War of the Supreme Mysteries 028

The Truth Comes Out

“Dad, you must convince Uncle Gabriel and Uncle Xavier.”

Yaara Ming spoke out.

“The Three Records Glimpse is no trivial matter, if they aren’t willing to practice their laws, then I won’t try to try to persuade them.”

Charles Ming shook his head.

“Why not?”

Yaara Ming asked, not understanding.

Charles Ming didn’t respond.

“Celestial Master, may I ask if you will need to pay a huge price if you use the Three Records Glimpse?”

Donford Wu asked. According to Charles Ming tone, it wasn’t hard to see. This Three Record Glimpse most very likely would could damage on themselves

Charles Ming retracted his gaze and turned around to smile at Donford Wu.

“No matter what price we have to pay, as long as it is worth it, we are willing to pay any kind of price.

“Quickly tell your situation to dad.”

Yaara Ming urged him.

Charles Ming waved his hand.

“We aren’t in a hurry, they’ll arrive by midnight, let’s wait until everyone is here before talking.”

Donford Wu responded with a nod. Walking to a pile of dried leaves and firewood, he lit the campfire. After lighting the fire, he immediately pocketed the lighter, he couldn’t let Yaara Ming take anything away.

While he was heating water, Charles Ming and his daughter were having small talk. Most of the time, it was Yaara Ming who spoke, and what she spoke about what happened when he appeared and what happened afterwards.

Food Dump sacredly crawled over, Donford Wu reached out and pulled it in to his embrace. Caressing its back to comfort it.

Food Dump was still small and liked being hugged, it also liked being stroked by Donford Wu. Silently rolling into a ball, it started sleeping.

When the water reached a suitable temperature, Donford Wu filled a bowl each for Charles Ming and Yaara Ming. Charles Ming nodded his head in appreciation.

When Donford Wu went over to pour water, Food Dump followed. When he went back, it followed. Waiting until Donford Wu sat back down next to the fire, it “Hn”ed and drilled into Donford Wu’s embrace. Donford Wu pushed out, it pushed back it. You push me, I push back, playing with Donford Wu.

Playing with excitement, Food Dump started to open its mouth and biting, but it knew not to go overboard, and was only playing around, not using much strength.

After chatting for around half an hour with her father, Yaara Ming went over to sit beside Donford Wu.

“When Uncle Gabriel and Uncle Xavier arrive, you can’t hid anything.”

“The Three Records Glimpse you talked about, it seems to bring a large amount of harm to them. You can’t determine that I’m the Celestial Master of the White Tiger just because I’m from four thousand years in the future. The Celestial Master of the White Tiger is pure Gold blooded, I’m not.”

Donford Wu stated

“You are or not, we’ll see.”

Yaara Ming told him.

“If I’m not, then how will I account for their losses?”

Donford Wu biting his lips, looked upon the not so distant Charles Ming who was standing up gazing at the far away stars.

“What you must do is try to persuade them with me.”

Yaara Ming looked directly at Donford Wu.

“What you’re doing is using emotion to get what you need.”

Donford Wu helplessly shook his head.

“I believe in you, and I believe in it.”

Yaara Ming pointed at the Food Dump stuffed between them.

“But what if I really am not, then what ever happens to them will be all my fault.”

Donford Wu carried Food Dump over to his right side. This little ball of rice was originally on the right side. When Yaara Ming came over, it stuffed itself between them. But this wasn’t because it wanted to play with both of them, but rather it sounded out nasal sounds to warn her. What it wanted to say was, this playmate is mine, you, go away.

“If someone tries to hurt me, then what will you use to protect me?”

Yaara Ming used her words to try to encourage Donford Wu.

“Okay, okay. Since they’re already on their way, I can only just harden my face and do it.”

While Donford Wu was speaking, he was distracted because he was playing with Food Dump.

“That’s a good boy.”

Yaara Ming smiled.

“Oh yeah, is that Jack Yun the nephew of the Xia Emperor or his wife?”

Donford Wu asked.

“The Xia Emperor’s nephew.”

Yaara Ming stated. At this time, there wasn’t much difference in the pronunciation of the nephew of the man or woman (Chinese people separate this).

“Then shouldn’t his surname be Si, why is it Yun?”

