no matter if you have a husband or not, you must marry Jack Yun. They said they will be taking you next month. The Gold King was afraid of angering them, and urged me to follow the decree, I could only answer with a yes then.”

Charles Ming told her.
The words of Charles Ming directly sent Donford Wu to the South Pole.

“Your daughter will never marry someone else, he wouldn’t even be able to have my corpse.”

Yaara Ming angrily cried out.

“Answering them is not our decision, if they want to marry you is their decision.”

Talking to this point, Charles Ming tone became cold.

“But a dead person can’t marry anyone.”

Donford Wu came back from the South Pole.

“Dad, you’re planning on killing him?”

Yaara Ming suppressed her voice.

“Not planning, but already killed him. They left the borders of the Gold clan at noon. In the afternoon, we showed them our hand.”

Charles Ming’s nose slightly twitched.

“Including the whole messaging party with Jack Yun inside.”

Charles Ming didn’t finish, but Donford Wu and Yaara Ming both knew what he skipped out on. Charles Ming and they slaughtered the whole messaging party.


After the shock, Yaara Ming started to become afraid, she clearly knew what was going to be the result of this.

Charles Ming raised his hand.

“This matter was decided after all three of us discussed it, and it wasn’t all because of you. The Earth Clan has gone over the line, if we still don’t show them something, they will cross the line ever more. Anyways, the main reason they came was to confirm if our Celestial Master of the White Tiger was real or not. Since we refused them from meeting the Celestial Master of the White Tiger, they have already started to suspect that the Celestial Master of the White Tiger was fake. If we let them bring this news back, would be even worse for us. Why not just kill all of them and show the courage and bottom line of the Gold clan to the Earth clan.”

“Dad, they……

Charles Ming once again stopped Yaara Ming in the middle of her sentence.

“We didn’t leave a single hair of ours, even if they knew they were killed by us, they wouldn’t have any direct evidence. And anyways, we already suspect that before the Earth clan sent this messaging party, they were already prepared for them to be killed by us beforehand. The messaging party should be the Earth clan’s real pawn to test us.”

“And it also could be an excuse to start a war.”

Donfod Wu cut in next to them.

Charles Ming nodded at Donford Wu. Standing up, he held his hands behind him and looked at the open air mine at the north western side. Even though it was already dark, the men of the village were still working.

“We have endured for too long. Taking insults and bearing heavy burdens didn’t exchange peace, the only things our tributes exchanged were embarrassment and suppression. No matter what is the result of this resistance, we are willing to bravely face them.”

“Dad, I have important that I need to talk to you about.”

Yaara Ming walked over to Charles Ming’s side.

Charles Ming turned his back to look at his daughter.

“He is the real Celestial Master of the White Tiger.”

Yaara Ming pointed at Donford Wu, speaking in a serious tone.

“That’s only your guess, I’m not the Celestial Master of the White Tiger.”

Donford Wu hurriedly stood up.

“The first time I saw him, he was angry at you, blaming you that you went to ask someone a favor for him. At that time, I knew he was a youngster with good morals, but you must know, he isn’t a pure Gold blood.”

Charles Ming shook his head.

Only now did he know why Charles Ming treated him with such respect. It was because he shouted at Yaara Ming, blaming her that she went out to get a favor for him. This matter was seen by Charles Ming. No father would be willing to let his daughter follow and useless wimp.

“Dad, I have something to show you.”

Yaara Ming turned around and walked towards Donford Wu. Taking out the dagger on his waist, she passed it over to Charles Ming.

Charles Ming reached out to take it, inspecting it carefully. There was a part missing on the backside of the dagger because Food Dump bit it.

“Dad, he isn’t one of us, he comes from the skies. He always carried this dagger, and when he was injured I once took a detailed look at it. This is a kind of metal we haven’t seen before, it can’t be controlled by us and it’s not crude metal.”

Yaara Ming stated.

After careful inspection and examination, Charles Ming’s faced revealed a doubtful expression.

Yaara Ming turned around and once again walked towards Donford Wu, pointing at the positioning device on his wrist.

“Give me your bracelet.”

“What do you want to do?”

Donford Wu didn’t want to take it off, it couldn’t tell his position, but it could still be used as a watch.

Seeing that he didn’t take it off, Yaara Ming reached out with her own hands. Finding the snapping part, she took away the positioning device.

“Dad, look.”

Yaara Ming passed the positioning device to Charles Ming.

Charles Ming turned his head around, following the movement of his gaze, the positioning device left Yaara Ming’s palm and floated upwards. Following this, it quickly dissembled, after a few seconds it turned into a pile of small components.

“We’re the best at refining metals, but we can’t make these kinds of things, dad, trust me, he is our Celestial Master of the White Tiger.”

Yaara Ming told him

Charles Ming frowned while examining these strange shaped components, not saying anything.

“You said it before too, he has five different kinds of blood, have you ever seen this kind of situation before?”

Yaara Ming spoke out.

Charles Ming still didn’t say anything.

“That night, when he was being stubborn with your daughter, he still firming went to leave with heavy injuries. Walking to the city gates by himself, he sat there for a whole night. The next day, he could actually still stand up, only after walking out the city for four or five kilometers did he faint……”

Donford Wu was greatly embarrassed, secretly pulling on her clothes to try to stop her from going on.

Yaara Ming didn’t care and continued.

“Dad, you once said, without endurance you can’t do anything. He is the person that I have seen with the largest amount of endurance all my life.”

Charles Ming assembled back the positioning device, giving it back to Donford Wu.

Taking it back, Donford Wu took a glance at it, discovering the clock stopped working. Without asking, he knew that when Charles Ming reassembled the device, he put things in the wrong order and position.

“Dad, I want you to invite Uncle Gabriel and Uncle Xavier to use Three Records Glimpse on him to see what the situation twelve years later in his life is.”

Yaara Ming told him.

Charles Ming held his hands behind his back, titling his head up to look at the night sky.

“I just noticed them through divine transmission, they will be coming over shortly. As for using the Three Records Glimpse, we’ll have to decide after they arrive……”

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