War of the Supreme Mysteries 029

White Tiger Tattoo

Donford Wu had his back facing the copper mirror in the sky, so he wasn’t able to see what was happening in the copper mirror. Even though he really wanted to look back, but he forced himself to endure it. He knew very clearly that moving would cause the Three Records Glimpse to stop.

Even though he didn’t move, the Three Records Glimpse didn’t last long, after the ball cried out the Eight Wooden Dragon Thunderclap, Charles Ming retracted his hand, then following the other two did too.

The three raised their hand to call back their poles of law, even though the whole process didn’t even last ten seconds, but the three were covered in sweat, almost to the point of dehydration. After taking back their poles of law, the stick and ball could still barely stand, only Charles Ming staggered, almost falling. Donford Wu hurriedly stepped forward to support him, just then, Charles Ming was the one who used the laws the longest, and the amount of Gold Qi he exhausted was also the most serious.

Yaara Ming ran over, helping Donford Wu carry Charles Ming over to a boulder to sit down on.

Charles Ming and the stick and ball all looked at Donford Wu, but none of them spoke. The expression on their faces was very complicated, apart from suspicion and excitement, there was also shock and dismay.

Different from their complicated expressions, Yaara Ming only had happiness in her face. She was right, Donford Wu really wasn’t a normal person, and had even more potential than she thought. In just the few short seconds, the Donford Wu in the copper mirror was able to use two high rank way of controlling laws from different clans.

A few seconds later, the other expressions on Charles Ming gradually disappeared, only leaving excitement.

“That was dangerous, we almost missed this chance!”

Charles Ming raised his hand to continuously pat Donford Wu’s shoulder.

“What he used wasn’t our Gold clan way of controlling the laws.”

The stick’s tone had a complicated mix of disappoint and suspicion.

“Just because he didn’t use them doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to.”

Charles Ming stated.

“What Third Brother says makes sense.”

The ball continued on by the side.

“The Eight Wooden Dragon Thunderclap is the Wood clan’s way of controlling the laws, the Fury Blaze Dance is a way of controlling the laws from the Fire clan. Since he could use both the Wood clan’s and the Fire clan’s way of controlling the laws, then naturally he can learn how to use our Gold clan’s way of controlling the laws.

“Three Celestial Masters. May I ask what you just saw?”

Donford Wu finally found a chance to speak out.

The ball rushed to talk first.

“It was a very dark environment, it should be somewhere in the Underground Ghost Realm. You were using a bodily technique from the Fire clan called the Fury Blaze Dance to speed through the air. A group of devils tried to stop you in your path, as a result, they were scattered from you using the Wood clan’s Eight Wooden Dragon Thunderclap.”

Charles Ming seeing the confusion in Donford Wu’s face spoke out to explain.

“The Fury Blaze Dance is a bodily law used by the Fire clan’s Celestial Master. Borrowing flames to rush through the air, very similar to our Lightning Movement of the Winds and Clouds. The Eight Wooden Dragon Thunder clap is a way of controlling the laws from the Wood clan, which uses the Eight Wooden Deity Dragon’s Roar to attack a large group of enemies. Since the beginning, only the Celestial Master of the Azure Dragon could cultivate this way of controlling the laws.”

“We don’t know why, but your face hasn’t changed at all from twelve years in the future and now. There wasn’t any sign of aging at all.”

The ball told him.

“He doesn’t belong to our period, maybe our years aren’t able to affect his body.”

The stick started to droop his face. This wasn’t because he wasn’t happy, but rather he always had a droopy face.

“You’re called Donford right?”

The ball looked at Donford Wu.


Donford Wu nooded his head.

“Donford, have you married Third Brother’s bundle of joy yet?”

The ball asked on.

Donford Wu instantly knew why this person asked this question, and immediately replied with a straight face.

“With father in law as the witness, we already gotten married half a month ago, but it’s just that we haven’t held any ceremonies and such.”

“Good, good, good. Let me tell you, using this Three Records Glimpse will shorten all three of our lives……”

“No matter where I go from now on, no matter what clans I learn the ways of controlling the laws from, I will forever be the Gold clan’s shaman, Yaara Ming will forever be my wife.”