Donford Wu doubtfully asked. Even though when he went to school, he didn’t like history, but he could still get a pass. Si was the surname of Yu the Great (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yu_the_Great), everyone who has the surname Si are all the descendants of Yu the great, which also meant royalty. But the first emperor, Emperor Xuan Yuan wasn’t surnamed this but rather he was surnamed Xia.

“The Xia Emperor right now is Zayn (Zhuo), his surname is Yun.”

“Who is Zayn? He isn’t Yu the Great’s descendent?”

Even though Donford Wu passed history, but it was still just a pass.

“No he isn’t, he was originally a citizen of Han, then following the betrayal of the Yi(Yi) Hou, Zayn was able to kill him becoming the Xia emperor.”

Yaara Ming replied.

“Was Yi Hou the person who shot down the nine suns in the sky (Chinese legend)?”

Donford Wu was a bit confused.

“How can the sky have so many suns, even if there is only two, then everyone would already be burnt to death, Yi is an archer, Hou means a king. What Yi Hou means is a person who are incredible at shooting arrows. Anyone who shoots arrow are all called Yis, and if they are amazing at it, then people will call him Yi Hou.”

(TL Note: just going to change things into Archer King from this point on)

Yaara Ming patiently explained.

“So the Earch clan was taken away by a rebel. Why didn’t the shamans of the Earth clan not kill this rebel?”

Donford Wu questioned.

“Without the support of shamans, Zayn wouldn’t have been able to become the Xia Emperor.”

Yaara Ming told him.

“You’re right. Tell me when did the Archer King betray and tell me more about this Zayn guy.”

Donford Wu stopped moving his hands to play with Food Dump. Food Dump wasn’t stupid, discovering that he played with it with such little effort, its playfulness waned out so it walked away.

What Yaara Ming told him was very brief, and he also didn’t ask for more. He wasn’t all that interested in these matters. The only reason he asked was to confirm what period of time he was in, very quickly he got his answer. After four generations of the country of Xia, its fifth Xia Emperor only had dining and lust on his mind, and also liked going around the country, saying it simply he was corrupted. That was why the Archer King killed him while he was traveling, becoming the Xia Emperor himself. Then, the Archer King also became corrupted, the fellow that followed beside him while he was rebelling, who was Zayn, killed the Archer King.

“With all the drama there, why didn’t you guys get a piece of it?”

Donford Wu asked.

“Why would we participate in it?”

Yaara Ming frowned, asking back.

“If the Xia Emperor was still a descendent of Yu the Great, then you guys surely wouldn’t have to pay so much tribute.”

Donford Wu took out his water can and drank a few mouthfuls.

Yaara Ming laughed, not continuing the conversation.

“Why is your dad always staring at the sky tonight?”

Donford Wu questioned.

“The Three Records Glimpse might have relations with the Big Dipper.”

Yaara Ming responded. With her father’s angle of observation, she could roughly guess what he was looking at.

Donford Wu sneezed. With his watch broken, he didn’t know what time was it.

Before he could finish sneezing, two elderly people wearing purple robes suddenly appeared not too far away at the south side. If not for the clothing of a Celestial Master and the copper pole in their hands, and with just this kind strange way of appearing, Donford Wu thought he was looking at ghosts. Of these two people, one was tall and skinny the other short and fat. The tall and skinny stick was taller than one meter ninety, his weight not exceeding fifty kilograms. The fat and short ball was only one meter fifty. His weight should be above one hundred kilos, his arms were short and so was his feet. With both of them standing side by side was like a living “10”.

Their two ages were both older than Charles Ming a bit, around seventy years old. The expression of the stick was more serious while the ball was more kind.

Seeing the two appear, Yaara Ming happily went over to welcome down, her knees about to kneel to them.

“No need.”

After the stick finished, he turned his head to look at Charles Ming.

“What is it?”

“We already said no need.”

The ball used his copper pole to stop Yaara Ming from kneeling.

“Uncle Xavier, after a few years, you gotten fatter.”

Yaara Ming laughed.

“What few years, it’s clearly more than ten.”

The ball started counting his fingers.

While the ball and Yaara Ming were speaking, Charles Ming already brought the stick to Donford Wu. Waiting until the two got closer, Donford Wu cupped his hands, shaking it to the stick. He wasn’t sure if cupping his hands was right or wrong, but he knew for sure shaking hands wasn’t right answer.