Donford Wu declared in a loud voice.

With these words, the ball and stick both shouted “Good!” at the same time, Charles Ming smiled with nodding his head, Yaara Ming lowered her head in embarrassment.

“Third Brother really wasn’t wrong about you. In the name of the Gold Deity Rhys, I bestow upon you the marking of the White Tiger, from now on, you are a shaman of our Gold clan.”

The ball said while taking out a square shaped ancient copper box. This thing was very similar to ink stamps in modern times, it should be a cover for a stamp.

The ball opened up the copper box, inside was really a tiger shaped copper stamp with a sharp bottom, and there was also coloring inside. The ball took the White Tiger stamp and passed it over to Charles Ming.

“Come, come, come, he’s your son in law, you do it.”

“No need, I believe him.”

Charles Ming waved his hand.

“This isn’t something to do with trust, a Gold clan shaman must have a White Tiger marking.”

The stick said in a serious tone.

Donford Wu wasn’t even able to force a smile standing by the side. Their actions right now wasn’t any different from peeing to mark your territory. This is to mark him as theirs. They were afraid that he’ll be taken away by someone else, so they hurriedly tried to take him first.

Charles Ming turned his head to look at Donford Wu, without asking, Donford Wu knew that Charles Ming was asking for his opinion.

Donford Wu didn’t have any hesitation, pulling open his clothes to revel his chest, his two knees hit the ground facing Charles Ming. The reason why he didn’t kneel before was because of his morals, he didn’t want to kneel just for favors. Right now he knew what is going to happen to him. Kneeling was a respect to the elderly, and anyways, when he marries his daughter, he would have to kneel sooner or later.

Charles Ming might have thought the same as the stick and ball, was a bit embarrassed to be too open about it. Seeing Donford Wu actively agree, he took the copper stamp from the ball’s hand and pointed it at Donford Wu’s chest.

Through the copper stamp, Donford Wu could feel that Charles Ming’s hand was slightly shaking.

Celestial Masters can control metals at will, the bottom of the copper stamp pierced into his flesh, following, the coloring seeped in. Waiting until Charles Ming took off the copper mark, an abstract yet godly tiger was left on Donford Wu’s chest.

Charles Ming handed the copper stamp back to the ball, reaching his two hands out to help Donford Wu up, happily patting Donford Wu’s arms. The stick and ball also couldn’t hold their excitement, laughing loudly.

At this moment, Donford Wu felt mixed emotions. At first he thought of how he couldn’t be in the troops anymore because of his tattoo, the troops couldn’t have a person with a tattoo. Then there was the ball and sticks laugh. The more he heard the laugh, the more he thought of Hu Hansan and Huang Shiren (both fictional characters from Chinese movies that have very famous laughs.), with this, he remembered something he long forgotten about.

“Not good.”

The ball stopped laughing first.

“If the Gold clan suddenly pops up an unfamiliar shaman, then outsiders would definitely become suspicious, his safety would become a problem.”

Donford Wu hearing this secretly cursed out.

“What the fuck were you thinking when you took out the stamp, only thinking about this afterwards.”

“That’s right, with his kind of situation, how he can learn our ways of controlling the laws also becomes a problem.”

The stick stated out.

Hearing this, Donford Wu once again secretly cursed. They didn’t care about anything, only thinking about taking him first, then thinking about the results later.

“They’re safe staying here, as for cultivating, we can think about that later. As long as we closely protect that child, the Earth clan wouldn’t be able to think that the Celestial Master of the White Tiger is an adult.”

Charles Ming told them.

“Second brother, have you made the right arrangements before leaving?”

The stick looked at the ball.

“Everything’s good, I melted the two copper doors together, no one can open it, relax.”

The ball looked at the White Tiger tattoo on Donford Wu’s chest with a feeling of success.

“You didn’t leave any gaps?”

The stick hurriedly inquired.

“Leave a gap for people to enter?”

The ball twitched his mouth.

“If there isn’t any breathing holes, then they’ll all die from suffocation.”

The stick stared angrily at the ball, following, he tossed out his copper pole and flew away towards the east at great speeds.

“The rooms so big, they won’t suffocate that easily.”

The ball didn’t follow the stick to leave.

“Don’t worry about him, since we’re able to see what he’s doing in twelve years, then that means he’ll be safe all these years.”

The ball told Charles Ming.

“The Three Records Glimpse can make variables happen.”

Charles Ming still had an expression of worry on his face.


The ball nodded his head then also started to worry.

“Celestial Master, what variable are you talking about?”

Donford Wu didn’t have a father since he was small, even though he always wanted to call out dad, but he just couldn’t.

“If we didn’t use the Three Records Glimpse, then that would have definitely happened twelve years later, but since we now know beforehand, then it could affect what happens later on.”

Charles Ming explained.

“Will there be large changes?”

Donford Wu continued to ask.

“Not too large, but there definitely will be changes. The deities of the heavens and earth won’t let ordinary people to see through them. But since we payed the price, the esteemed deities wouldn’t deliberately change anything.”

Charles Ming stated.

Donford Wu nodded his head. What Charles Ming was pointing out with esteemed deities should be established rules of development. At this time, people treated things they weren’t familiar with and unknown as ghosts and deities.

“Dad, what’s the price of using the Three Records Glimpse.”

“Shortening of life, but I shouldn’t say how much now.”

The ball cut in by the side.

Hearing this, Yaara Ming revealed an expression of guilt and remorse.

Donford Wu helplessly took a glance at the ball. This ball called Uncle Xavier emphasized this point, was because, without a question to let him to know how much the Gold clan helped him and sacrificed for him. But there wasn’t much use in the ball doing this. A person who forgets who helped him won’t care even if you are even better towards them. But if it was a person who cares deeply about favors, then even if it’s just a piece of bread in poverty, he would remember it all his life.

“We must think of something to guarantee his safety.”

The ball stroked his beard under his chin.

“We can’t be too obvious, or else it’ll cause suspicion.”

Charles Ming shook his head.

After a moment of silence, the ball suddenly turned his head to look at Charles Ming. It was clear that he thought of something.

Charles Ming could guess what the ball was thinking of, waving his hand at the ball.

“He is your son in law, and also our Celestial Master of the White Tiger, it’ll be his sooner or later.”

The ball stated.

“It’s too heavy, he can’t control metal, after wearing it, he wouldn’t even be able to move.”

Charles Ming shook his head.

“You’re right.”

The ball started to stroke his beard again.

“You two don’t need to worry about my safety, I know how to protect myself.”

Donford Wu told the two.

Charles Ming nodded his head.

“We have been out for too long, we must hurry back. Don’t be in a hurry to cultivate the ways of controlling the laws, we’ll think of something as quickly as possible after we come back.”

Donford Wu responded with a nod of his head.

Charles Ming spoke at Yaara Ming.

“Tell Donford our Gold clan’s way of cultivating the control over the laws. Remember, do not let him reckless cultivate.”


Yaara Ming replied.

“We might not be able to come back in a short period of time, don’t be in a hurry.”

Charles Ming looked at Donford Wu.

Donford Wu nodded his head. They killed the messaging party in the afternoon, they surely must stay at the capital to tighten security.

Charles Ming used too much of the laws, making him a bit weak. The ball changed his copper pole into a door sized copper plate, carrying them both towards the east.

Sending them off with their gazes, Yaara Ming walked over.


“You don’t seem to be too happy.”

Donford Wu tilted his head to look at Yaara Ming.

“I’m worried about your safety.”

Yaara Ming stated.

“You’re worrying that you’ll grow old and become ugly. Don’t worry, my hair and beard has always been growing, there won’t be no change in my body, if we grow old, we’ll grow old together.”

Donford Wu smiled.

Having Donford Wu guess what was on her mind, she became embarrassed and moved. Both her eyes carrying deep emotions, looking at him.

“What are you looking at me for, do you also want to do it?”

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