“Test his blood.”

Charles Ming said to the stick.

The stick looked at Donford Wu, frowning, then reached out to grab his wrist.

The sour, numb, painful, and itchy feeling came out once again, Donford Wu was already use to it.

“How can he have a balance of all five bloods?”

The stick was greatly surprised, if the clansmen married different clans for five generations, then there would be five different kinds of blood, but there would be different ratios of the five types of blood. It wasn’t possible for all five to be perfectly balanced.

“The reason why I called you two over was to find out the reason.”

Charles Ming stated.

“What five bloods, let me have a try.”

The ball walked over, curiously grabbing Donford Wu’s wrist.

“How is this possible?”

The ball reveled the same expression as the stick.

“My two uncles, he is the Celestial Master of the White Tiger that the Gold Deity bestowed upon us.”

Yaara Ming told the two.

After Yaara Ming finished talking, the two frowned at the same time.

“Donford, tell dad and the uncles where you came from.”

Yaara Ming looked at Donford Wu.

Seeing the situation, Donford Wu knew he wasn’t able to not say it, so he started from the beginning, first saying his identity, then talking in more detail. Next talking about discovering Food Dump, and at last talking about what happened after he arrived in this period.

After more than an hour, he finally finished telling his story, including Charles Ming, all three of them were standing there in amazement.

Yaara Ming also took Donford Wu’s dagger and positioning device, passing them over to the stick and ball.

After the two finished investigating them, their faces revealed a very eerie expression. This kind of strange situation actually had evidence.

To make sure that Donford Wu didn’t lie, Yaara Ming also took off his body armor. Even though they didn’t understand it after looking at it, but their trust reached around half.

Seeing this, Donford Wu secretly celebrated that he didn’t arrive to this time naked.

Yaara Ming also told the time and place he appeared to convince the stick and ball. He appeared within the borders of the Gold clan, not long after, the Earth clan came to kill babies. Since the Earth clan sent out two Celestial Master to continue to try to kill and then sent a messaging party to test them meant the Celestial Master of the White Tiger was still alive. And all the children born that year were all dead. After ruling out the three remaining ones, there isn’t any left. If you said it was a child that was born a few years before, then the Earth clan wouldn’t only move till this year, the only possibility was that the outsider was the Celestial Master of the White Tiger.

“There is logic in your words, but he isn’t pure Gold blooded. A person without pure Gold blood can’t be the Celestial Master of the White Tiger.”

The ball shook his head saying.

“You want to use the Three Records Glimpse?”

The stick turned his to look at Charles Ming.

Charles Ming nodded his head.

“He might not be our Celestial Master of the White Tiger, but he could very possibly threaten the Earth clan.”

“There is sense in your words third brother.”

The ball stated.

After a moment of pondering, the stick heavily nodded his head.

“It’s worth the gamble.”

After deciding, the three immediately started, their three copper poles leaving their hands, floating in the air to become a triangular one meter tall, half a meter wide copper mirror, after leaving the ground for a few meters it stopped. Donford Wu was standing facing the south and his back facing the north. The three stood in front of them chanting.

“Esteemed Gold Deity, please give us enlightenment, the eternal Big Dipper, please give us direction, this rude prying is a sin against the heavens and earth, we are willing to accept your punishment……”

The stick first moved, walking forward and placed his left hand on Donford Wu’s forehead. Donford Wu once again felt that sour, numb, painful, itchy feeling. Right now, his back was facing the copper mirror in the sky, so he couldn’t see what was happening in it. He could only see that after the ball took a glance, he placed his right hand on his right shoulder.

“Why can’t we see the scene of twelve years in his past?”

The ball revealed an expression of doubt.

“He really doesn’t belong here.”

Charles Ming stepped forward, placing his left hand on top of Donford Wu’s left shoulder.

“What is this place?”

“With so many devils, it’s the Ghost Realm!”

“Why hasn’t his face changed?”

“The Fury Blaze Dance, how can he use the Fire Clan’s bodily technique?”

“Ah? The Celestial Master of the Azure Dragon’s Eight Wooden Dragon Thunderclap…..

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